Why Bible Accurate Angels Are So Creepy

Ever wondered why Bible accurate angels look so creepy? Instead of those beautiful, angelic, humanoids the bible depicts bizarre animal/human hybrids, fiery winged beasts and wheels made of eyes. It isn't certain, but most believe that they are descendants of mythical beasts across the Ancient Near East.
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  1. Dearth of Doohickey’s

    Dearth of Doohickey’s2 minutes ago

    If angels are real, they’re basically just beings on a higher plane of existence. Any physical description would be, at best, an attempt to describe something that’s indescribable.

  2. Starry Berry

    Starry Berry11 minutes ago

    Y’know, this kinda makes me believe that the angels portrayed in Bayonetta was not really too far off from their actual depiction(?) 😦

  3. Brian Kleinschmidt

    Brian Kleinschmidt14 minutes ago

    Humans rank above all the angels. Jesus is their king.

  4. Pradeep MN

    Pradeep MN32 minutes ago

    When Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, as at that time there were only 4 people on Earth that is (Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel) Bible said, Cain killed Abel and was cursed by God, leaving only three people on Earth tat is *(Adam, Eve, Cain). But accordingto the Bible, Cain travelled to a Town called Nod and married and gave birth to Children with her. My question is which other Human did Cain marry since Adam & Eve were the only people created by God! Was there another creation that were not told about? Please I need your answer...

  5. John Tischer

    John Tischer38 minutes ago

    Is it because the Bible is a bunch of made up nonsense?

  6. Bush master 777 Shiva teeluck

    Bush master 777 Shiva teeluck40 minutes ago

    The fallen angels

  7. 420caliente

    420caliente55 minutes ago


  8. John Baker

    John BakerHour ago

    The drugs must have been a lot better in those days...

  9. Spellingtheminer

    SpellingtheminerHour ago

    So Evangelion was right

  10. Axel Arcelo

    Axel ArceloHour ago

    messenget angels have no wings only the devil

  11. PuaGoBeyond

    PuaGoBeyondHour ago

    I'm fine if they decide to evolve and look like the angels in Evangelion

  12. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin2 hours ago

    Angels are ruthless

  13. sarge27271

    sarge272712 hours ago

    Why the name "Hochelaga"? I was raised in a neighborhood called Hochelaga......

  14. DaRainbowFactory

    DaRainbowFactory2 hours ago

    This video would be infinitely better with a more objective perspective. Calling something an abomination detracts from the value of the information.

  15. Eric Schulze

    Eric Schulze3 hours ago

    I'm not a Bible person but I suspect your lieing & actually a Satan worshiper

  16. Me Gusta

    Me Gusta3 hours ago

    Why would you call them abominations if they are created by The Most High with a specific purpose? Abominations would be human made quimeras and other DNA splicing we see today amongst species.

  17. Bload72 Productions

    Bload72 Productions3 hours ago

    Creepy Angel exists: Hideaki Anno: RIGHT THAT DOWN TIGHT THAT DOWN!

  18. Wolf'sRain 47

    Wolf'sRain 473 hours ago


  19. Curtis

    Curtis4 hours ago

    So basically, the biblical version of an angel is what you see when you trip on DMT.

  20. Jim Schwartz

    Jim Schwartz4 hours ago

    The "Religion for Breakfast" USlikes series mentioned the influence of Babylonian thought on Jews during the Babylonian Exile, and is reflected in the later books of the Old Testament.

  21. Aulia Aulia

    Aulia Aulia4 hours ago

    I just hope there's mangaka out there saw this and said, "I'm gonna make manga out of this!"

  22. Eddieisherenow

    Eddieisherenow4 hours ago

    Moses had horns

  23. The Inkslicer

    The Inkslicer5 hours ago

    You know it's extra terrifying when Demons are fallen Angels.

  24. The Last Catholic

    The Last Catholic5 hours ago

    The humanoid angels are biblically accurate as well. They came to Abraham in human form, to Our Blessed Mary and to John the Baptist's father.

  25. foreign warren

    foreign warren5 hours ago

    Angels are real

  26. dreco Sht6

    dreco Sht6Hour ago

    Yes so are demons and spirits

  27. Celine Yzaguirre

    Celine Yzaguirre5 hours ago

    Angel: fear no- Human: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- Angel: stop screaming, it’s just me. Fear not

  28. ai18

    ai186 hours ago

    fuck the chief archon in the heavens

  29. Tehzo

    Tehzo6 hours ago

    Imagine God of War series where kratos fights these angels, then jesus and god

  30. 花木Joyce

    花木Joyce6 hours ago

    The heavy rock music over these old accurate pictures is 👌

  31. mohammad-farle palti

    mohammad-farle palti7 hours ago

    No one seen the face of an angels. Only man created the images.

