From The Dev's of Life is Strange | Tell Me Why - CHAPTER 1

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  1. Mina Savage

    Mina Savage16 hours ago

    I got labeled a weirdo & got bullied all my life where the town I’m from. And still to this day people try to pick at me on social media from there and I’m 22. I separated myself from there completely and just found a persona on Instagram that people I don’t even know like and accept me. The internet can be a wonderful thing sometimes

  2. drippybreezyy

    drippybreezyyDay ago


  3. drippybreezyy

    drippybreezyyDay ago

    Yeah nah I was always on Tyler side

  4. Shadowmax

    Shadowmax3 days ago

    Wait a minute... If the beginning of the game where Tyler is in when he is reading the letter is that supposed to be juvie? Because if it is juvie then DAMN I think ima have to commit some crimes. Edit: yeah I now learned that is juvie

  5. its.daniii

    its.daniii4 days ago

    some of these comments did not pass the vibe check...

  6. CC_Caleb14 Gaming

    CC_Caleb14 Gaming5 days ago

    i hear the word “Cyanide” and it always reminds me about the “Peoples Temple Cult mass Mureder-Suicide”, the leader Jim Jones made over 909 people drink Cyanide, some people acepted to do it and the people that denide to do it were obligated at gunpoint to do it

  7. CC_Caleb14 Gaming

    CC_Caleb14 Gaming5 days ago

    all of the 909 people died and a third of them were CHILDREN

  8. Jeanicia Sparkles

    Jeanicia Sparkles5 days ago

    Can someone tell me why Berleezy wears a shower cap all the time? I haven't watched him in a while lol

  9. its.daniii

    its.daniii4 days ago

    @Jeanicia Sparkles i don’t think so, maybe he decided he didn’t want to show his hair that day lol

  10. Jeanicia Sparkles

    Jeanicia Sparkles4 days ago

    @its.daniii lol oh yea I forgot sleep caps looks like shower caps. But why is he wearing it in the video? Like he just decided to or was there a joke in a past video/stream I missed? Lol

  11. its.daniii

    its.daniii4 days ago

    it’s a bonnet to protect the hair while sleeping

  12. Bunni Pop

    Bunni Pop5 days ago

    After this Chapter, I feel like the mom has a undiagnosed or maybe she was diagnose, mental illness; hence the pills but she wasn't always able to afford the medicine, hence her spirals. Or Tessa somehow convinced her that she didn't really NEED the pills, she needed to get right with the lordt and that lead to her eventual mental decline.

  13. Bunni Pop

    Bunni Pop5 days ago

    Mannn lissen. When you consider the size of an adult vs a child at 13, and your mom has a gun and you managed to grab a knife to defend yourself?? The whole "Why didn't you just hit her" argument goes out the window, I don't think the kid wanted to kill the mom but clearly she felt differently.

  14. Ade Sanni

    Ade Sanni8 days ago

    “I am the best decision based gamer on the planet” Me after literally just finishing watching Detroit become human: ...

  15. Keebot 79

    Keebot 799 days ago


  16. Ej3LLY J

    Ej3LLY J9 days ago

    Berleezys ads are going stupid

  17. The best Reacts

    The best Reacts9 days ago

    oh there go berleezy in the game

  18. Darrius King

    Darrius King11 days ago

    Bruh...this game boring as FUUCK!

  19. Flowerbloom

    Flowerbloom12 days ago

    1:41:59 Berleezy, did you just- 1:42:08 no- stop 🧍‍♀️ 1:43:54 Y’all, just smile and nod

  20. Jayden TheBeast

    Jayden TheBeast14 days ago

    5:25 he almost made me run my pockets

  21. Angel Moore

    Angel Moore14 days ago

    8:30 i miss when berleezy used to “go crazy” 😔

  22. Beta Bis

    Beta Bis14 days ago

    1:38:46 THERE GO BERLIN

  23. Jaylen Russell

    Jaylen Russell14 days ago

    11:24 ayeeee trans pride flag let’s go (I can finally use the emoji🏳️‍⚧️)


    EEZY KNEE15 days ago


  25. Jose Jalapeno

    Jose Jalapeno16 days ago

    I'm playing through this game right now an I have to say the story knows how to keep you intrigued throughout the story


