Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk (Official Video)

Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk (Official Video) from the 1993 album 'I'm Ready'.
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[Verse 1]
Last night I, I saw you standing
And I started, started pretending
That I knew you, and you knew me too
And just like a Roni, you were too shy
But you weren't the only, 'cause so was I
And I dreamed of you ever since
Now I build up my confidence
Girl next, next time you come my way
I'll know just what to say...
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
[Verse 2]
I started to write you letters
But I wanted to be more clever
I wanted to get down and sweet talk you
Hey, baby
But just like a baby, I could not talk
And I tried to come closer, but could not walk
And I think of it every night
How I just could not get it right! Oh!
If we ever come close again
I'll know what I'll say then, yeah
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Oh, girl...
One more chance with you again
I will not let it go!
Oh, please! Give me just one more chance for love, love, love, love
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk?
I wanna talk to my baby
Come on and talk to me baby
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute?
Girl, I want to know your name
Can we talk?
Come on and talk to me baby
See I wanna know
You better tell me your name baby
Can we talk for a minute?
I wanna know, I wanna know
I want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute?
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  1. Bibi Nakajja

    Bibi NakajjaHour ago

    Love me some Tevin Campbell

  2. MrSuperjam789

    MrSuperjam78915 hours ago

    So happy that the "I'm Ready" album is now available on streaming services.

  3. lexi novashi novashi

    lexi novashi novashi19 hours ago

    Im love this song over time lovely❤🌹

  4. nevaehh2raww !!!!

    nevaehh2raww !!!!Day ago

    im only 13 and love this song 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

  5. Johnny j

    Johnny jDay ago

    i love it

  6. Nurul Tea

    Nurul TeaDay ago

    Look 3:25 Bike lah!

  7. Nurul Tea

    Nurul TeaDay ago

    Welcome March 1st, 2021

  8. L BJr

    L BJrDay ago

    Still hope that in 2020/21 kids are finding these songs and just keep clicking and realize that they are not listening to real music with meaning. It's the 90s lyrics for me.

  9. Hart Asiimwe

    Hart AsiimweDay ago

    This song neva grows old👌I can't get enough of it #here in 2021👌✌✌

  10. Nadja Renee

    Nadja ReneeDay ago

    I remember being in utter awe and disbelief at how amazing this song was the first time I heard it. It’s perfect

  11. dyslexicsped

    dyslexicsped2 days ago

    i was born in the wrong genet

  12. Roez Wikeepa

    Roez Wikeepa2 days ago

    2021 still 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Black Queen Melanin

    Black Queen Melanin2 days ago

    Here before tiktok

  14. Soniah Fiona Peterson

    Soniah Fiona Peterson2 days ago

    2021 , still the best!!😍👏

  15. fabian raines

    fabian raines3 days ago


  16. Quita Moon

    Quita Moon3 days ago


  17. Sparky 96

    Sparky 963 days ago

    I wish i was there during his peak for all the antics would have loved to make a scene at one of his shows😕 lol now all we have is K-pop😅

  18. Belinda Benard

    Belinda Benard3 days ago

    Love 💕 this song

  19. tcladyt584

    tcladyt5843 days ago

    Oh yeah 1993

  20. Brace Michell

    Brace Michell3 days ago


  21. A V

    A V3 days ago

    The older I get the more I like the music my mom listen to when I was growing up

  22. Hi I'm Rick, I sing RnB and Soul

    Hi I'm Rick, I sing RnB and Soul3 days ago

    They did a pretty good job cleaning up the video, the only other version I've seen is in like, 144p

  23. pickzkickz

    pickzkickz4 days ago

    Is that Boston?

  24. Angel Spivey

    Angel Spivey4 days ago

    Classic 🔥🔥🔥🥰

  25. Wilfredo Jr Rosalinda

    Wilfredo Jr Rosalinda4 days ago

    i love this 90s soul music until now.

  26. Jess Jess

    Jess Jess4 days ago

    This song was on my answering machine ❤️

  27. Robert Dmeza

    Robert Dmeza4 days ago

    I remember when there was no texting, dms etc.. just straight phone talk and r&b playing in the background lol..

  28. Nanna Thomas

    Nanna Thomas4 days ago

    He song this song I'm loving it

  29. Nanna Thomas

    Nanna Thomas4 days ago

    I'm into my feeling right now this is my shit

  30. choctawgirl26

    choctawgirl264 days ago

    Back story: My mom's hairdresser was also Tevin's babysitter and asked my mom if she wanted to setup my sister to meet him and have a lil boyfriend lol ( who was the same age as him, 13) on a date...mom asked her weekly but sis was shy and said no lol

  31. Doc Dee

    Doc Dee4 days ago

    I bet Tevin listens to this video all the time.

  32. demario mays

    demario mays4 days ago

    90's boy I miss them EVERYDAY real music good time to be a kid back in the day............