  32. dreco Sht6

    dreco Sht6Hour ago

    thanks for being smart ik right

  33. Hendricus Koster

    Hendricus Koster8 hours ago

    Go to the source and read the Bible. Human beings have been made a little lower than the Angels. Also do not forget there are obedient Angels and fallen disobedient angels.

  34. Aniken

    Aniken8 hours ago

    Rather be in hell then see those monstrosities every day.

  35. dreco Sht6

    dreco Sht6Hour ago

    Idiot hell will be more terrifying and painful, careful what u say or wish for

  36. Jiggy Potamus

    Jiggy Potamus8 hours ago

    The Biblical description of angels in the Old Testament Jewish literature is not meant to be literal. The types of faces represent specific qualities that those animals possess. The eyes in a circular wheel is meant to imply the angels' perfect knowledge/awareness. Way too often people, especially Christians, tend to come away from reading the Bible with erroneous ideas. I have studied Christianity my whole life, devoting an incredible amount of time to theology and prayer, and I have a piece of advice for any Christian who wishes to reach a profound level of knowledge regarding the religion- stop reading the Old Testament. And you should never be taking moral lessons from it either, unless it is repeated in the NT teachings, which logically dictates that it is superfluous. In Christian theology the entirety of the moral code, or Law, given by God in the Old Testament has been superceded, replaced, by the teachings of Jesus as espoused in the New Testament. So many people today call themselves Christians, yet they are unfortunately in for a rude awakening after death. Anyone who attempts to go around picking quotes from the OT, such as "an eye for an eye" or any other judgement-related aspect, fall into this camp. As does anyone who goes around saying "God hates gay people, " or something similar. They obviously are not truly Christians. Were they Christians, they would know that they have no right to judge a non-Christian. Judgement is only permitted among other Christians, and even then in a very specific way. The passage in the NT "where two or more are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them," refers specifically to the instance of Christians judging other Christians, and that is another example of people broadly misinterpreting Scripture, since many use that quote as applying at all times, when it clearly only applies very narrowly. I could do this all day, and I bring it up only because that is what is going on with this video. Anyone calling themselves Christian, yet who cannot humble themselves, and instead going around espousing politics, which a Christian should not ever be involved in period, much less comment on, and who share their non-Christian, non-loving, hateful comments, whether in person or on social media, are the exact people I am referring to. I look at issues like illegal immigration, with people who call themselves Christian saying that "they're breaking the law and hurting our country, etc" and just shake my head. Do you really think God will let you escape your obligation for charity and loving-kindness because it breaks the law of man? Christianity is all about self-sacrifice. That is the entire point of Jesus' incarnation. Again, many of you people need to open your eyes, and focus on your relationship with God, because as it stands your self-professed belief in Jesus is blinding you to the truth that you do not actually believe. Because as Jesus said, if you did, you would have obeyed Him. I pray and hope that this opens the eyes of at least one person to the error of their ways. If you are not a Christian, then obviously this does not apply to you, as I have no right to judge you. But I have every right to judge those who call themselves Christian, yet who keep putting everything else ahead of the teachings of Christ.

  37. The Anime Loving Emo Kid

    The Anime Loving Emo Kid8 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks the biblical angels look really cool?

  38. Korwin Ortiz

    Korwin Ortiz8 hours ago


  39. Indie Headass

    Indie Headass9 hours ago

    Man these angels look SO badass. I’m for here for it.

  40. Human the finite

    Human the finite9 hours ago

    So the angels in bayonetta are fairly accurate.

  41. Char Mc

    Char Mc9 hours ago

    The bible is a work of fiction

  42. Joe Iafrate

    Joe Iafrate9 hours ago

    The 4 faces of the Cherubim are the fixed Astrological signs of Aquarius human, Bull Taurus, Leo Lion, and Eagle or even Phoenix and later known as Scorpio.