    CUENTAENELSOL16 days ago

    yo im feeling this story. far better than life is strange. relatable af. well, at least for me.. the mess up childhood you know

  27. D3smond

    D3smond19 days ago

    October 2004

  28. it’s caruski

    it’s caruski20 days ago

    look at iberleezy waking up, we absolutely do have powers

  29. 『Mango Tango』

    『Mango Tango』22 days ago

    Feel no shame about shape

  30. BigPackin Jackson69

    BigPackin Jackson6924 days ago

    There's a video in your ads

  31. xero 9ravity

    xero 9ravity25 days ago

    don't care for trans people

  32. Spacebytay

    Spacebytay24 days ago

    I do

  33. AJ Q

    AJ Q26 days ago

    Berlin gettin bread wit all foes ads 😂

  34. Kike Semore

    Kike Semore26 days ago

    1:38:45 there go berleezy

  35. PierceMyBlackHorizon _atthedisco

    PierceMyBlackHorizon _atthedisco26 days ago

    bro i love how annoyed he get for no reason at all

  36. Dreaming_ Soul

    Dreaming_ Soul28 days ago

    I really wanted to see one of my youtubers I watch, play this game but none of them did so I watched you play it (because you’re one of the USlikesrs I watch) but I hate the choices you made😕 Idk what to do😞

  37. Dreaming_ Soul

    Dreaming_ Soul29 days ago

    1:49:19 Tyler side was better there was no fighting and she told you the truth 1:59:11 Berleezy you should chose Tyler memory it was the real one 2:00:44 Tess lied to you🤯 that was not the way *Berleezy please go back in the game and chose the other choices* 2:18:55 😨I did not see that coming AT ALLL but I was right you should have sided with Tyler!!!!

  38. Denied Bail

    Denied BailMonth ago

    Thanks for giving the message about family, I’ve been in foster care for 14 years hoping for one. One day I hope to create my own

  39. Go With the Flow

    Go With the FlowMonth ago

    Berlin say “but not like that” like we won’t crop it 💀💀💀

  40. CyrxFN

    CyrxFNMonth ago

    "nightwatch alaska by Arnald Tiri, oh yeah yeah yeah I read that it's about uuh-" WHAT IS IT ABOUT BERLIN?!

  41. JJ

    JJMonth ago

    its eddie he hid the maryanne files he knows the killer or is the mad hunter killer. The mom was trying to protect them from him

  42. Shannon Maldonado

    Shannon MaldonadoMonth ago

    What if alyson gave her mom the book?

  43. Shannon Maldonado

    Shannon MaldonadoMonth ago

    As a friend of a trans guy, this video game is so gripping and emotional because he has seen alot of rejection from his parents, but eventually they came around. I love him so much and this story is so emotional and the trauma this fictional character went through so much pain. I know a lot of people in the LGBTQ community have stories of abuse and pain and this game is so beautiful.

  44. Bluzzin

    BluzzinMonth ago

    that grocery part was way different than when i played it 🥶

  45. Myles Garlicbread

    Myles GarlicbreadMonth ago

    “Oh yeah I read that it was about” Interesting

  46. kenna ·

    kenna ·Month ago

    Holy shit!! When berleezy brought up "A Child Named It" I was shocked. I read all 4 books of that childs abuse but it was really unpopular and I didn't know that anyone else knew of those books!

  47. Y/N

    Y/NMonth ago

    i'm so glad Berlin is supportive of the LGBTQ+

  48. chaennobon

    chaennobonMonth ago

    too much ignorance in the comments for me

  49. Young Goube

    Young GoubeMonth ago

    berlin always inspiring me lol.

  50. DaSean E.

    DaSean E.Month ago

    yo ya'll ever notice berleezy only gets the wrong answers/endings....ay at least he maks it feel real(really treadfuljkjk)

  51. DeathDaKidd

    DeathDaKiddMonth ago

    Why is Tyler SO DAMN HOSTILE towards everyone bruh

  52. DeathDaKidd

    DeathDaKiddMonth ago

    1:42:01 did he just ask “what’s cyanide”........