  33. muy guapo

    muy guapo5 days ago

    can we talk

  34. MG Carol

    MG Carol5 days ago

    80s and 90s music is still amazing..... Doing marathon and am loving it... . 2021 please be kind to me😊

  35. gail collins

    gail collins5 days ago

    My favorite song hands down that's all I been saying 😂😂😁😂 there is anything else no wish you where here though I thought heaven can wait what's that about 😂

  36. J u n e t t a

    J u n e t t a5 days ago


  37. Arsi Escobar

    Arsi Escobar5 days ago

    muito bom Nostalgia pra alma

  38. Frankie Acevedo Workouts

    Frankie Acevedo Workouts5 days ago

    My time love it 90’s

  39. lib_ tears

    lib_ tears5 days ago

    now the kids today look up at cardi b and justin beiber for music...lol

  40. D.J.

    D.J.2 days ago

    I don't! I listen to music from 60s and all the way up to early 2000s

  41. 757_Girl T

    757_Girl T5 days ago

    Uh lmao not all of us I'm 14

  42. gary jones

    gary jones5 days ago

    2021 ya'll

  43. Nthabiseng Motanyane

    Nthabiseng Motanyane5 days ago

    He needs to come back to music.He is so talented

  44. J T

    J T6 days ago

    I remember being in love in middle school and writing lyrics from these type of songs to my gf.

  45. Joseph Perez

    Joseph Perez6 days ago

    Freaking classic. I still dedicate this song to women in 2021.

  46. dyslexicsped

    dyslexicsped2 days ago


  47. Renata Isabel Ramos

    Renata Isabel Ramos6 days ago


  48. Punchy Yt

    Punchy Yt7 days ago

    The 80s was the best u had switch debarge and Jackson 5 but today it’s all that violonce music

  49. Kahmarianna Smith

    Kahmarianna Smith7 days ago


  50. Rochelle Hendrix

    Rochelle Hendrix7 days ago

    This is such a beautiful song and a well done video.


    KAYKAY THADIME7 days ago

    CLASSIC ...

  52. Toronto Rap Critic

    Toronto Rap Critic7 days ago

    I walked by that part in Central Park many a times. The vibes and this song match.

  53. Michael Jackson infinity

    Michael Jackson infinity7 days ago

    Dam , simply beautiful. Brilliant 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. cche16

    cche167 days ago

    he looks like a grown ass man and child at the same damn time.

  55. no se

    no se7 days ago

    Por supuesto que me gusta la canción, thanks a lot for this song

  56. Vernon Wilkerson

    Vernon Wilkerson8 days ago

    90s had the best music hands down

  57. Bebe Ayompe

    Bebe Ayompe8 days ago

    A pity he ruined his career

  58. FreakyMarko

    FreakyMarko8 days ago

    I cat believe me and this song is the same age. 90’s had the best music

  59. BigDapPacino

    BigDapPacino8 days ago

    People always say Teddy Riley was the hottest producer of the late 80's to early 90's....but that Versuz Battle even showed that Face dominated for over a decade and then some....while Teddy faded in and out most of his career....Babyface produced and wrote songs that most People don't even associate with him...he is so damn paid...he started executive producing movies like Soul Food !

  60. Mathew V

    Mathew V9 days ago


  61. Shaamya Talks

    Shaamya Talks9 days ago

    The melody, the innocence, the covered up ladies (baggy clothes), the respect...I miss it.

  62. Canal Vivi Bim

    Canal Vivi Bim9 days ago

    *Cadê meu Brasil aqui comigo em 2021?*

  63. Nando J. Santos

    Nando J. Santos7 days ago

    Essa musica é top tomando um bom vinho!!! viva década de 90

  64. flowersbloom 12

    flowersbloom 129 days ago

    The time when love listening the music not watching.

  65. Gladys Corvin

    Gladys Corvin9 days ago

    Beautiful music, and that’s all there is to it!

  66. Steven Williams

    Steven Williams9 days ago


  67. Da’shay Gaming

    Da’shay Gaming10 days ago

    Yasssssss 😇😇😊

  68. Keith Bergman

    Keith Bergman10 days ago

    Certified banger for rest of time

  69. Dana Hampton

    Dana Hampton10 days ago

    Yesss 2021

  70. Claude Garcia

    Claude Garcia10 days ago

    Whatta voice this young man👏👏 what happened after this hit???

  71. Taniyah Ricks

    Taniyah Ricks10 days ago

    Why music today couldn’t be like this when you sang to a female & fall in love I miss this era of music 🎶 90’s was the ish ‼️🥶💙

  72. Talim being your thrifty ghorrl 0.2

    Talim being your thrifty ghorrl 0.210 days ago

    _Mutya Buena actually did that cover of that OG song and you’re gonna love it_

  73. Killa TV Films

    Killa TV Films10 days ago

    My favorites song 🎧... first time watching the video

  74. ラジカルKDGreatKool

    ラジカルKDGreatKool10 days ago

    Did he ever get to talk to her tho?