  43. Claudio Magalhães

    Claudio Magalhães10 hours ago

    I`ve seen more than one,they look like a distortion in space, its like a spiraling ball that moves acordigly to your gaze, they interact and shift the soul. Its not creepy, its magestical xD

  44. Claudio Magalhães

    Claudio Magalhães10 hours ago

    there are distortions that reminds of wings, but is not a wing, just resembles one

  45. Archie Simpson

    Archie Simpson10 hours ago

    So the seraphim with its 4 faces is an explanation for the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac. The face of the man is Aquarius. The face of the lion is Leo. The face of the ox is Taurus. The face of the eagle is Scorpio. This motif is repeated in the New Testament in the Gospels. Each "gospel writer" Matthew, Mark, Luke and John likewise represent the 4 fixed signs. Matthew is Aquarius, Mark is Leo, Luke is Taurus, and John is Scorpio. You'll notice that each of the 4 Gospels will concentrate on a different aspect of the Christ avatar. In Mark's gospel, Jesus is portrayed as the hero, the conqueror, the Sun. In Matthew's gospel he is portrayed as more of a detached all knowing philosopher. In Luke's gospel he is portrayed as radically opposed to the squandering and misappropriation of wealth. And finally in John's gospel, we see his attitude toward death and rebirth. All of these teachings come from the first Golden Age and tell of the coming of the second Golden Age, which we are heading into now. They are not necessarily Abrahamic in origin, but hold worldwide appeal because they speak to something more fundamental.

  46. Vincent Osboune

    Vincent Osboune10 hours ago

    DMT machine elves

  47. Leonard Barfied

    Leonard Barfied10 hours ago


  48. Lucas Noronha

    Lucas Noronha11 hours ago

    Now my DMT's trip makes completely sense

  49. Doctor Shoestring

    Doctor Shoestring11 hours ago

    religion was just people eating psychedelic plants writing down what they saw.

  50. Zachary McInnis

    Zachary McInnis12 hours ago

    I promise , you don't want the one on the right in your head. The one on the left is friendly.

  51. Emilio Grisolia

    Emilio Grisolia12 hours ago

    Dude thats a lot a drugs.

  52. Florin Gamez

    Florin Gamez12 hours ago

    That is no where near Biblical accurate angels

  53. wonderingheights

    wonderingheights13 hours ago

    The four animals are the four fixed signs of the zodiac.

  54. Zachary McInnis

    Zachary McInnis13 hours ago

    The one on the right is them, the one on the left is what's going on in their head. Now get it straight, youngster, because the one on the right will show up in YOUR head if you don't You'll never see the other one,. Just know that every human being on this planet has had their head twisted with the illustration on the left their whole life. If you don't believe it, get twisted with some magnets, psychedelics, and decades of soviet/german OSS mental torture

  55. Nyan

    Nyan13 hours ago

    So... evangelion wasn’t that far off...

  56. Chris Zablocki

    Chris Zablocki13 hours ago


  57. Nicole Blazer

    Nicole Blazer14 hours ago

    If you actually read the Bible you can tell there are several types of angels, and you know from their appearance what their purpose is. Angels that are horrifying to look at are not bringing good news. Also, the angels are usually saying be not afraid because of the circumstances in which they appear, not how they look🤣

  58. Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia

    Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia14 hours ago

    "shapes like cupid or pluto" HOLD UP DONT YOU MEAN EROS?

  59. glonl boyz

    glonl boyz14 hours ago

    Bayonetta already showed us the truth

  60. Tech420P

    Tech420P14 hours ago

    Pcp angle dust is a hell of a drug!

  61. yellxw.biibay

    yellxw.biibay15 hours ago

    "so how many wings & eyes do you guys want?" Angels: Y E S 👁️👁️👁️ 👄 👁️👁️👁️

  62. Looseel Scott

    Looseel Scott15 hours ago

    Greek mythology has almost completely destroyed the image of the truth.

  63. Faizan Hashmi

    Faizan Hashmi16 hours ago

    That's why it's proved bibles are fake and human written , how they chant holy that's latin old Kitab came from ibrani

  64. Arcadiac

    Arcadiac16 hours ago


  65. Jonathan Delos Reyes

    Jonathan Delos Reyes16 hours ago

    We: Why is that the angels we know are so beautiful? Angels: We used filter. Snapchat dude 🤟

  66. Gerard Collins

    Gerard Collins17 hours ago

    Given our limited knowledge of God and narrow minds, we have no real idea what Angels or Heavenly Beings look like. Therefore, it's best to acustom yourself to all interpretations, so as not to be shocked if/when you are received in the Kingdom.

  67. the 1

    the 117 hours ago

    There not monsters there beautiful bc god made us and them

  68. Charlito Mani

    Charlito Mani18 hours ago

    Bible fake bruh

  69. 123

    12318 hours ago

    Angels are illuminatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis confirmed

  70. V E I L

    V E I L19 hours ago

    So... Bayonetta's Angel enemies are biblically accurate huh

  71. Che Rosliza Che Mat

    Che Rosliza Che Mat19 hours ago

    "You have the face of an Angel" Me: 👁👁👁 👁 👁 👁 👄 👁 👁 👁 👁👁👁 "Thanks"

  72. Antonio Sousa

    Antonio Sousa19 hours ago

    Sooooo... UFOs?

