What Happened To Koko The Talking Gorilla

Koko was a gorilla who actually proved animals CAN talk to us.
She knew at least 1,000 words of American Sign Language (ASL) and could understand about 2,000 words of spoken English. Koko became an international celebrity during the late Seventies. She was featured in multiple documentaries and on the cover of magazines.
On the morning of June 19, 2018 she died in her sleep. Koko the incredible talking gorilla will certainly be missed by fans around the world!
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  2. God Emperor Trump

    God Emperor TrumpDay ago

    What sense does it make that humans more often than not, do not have the same enthusiasm in meeting each other compared to animals. I would have liked to play chess with Koko.

  3. Boris V

    Boris VDay ago

    Such important longtime scientific research does not happen nowadays because investors invest their money in such projects that bring quick and concrete results and many scientists are not willing to sacrifice as much time and effort as this woman.

  4. Belkis Martinez

    Belkis MartinezDay ago

    Koko would have been the perfect mother. She was so loving. Another very intelligent primate was the "walking gorilla." That primate walked like a human, upright. It wasn't a monkey, or an orangutan, or a silver back, probably not even a gorilla, but I know its in the primate family. I love them all, I just don't know which is which.

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  6. Dana Lee

    Dana Lee2 days ago

    Rest in peace, Koko🦋

  7. Loretta Leger

    Loretta Leger3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing

  8. Josh G

    Josh G3 days ago

    Damn. I wish she was still alive in 2020. She could have won the US Presidency.

  9. Toming Lee

    Toming Lee4 days ago

    0:20 *angry Harambee noises*

  10. Milk Carton Magic

    Milk Carton Magic4 days ago

    Great video, shame about the music.................

  11. junaid

    junaid4 days ago

    I feel like she was forced. Just a feeling..

  12. Ker Hab

    Ker Hab4 days ago

    "Earth koko loves, Man koko loves, Man stupid".....she means that "i love earth, i love human ....but human is stupid!!..."

  13. Ker Hab

    Ker Hab4 days ago

    😭😭 poor koko.....i tear a little bit because of koko dies 😥😢

  14. Self Love

    Self Love5 days ago

    S.I.P. Koko🤎I grew up watching her those was the best years of my life the world has changed simple things like this to me is a vibe all day

  15. A63N7 5M17H

    A63N7 5M17H5 days ago

    This kind of intelligence blows my mind. Literally talking with animals...

  16. jay adams

    jay adams5 days ago

    wake up people. Koko was a Hoax

  17. Roshana Lall

    Roshana Lall5 days ago

    RIP beautiful Koko.

  18. Yuibot

    Yuibot5 days ago

    She was so awesome. Sick that they used her to push climate alarmism though. Over population is a much bigger problem.

  19. Natasha Jack

    Natasha Jack5 days ago

    Wow!Amazing👍👍Hats off to Penny👏👏👏

  20. Asmita Ambekar

    Asmita Ambekar5 days ago

    Why did she die!!! 😭😭

  21. Laura Carrow

    Laura Carrow6 days ago

    I remember doing a report on the intelligence of primates vs human intelligence for a psychology class. Koko always fascinated me with her capacity for love.

  22. Y Camara

    Y Camara7 days ago

    Please give her a man gorilla . She also have to have man ..you get it , thank you

  23. Mary Vought

    Mary Vought8 days ago

    What makes me so very sad is that ALL animals are like KoKo. They play, fear, problem solve, feel pain, feel loss and have their own wants and needs in life. And we exploit, murder, and abuse 8 billion of them every year. Animals need to have rights.

