Ford F250 Off Road Truck Camping Stuck in Deep Snow Sierra Cement - Hot Springs in the Mountains

Took my truck camper off road to find a hot spring in the mountains and got stuck in deep snow!
It took all night to dig out, thanks to a shovel and some traction boards I was able to get free but this trip has confirmed that I definitely need a winch. The snow in the Sierra is so heavy - they call it Sierra Cement for a reason. This video does not accurately depict just how deep and heavy the snow was! I'll have to plan a trip back to the original hot springs I set out to find once some of the snow melts and spring comes around. I was able to find another small hot spring near by with a little bit of history though and it had just as pretty a view!
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  1. Darcy Funk

    Darcy FunkMinute ago

    Just a thought or two, when you get stuck, DO NOT SPIN THE TIRES, ZERO. When you spin the tires, even the smallest amount, this creates ice and or digs a hole and you are transitioning from static friction to kinetic, none of which will help you. Static friction is greater than kinetic. Try backing up, be very, very, very gentle with your throttle application again so you do not spin, zero. This takes finesse, patience and practice. There is a very good chance you will be able to move even a fraction of an inch. Use this. Now try moving forward, again very, very, very gentle throttle application, ZERO wheel spin. When going forward use 2nd gear as this makes the throttle less sensitive and reduces the engine’s torque to the driven wheels thereby reducing your risk of spinning the tires. You will likely again be able to move that same amount you backed up. Make smooth gear changes between F and R. Your goal now, assuming you are able to move even the smallest amounts, is to continue this action while staying in your tracks moving in reverse until you reach a point that you can try a new track going forward again. I’m a former race driving instructor having worked for the top racing schools in Canada, race driver, truck driver, motorcycle racer, experienced amphibious ATV operator, engineering technologist and have much experience getting stuck and unstuck in snow, mud etc. Winch? You bet! Get a good one and know how to use it properly and understand its limitations. A suggestion is to install the winch on a frame that mounts in a 2” hitch receiver, install hitch receivers both front and rear along with the requisite wiring to enable the winch to be moved to the end of the truck that is most useful in a given situation. Also, get a wireless winch controller but have a wired remote unit on hand also.

  2. terry bull

    terry bull5 minutes ago

    No Chains?

  3. D Kind

    D Kind45 minutes ago

    After watching this video I have no idea why you would not have a Garmin InReach in your truck or backpack. This could save your life by giving you a lifeline to text a friend or law inforcement when you are out of cell phone range for around $12.00 dollars a month. You should contact Garmin they may want you to advertise this product on your channel. This product could help you and many of your viewers when they get in situations where there is no cell phone service. Please think about it.

  4. Ricky Rocket

    Ricky RocketHour ago

    You are cool and beautiful

  5. Mike O

    Mike OHour ago

    Wow, I need a doctor

  6. Ricky Rocket

    Ricky RocketHour ago

    Just remember winder towing Matt's recovery service

  7. fredbrackely

    fredbrackely2 hours ago

    "Check out the amazing view" - yeah, and the mountains look nice too.

  8. Ken Jones

    Ken Jones4 hours ago

    Do you need a partner in crime? Looks very adventurous and that describes me. Of course you being eye candy doesn't hurt either. LOL Let me know! By the way, I work in the medical field and noticed you're a doctor. What kind of Doctor/Discipline if you want to say!???!

  9. No Way

    No Way5 hours ago

    For future trips in the snow, try tire chains. I lived at 7000 ft above sea level for many years. Chains are a life saver

  10. Shannon Carson

    Shannon Carson9 hours ago

  11. Knives Survival

    Knives Survival10 hours ago

    New Sub here. Nic channel and nice other stuff too

  12. R C

    R C12 hours ago

    Thank you for the eye candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan Powell

    Ryan Powell13 hours ago

    Gotta air down.

