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In this video SwaggerSouls shows off his various different minecraft inventions using the create mod. These minecraft inventions include a drill, elevator, and a grinder. I used these inventions to troll streamers such as Twomad, Jschlatt, Minx, Ftz, on the Epic SMP.
Schlatt's a big guy with a big brain so it only made sense to partner up with him, after all he is a business man! Such a good business man that I am taking direct inspiration from his descriptions because I also want to optimize my views! Just be warned, this is no minecraft Dream speedrun manhunt video made for kids, but I'll still take their views with a big grin under my helmet. Is SwaggerSouls a genius or what?
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Thumbnail art by: Madame_BunBun?lang=en
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  1. David,koresh Did,nothing,wrong

    David,koresh Did,nothing,wrong32 seconds ago

    your voice sounds familiar

  2. Jimmy Joe

    Jimmy Joe36 minutes ago

    Your Youtooz still sits next to me

  3. Argeno

    Argeno59 minutes ago

    Bruh why is his voice like dat 😂

  4. Burberz

    BurberzHour ago

    SWAGGER YOU GOT 4.69 Subs!

  5. Nightmare

    Nightmare2 hours ago

    Use TNT on top of Redstone and you can have bombs

  6. Trowah Bussis

    Trowah Bussis2 hours ago

    proof swagger is a genius

  7. Cloax

    Cloax3 hours ago

    Swagger is the 🐐

  8. Fox_zgamer

    Fox_zgamer4 hours ago

    how is this mod called?

  9. Rahaman Michael

    Rahaman Michael4 hours ago

    EW circles

  10. AlexPlaysYT876

    AlexPlaysYT8764 hours ago


  11. toxic element344

    toxic element3445 hours ago

    Hurry up and post the next 1

  12. Neucore

    Neucore6 hours ago

    Someone PLEASE tell me the mods that are used in this. I haven't played minecraft in years, but with all these awesome machines it honestly looks like a blast.

  13. YaBoi DaGoat

    YaBoi DaGoat9 hours ago

    4.69 fucking subs bois

  14. Mythical Fire

    Mythical Fire9 hours ago

    Should do more of this series

  15. Kyra Universal AKA Agent K

    Kyra Universal AKA Agent K12 hours ago

    I wanted to make an SMP so bad but then I remembered "Oh wait, I need friends in the first place... Fuck."

  16. BecauseMovie

    BecauseMovie13 hours ago

    Only .nbt files for the schematic table unfortunately.

  17. some_ paper_gal

    some_ paper_gal13 hours ago

    Someone was on rec room sounding exactly like you

  18. Chris Wasonoredjo

    Chris Wasonoredjo13 hours ago

    All we know about his real face and body is he’s chubby he don’t got the n-word pass and he’s a ginger

  19. An Average Gun Loving American

    An Average Gun Loving American14 hours ago

    What’s the mod

  20. Kyle Caro

    Kyle Caro14 hours ago


  21. Rylan Fiene

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  22. Valdirian φαρμακευτικός

    Valdirian φαρμακευτικός16 hours ago

    Dude it's been one month and the amount of content from everybody adds up to a f****** mile

  23. Clear Sh

    Clear Sh17 hours ago

    wait I thought that sound was the windmill-

  24. Soft Taco

    Soft Taco17 hours ago

    lmao someone need to create OSHA now

  25. Soviet dogo and cat

    Soviet dogo and cat21 hour ago

    Can someone make a playlist of this serece in order

  26. T Tucker

    T Tucker22 hours ago

    Swagger... Im out shopping with my younger sister and brother. My brother goes „that ring is pimpin“ And my sister WITHOUT HESITATION says „its pimp chimpin!“ She’s ten. You have the kids under your control 😂

  27. aola wili

    aola wili23 hours ago

    "AYO THE PIZZA BRUH- " Twomad's final words before falling to his death

  28. BatmanTheGamer67

    BatmanTheGamer67Day ago


  29. Ko0f Patch

    Ko0f PatchDay ago

    Somebody came on gorilla tag pretending to be you

  30. Nrt Tasc

    Nrt TascDay ago

    Bro your videos are great man they have really helped me through my depression after my gf cheated on me keep up the good work man

  31. aola wili

    aola wili23 hours ago

    Made a bad day a little better

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    ytfedde kingDay ago

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    Chad ThundercockDay ago

    Swagger i join the server yes?

  34. Conner Haley

    Conner HaleyDay ago

    4.69 subs

  35. Darren Artlip

    Darren ArtlipDay ago

    EatShit.Schematic LMAO

  36. Deyash

    DeyashDay ago

    i swear minx is delusional

  37. Aj Turner

    Aj TurnerDay ago

    I like how swaggersouls is probably one of the biggest powers in the server.



    Make a VR video there gold and its bitchin

  39. Kimmy Jepsen

    Kimmy JepsenDay ago

    weller hub is a good song

  40. Gaz

    GazDay ago

    Sus out my channel if you want some fresh content fellas!

  41. MoonPhoon

    MoonPhoonDay ago

    oh shit it's trevor .. damn that brings back some cowchop memories

  42. Joey Peterson

    Joey PetersonDay ago

    What's the mod?