  24. MotoMan

    MotoMan8 days ago

    I think he would have been happier in nature . He was taught to think like a human and get consciencious that was an another animal species may have felt displaced

  25. Ramon Chinea

    Ramon Chinea8 days ago


  26. Barbara Lockhart

    Barbara Lockhart8 days ago

    Koko was a beautiful Gorilla both in looks and heart. RIP KOKO.🇦🇺✨❤️

  27. Barbara Lockhart

    Barbara Lockhart8 days ago

    Was has happened to the trainer. She did a tremendous job. Where is she now?🇦🇺✨❤️

  28. Ed

    Ed8 days ago

    Buttttt, Look Cross Breeding Has Came So Far In The What They Look Now Days To & Able To Speak & Dress & Go Ta Schools... Still Problems With How To Pull Up Pants Though...

  29. TheWiwiee

    TheWiwiee9 days ago

    Koko is in heaven with Robin Williams now, its a bitter sweet ending.

  30. JP Later

    JP Later9 days ago

    She was an amazing individual!

  31. Ann

    Ann9 days ago

    Did they allow her to mate and try to get pregnant?

  32. Michael Sans

    Michael Sans9 days ago

    Smash tv that speaks the truth to us I truly see who is the dumber animal

  33. Jacob Sockness

    Jacob Sockness10 days ago

    Koko would have made a good president. We need someone like her in office though we'll never get that.

  34. henrietta ramirez

    henrietta ramirez10 days ago

    Why was koko never given a mate. Or sent back to the wild. Koko was never taught how to be a gorilla. Thats a shame. I think this lady was selfish and wanted koko all to herself. He seemed happy because he didnt know any better. I dont think the gorillas should be taught sign language and kept as pets.

  35. Christina Davage

    Christina Davage10 days ago


  36. Li0udmila17 189138430 Schell

    Li0udmila17 189138430 Schell10 days ago


  37. Bachsau

    Bachsau11 days ago

    She once had a partner, but when told that she could have children with him, she signed that it needs more than a random male for that.

  38. Ann

    Ann9 days ago

    @Bachsau That is very cool Thanks for sharing

  39. Bachsau

    Bachsau9 days ago

    @Ann It's true. Go find some more videos on her. There is at least one in which her trainer talks about that particular conversation with her. She actually "friendzoned" that guy. 😄

  40. Ann

    Ann9 days ago

    Really? You joke right?

  41. AngryMiner5704

    AngryMiner570411 days ago

    I'm actually crying right now. Holy crap, this is beautiful. I would've loved so much to meet her. I think we learned about her in school one time.

  42. GreatNorthernTroll

    GreatNorthernTroll12 days ago

    Horrible music track, but wonderful in all other respects! Koko will live on in the hearts of people all around the world!!!

  43. Nigreflavus

    Nigreflavus12 days ago

    Very sad news. Koko RIP.

  44. xhi ping

    xhi ping12 days ago

    what was the readon

  45. 360 Fov

    360 Fov13 days ago

    lmao I hope people don't sincerely believe the extent of the signing....all this profound 'earth love' etc.. is just wishful thinking. these concepts are so profound, and deep, and have to be learned....the gorrilla learned rudimentary communication, it didn't learn world history lmao

  46. Mac-Mac RandomVids

    Mac-Mac RandomVids13 days ago

    I didn't expect hitting the television, i was kind of shocked

  47. Kimyona Hito

    Kimyona Hito14 days ago

    May you rest in peace Koko, hopefully your dream of becoming a mother will come true in heaven. 😭🦍

  48. Joseph Jr Kernahan

    Joseph Jr Kernahan14 days ago

    Harambe was the worlds most famous gorilla

  49. Heidi Thaw

    Heidi Thaw14 days ago

    Seeing her comminicate was wonderful but it separated her from her species and kept her from having a baby of her own.

  50. Gladys Kiriswo

    Gladys Kiriswo14 days ago

    did she give birth or she was deprived that because she was an experimental animal.

  51. heat pg3d

    heat pg3d14 days ago

    List of best gorillas 1.koko 2.harambe

  52. j Alvarez

    j Alvarez14 days ago

    Man ...wonder if she translated gorilla to English ....