  14. protolexis

    protolexis18 hours ago

    8:58 I love how this hot doctor chick just twirls around while she talks about a gas explosion

  15. David Wallis

    David Wallis18 hours ago

    just started watching, I thought about your camper but I went another direction, I got a camper shell from A.R.E. from them I ordered the Topper Lift weekender

  16. bootyhunter0

    bootyhunter019 hours ago

    im sorry but i dont need coffee but i love. your vid's plus i was taught to cook by my ama and my mom so i guess im a man of succes i'm wifey material :]

  17. 4wd RoRo

    4wd RoRo20 hours ago

    Savage for going out in a full-size truck in the snow. Did you air down the tires? Cheers

  18. killtoy bellofatto

    killtoy bellofatto21 hour ago


  19. Brock Schmal

    Brock Schmal21 hour ago

    You are so fine and I love your personality.

  20. Curt Quiggins

    Curt Quiggins22 hours ago

    Tire chains all the way around, taller skinnier tires with self cleaning lugs, winch with a very long synthetic rope. Or you could always invite me along to help.

  21. zecca zeranocci

    zecca zeranocciDay ago

    hmmmm would love to keep you warm at night- I sure hope that who ever is loving you is up to the job and big enough to handle the task. You are intelligent and beautiful. Appreciate the eye candy

  22. liberty CAN

    liberty CANDay ago

    Well... Absolutely stunning and dynamic woman. There you go....I said it. Lol I wonder if she considers a good set of chains? Sometimes you can drop your tires to 5/10 lbs and balloon over the top snow. Awesome lady.

  23. mrdukes1975

    mrdukes1975Day ago

    Nice back end indeed.

  24. Shivbhakta Joshi

    Shivbhakta JoshiDay ago

    She's definitely figured out the Google Algorithm...

  25. Arizona Beaver

    Arizona BeaverDay ago

    A few pounds added on I see and they look good! Especially on that booty.

  26. herranton1979

    herranton1979Day ago

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking snow and off roading are the same. Or even similar. General purpose light truck tires tend to have ice sipes, so pickups do decent in the winter. Off roading tires suck in the slippery stuff. The treads will dig holes, but once they hit something they can't dig, they don't have the siping to get traction. So they spin in place. Case in point. This video... Look how far that subaru made it... It has a shit-tastic open center diff and two open front and read diffs. Yet it goes just as far as the jeep. At 7:32 the only think keeping it from going is that it's high centered. You can tell the weight isn't on the suspension. You want to go on winter adventures, get winter tires. It's just physics. No grip, no acceleration.

  27. Shan's Channel

    Shan's ChannelDay ago

    Let's be honest, we are all here for the last few minutes

  28. Adam Brewer

    Adam BrewerDay ago

    Dr smoke show 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  29. Perry Reasch

    Perry ReaschDay ago

    Chains ?

  30. Glenn Higgins

    Glenn HigginsDay ago

    Thank you for your videos! They are very well done and I love the fact that I can recognize almost all of the places you are showcasing. It keeps me yearning to go out and explore, and I hope I get to run into you someday on your travels! Stay safe! and YES... GET A WINCH!

  31. Steven Benjamin

    Steven BenjaminDay ago

    Never mind I see it

  32. Steven Benjamin

    Steven BenjaminDay ago

    Do you have a Spare tire ?

  33. B. Hutch

    B. HutchDay ago

    You need a winch front and back .

  34. John Davis

    John DavisDay ago

    What type of doctor?

  35. Smeragliuolo Max

    Smeragliuolo MaxDay ago

    I would not mind to go with you at all

  36. michael cardin

    michael cardinDay ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! 😎

  37. Ak Vlogs

    Ak Vlogs2 days ago

    Hi Dr you are amazing.❤️ I watched your hot water spring video. its beautiful. It was a great effort to get the car out from snow.❤️

  38. dutchdna

    dutchdna2 days ago

    Incredible views indeed ;)

  39. Michael S D Van Dorn

    Michael S D Van Dorn2 days ago

    I would like to be in that hot spring with hot you....😘😘

  40. Donald Heitger

    Donald Heitger2 days ago

    Winch is a good idea also

  41. Tyler Depriest

    Tyler Depriest2 days ago

    You bought the wrong truck for overlanding too heavy for trails should of got a taco or a jeep....

