Gojira - Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New album 'Fortitude' available April 30.
Pre-order: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
Written & Directed by Charles De Meyer
Cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx
Produced by Octopods - Joao Vinhas & Benjamin Honoré

First assistant camera: Daniel Foeldes
Steadicam operator: Sven Joukes
First assistant director: Sebastian Vrijdaghs
Costume designer: Andrea De Keyzer
Editor & FX supervisor: Charles De Meyer
Colorist: Ducan Russel & Maximiliaan Dierickx
Gaffer: Florent Bagard
Electricians: Angel Paredes & Vincent Nouguier
Key grip: Gilles Lacroix & Unai Duhalde
Grip: Aitz Amilibia & Andde Carrere
Make up artist: Daphné Durieux
Location manager: Jean Louis Decoster
Production assistant: Elodie Marchal
Monitoring engineer; Sebastien Roblin
Additional grooming: Paolo De Luca
On-set Photography; Anne Deguéhégny & Gabrielle Duplantier
Catering; Mirelen & Aize Duhalde
Hdri photography: Olivier Sipesaque

Guard: Steve Driesen
Dealer: John-John Mossoux

Shapeshifter (in order of appearance)
Old man: Marcel Vandericken
Young girl: Lou Lambrecht
Man in hoodie: Edson Anibal
Bourgeois Woman: Julie Basecq
Young boy: Sacha Pirlet
Man in suit: Mohit Mathur
Rave girl: Yipoon Chiem
Biker: Olivier Sipesaque
Mortal, spawn on the altar
Caught in the heart of the blaze
The primal fear of disappearing
Becoming a ghost in the void
Give a price, put a name
None of it real in this matter
Wandering, distracting,
Wishing the life of another self
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re all drawn into ourselves
In a collective coma
Remember gazing up for answers But now we’re staring down
All is blur in the maze we put an end to all
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re no one
When we’re gone
Music and Lyrics by Gojira
Produced by Joe Duplantier
Mixed by Andy Wallace


  1. Narek vaez

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  2. Marchin Best

    Marchin Best2 hours ago

    CHECK OUT MY VOCAL COVER OF THIS SONG!!!! uslikes.info/house/pJWOpc2R0YGhYK4/video.html

  3. Greg Norvell

    Greg Norvell2 hours ago

    Sounds a little SOULFLYish? Pretty groovy song.

  4. UOUOU

    UOUOU5 hours ago

    Отличная Музыка !

  5. Thrasher Abbatoir

    Thrasher Abbatoir5 hours ago

    RIP replay button!

  6. Derek Lizardo

    Derek Lizardo6 hours ago

    They better play this song at Aftershock

  7. Kevin Trout

    Kevin Trout8 hours ago

    This is a real ass kicker of a song.

  8. Gregory Bolton

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  9. Chaos Inception

    Chaos Inception8 hours ago

    Reminds me of old Sepultura.

  10. SomeWelshboi121

    SomeWelshboi12113 hours ago

    Perfect song to listen to when you're late for work!

  11. nir s

    nir s13 hours ago

    Born for gojira... 🥁🤘🙏

  12. Crisp Nolen

    Crisp Nolen14 hours ago

    Best of luck for the album. I remember listening to Magma in 2016-17, could've been better, liked and preferred the previous albums more I guess

  13. Sheep

    Sheep12 hours ago

    Congrats, you are the first of about 2k comments I read so far to contain something negative about gojira. Do you mind setting up an correct argument so your criticism can be called constructive?

  14. echo

    echo15 hours ago

    Sounds like made in some kind of Gojira app. Random Gojira-style riffs put into one. Nothing new since Magma

  15. Jay Brown

    Jay Brown15 hours ago

    I think we just found the cure for COVID. I'll take a vaccine shot of this all day, every day.

  16. Sheep

    Sheep12 hours ago

    Probably still a good idea to wear a mask but yeah, this band can cure a lot of things indeed!

