Savannah Dexter - Big Trucks ft. Adam Calhoun x Demun Jones x Dusty Leigh (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for Savannah Dexter - Big Trucks ft. Adam Calhoun x Demun Jones x Dusty Leigh
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All trucks customized by Plan B Fab : plan_b_fab
Savannah Dexter
Adam Calhoun- adamcalhoun1
Demun Jones- demunjones
Dusty Leigh- dustyonu
Music Video Shot by: Full Scope Cinema -
Produced By: WeeWee, Brinson Swann
Mixed by: Brinson Swann
Mastered by: EARGAWD
Recorded at: The Swamp
Mako Music Group
Written By: Savannah Dexter, Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, Dusty Leigh
#SavannahDexter #AdamCalhoun #DemunJones


  1. Case Face

    Case Face4 hours ago


  2. MAGA_ Millenial

    MAGA_ Millenial5 hours ago

    Why is this song not on iTunes yet?

  3. Blackwidow Lyrics

    Blackwidow Lyrics6 hours ago

    For the savannah fans 😊

  4. dylan rothschadl

    dylan rothschadl22 hours ago

    Did she bring back the daisy Duke shorts???

  5. Timothy Graham

    Timothy GrahamDay ago

    Savannah crushes it. Dude not so much.

  6. Drefner 23

    Drefner 23Day ago


  7. Vape Star812

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  8. Primm Entertainment

    Primm EntertainmentDay ago

    As great as Adam is she's going to make his name even bigger honestly them together are awesome talk about a power couple this is the country Beyonce and Jay z in 10 years

  9. Primm Entertainment

    Primm EntertainmentDay ago

    Everything she does is badass 🔥🔥🔥🔥 this girl has come out of nowhere and she is going straight to the top you can bet that

  10. Jaiden Cerda

    Jaiden CerdaDay ago

    Is it on spotify

  11. MarshMan Gunnar

    MarshMan GunnarDay ago

    Demun... Calhoun... and our baby girl... damn right it's a banger bro

  12. Codey Frisk

    Codey FriskDay ago

    Savannah Dexter should do a song with ryan upchurch

  13. Blackwidow Lyrics

    Blackwidow Lyrics2 days ago

    For the Savannah fans :)

  14. Dex Jones You Are A Man

    Dex Jones You Are A Man2 days ago

    That's it. I'm moving down south. These fools still know how to get it in. LMAO!


    SOUNDKODE2 days ago

    That shout-out to Michigan; respect.

  16. shawng7902

    shawng79022 days ago

    Turn left the frame rubbing lmao. Wonder how many people had no clue about pocket full of stones. Been a while on that one lol.

  17. Jeff Beach

    Jeff Beach2 days ago

    I've listened to a few of your songs and I must say I don't know where you came from but I'm glad you did. We needed a REAL female country rap artist in the game. I'm your new fan. Big facts on your kaite noel diss congratulations savannah you dug her grave and put her skanky ass right in it. That song was first. I wish you luck and hope you do big things.

  18. James Long

    James Long2 days ago

    Man happy Katie Nowell ain’t in this shit sound so much better without her in albums

  19. Ryan Cosio

    Ryan Cosio2 days ago

    Thank fuck ⛪️ didn’t 😂

  20. Rebecca Erb

    Rebecca Erb2 days ago

    Cute song😊😘

  21. Jerry Zach

    Jerry Zach2 days ago

    So like when is this gonna be available on Spotify?

  22. Chelsea Pretzel

    Chelsea Pretzel2 days ago

    This is what country girls have come to?

  23. Blackwidow Lyrics

    Blackwidow Lyrics3 days ago I made lyrics to this :)

  24. Austin Telthoester

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  25. Matthew Watkins

    Matthew Watkins4 days ago

    its a banger. thumbs up!!!!!!

  26. Scott Leppard

    Scott Leppard4 days ago

    Enjoy your 70 degrees today. Me Northern NH it's 26 for a high and winter hasn't started yet. NH Live, Freeze and Die! I'll show you truck real hicks and a Fisher Snow Plow.