  42. jtmoll58

    jtmoll582 days ago

    Love to see you explore and see wonderful things. I hope you keep a journal for those memories. It would be a wasted if not recorded. Then again you are doing a video log. I have explored the beauty around the US and other countries. But some of my fondest memories are those who I shared them with. The "Awe" of mother nature is without words and the love of sharing is unmeasurable.

  43. Scott Jordan

    Scott Jordan2 days ago

    I like you Dr. Hannah! You are a cool person.

  44. Jerry Craig

    Jerry Craig2 days ago

    Being an attractive young lady can't hurt!!!

  45. Jerry Craig

    Jerry Craig2 days ago

    If you chain up the front end, I don't think you could get that truck stuck especially in the snow!!! I've put pickups where snow machines were surprised, FUN!!!

  46. ray birsic

    ray birsic2 days ago

    do you have a whinch

  47. Barry Bell

    Barry Bell2 days ago


  48. Stefanie Wiltner

    Stefanie Wiltner2 days ago

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  49. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown2 days ago

    She's definitely figured out the Google Algorithm...

  50. AKYukon

    AKYukon9 hours ago

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  51. clearthejunk

    clearthejunk2 days ago

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  52. clearthejunk

    clearthejunk2 days ago

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  53. Gypsyjo Freemadic

    Gypsyjo Freemadic2 days ago

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  54. Old Man

    Old Man2 days ago

    With thumbnails like that I am surprised the feminists haven’t gone after you for objectifying yourself to get views.

  55. James Dooling

    James Dooling2 days ago

    Did you leave your common sense at home ??

  56. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson2 days ago

    Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

  57. Carl Schmidt

    Carl Schmidt2 days ago

    Get chains

  58. Ran Dom

    Ran Dom2 days ago

    how do ppl stay in shape like that...amazing!

  59. Dean Iversen

    Dean Iversen2 days ago

    out in snow n ice I run studs on all 4, chains work but are a hassle, I use plain wheels nuthin fancy and toss ona set of studs.. if you can't do that get your tires ciped in the winter or when heading out to snow, makes a big difference, getting stuck is for lamers.. at the very least get a 2 ft spike, sledge hammer and a come along..

  60. 007 More

    007 More2 days ago

    Tire chains doctor

  61. Happy Katz

    Happy Katz2 days ago


  62. Dom Roc

    Dom Roc2 days ago

    Beautiful energy girl..!

  63. John Thomson

    John Thomson2 days ago

    Word of advice for you, air your tires down to 15 or even 10 psi and you will be amazed, you probably wouldn't have gotten stuck, or at least not that bad anyways. Make sure you have an electric pump to air back up when you get back on the pavement.

  64. Bo Goss

    Bo Goss2 days ago

    Cops didn’t arrest her because she was hot. If it was a black dude, you all know what would have happened to him.

  65. Stefanie Wiltner

    Stefanie Wiltner2 days ago

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  66. Allied Sandblasting

    Allied Sandblasting2 days ago

    Do you ever do any metal detecting

  67. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd2 days ago

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  68. David Reyes

    David Reyes2 days ago

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  69. Ken Crouch

    Ken Crouch2 days ago

    Question- Did you "air down " your tires? Meaning when you go off road you need to lower your tire pressure down for better traction. Usually go down to 15 pounds. Also - when doing this get a portable air compressor for airing back up again. Harbor Freight Tools has some in expensive winches. Also- I know you are following your own path alone but a good rule of thumb is never go off roading alone (there are off roading clubs on Facebook that will gladly let you tag along - just in case you so get stuck you will have someone to pull you out. Do you have a Satellite Phone - regular cell phones do not work good in the wilderness areas. Please reference: Tales of Wonderhussy and Matt's Off Road Recovery (both you tube channels)

  70. David Lee

    David Lee2 days ago

    Wow, you are very well equipped: traction boards, a lot of lighting, shovel on top of the tires and lift. It's good to see that monster trucks also get stuck.

  71. LouB

    LouB3 days ago

    Some people KNOW when to stop at the right part of the road!