  17. Helger Van Werde

    Helger Van Werde16 hours ago

    Great song, but clearly a borrowed riff from Carcass (incarnate solvent abuse)... but fxxx it, if you rip something off, it should be a Carcass riff 🤟🏻

  18. sofa 69

    sofa 6917 hours ago

    Good to know great music is still being made

  19. Jono

    Jono17 hours ago

    Great song! Sick video! That ending was so cool.

  20. faith is done

    faith is done18 hours ago

    They are so underrated tf, USlikes algorithm fvcking sucks.

  21. Sheep

    Sheep12 hours ago

    More like people not trying out new kinds of music, but yeah I also wish for more people to see this gem of a band

  22. Dredrix

    Dredrix19 hours ago

    Holy shit I missed this

  23. prometerion marek

    prometerion marek20 hours ago

    F......k good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 11

    1120 hours ago

    Gojira are made for one thing that - to make me & millions of others to headbang their fucking heads

  25. 11

    1120 hours ago

    Loving that Slayer's 'Seasons in the abyss' esque riffs

  26. Darpan Barje

    Darpan Barje20 hours ago

    My withdrawal symptoms hits hard like 4:20 and causes error in shape shifting

  27. Jakob J

    Jakob J22 hours ago

    This song makes me want to look in the sun without sunglasses.

  28. Renzo Manfroi

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  29. Scarjeam Jeam

    Scarjeam Jeam23 hours ago

    Can We all appreciate the bass Line ?

  30. Bastian Agi

    Bastian Agi23 hours ago

    Vocal too low

  31. S e t h -

    S e t h -23 hours ago

    When you make heavy music in the simpliest tshirt/shirt/pullover

  32. Bobo Baggins

    Bobo BagginsDay ago

    Does anybody know what bass Jean is playing. It looks sick

  33. Aksim Taio Reunin

    Aksim Taio Reunin21 hour ago

    @Shreyansh Sinha it is

  34. Shreyansh Sinha

    Shreyansh Sinha22 hours ago

    It Looks Like A Dingwell

  35. Sadistic Peace

    Sadistic PeaceDay ago

    Staind - Mudshovel if you know , then you know

  36. majeutycah

    majeutycahDay ago

    The intro is like a fusion between some parts of Dogs by Pink Floyd mixed with Gravity soundtrack. (it's a compliment!)

  37. TOZINK beats

    TOZINK beatsDay ago

    hi I hope you are doing fine. I make music but it's really tough to have visibility when you're little, but I do my best to make my art known. I invite you to discover my beats and if you are not disappointed, do not hesitate to subscribe and share with your friends. Peace;)

  38. anx

    anxDay ago

    *headbangs* 4:20 comes me: 😳oh sh..

  39. Russian Skunk

    Russian SkunkDay ago

    born to be hanged won't drown если угодно. Но я тоже вижу эти сны.

  40. Dutch Blades

    Dutch BladesDay ago

    A lot of new albums from great artists coming up and I'm pumped! It was fantastic to see you guys as an opener for Guns N' Roses in the Netherlands in 2018; sadly you didn't get the praise you deserve if you ask me. Boring crowd for sure...

  41. Russian Skunk

    Russian SkunkDay ago

    Но никто ведь не понял что это значит на самом деле? Так ведь. But no one understood what this actually means? So after all.

  42. Art L

    Art LDay ago

    I punched a wall.

  43. Viko Paredes

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  44. Mike S

    Mike SDay ago

    Damn! I can't stop thinking about this song.

  45. Your Friend The Internet

    Your Friend The InternetDay ago

    Metal Chorus' are my NEW FAVORITE THING OF ALL TIME!

  46. Super Toon Fiesta

    Super Toon FiestaDay ago

    Una exquisitez señores

  47. Sheep

    Sheep12 hours ago

    U have a ✅ beside ur name

  48. Brandon Wilkerson

    Brandon WilkersonDay ago

    These lyrics are fucking deep. We are all one inifite being experiencing what it is like to have a finite existence. The human mind has a hard time wrapping itself around the idea of infinity or ceasing to exist, and people fear what they can't comprehend.