  53. D̸r̸a̸y̸g̸o̸ R̶u̶l̶e̶s̶ D̸r̸a̸g̸o̸n̸s̸

    D̸r̸a̸y̸g̸o̸ R̶u̶l̶e̶s̶ D̸r̸a̸g̸o̸n̸s̸15 days ago

    RIP Koko you are potentially may be smarter than myself may Allah bless you

  54. Ionel Floria

    Ionel Floria15 days ago


  55. Aman khan

    Aman khan15 days ago

    I like the way that guy smashed the tv while koko was telling man is stupid.. hehe man be like : we taught all of this and you are trolling us

  56. Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir Lenin14 days ago

    Koko wasnt trolling. Its a truth

  57. Nonya Buhsnes

    Nonya Buhsnes15 days ago

    Now if only we could orphaned HUMANS the same love and attention- that would be like a brain bomb. One step towards the right direction I guess.

  58. Jr Z

    Jr Z15 days ago

    Rip Michael

  59. Carl Jeremy

    Carl Jeremy15 days ago

    Should have allowed Koko freedom to mix with it's brothers and sisters. Instead she was on deeply for others.

  60. Kenji

    Kenji15 days ago

    "Ride wife, life Good"

  61. The XenoBotDesigner

    The XenoBotDesigner16 days ago

    She has been pretty much more smart and intelligent than so many human beings I’m seeing every day on social media.

  62. Mystxc

    Mystxc16 days ago

    "Fix Earth, Help Earth" She knew the world was getting worse because of we humans.....

  63. Unknown Science

    Unknown Science16 days ago

    No! What! Such a shitty editing....I could do a better one but it's story of her full life,at least make a decent video,if you can't make a good one

  64. Unknown Science

    Unknown Science16 days ago

    I wish every animal get this love

  65. Muszen5000

    Muszen500016 days ago

    He died

  66. west carter

    west carter16 days ago

    ..Koko Got spent Dead hateFed up with all The Gorilla Ape Business and Loco Trot went instead straight Head up to Manilla to Escape the Dizziness of teasing and pleasing the Same Old Bungle Hind Dum Deal Drome Creeple' so the name of the game was go Blame Bold to the Jungle and Find Some Real Home People' 👉😬🌱🌴🌿🦍🌿🌴🌱🤪👈


    DREDREDRE7416 days ago

    Yes really

  68. schnitzel 267

    schnitzel 26716 days ago

    Koko is so nice

  69. Da Last Defender of Virgins

    Da Last Defender of Virgins16 days ago

    Koko is with Robert Williams now and her mother.

  70. David K Jude

    David K Jude17 days ago

    Rip koko

  71. Potential Destination

    Potential Destination17 days ago

    people : awww she's so adorable me: Rise of the Planet of the Apes...... ('_')

  72. Robin's Hood YT

    Robin's Hood YT17 days ago

    This is so amazing They can communicate with us It's like a dream come true that humans can communicate to animals TS incredible that this animal has feelings and thoughts likes us

  73. Linda Gargrupe

    Linda Gargrupe18 days ago

    It dont seem she had much choice, been locked in a cage.

  74. Planet MarSh

    Planet MarSh18 days ago

    I would love to be her friend i just hope she will accept me as one of hers

  75. Black Panther

    Black Panther18 days ago

    Have read about COCO during my childhood..always wanted to meet her... My bad luck...that she left so early🙏God bless her soul

  76. Clara Nimmer

    Clara Nimmer18 days ago

    I always loved gorillas. Now I know why.

