I Try Sour FaZe Berry GFuel!

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If you read this far Thanks for actually looking at the description lol.


  1. Dapy D

    Dapy D11 days ago

    Mans like 25 but he still sounds like a 5 year old voice changer 💀

  2. Alonzo Ruesga

    Alonzo Ruesga3 months ago

    @fazeclan Faze Bastrin!!!!!

  3. Lukáš Menšík

    Lukáš Menšík5 months ago

    WTF. The sour fazeberry is the sourest thing i have ever tasted. Sour chug rug is 1000 times better. It is not the most balanced sour flavor.

  4. sloep

    sloep6 months ago


  5. Cheater Cryzz

    Cheater Cryzz6 months ago

    have you tried FaZeBerry?

  6. ツツ Jayden on 60 fps

    ツツ Jayden on 60 fps7 months ago

    Imagine faze bastrin

  7. Matrix Ghost

    Matrix Ghost7 months ago


  8. J4COB

    J4COB7 months ago

    Who’s mouth watered when they saw the title?

  9. ツP0lishM4t3y

    ツP0lishM4t3y7 months ago

    Faze Bastrin

  10. JUJUtheSavageee 7

    JUJUtheSavageee 78 months ago

    How has FaZe Not picked you up yet, like what!!!!

  11. VS Blake

    VS Blake8 months ago

    I’m tell you Bastrin, keep up the good work I really believe you will get into FaZe with in the next year man! Love your videos!

  12. iBruhyen

    iBruhyen8 months ago

    I legit forgot abt him and it’s been like 3 years since I watched him and he randomly popped up in m head lmao, keep grinding my guy🤝

  13. qt Adrion

    qt Adrion8 months ago

    Keep up the good work♥️

  14. Rodney Hill

    Rodney Hill8 months ago

    He been grinding since 13

  15. Trevzor

    Trevzor8 months ago

    What’s faze

  16. Sage.-

    Sage.-8 months ago

    I just ordered $200 Of G-FUEL and that's with the discount code that everyone should use for G-FUEL which is code Bastrin

  17. xXxLANGOxXx

    xXxLANGOxXx8 months ago

    Keep on grinding bro you’ll get there some day just believe

  18. Parker Shipp

    Parker Shipp8 months ago


  19. Spix FC

    Spix FC8 months ago

    Love u bro I’m not gay btw god bless ❤️🔥

  20. Parker Shipp

    Parker Shipp8 months ago


  21. WALL-E

    WALL-E8 months ago

    Bastrin will be in FaZe soon

  22. TB harp

    TB harp9 months ago

    To I bet you’ll join faze someday

  23. Ryan the Rich youtuber

    Ryan the Rich youtuber9 months ago

    Guys sadly bastrin passed away

  24. Ducoma Is MNK

    Ducoma Is MNK9 months ago

    i’ve never tried gfuel but i was thinking of getting either sour fazeberry or sour blue chug rug does any one have a recommendation for which one i should get

  25. my guy gool

    my guy gool9 months ago

    Well done my man keep up the good work

  26. Lemon King

    Lemon King9 months ago

    What is a good flavour of gfuel I've never tried it before

  27. Magical Gun

    Magical Gun9 months ago

    He did faze up wrong but ok

  28. Camer5

    Camer59 months ago

    FaZe Bastrin!

  29. Doodoo G

    Doodoo G9 months ago

    He should get picked up

  30. Case Outdoors

    Case Outdoors9 months ago

    Someone Put this man in FaZe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . . NOWWWWW

  31. Fetchxc

    Fetchxc9 months ago

    Man even through everything you always show positivity. Keep doing what you are doing, you are awesome.

  32. Benjamin Bujans

    Benjamin Bujans9 months ago

    Another fishy boy

  33. deibxrr

    deibxrr9 months ago

    Is it me or what i ordered sour faze berry box 16 days ago and still haven't got WHAT......

  34. Coldjupiter 2992

    Coldjupiter 29929 months ago

    I just sub and like great work have a great day can we play in Fortnite epic king_awsometony Road to 1M subs?

  35. Bloxu

    Bloxu9 months ago

    Bastrin is so funny when he drinks gfuel he just keeps taking sips 😂

  36. Kaks piippune

    Kaks piippune9 months ago

    I ordered last week my first gfuels. I bought normal fazebarry and blue ice. Are these good starter gfuels?