  53. Poopy Pizza games

    Poopy Pizza gamesMonth ago

    I think I have some video with my adds

  54. Champion RD

    Champion RDMonth ago

    So Tyler is girl than

  55. Champion RD

    Champion RDMonth ago

    11:11:41 That’s Facts!!!💯💯💯

  56. Champion RD

    Champion RDMonth ago

    I can’t believe he call the cops when he was 12 😂😂😂

  57. Champion RD

    Champion RDMonth ago

    B you should get DaniLeigh

  58. insight

    insightMonth ago

    I hear Clementine

  59. vandeliaa mariee

    vandeliaa marieeMonth ago

    I love how immersed you always are bru

  60. Fish In The Hood

    Fish In The HoodMonth ago

    This game hits different im not trans or anything but i can feel and connect with these characters this game gets me feeling glad i be myself everyday and not change who i am for other people

  61. Sora Kumono

    Sora KumonoMonth ago

    berlin out here fathering the youth 46:45 RESPECT

  62. sir wukong

    sir wukongMonth ago

    Berlin: I'm the best decision based gamer Coryxkenshin: yeah, ight

  63. Heyimmercy

    HeyimmercyMonth ago

    No he didnt hit us with a "tap tap tap in" lmao

  64. KindaLightSkin

    KindaLightSkinMonth ago

    Cyanide is a form of poison often used to kill mfs!!!!

  65. melxdiq dooms

    melxdiq doomsMonth ago


  66. melxdiq dooms

    melxdiq doomsMonth ago


  67. Chris Desrosiers

    Chris DesrosiersMonth ago

    Berlin: “I’m the best decision based gamer on the platform!” Until Dawn & Detroit: 👁👄👁

  68. Giggl3z_On_ Acidz

    Giggl3z_On_ AcidzMonth ago

    I never thought she would pull out a gun on him. Dang!

  69. Chi

    ChiMonth ago

    1:30 any OGs get flashbacks to until dawn after this he said that bs 💀

  70. LOOK!! A bird

    LOOK!! A birdMonth ago

    Holy cow the ads

  71. Ysh Shooter

    Ysh ShooterMonth ago

    Berleezy we Texas boys we don’t see snow down here too often

  72. antiquevenom

    antiquevenomMonth ago

    March 1st, I was born a couple Days later... whew

  73. Melrose&Leifu

    Melrose&LeifuMonth ago

    I don’t know why but something about that shot and Berlin’s reaction at 2:16:59 scared the life outta me. But there again I am watching this at 3am

  74. Melrose&Leifu

    Melrose&LeifuMonth ago

    I can totally understand Allison being hurt that Tyler didn’t let her come see him in times where he had important life moments. Tyler is important to Allison and vice versa. Allison may have felt left out and abandoned by Tyler not reaching out. And that’s understandable. Tyler needed space too which is understandable. It’s such a complicated situation and both of them deserve to have proper communication with each other.

  75. Didly Mosy

    Didly MosyMonth ago

    Imma be hella disappointed if my future self came to see me. Like wow now I don’t know how to go about life

  76. Didly Mosy

    Didly MosyMonth ago

    Tyler look good low key but when I first saw this game I thought it was a teenage love story 😬😬😬

  77. Th3PeaceKeeper

    Th3PeaceKeeperMonth ago

    I'm dead! When he said "Is this Agrabah?" I sang the Aladdin song at the exact same time as Eezy with only a gut feeling that he might sing it too! 😂😂😂

  78. Chesney Hill

    Chesney HillMonth ago

    He’s such a deep thinker like he’s literally the perfect person to just sit down sand talk about life with I wish more guys were like that

  79. Drew Miller

    Drew MillerMonth ago

    I cried so many times watching this as a transgender male, it truly gives me hope for my own transition and makes me feel good about the fact that there even is a game out with a transgender character, usually there's only only the typical plot twist of a gay child or lesbian but I'm so glad that there's light being shed on transgender people and our struggles not only transition wise but socially too

  80. Bungie Crimes

    Bungie CrimesDay ago

    as a demon I'm glad we finally got a spot on life is strange too

  81. Jaylen Russell

    Jaylen Russell14 days ago

    Same bro👏🏾🏳️‍⚧️

  82. LoveEternal_7

    LoveEternal_7Month ago

    Mad Hunter has something to do with Tyler?...I this k Mary-Ann was pointing the gun at the mad hunter.