  77. Free EL Chapo

    Free EL Chapo18 days ago

    Rest in peace prolly having fun n a good tyme wit god

  78. Lady Kimmie

    Lady Kimmie18 days ago

    "Koko was probably the happiest gorilla in the world" Me: I wish I was Koko

  79. Keith Tines

    Keith Tines18 days ago

    What happened to the first cat 🤔

  80. Felix is a baby

    Felix is a baby18 days ago

    She died on my birthday.May you RIP Koko ❤️❤️

  81. Bitan Mandal

    Bitan Mandal19 days ago

    It was a human in disguise

  82. West Virginia

    West Virginia19 days ago

    Viewer Suggestion: Mute the Sound because it's obnoxious music

  83. Evelyn Pia Patricia Schimpl aus Salzburg

    Evelyn Pia Patricia Schimpl aus Salzburg19 days ago

    I don't think she was so happy. She was not free. And she don't have a own child. People should let wild animals by their self. So that they really can be lucky!! We people don't bring much important things in this world. Many are thinking they are smart. They wanna learn animals to be like them and forget that this animals are perfect without us. We learn them to use the head but the most important is to use the heart. There where not so bad things in the world when we are like animals!!! What a glory that they not like us! They don't look about skin, hair, religion, size, sexuality. Not on itself and not on the others. They let them be. Iam sad, that they don't let Kokomo her only wish a child! They don't had the right do use her. 😢😢 ❤️koko❤️

  84. Rocky Production Studio Tee

    Rocky Production Studio Tee20 days ago

    She was never allowed to have a family of her own, so sad

  85. Tina Bek

    Tina Bek20 days ago

    Nice to see Robin Williams so happy......Koko was one of a kind......it touched my heart when Koko said man fix earth❤

  86. Wendy Peterson

    Wendy Peterson20 days ago

    Watched avidly. Got to the end. She has died. :(

  87. LanceBot

    LanceBot21 day ago

    6:54 I was shocked that he died in 2018 that is near the year 2020

  88. Joe Teti

    Joe Teti21 day ago

    So what happened to Patty? The one that raised koko? She can still write a book on how she did it hopefully

  89. Janis M Hart

    Janis M Hart21 day ago

    This made me 😢

  90. Acid Suzanne

    Acid Suzanne21 day ago

    Plottwist: Cat destroyed the sink

  91. Acid Suzanne

    Acid Suzanne21 day ago

    Imagine if she had kids... She would teach and master them to communicate with people and this would be the start of the great, comunicative gorillas bloodline. After 200 years they are living and prospering community of gorillas :)

  92. The-HolyGrail

    The-HolyGrail21 day ago

    Idk but it looks like people see a gorilla making gestures then random internet people be like : *HOLY SH*T THIS GORILLA IS TELLING US THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE*

  93. Jennifer Zamora

    Jennifer Zamora21 day ago

    So sad 😭

  94. Foken Dikhed

    Foken Dikhed21 day ago

    Beautiful soul...

  95. Anders Topansson

    Anders Topansson21 day ago

    Did the blm got a new leader yet?

  96. Ashley Atienza

    Ashley Atienza22 days ago

    Rest In Peace Koko, we will all miss you

  97. Therese Nabua

    Therese Nabua23 days ago

    what if she had a gorilla family and her family acquired her knowledge

  98. andrey llosa

    andrey llosa23 days ago

    Oh fck man koko was so wonderful like people she too has to go too 😭

  99. JoAnn A2750

    JoAnn A275023 days ago

    I’m sorry. Made me cry. Koko should have been introduced to nature. Tears.

  100. Blaise 2067

    Blaise 206723 days ago

    Why didn't Koko's wish to become a mother didn't come true? Wasn't there any gorilla dick around?

  101. Jack Vlogs

    Jack Vlogs23 days ago

    That was so sad 🥺

  102. Pat (Smithson) Peña

    Pat (Smithson) Peña23 days ago

    Go to KOKO.ORG, or (Dr) Penny Patterson's FB page, or Koko's FB Page, "Koko & The Gorilla Foundation" for lots more...

  103. Amir Latouche

    Amir Latouche23 days ago

    Good thing she died in her sleep that she didn’t feel any pain

  104. simbarashe shonhiwa

    simbarashe shonhiwa23 days ago

    The first pet to have her own pet kitten lol...

  105. governmentcheese411

    governmentcheese41123 days ago