  73. Kyle

    Kyle20 hours ago

    Bayonetta was right.

  74. Sohail Khan

    Sohail Khan20 hours ago

    I might be interested in religion if they teach these things instead of brainwashing kids. I am happy my parents saved me

  75. Banana rama

    Banana rama20 hours ago

    Me: Ahh so this is heaven? Angel: Do not be afra... Me: *yeets* into hell

  76. Lone wolf

    Lone wolf20 hours ago

    Oh they speak English now 5:47 ....oke Duuude

  77. Mr MarkeZG

    Mr MarkeZG20 hours ago

    Woow... Acid make sense now..

  78. Mad World

    Mad World21 hour ago

    Ezekiel : LSD ? no even once !

  79. Writer Kaose

    Writer Kaose21 hour ago

    I want one of the wheels of God.

  80. ezra

    ezra21 hour ago

    These things only appeared in visions, they're symbolic.

  81. PaPaSif

    PaPaSif21 hour ago

    Well, now jacob's encounter with the hostile angle make everything way more intense 😳😳😳

  82. D Net

    D Net22 hours ago

    Sounds like they were tripping hard lol

  83. catkitty catkity

    catkitty catkity23 hours ago

    Weeping Angels are more scary than angels

  84. Carmelo Junior

    Carmelo Junior23 hours ago

    This is not understanding the creation. God didn't create monsters. The prophets describe the power and positions of the angels not what they really look like. Read how God created the angels a little lower than Man who is at God's image. Mary didn't talk to a two headed monster neither Zachariah talked to a dragon. Jacob didn't fight with a serpent. Lot was not led by 5 eyes monsters. The men of Gomorrah wanted to have sex with the angels because they were good looking men not monsters.

  85. bbs

    bbsDay ago

    They’re.......kinda cool Edit: you guys think some people seen stuff like this off DMT??

  86. Deadlock200

    Deadlock200Day ago

    Angel:shows up 🚨Alert Blood type blue! Me: get in the robot

  87. Ashii

    AshiiDay ago

    Sometimes I like to wonder what God thinks when God made this, no seriously how could you even come up with this form and figure ???

  88. Kury

    KuryDay ago

    Really makes me think of higher dimensional shapes, like a tesseract. Considering these are higher dimensional beings, its not so farfetched.

  89. the running man

    the running manDay ago

    All I have is evangelion in my mind after watching this


    BIG MAC CLIPDay ago

    Back then my boys been triping

  91. Mickey Finn

    Mickey FinnDay ago

    I can’t believe in the 21st century people believe this Iron Age tribesman story’s for explanation of the cosmos.

  92. אריק

    אריקDay ago

    Because we earthlings have a twisted understanding of what the Bible really says. No one reads it and when they do they are scared by the Angels. I am becoming an Angel. See you there. UFOs and Aliens and Angels are one phenomena. We just gave them all new names.

  93. よう相棒

    よう相棒Day ago

    Now that I will get scared whenever I remember the quote there is always an angel beside you

  94. Gabriel-jhun

    Gabriel-jhunDay ago

    oh no

  95. Mr. Satyre

    Mr. SatyreDay ago

    Speaking as an atheist, this video is a load of crap.

  96. T W

    T WDay ago

    "conspiracy theorists" have been proven right an awful lot since the beginning of 2020.

  97. Joe De Rue

    Joe De RueDay ago

    So anybody ever think this was just a group of aliens coming down, making claims and seeing if we pass some sort of test and Christianity, or for that matter religion is that test. Like, let’s tell them all this stuff and see if they believe it.... 2000 years later. oh boy, yeah.... this vertical hairless ape species isn’t evolved enough yet...

  98. Ali 🌺 Alade

    Ali 🌺 AladeDay ago

    You can’t see bacteria without a microscope but they swim, eat, poop, cry, laugh, talk, and imagine just like we do.

  99. james ofoegbu

    james ofoegbuDay ago

    Thanks for the explanation! If you guys want to know about the meaning of the eyes on the the the wheels, I can explain that 😍

  100. Ashley Thomas

    Ashley ThomasDay ago

    👁️. 👁️ 👁️ ☝️ 👁️. 👁️ B E N O T A F R A I D

  101. Michael

    MichaelDay ago

    Definitely were on DMT

  102. Tiy

    TiyDay ago

    do dmt and you'll see those angels

  103. Cookie The Doggie

    Cookie The DoggieDay ago

    But that creepy angels still poops Holy Shits right?

  104. Johnny Regularhand

    Johnny RegularhandDay ago

    I dont get why angels and everything all that disappeared from the face of the earth if they existed