  83. Demani Moore

    Demani MooreMonth ago

    42:12 had me rolling

  84. Amaris Amor

    Amaris AmorMonth ago

    Berlin: Free Weed, where at?!? My guy was excited about some bonyon

  85. iiPancake Playz

    iiPancake PlayzMonth ago

    Berlin: fReE wEeD? Me: um no it’s fireweed 😭

  86. Jeanette Neal

    Jeanette NealMonth ago

    I really appreciate the vocals

  87. Shokuteki

    ShokutekiMonth ago

    I love how berlin talks about these serious topics but everything he says is straight facts

  88. DazaSZN

    DazaSZNMonth ago

    I think there is a video in your ad

  89. Paul Buriak, Jr.

    Paul Buriak, Jr.Month ago

    Why does Tom look like the dude from Toy Story 2 who wore the chicken costume?

  90. BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    BeefyIsHere-Brawl StarsMonth ago

    From the “devs*” of life is strange


    TYRANNIC_KING GreenMonth ago

    Me: Enjoys the gameplay Berlin out of nowhere: "You finna ascend?!"

  92. Tiny Bee

    Tiny BeeMonth ago

    Berlin: Look at this demon bro Actual Demon: you called Also berlin: WOAHHH

  93. Imauni Ryne

    Imauni RyneMonth ago

    Tyler older self>> younger self

  94. yunho protection agency

    yunho protection agencyMonth ago

    berlin said trans rights period... yo the day he becomes a dad :) kids are gonna be so lucky

  95. TREYD906 C

    TREYD906 CMonth ago

    There go berleezy in the game gets me every time

  96. Maia Nguyen

    Maia NguyenMonth ago

    yea the mom had her own demons...but she still loved and cared for her kids?? like all i see is a mom trying her best to protect her kids but she makes some mistakes, which is acceptable cause not every parent is perfect, i was expecting that the mom just wouldn’t care at all and neglect them, but she still tries her best for them

  97. Maia Nguyen

    Maia NguyenMonth ago

    the twins overthought or saw things as kids (cause kids tend to over exaggerate and especially since they have very active imagination with the whole goblin and princess thing) their mom still tried to understand her kids, but had to do that through her own demons as well, that is a struggle when your kids give you a hard time as well and there’s so much stress put on her, she was misunderstood and overwhelmed

  98. Maia Nguyen

    Maia NguyenMonth ago

    the twins really seem like they expect the best of the best out of their parent, which i can see through a kids logic what they want because she is their mom and she is supposed to do so many things for them, but even in adult hood they expected a lot out of their mom, the lack of communication and misunderstanding of each other is a real issue i see, if anything i feel more for the mom (i don’t think the mom was transphobic, she was just paranoid of people getting to her kid because they do live in a small town and gossip would spread)

  99. The Supa Soka

    The Supa SokaMonth ago

    “Devil’s Club Tea, no sir” - Berlin 2020

  100. Victoria `

    Victoria `Month ago

    I’m exactly 1hr into this video, tell me how my dumbass decided to go to the comments and spoil it LMAO But 1:11:16 (time) Really out here making me feel super accepted Berleezy thank you for speaking facts

  101. Keman B

    Keman BMonth ago

    He mentioned powers but what about when you throw a coin in the air then it doesn’t come back down till 10 minutes later

  102. Giso

    GisoMonth ago

    I'm ngl nothing can top the first life is strange they acc left u on cool Cliff hangers on tell me why Idk its. not the same

  103. Chris Twist

    Chris TwistMonth ago

    When Berlin said what is cyanide i face palmed

  104. Vernesha Britt

    Vernesha BrittMonth ago

    I read that book and it was very sad

  105. Nichole Jones

    Nichole JonesMonth ago

    Yo berlin you have a video in yo ads

  106. Isaiah Wiggins

    Isaiah WigginsMonth ago

    That believes he told y'all talking to himself and playing games

  107. laila

    lailaMonth ago

    it’s him singing for me

  108. NotSoGodleyNico

    NotSoGodleyNicoMonth ago

    Thought the little icon on the bottom right was the logo for del taco

  109. Starlyza Medina

    Starlyza MedinaMonth ago

    When your favorite USlikesr isn’t transphobic 😍