  72. Michael Olmstead

    Michael Olmstead3 days ago


  73. Paul Pickhinke

    Paul Pickhinke3 days ago

    Do you always travel with a companion? It seems that someone is doing your filming.

  74. Theodore

    Theodore3 days ago

    Air down to 20 lbs. It would have crawled out

  75. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot3 days ago

    LOL doesn't matter to me if you're faking it or not, it's all good either way! THAT is one very beautiful gap view. That scenery was awesome.

  76. Biggs Foot

    Biggs Foot3 days ago

    You need bigger FATTER tires...mud size tires to go through that deep snow.

  77. Morty Food Reviews

    Morty Food Reviews3 days ago

    Great video, great outfit, subscribed.

  78. Vani Matoshi

    Vani Matoshi3 days ago

    Beautiful nature with snow. We also got lots of snow here in New York this year.

  79. John Weymouth

    John Weymouth3 days ago

    Yeah I no you can't do much when u high center, however it could save ur life to carry a set of snow chains, & know how to usw them, & yes u can chain up a 4x4.

  80. fsquared64

    fsquared643 days ago

    I noticed that you didn’t get too deep into that “hot” spring ;)

  81. WWM

    WWM3 days ago

    Where did you get that shovel?

  82. Randy Smith

    Randy Smith3 days ago

    Having grown up in Alaska I would have said don’t go in that stuff. 👍👍 for your determined focus on digging out, high center of packed snow can turn to near concrete, and a winch means you have something to winch to on a straight ahead pull, that is pretty rare, but they can help pull out other drivers. I once had to dig out high center and under tires and the road ahead and drive out on a ramp of trees that I laid in under a two wheel drive, 4.5 hours 😃. Still, you feel pretty proud and cocky having managed a solution. Great job you did, and lovely attitude meeting the challenge.

  83. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson3 days ago

    Great adventure video Hannah, a appreciate the honesty and your documentation of “cooly” facing and overcoming adversity. I’m so glad you got out safe! I love your rig, it does look awesome in the snow. I would happily give you my 5-ton wench that is not installed on my newer truck yet; but alas, you’re on the other side of the country. Nonetheless, if you ever get to eastern Pennsylvania, the offer stands!

  84. Justin Soukup

    Justin Soukup3 days ago

    Definitely need some chains, great video!

  85. Patrick McCuiston

    Patrick McCuiston3 days ago

    Where you aired down bow 10 psi? I run 5-8 psi with beadlocks.

  86. Mark Siegel

    Mark Siegel3 days ago

    Awsome too tackle that on your own..

  87. Real Bkay

    Real Bkay3 days ago

    One word, DOC-TOR - chains, chains, chains. Listen to me now, believe me later.

  88. Gary O’Connor dba Air Repair

    Gary O’Connor dba Air Repair3 days ago

    I was always told the low and slow is best when in deep material (Mud and Snow).

  89. Jeff

    Jeff3 days ago

    Put your recovery boards on a long tether so that when they come shooting out the back and you have momentum and you are driving away your boards will follow with you as opposed to stopping & having to go back and manually get your boards your vehicle will get stuck when you stop the momentum. Works for me every time in the snow.

  90. 406

    4063 days ago

    Are we overlanding or showing off skin? I fail to see what running around in a bikini has to do with camping or not knowing how to drive in the snow.

  91. Tom pain

    Tom pain3 days ago

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  92. E Re

    E Re3 days ago

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  93. TX1 Hawkins

    TX1 Hawkins3 days ago

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  94. John Eason

    John Eason3 days ago

    Also, you are a heartbreaker.

  95. John Eason

    John Eason3 days ago

    Kudos to you on your self recovery, calm thinking was certainly a great asset. Tell me, what to you have in total cost for your rig.

  96. sorehair

    sorehair3 days ago

    new to the channel... great vid! can totally relate... love your energy and determination! You're a survivor.. That being said, that HAIR! and that hot springs outfit! geeeeesh! nuff said.

  97. Ri Na

    Ri Na3 days ago

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    Mauricio Toro4 days ago

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