Baby Food Tier List

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The Liquid Ladder is a zany new measurement system that you can use to safely rank things that many people deem too dangerous to rank. Our patented system goes all the way from S to F, so you can be rest assured that you're getting the most precise information possible. In this episode of Liquid Ladder, we force feed Charlie baby food. Will he survive the overload of calories?
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  1. penguinz0

    penguinz014 days ago

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  2. DJ_Wolff

    DJ_Wolff6 hours ago

    install these balls

  3. a a

    a a8 days ago


  4. Chad Eren

    Chad Eren8 days ago

    RAID has Bezos Money, forcing even big youtubers to sellout, gawddayyum

  5. Caram

    Caram8 days ago

    no, no nononono PLEASE NO

  6. DaHeroOfTime64

    DaHeroOfTime648 days ago


  7. JCGaming

    JCGaming19 hours ago

    Last time I had turkey, it was good. It could have been a bad batch.

  8. Ashy African 15

    Ashy African 1523 hours ago

    No I’m doing a deeper analysis

  9. Joshua Ramos

    Joshua RamosDay ago

    I thought they had actual taste-testers for these baby foods? Who eats this, blended gravel mixed with sawdust stomach acid, mashed on the floor of a Costco bathroom floor with used syringes and says it tastes good?

  10. kristin

    kristinDay ago


  11. twopaste

    twopasteDay ago

    I now understand why children always cry...

  12. M_A Gamer

    M_A GamerDay ago


  13. egregious

    egregiousDay ago

    Just got my wisdom teeth removed there was never a better time for this tier list

  14. Zuber ali

    Zuber ali2 days ago

    Charlie couldn't handle hot sauce so he tried baby food 😂

  15. CyrusTheVirus

    CyrusTheVirus2 days ago

    They look like Cocomelon fans wearing those bibs

  16. Samar

    Samar2 days ago

    8:01 Damn a single bite of baby food made Charlie an Opera singer? Imma have to order that.

  17. Parasomnia

    Parasomnia2 days ago

    "My cat eats better than this." Sounds like we need a cat food tier list!

  18. Michel S 7

    Michel S 72 days ago

    14:24 It's applesauce with attitude. 😎

  19. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjkl2 days ago

    8:02 Charlie turned into Mariah Carrie

  20. Ali Raza

    Ali Raza3 days ago

    Tiana being proactive is so cuteeeeee.

  21. Jakob Animates

    Jakob Animates3 days ago


  22. Intertwined Fate

    Intertwined Fate3 days ago

    THEORY: It's actually the gravy that's shit

  23. x o

    x o3 days ago

    you should try an anime protagonist tier list

  24. SteamPunk

    SteamPunk4 days ago

    its weird seeing charlie actually really enjoy something meant for babies see his hair and facial features

  25. Kevin Malone

    Kevin Malone4 days ago

    ok but gerber banana baby food hits different

  26. Keith Allen

    Keith Allen4 days ago

    Cat food tier list?

  27. BRIXLE

    BRIXLE4 days ago


  28. BRIXLE

    BRIXLE4 days ago

    13:58 taken out of context this is just 2 grown men eating infant food

  29. KnightErebus

    KnightErebus5 days ago

    That high note that Charlie hit at 8:03, 👌🏻

  30. Gentian Guri

    Gentian Guri5 days ago

    charlie looks like an actual baby

  31. this foo

    this foo6 days ago

    Goo goo gaa gaa thzs bharlie

  32. Patrick Is adopted

    Patrick Is adopted6 days ago

    Why at 8:15 does Charlie start praying lol

  33. TheRealUser1

    TheRealUser16 days ago

    The food isn’t that gross The food; 8:00

  34. Michael R

    Michael R6 days ago

    Thank you for this list. My second son is going to be born in a week and my wife is too tired to make baby food from scratch. This the list to end all list for a new parent or number 2

  35. S

    S6 days ago

    Honestly would it be controversial for them to have some salt/seasoning for taste? I understand sodium isn't healthy but cut them some slack!

  36. Ela M.

    Ela M.6 days ago

    I actually find this useful. I feel bad for myself when I was a baby. LMAO

  37. The Gargantua Times

    The Gargantua Times6 days ago

    Looks at my 5 month old watching this (with this knowledge) This is the greatest baby of all time.