  27. Chilo Jaimes

    Chilo Jaimes5 days ago

    She looks beautiful

  28. Gnarles 692

    Gnarles 6925 days ago

    Savannahs hook made this shit! Adam killed his verse too!

  29. Crissy Gail

    Crissy Gail5 days ago

    I love Demun Jones. And damn I could look at Adam Calhoun for days he is just gorgeous and has so much confidence. I just love everything about him. This is a good fun song that makes me want to act stupid!!

  30. Scott Leppard

    Scott Leppard5 days ago

    Who was the last short chubby guy singing? Hey, bro. Here in Northern NH, still got 8 cord to stack. Let's get that "baby fat" off. Plane ticket, cabin and meals on me.

  31. Carl Bailey

    Carl Bailey6 days ago

    Dope ass song

  32. mvargo78

    mvargo786 days ago

    My honest opinion is that this song makes us true country folks look dumb as hell. I think this song is stupid,stupid,stupid,hell yeah 🤢🤮.

  33. Rachel Gill

    Rachel Gill6 days ago

    😍😍 hahah idk how I feel about this but she makes this video complete

  34. Rueben Muniz


  35. Chad Mouton

    Chad Mouton6 days ago

    Na I’ll have more fun in my shitbox with superswapers me an my gf ride roun an I’ll remember this truck forever

  36. Joshua Tabor

    Joshua Tabor6 days ago

    Helluva set of thighs!

  37. Thomas Marsh

    Thomas Marsh6 days ago

    Demun I'm a fan keep up the great music

  38. Thomas Marsh

    Thomas Marsh6 days ago

    She's beautiful

  39. Kyle Armstrong

    Kyle Armstrong7 days ago

    Buckle bunny lol but your fire AF

  40. dsmfury

    dsmfury7 days ago

    This video is a million times better on mute

  41. Samuel Eddy

    Samuel Eddy7 days ago

    Demun and Adam I’m sorry y’all spit hard on this song. This girl I don’t like! I’d stay far away from her she looks like a mud cricket.

  42. Rad Gault

    Rad Gault7 days ago

    Love your music check mine out on my channel

  43. The Dalmation

    The Dalmation7 days ago

    ......this was actually FIRE

  44. Michelle Longley

    Michelle Longley7 days ago

    Absolute garbage

  45. Mark Bennett

    Mark Bennett7 days ago


  46. Blackwidow Lyrics

    Blackwidow Lyrics7 days ago

    I made lyrics ☺️

  47. Blackwidow Lyrics

    Blackwidow Lyrics7 days ago lyrics 😊

  48. shea w

    shea w8 days ago

    After I seen this in went and watched his new

  49. Cheryl hensley

    Cheryl hensley8 days ago

    This is stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!

  50. lizard2006

    lizard20068 days ago

    Why isn't this on Spotify

  51. Tano TheMano

    Tano TheMano8 days ago

    Why am I just now hearing/seeing this woman?

  52. Tyler Deniston

    Tyler Deniston8 days ago


  53. Tyler Deniston

    Tyler Deniston8 days ago


  54. Tyler Deniston

    Tyler Deniston8 days ago

    Peach pass 85

  55. alaskan funbunny

    alaskan funbunny9 days ago

    When is this coming out in iTunes or Apple Music

  56. Jayden Quintal

    Jayden Quintal9 days ago

    Song is a beast

  57. Documento1

    Documento19 days ago

    Why women like cars that much?

  58. lvl. x

    lvl. x9 days ago

    Why is this not on spotify😢

  59. Joseph Kasprzyk

    Joseph Kasprzyk10 days ago

    Im stupid to!! Cant think right now

  60. Jennifer Lyle

    Jennifer Lyle11 days ago

    Drinking since 11 good god she tries too hard ... Barf

  61. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation6 days ago

    Skanky bimbo

  62. Casper Reus

    Casper Reus11 days ago

    "Have you ever seen a 100,000 dollar truck" JH diesel has entered the chat

  63. B Cwright

    B Cwright11 days ago

    Just walked into my car watching her dance dang

  64. Oooooooooooooooooo

    Oooooooooooooooooo11 days ago

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music?