  49. Kavi Sugiharto Weber

    Kavi Sugiharto WeberDay ago

    ft. eric andre on the drums

  50. hardmember

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  51. OrangeAzzClown

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  52. Nicolas A.

    Nicolas A.Day ago

    That bass and kick drum just bump so hard man.

  53. DIYTechnician

    DIYTechnicianDay ago

    Holy f@&#

  54. Flo

    FloDay ago

    Toujours au top, un groupe qui faiblit pas !

  55. Luis Alberto Castillo

    Luis Alberto CastilloDay ago

    Gojira is team Godzilla or team Kong?

  56. Paticio Manuel

    Paticio ManuelDay ago

    new album is coming? someone knows?

  57. Shreyansh Sinha

    Shreyansh Sinha22 hours ago

    30 April is the release date. They have even announced tracklist & an interlude's audio was also leaked

  58. Dude Flynn

    Dude FlynnDay ago

    A fresh breath of air 🤘🤘🤘

  59. Ben Donahue

    Ben DonahueDay ago

    Not a huge fan of this tbh, it sounds like they're trying to do drop A things on drop D guitars, just doesn't work

  60. Ger 13 NunYah

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  61. Chester

    ChesterDay ago

    Holy shit I love Gojira, somehow they just keep getting better.

  62. Pinche Vato Negro

    Pinche Vato NegroDay ago

    Best drummer in the game !!!!! Hail Gojira!

  63. Dean Chaffer

    Dean ChafferDay ago

    We need a goddamn Jan Michael Vincent here

  64. Beeza2996

    Beeza2996Day ago

    I’m still discovering new shit in this banger with each listen... One that I just noticed is from 2:38 to 2:49: Joe growls “DOWN!” 4 times, with a lower pitch each time (and the last one’s utterly demonic). Fucking awesome stuff Gojira, I can’t wait to binge the rest of your new album!! 🤘

  65. Mitch Smith

    Mitch SmithDay ago

    Watched this while brushing my teeth...I think i brushed off all the enamel....

  66. sierra vans

    sierra vansDay ago

    You already know the album is going to be 🔥👌🏼

  67. Dan Eccles

    Dan EcclesDay ago

    This song makes me want to break into my neighbor's house, toast all their bread, and put it back in the pantry

  68. JD Phillips

    JD PhillipsDay ago

    I LOVE Gojira, but why are your their vocals always so far back in the mix?

  69. Facu Wind

    Facu WindDay ago

    less voice = more bass

  70. Chris Dick

    Chris DickDay ago

    Heavy on the Sepultura influence, eh? Sounds like a track off Chaos AD.

  71. Miki Hank

    Miki HankDay ago

    sak dobre, celkom, vsetky triky v jednom songu.

  72. I dont wanna use my name

    I dont wanna use my nameDay ago

    damn those clothes are clean

  73. ホットドッグ

    ホットドッグDay ago

    What is the greatest fear of all?

  74. ホットドッグ

    ホットドッグ16 hours ago

    @Shreyansh Sinha perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  75. Shreyansh Sinha

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  76. Am.N Branko

    Am.N BrankoDay ago

    Tell me a thing you love about France? People : Eiffel Tower, paris, bla... Bla... Me: Gojira

  77. Mister Clean

    Mister CleanDay ago

    C'est la France que j'aime Bordel de merde! Déroulez le rouleau compresseur les gars👌🏻❤️!