  37. catchy baskv

    catchy baskv9 months ago

    Yo bastrin is so cool bruh

  38. JustAnYT_SS

    JustAnYT_SS9 months ago

    Why shouldn’t I enjoy? Ofcourse I enjoy

  39. Tristan Allen

    Tristan Allen9 months ago

    you should join Faze

  40. Hayden Sapp

    Hayden Sapp9 months ago

    Is it bad for kids to drink gfuel and is it bad to drink too much

  41. Big loco75 5

    Big loco75 59 months ago

    Insane Jarvis

  42. Mateo /BattyDinosaur48

    Mateo /BattyDinosaur489 months ago

    They should ask you to join faze faze bastrin

  43. Aplixy

    Aplixy9 months ago

    when monkeys try GFUEL for the first time 4:12

  44. Antic clan games!

    Antic clan games!9 months ago

    Now I want to try it lol hope u enjoyed it bwo

  45. Drripz

    Drripz9 months ago

    Does he use half the amount?

  46. Use Code Litty FaZe Lerma

    Use Code Litty FaZe Lerma9 months ago

    Are you even in faze

  47. quentinistired

    quentinistired9 months ago

    Dude you have been my main place to go for Gfuel reviews, I have a lot of respect for you man. It's so awesome that despite the problems you face, you power through it and make these awesome videos! I just got sour fazeberry and it tastes awesome! Thank you for making this great content man, keep up the good work!

  48. BVFE

    BVFE9 months ago

    Nobody gangsta until bastrins says the sourness is balanced

  49. VOIDED

    VOIDED9 months ago

    You make my day dude love you keep it up

  50. Leonardo Lerma

    Leonardo Lerma9 months ago

    If he went to faze clan the world wouldn’t be ready from how good he is

  51. Joshua Lau

    Joshua Lau9 months ago

    yea they would there are kids out here already 10x better then he is... for example faZe sway is like 16 and he is the goat

  52. Leonardo Lerma

    Leonardo Lerma9 months ago

    This was the first time bastion was calm cause in his other videos he’s so hype I LOVE IT😄

  53. I am the greatest

    I am the greatest9 months ago

    I can recommend the Train Cocaine Booster from What the Supp. Taste ok Effect the best I ever had.

  54. Jamie Sylvester

    Jamie Sylvester9 months ago

    Bastion berry flavor I would buy that

  55. Jax Ward

    Jax Ward9 months ago

    Kitty vid mr faze bastrin

  56. Revoke

    Revoke9 months ago

    bruh you only drink like 1ml and you say you drinked it 🤣

  57. ZeroElite21

    ZeroElite219 months ago


  58. Avenge - Fortnite

    Avenge - Fortnite9 months ago

    Bastrin is the greatest

  59. Worriedland 7566

    Worriedland 75669 months ago

    You should make a podcast

  60. Jack Animations

    Jack Animations9 months ago

    Epic gamer

  61. Eli Horvet

    Eli Horvet9 months ago

    Faze bastrin?

  62. Brooklyn Maxey

    Brooklyn Maxey9 months ago

    You’ll be in faze

  63. Gxdz •

    Gxdz •9 months ago

    rocking the lyrical lemonade FaZe I see you

  64. Stormy Is a qt

    Stormy Is a qt9 months ago

    I’ve been watching bastrin for forever he is so cool and he is funny if u see this bastrin u the man

  65. BBG_Frosty

    BBG_Frosty9 months ago

    Underrated USlikesr love your vids❤️🙏🏻

  66. zuccmygrape

    zuccmygrape9 months ago

    Get this man into FaZe

  67. Clenz

    Clenz9 months ago

    Ye yup

  68. Clenz

    Clenz9 months ago

    You will get there I have subbed and have enjoyed all my time watching you don’t give up my guy!! Bet you get in

  69. YT Commands

    YT Commands9 months ago

    Whats your favorite Gfuel so far

  70. PugsterIsLIT

    PugsterIsLIT9 months ago

    I was the 1k like 😇

  71. moonation 346

    moonation 3469 months ago

    Also can bastrin stream Minecraft dungeons??