  38. Lennon Carpentier

    Lennon Carpentier7 days ago

    Poor tetra :(((

  39. Micheal Backfisch

    Micheal Backfisch7 days ago

    I’m a baby and appreciate this content. Thank you very much.

  40. Eve Marie Post

    Eve Marie Post7 days ago

    Honest to god, if you’ve ever had the blueberry baby food, it’s delicious.

  41. Si Quema

    Si Quema7 days ago

    charile should do a oreo tier list

  42. Brendan Kendall

    Brendan Kendall7 days ago

    Alternative title: 2 grown men realize they can't beat babies in a shit eating contest

  43. DrkmattrChscake

    DrkmattrChscake7 days ago

    Why the hell is arsenic and shit still ending up in our baby food wthhh 😂😂😂

  44. garfield1988

    garfield19887 days ago

    9:23 "A turbo F" You could say a HARD Turbo F.

  45. Weedle chu

    Weedle chu7 days ago

    8:02 😭😂

  46. Snr. Froggy Mooopew

    Snr. Froggy Mooopew7 days ago

    They look like actual cavemen in this video. Matt especially lol

  47. Nathan

    Nathan7 days ago

    this is why babies are constantly crying

  48. Arleena Gracia

    Arleena Gracia7 days ago

    "My cats eat better than this"... cat food tier list? Dogs snack tier list?

  49. Red Dawva

    Red Dawva7 days ago

    It's like how people used to think baby's can't feel pain like adults so they give them the shittiest food ever

  50. Archivist Jack

    Archivist Jack7 days ago

    Banana outranking mango is just a downright steal.

  51. The Greedy Worm

    The Greedy Worm7 days ago

    Cmon Charlie, shadow legends? You’re better than this

  52. Chumpry Humfry the 3rd

    Chumpry Humfry the 3rd7 days ago

    “8:47 I definitely want to do a breast milk tier list” Charlie you’re gonna have to do that on a another website.

  53. Kat Bird

    Kat Bird7 days ago

    Charlie please clean your goddamn spoon between dips

  54. Prison Mike

    Prison Mike7 days ago

    5:03 The face tho😂😂😂

  55. Percy Knight

    Percy Knight7 days ago

    How many favors does Matt owe you?

  56. Jinnie

    Jinnie7 days ago

    I think all parents should do this, so they don't feed their baby shit in a can

  57. Avilio Amici

    Avilio Amici7 days ago

    This is actually quite useful I now know what to feed babies in the future

  58. Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill7 days ago

    When you skip the raid shadow legends ad just to get hit with a USlikes ad after

  59. RaymondJ2195

    RaymondJ21957 days ago

    USlikes interrupted your Raid ad for a Raid ad

  60. Bite Mondura

    Bite Mondura8 days ago

    and this why i refused to eat baby food as a kid

  61. Tequila

    Tequila8 days ago

    The fact that I'm watching this at almost 5 am really says something lol

  62. PK_Infone

    PK_Infone8 days ago

    Raid : Shadow Legends

  63. Christopher Oki

    Christopher Oki8 days ago

    I now have a sudden urge to go and buy some pomegranate baby food

  64. Furry Haven

    Furry Haven8 days ago

    Teir list of the top 20 worst war crimes

  65. YL Lucid

    YL Lucid8 days ago

    the apple sauce at my school fuckin slaps

  66. Strelok Audio Design

    Strelok Audio Design8 days ago

    try heinz

  67. Frisk

    Frisk8 days ago

    hi strelok

  68. Zayed

    Zayed8 days ago

    i see why babies cry now

  69. celadonk

    celadonk8 days ago

    His expression changes at 5:03 and 8:00 are incredible

  70. Grant Maresco

    Grant Maresco8 days ago

    At this moment in time Charlie was praying that he never had to eat that again and was contemplating his life choices 8:15

  71. Drunk Hamster

    Drunk Hamster8 days ago

    Since when are mangos bougee

  72. Deion Chung

    Deion Chung8 days ago

    Why did I watch this?

  73. dfectedRO

    dfectedRO8 days ago

    Charlie, Tiana and Matt are the best! Greetings from Romania.

  74. anxietyprimev69

    anxietyprimev698 days ago

    At this point, I'm just feeding my future child literal smoothies. I refuse to subject a living thing to the horrors of beef and gravy.