  43. jay

    jayDay ago

    damn swagger i hate your voice

  44. Alex Reichart

    Alex ReichartDay ago

    Ok so I haven't watched minecraft for like 5 years and I'm in shock people can do stuff like this.

  45. Daniel Lamielle

    Daniel LamielleDay ago

    Of course the shortest one is the dwarven miner

  46. Darian Barber

    Darian BarberDay ago

    Made a bad day a little better

  47. _

    _Day ago


  48. Carter Heitman

    Carter HeitmanDay ago

    The minx person is so annoying she is not even funny

  49. Lady Eve • 50 years ago

    Lady Eve • 50 years agoDay ago

    The proximity chat made my headphones audio so weird but cool woah.

  50. alida flus

    alida flusDay ago

    minx screaming "milion dollar minx" is kinda cute ngl

  51. Gulur Gaur

    Gulur GaurDay ago

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  52. William Overgaard

    William Overgaard2 days ago

    Dr. stone but in minecraft

  53. willofdodge1

    willofdodge12 days ago

    The OSHA violations

  54. alida flus

    alida flusDay ago

    Did you have a stroke? Why is your voice like that?

  55. Navirouu ye

    Navirouu ye2 days ago

    Cavemen in awe

  56. Find Your Passion

    Find Your Passion2 days ago


  57. IceeBoio

    IceeBoio2 days ago

    Swagger and shlatt are the best duo on the epic smp

  58. Starch Lord

    Starch Lord2 days ago

    swagger throughout the video be like “yeah we do a bit of trolling”

  59. o2 Chronix

    o2 Chronix2 days ago

    what is this mod???

  60. Jesse The King

    Jesse The King2 days ago

    I'm really happy Swagger and Ted are bonding well especially when they were not willing to play with each other before due to the Carson + Fitz + Katerino incident but now that they are bonding, it gives me happiness and nostalgia.

  61. Piotr Wysocki

    Piotr Wysocki2 days ago

    Come one Swagger! More Minecraft Videos!

  62. KandyKhan

    KandyKhan2 days ago

    I need the "Never Trust Australians" rust video from ages ago. I need it Swagger.

  63. Masta Blasta

    Masta Blasta2 days ago

    NGL your creativity is fucking amazing. I'm actually really jealous

  64. Fortubee lol

    Fortubee lol2 days ago

    Yo i just met you in rec room i think its you but itd maybe a voice changer

  65. Fillip Smith

    Fillip Smith2 days ago

    He’s playing as an Artificer

  66. W.D. Gaster

    W.D. Gaster2 days ago

    whats the mod? i want to download it

  67. Jamie Peterson

    Jamie Peterson2 days ago

    what mod pack is this

  68. Cold Spoons

    Cold Spoons2 days ago

    At 10:45 I thought schlatt was gonna make a swastika for the letter he was building

  69. MyNameJeff

    MyNameJeff2 days ago

    Did you have a stroke? Why is your voice like that?

  70. D Q

    D Q2 days ago

    its not worth watching without carson king.

  71. SarcasmIsFun

    SarcasmIsFun2 days ago

    I just realized how much Swagger would probably enjoy Space Engineers.

  72. SarcasmIsFun

    SarcasmIsFunDay ago

    @Thorne Yeah lol no kidding

  73. Thorne

    ThorneDay ago

    If it was way better optimized, probably.

  74. Someone 1254

    Someone 12542 days ago

    With all the shit going on this is the best outcome. As a wise man once said. “ aye yo the pizza bro”

  75. pii. geon

    pii. geon2 days ago

    I can’t get over the fact swagger sounds like Donald trump

  76. The SniperLyfe

    The SniperLyfe2 days ago

    how did you get the create mod?

  77. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi2 days ago

    Minx was literally the “LET ME IN!!” meme

  78. Stone Sparkes

    Stone Sparkes2 days ago

    I stg stoners are geniuses

  79. Ryan Dallacqua

    Ryan Dallacqua2 days ago

    I am so confused but this is awesome

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    Collin M.2 days ago

    When Traves started humming I thought a mosquito was buzzing near my ear

  81. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi2 days ago

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  82. Papa Panara

    Papa Panara2 days ago

    this is pretty good content why don't i watch this

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    Gabe Delaney2 days ago

    Minx was literally the “LET ME IN!!” meme

  84. Flash Gaming

    Flash Gaming2 days ago

    Anyone else wanna see what mumbo jumbo could do with this mod😭

  85. Leo Drews

    Leo Drews2 days ago

    why do you sound like Alan Alda?

  86. Big Brain

    Big Brain2 days ago

    where's carson?

  87. Money Squeeze

    Money Squeeze3 days ago

    I want to see videos of Swag and Schlatts Rat Empire

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    FBI -3 days ago

    i thought that sound travis made in the beginning wasa mosquito in my room

  89. Frost Nade

    Frost Nade3 days ago

    He's like Dr. Einstein but in minecraft...

  90. IrishAssassi

    IrishAssassi3 days ago

    Sawgger what shaders do you use

  91. Pringlechip09

    Pringlechip093 days ago

    how can i get this mod

  92. Minecraft Bro

    Minecraft Bro3 days ago

    Oh no, this is so chaotic

  93. NessInABucket

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    Sparling Wilson3 days ago

    Swagger is the best content creator, has huge variety. Even saw him do ghost hunting!

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