  65. Mr J

    Mr J11 days ago

    Thiikkk girls

  66. 2025z orsburn

    2025z orsburn12 days ago

    im 14 and i have been drinking since I was 7 and smoking pot

  67. sean Versacci

    sean Versacci12 days ago

    Country with suggestive lesbian influences ? Lmao . This is odd . But y’all are fine .

  68. Avery Bla bla

    Avery Bla bla12 days ago

    Okay let's get one thing straight I don't like you hate on Katy and you're all about but and tits

  69. Scott K

    Scott K12 days ago

    MI STAND UP 2:30

  70. Caleb Cain

    Caleb Cain12 days ago

    Is it just me or did this video make yall fall in love too 🤤

  71. Austin Lavelett

    Austin Lavelett13 days ago

    This feels like old school hick hop mixed with new, I dig it

  72. Hillbilly Kyle

    Hillbilly Kyle13 days ago

    Bruuh where's church

  73. grand Maged

    grand Maged13 days ago

    It needs more bass and less skinny chick's with no ass. Like get some thick women up in their.

  74. wheelmanstan

    wheelmanstan13 days ago

    omg, this....incredible

  75. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore13 days ago

    Sorry, to each his own, but I feel this song is trash.

  76. Haidyn Bloomer

    Haidyn Bloomer14 days ago


  77. Nerissa Bodnari

    Nerissa Bodnari14 days ago

    Omg 😱 I love ❤️ this song #Countrygirls

  78. BIG MACK

    BIG MACK14 days ago

    I love my white people but damn this one just fell flat ! She hot as fuc# though 🔥

  79. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation6 days ago

    Wanna double team?

  80. Bat Man

    Bat Man14 days ago

    I want you girls

  81. W.W.

    W.W.14 days ago

    This is literally the least intellectual song ever done in public

  82. Tyler Deniston

    Tyler Deniston14 days ago

    Shoulder to soccah Brenham \_\_

  83. Tyler Deniston

    Tyler Deniston14 days ago

    Me so srries

  84. Sheldon Evans

    Sheldon Evans14 days ago

    My truck so damn stupid. State might cut it a check.

  85. Zakari Singleton

    Zakari Singleton14 days ago

    When’s it gonna be released on ITunes?

  86. teatime_ k

    teatime_ k15 days ago

    Drinking since 11..=daddy issues

  87. Sara Danner

    Sara Danner15 days ago

  88. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl15 days ago

    At first I thought this was a sell out now I'm loving it

  89. BKai

    BKai15 days ago

    Damnit I feel ratchet af but I think I’m in love. With everyone in this video. Including Mennonite-Man. And ACal, but that’s a given... he’s the only reason I stumbled on this channel.

  90. Eric Flanders

    Eric Flanders15 days ago

    Can't find this on Spotify but would love to add it to a playlist

  91. Chelsea babygirl

    Chelsea babygirl15 days ago

    Makin me home sick these city bitches don't know how to roll miss them real party's out in the open hitting a mud hole and showing up the boys love this love Adam and demun

  92. cruzmissile25

    cruzmissile2516 days ago

    I only came here to listen to Adam lay down some bars

  93. Jerome Nestor

    Jerome Nestor16 days ago

    Amish man meets thicc country girl

  94. wyatt ingrao

    wyatt ingrao17 days ago

    guys stop simping

  95. Traiely Metcalf

    Traiely Metcalf17 days ago

    Nothing like a mud cricket😅

  96. Gamer286

    Gamer28617 days ago

    Why isnt this on spotify

  97. Synn Vasquez

    Synn Vasquez17 days ago


  98. Pieces Calica

    Pieces Calica18 days ago

    Good stuff I love how during the first 30 seconds everybody dancin having fun and our boy Calhoun just in the back lookin like he ain’t havin none of thatshit 😂

  99. slandBG

    slandBG18 days ago

    ACAL killed it!

  100. Lindsey Hunter

    Lindsey Hunter18 days ago

    hey girl

  101. Lance Mullins

    Lance Mullins18 days ago


  102. Danny Brailey

    Danny Brailey18 days ago

    Came for the ass... Stayed for the song...💯🔥🇺🇸💪