  75. Albert Juarez

    Albert Juarez10 days ago

    nice sound

  76. BajaricaN

    BajaricaN10 days ago

    I feel like I'm in high school again listening to this :-). Seems like Chris Brown took over where Tevin Campbell left off tone-wise, though Tevin sounds better vocally.

  77. Ethan Nunez

    Ethan Nunez10 days ago

    I love this song

  78. shannel reid

    shannel reid10 days ago

    306k views in 1 week and it's not a new song.... this is a masterpiece!!!

  79. Said El Bouajaji

    Said El Bouajaji10 days ago

    la classe 👍

  80. Tito Miranda

    Tito Miranda11 days ago

    When this song was released we all really thought he was actually talking about the lesbianish girl and now we know it was really the dudes. Do you notice how they would throw in scenes of him and the guys at key parts of the song

  81. KJ

    KJ11 days ago

    I LOVE what LA and Babyface do with harmonies and lyrics. It's just straightforward and timeless. Tevin was 17 here...he really sounds like one of the DeBarge family.

  82. Randall Potgieter

    Randall Potgieter11 days ago

    Whos the girl in the video

  83. Goddess Raven

    Goddess Raven11 days ago

    Wow flashbacks😀

  84. Sharyha Sutton

    Sharyha Sutton11 days ago


  85. Freddie Montanez

    Freddie Montanez11 days ago

    Underated kevin Campbell.

  86. Household

    Household11 days ago

    I miss those simpler times, the simplicity & sincerity, i mean we had desire to communicate, be together. Yes we had some bad sides sometimes but overall 90s left a sweet aftertaste of its time. Those 90s activities, cars, music, clothes, fashion, tv programs, sports, but all above that is PEOPLE - i miss every little bit of it! Nowadays we almost have everything but still lack something, i don't know.

  87. beingsshepherd

    beingsshepherd9 days ago

    These days we condone and forget every atrocity. Iraq, Sandy Hook, Tamir Rice ... No one can feel genuinely optimistic about so callous a society's future, yet everyone cheerfully carries on with unconscionable denial.

  88. K.K

    K.K11 days ago

    I wanted to get down and sweet talk you heyyyyyy

  89. mariemariexyz

    mariemariexyz11 days ago

    I receive ..... lyrics, melody and all!

  90. thebeatnumber

    thebeatnumber11 days ago

    Yay!!! Good to watch one of my favourite 90s songs in HD!!!

  91. Ouafa Ri

    Ouafa Ri11 days ago


  92. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark12 days ago

    Definitely a classic 90’s record I still get chills/cold bump on when listening to it.

  93. brian johnson

    brian johnson12 days ago

    Super 🔥😎



    this about a white man


    APKNEWS MEDIA12 days ago

    This is the Song of my Life

  96. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez12 days ago

    This video paints an awesome picture of what life was like for us growing up.. outside playing football and basketball... actually socializing no cell phones no drama just the kids all out having fun... man I miss those days so much. I’m so glad I grew up in that time. Being outside until the street lights came on!!

  97. Brace Michell

    Brace Michell3 days ago

    Child hood memories.. Free, happy and in love...

  98. mariemariexyz

    mariemariexyz3 days ago

    @Rochelle Hendrix Yes ...that's deep!

  99. Trey 82

    Trey 825 days ago

    Amen brother

  100. Rochelle Hendrix

    Rochelle Hendrix7 days ago

    That's why my mom always said " be a kid as long as you can because when you're grown, you're grown for the rest of your life."

  101. Tye Artisik

    Tye Artisik12 days ago

    I can't believe the other video got blocked.. well, at least this was uploaded here. The quality looks better too 💯

  102. Tamika Mcfarlane-Leadon

    Tamika Mcfarlane-Leadon12 days ago

    OMG... Classic

  103. فطوومم

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  104. Terrence J

    Terrence J13 days ago

    So wholesome still in 2021.

  105. Trey Brown

    Trey Brown13 days ago

    how old are yall

  106. Luve 8

    Luve 813 days ago

    How can u dislike this song bro no not this one

  107. FreakyMarko

    FreakyMarko13 days ago

    They finally released the official video

  108. Jerryon

    JerryonDay ago

    Yea it’s been out for over 20 years now

  109. Treasure Roberts

    Treasure Roberts13 days ago

    KING JESUS CHRIST is returning to judge the world. Please repent and seek Him while you still have time!🙏

  110. Michael Jackson infinity

    Michael Jackson infinity7 days ago

    He already returned, you missed the boat. Real talk. The rapture happened a long time ago. Now brace the tribulation & enjoy the dam music. . Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

  111. Lady Vaughn

    Lady Vaughn13 days ago

    Babyface is a friggin genius