  78. G W

    G WDay ago

    Lot of Geordie in here

  79. Konstant K

    Konstant KDay ago

    Gojira Lyrics: "Born For One Thing" Mortal, spawn on the altar Caught in the heart of the blaze The primal fear of disappearing Becoming A ghost in the void Death Give a price, put a name None of it real in this matter Wandering, distracting Wishing the life of another Self We were born for one thing Tame the greatest fear of all We were born for one thing Born to face the greatest fear of all We're all drawn into ourselves In a collective coma Remember, gazing up for answers But now we're staring down Down Down Down All is blur in the maze, we put an end to all We were born for one thing Tame the greatest fear of all We were born for one thing Born to face the greatest fear of all We're no one United When we're gone

  80. Mason moun

    Mason mounDay ago

    I will stand in front about Metal Music. Lamb of god and Gojira keep burn in 2021.

  81. S & A music company

    S & A music companyDay ago


  82. moon baby

    moon babyDay ago

    Is this the new sequel to Night at the Museum? This is way fucking better than Ben Stiller.

  83. Ghorghor Bey

    Ghorghor BeyDay ago

    Born For One Thing : Listening to metal \m/

  84. Prison Mike

    Prison MikeDay ago

    4:24 reminds me of Meshuggah - Lethargica verse

  85. Camarade Putin

    Camarade PutinDay ago

    Elle est juste géniale



    That drums 🤘🏻



    That drums 🤘🏻

  88. Cameron swan

    Cameron swanDay ago


  89. Steven Wanko

    Steven WankoDay ago

    Constantly playing in my truck. Im not the guy that lowers the volume at a stoplight either. These guys need to be heard! Keep it coming!

  90. Asmer Mlaćo

    Asmer MlaćoDay ago

    Nice. Somehow I like the old guitar sound more. It was more raw. Vocalist changed the guitar brand, right?

  91. Sergio Moreno

    Sergio MorenoDay ago

    Que pena gojira no hacéis nada distinto ni nuevo suena igual que todas las canciones

  92. MrZombieUK

    MrZombieUKDay ago

    i listen to this when i do the ironing...

  93. Leisure Muffin

    Leisure Muffin2 days ago

    Good song, weak video

  94. LERNOE

    LERNOE2 days ago

    super com d'hab.

  95. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi2 days ago

    Hell yeah!

  96. kitarajäbä

    kitarajäbä2 days ago

    I don’t know why people are so hyped about this. They basically recycle their same ideas over and over again

  97. Massive Cunt

    Massive Cunt14 hours ago


  98. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov2 days ago

    I think they've settled into "their sound" and to me it is absolutely glorious. I can hear elements of their prior works but it's all coming together so well now.

  99. Felix Ramos

    Felix Ramos2 days ago

    Metal is back lol fuck yeah

  100. FSBass

    FSBass2 days ago

    Damn, that vocal production is grrrrrrreat ! And mixed by Andy Wallace. :)

  101. Risotto Chitpost

    Risotto Chitpost2 days ago

    It's been a long time since the last time i listened to gojira, the only thing that i remember perfectly it's the name "Mario Duplantier" I fucking love this man's drums, like he is a god of drums

  102. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov2 days ago

    songs here and there but not the same spirit


    ELECTRO VOYAGE2 days ago

    First thing that stands out is that bass. U can feel it

  104. TheOriginalKomamura

    TheOriginalKomamura2 days ago

    French Pantera

  105. Nicolas Larouche

    Nicolas Larouche2 days ago

    Mario made the best drum solo "Minotaur" in 2020 watch this be the best song in 2021.

  106. brian231

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  107. J R

    J R2 days ago

    I dont see whats so great about this band.... theyre boring as fuck

  108. Massive Cunt

    Massive Cunt14 hours ago

    Then you lack musical culture.

  109. obadiah650

    obadiah6502 days ago

    2:51 seasons in the abyss

  110. Max Irvi

    Max Irvi2 days ago

    Очень круто, спасибо за то что вы делаете!!!

  111. Falxifer Rex

    Falxifer Rex2 days ago

    Happy whale noises.

  112. Larry Fine

    Larry Fine2 days ago

    The first release from the new one was a bit of a disappointment, this one is much better. Welcome back Gojira.

  113. SmokingBarrels88

    SmokingBarrels882 days ago

    Finally Flying Whales Gojira is back