  72. moonation 346

    moonation 3469 months ago

    Ask to play with lazarbeam pls

  73. randy

    randy9 months ago

    bastrin is m best friend now

  74. Joe Hoole.

    Joe Hoole.9 months ago

    U will get there one day my man

  75. Matthew Hinz

    Matthew Hinz9 months ago

    bastrin you need a haircut my guy

  76. Barnacle Barney

    Barnacle Barney9 months ago

    Over 500k subs and 9k views a video :/

  77. Plasma Nick

    Plasma Nick9 months ago

    Guys we should go to faze clans vid and spam in the comments, "Pick up Bastrin!"

  78. Mr McNugget

    Mr McNugget8 months ago

    Yeah and he should have a bundle called “bastrin banana bundle”

  79. Thelma Like

    Thelma Like9 months ago

    I love ur hair

  80. SquishyNinja Lite

    SquishyNinja Lite9 months ago

    Hei Bastrin I'am your new subscriber. Can I get some love on my comment :)

  81. II Deppo II

    II Deppo II9 months ago

    was expecting a sip then review but bastrin is finishing the whole cup

  82. Michael Maher

    Michael Maher9 months ago

    Love the gfuel videos you are awsome

  83. Mr. Creosote

    Mr. Creosote9 months ago

    I could listen to this guy speak all day

  84. Ty anthony Miller

    Ty anthony Miller9 months ago

    Every time a flavor comes out I go to my boy bastrin

  85. Conor Mcghee

    Conor Mcghee9 months ago

    Actually wish I was friends with him

  86. Bastrin

    Bastrin9 months ago

    I consider everyone that supports me a friend

  87. akanozy

    akanozy9 months ago

    FaZe Bastrin???

  88. MasterSkills420 the Cyber God

    MasterSkills420 the Cyber God9 months ago

    Bastrin I want you to try Predecessor when it comes out; Paragon was a really cool game and it's exactly like that.

  89. LEGIT subbing to everyone who subs to me!

    LEGIT subbing to everyone who subs to me!9 months ago

    your voice is so calming not like other people that are like "*OMG GUYS CALLING ELMO AT 3AM WITH GFUEL!!! NOW AYYY/!!!*"

  90. mill r

    mill r9 months ago

    that was good

  91. likethemouse420

    likethemouse4209 months ago

    Inspiration.. the word you are looking for is inspiration

  92. Jermaine Nance

    Jermaine Nance9 months ago

    How many times did he explain that the sourness was perfect

  93. Jermaine Nance

    Jermaine Nance9 months ago

    Bastrin haha no hate ur vids are still amazing

  94. Bastrin

    Bastrin9 months ago

    A good amount lmao

  95. Exoskeletall

    Exoskeletall9 months ago


  96. Exoskeletall

    Exoskeletall9 months ago

    I BELIEVE IN YOU BASTRIN #FazeBastrin all the way

  97. FlyingMonke

    FlyingMonke9 months ago

    I love bastrins videos and I’ve been watching since 2016 and I have never missed a single bastrin video!

  98. KSI VS Jake Paul

    KSI VS Jake Paul9 months ago


  99. VaxzZ

    VaxzZ9 months ago

    FaZe Bastrin

  100. Alex Robinson

    Alex Robinson9 months ago


  101. Alex Robinson

    Alex Robinson9 months ago

    Nobody:.. Bastrin:YEA YUP

  102. Hb playZ7

    Hb playZ79 months ago

    Yo bastrin I can not afford. Tub but like can you maybe send me a tub if so I would like guava please thx

  103. Owasco

    Owasco9 months ago

    lets go bladen

  104. xLamenation

    xLamenation9 months ago

    What about "bastrin berry" it would be strawberry and blue berry

  105. Zasu FC

    Zasu FC9 months ago

    7:06 best part of the video OMG

  106. SquishyNinja Lite

    SquishyNinja Lite9 months ago


  107. Exon B1aze

    Exon B1aze9 months ago

    Your so funny

  108. Harry Manilow

    Harry Manilow9 months ago

    Who’s here because of the Keemstar debacle?

  109. That white kid

    That white kid9 months ago

    1 bastrin should be in faze 2 he should have his own gfuel flavour 3 there should be a faze bastrin gfuel flavour

  110. Joseph M

    Joseph M9 months ago

    Use code Bastrin, love the gfuel reviews