  75. General Rubbish

    General Rubbish8 days ago

    I'm guessing that since babies can't talk and can't hold a grudge against you (since they only develop long-term memory at, like, 2-3 years old or so), baby food manufacturers like fucking Gerber over here are just like "Welp, we could get away with feeding them literal cat food, so might as well do exactly that"

  76. Adrian

    Adrian8 days ago

    Thank god my mom cared about me and didnt feed me this

  77. Chrollo Lucilfer

    Chrollo Lucilfer8 days ago

    should do a moist latter on soulsborne games and games with the similar formula

  78. Surjay

    Surjay7 days ago

    Check his demons souls review he tells it.

  79. whittery27

    whittery278 days ago

    i still love peach baby food. by far the best. i used to feed my sister when i was 8 and i'd take a few bites for me lol. i havent had it in a while but its super good haha.

  80. Its me Danté.

    Its me Danté.8 days ago

    i was the 55'000th like.

  81. Candy Kickle

    Candy Kickle8 days ago

    My 5 year old daughter watched this with me. Not exactly a baby, but probably she youngest to watch. She enjoyed your 'eh' on the apples

  82. Metaman

    Metaman8 days ago

    Geez this video is making me laugh so much

  83. Tangleshoot Burrfoot

    Tangleshoot Burrfoot8 days ago

    I remember, back in the '80s, when my sister started eating more than just mushed food, there was a brand called Table Time. It looked pretty good and I wonder what happened to that.

  84. Autistic ASMR

    Autistic ASMR8 days ago


  85. J0-J0 Da_Lost0931

    J0-J0 Da_Lost09318 days ago

    Moral of the Story: Baby Food with fruit is the way to go. Baby Food with meat is made to throw.

  86. Shy0taku

    Shy0taku8 days ago

    My mom one made a sandwich which i thought was with tuna and mayonese and I ate it It tasted wierd and asked my mom why it was like that and she said "I put the remaining baby food that your sister left in" after that felt sick

  87. ooohry

    ooohry8 days ago

    that orc built different.

  88. kenji montalban

    kenji montalban9 days ago

    Homeless people are quite desperate these days...

  89. watchmejumpstart

    watchmejumpstart9 days ago

    Surely ham was an E tier if it was definitely better than the other 3 lol and Mango is B? You ate loads of it compared to Apple lol

  90. DogWithDaButter

    DogWithDaButter9 days ago

    Why didn’t he give the ham an E?

  91. Tim Van Loo

    Tim Van Loo9 days ago


  92. lamenamethefirst

    lamenamethefirst9 days ago

    The fuck kind of baby food is this? We had Nestle Cerelac and that shit was amazing. I'd gladly have some now.

  93. Jacob Hanson

    Jacob Hanson9 days ago

    I’m upset that you weren’t drinking baby formula during that tasting

  94. Dee Dee Megadoodoo

    Dee Dee Megadoodoo9 days ago

    Baby here, big fan

  95. Ryan Peacock

    Ryan Peacock9 days ago

    Maybe Tiana is pregnant and Charlie is just ensuring his child gets top quality baby food!

  96. sarah klemme

    sarah klemme9 days ago

    4:49 you're welcome:)

  97. Grimm

    Grimm9 days ago

    That thumbnail gets me every time

  98. Ambient Spaces

    Ambient Spaces9 days ago

    Now *THAT* is a *MAN'S MAN!!*

  99. Absolution

    Absolution9 days ago

    My dad used to eat my baby food and my mom would get mad at him

  100. dumbest lamp

    dumbest lamp9 days ago

    i scoffed a whole bottle of of the fruit paste ones and i got like 20 dollars for it

  101. Bread Food

    Bread Food9 days ago

    “What percentage of your audience is under 1 year old?” Depends on how many Maximilian fans are still sticking around

  102. xrlabs

    xrlabs9 days ago

    The thumbnail 😂

  103. Loaf Bomba

    Loaf Bomba9 days ago

    Do a cat food tier list

  104. JerryTC

    JerryTC9 days ago

    when will E tier be used man

  105. Sarah Katherine

    Sarah Katherine9 days ago

    How tf am I watching this and eating chipotle at the same time

  106. Caktuce man

    Caktuce man9 days ago

    they review the food for toddelers but they themselves are becoming

  107. ZwalistyDrwal

    ZwalistyDrwal9 days ago

    13:35 this one Charlie would give to his children, screaming *YEAAH BABYY THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR*