Jake Paul and Nate Robinson face-off ahead of Tyson v Jones

Jake Paul and Nate Robinson make weight and face-off ahead of their boxing grudge match on the undercard on the Mike Tyson v Roy Jones exhibition.
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  1. C-King279

    C-King2796 hours ago

    What’s up with the mashed potatoes on Jake Paul’s head?

  2. Sylvanas

    SylvanasDay ago

    Now i see jake paul copying khabib what a joke.

  3. LYL Z

    LYL Z3 days ago

    Poor Nate he thought he was playing basketball

  4. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel5 days ago

    Lol weedmaps is a sponsor

  5. Zeeboi09 W

    Zeeboi09 W11 days ago

    Y’all be underestimating jake fr

  6. Mike Clarke

    Mike Clarke12 days ago

    Nate lost to England is my city

  7. Project Vix

    Project Vix15 days ago

    I was hoping Nate knocked tf out of Jake but it was the opposite; now Jake is way more cocky

  8. Bilal

    Bilal19 days ago

    Everyone can say that nate was afraid ❤

  9. african kaleab

    african kaleab19 days ago

    I feel for the Nate fans watching this rn. Jesus is King. Pray to Mary and The Savior. Have faith in Him. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. God bless. 2021 will be your Year.

  10. Aditya Hegde

    Aditya Hegde21 day ago

    Watching Jake make a dragon ball reference, for some reason, just hurt my brain.

  11. jack beswick

    jack beswick24 days ago

    Now I can't watch dragon ball without thinking of Jake

  12. Zaids

    Zaids24 days ago

    I hate Jake paul

  13. deontae ishman

    deontae ishman24 days ago

    he was right when he said we going to watch is twice

  14. Hook Flix67

    Hook Flix6725 days ago

    I watched this with my brother and dad and when Jake walked into the face off we were all like woah ok coz of the size difersnce

  15. The Weed King

    The Weed King28 days ago

    Nate was older than jake is now 10 years ago 🤔

  16. messer840

    messer840Month ago

    Mone the rangers fc

  17. Syemae Lae

    Syemae LaeMonth ago


  18. IAintNoSimpOnGod 1

    IAintNoSimpOnGod 1Month ago

    “Greatest athlete” 😂

  19. Grum the Grim reaper

    Grum the Grim reaperMonth ago


  20. Dr Inion

    Dr InionMonth ago

    They seriously out here calling Nate Robinson a pro boxer 😂

  21. crazy gamer

    crazy gamerMonth ago

    He definitely didnt go super sayin 3

  22. RobinWrath16

    RobinWrath16Month ago

    C'mon he's a super Saiyan no one can defeat that...

  23. jazz queen

    jazz queenMonth ago

    That was kinda Cool af

  24. T - Master!

    T - Master!Month ago

    Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather is a good match but i think Jake Paul should fight Conor Mcgregor or Dillon danis on the co-main event I would say Jake should fight KSI but they need to save that for a main event

  25. Jonathan Betancourt

    Jonathan BetancourtMonth ago

    what’s this song called ? @0:30

  26. Kalimullah Shirzai

    Kalimullah ShirzaiMonth ago

    no way this man copied khabib from MMA

  27. Sprite Bottle

    Sprite BottleMonth ago

    Jake paul looks more like the troll from the movie trolls

  28. gon freecss

    gon freecssMonth ago

    floyd bout to avenge nate’s ko. logan don’t stance a chance

  29. raymer hook

    raymer hookMonth ago

    i like it wane jake paul just childing with him xd

  30. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiMonth ago

    I came here for the comments. I'm not disappointed. 😂

  31. Kaysya Sin

    Kaysya SinMonth ago

    Jake didn’t go ssj3 he went god mode on Nate LOL

  32. HeyItsMe Abz

    HeyItsMe AbzMonth ago

    Bro I didn’t know a blonde doll goes god mode

  33. Sergio

    SergioMonth ago

    1:59 Japan is being disrespected again.... looooooooooool

  34. ihateintros

    ihateintrosMonth ago

    Wtf was on his head

  35. Александр Андрусенко

    Александр АндрусенкоMonth ago

    This is not boxing is not martial art this not the sweet science. I am just sad that this great sport, which requires a lot of dedication, determination, years of hard work and sacrifices is dying. The shoool of boxing is dying just because we popularize and support these friks. But eventually this is just a request of society which reflects its health. Sorry for my bad English.

  36. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiMonth ago

    This is a video taken before disaster😅😅

  37. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    us dragonball z fans do not claim him.

  38. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    This is a video taken before disaster😅😅

  39. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    This is amazing

  40. ZeX

    ZeXMonth ago

    Fun fact: Nate is 5'8 barefeet Look at the difference between them... LOOL

  41. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    This comment section aged well 😂

  42. RickRoll - CoDM

    RickRoll - CoDMMonth ago

    2:53 yeah sorry but that ain’t happening 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  43. Byron ssgBD

    Byron ssgBDMonth ago

    Check this out jake super SAIYAN USlikesR uslikes.info/house/om2O2qlop4exd5U/video.html

  44. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuMonth ago

    Paul good boxer or not.... What a douchebag 😂

  45. Nanovargas

    NanovargasMonth ago

    Anyone know the song for Nates intro at 0:34

  46. VLOGS with FITZ

    VLOGS with FITZMonth ago

    So Jake is a "pro boxer" after winning 3 fights against people who aren't even fighters to begin with? right.....

  47. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    we all know how it turned out.

  48. AKHAA & TJ

    AKHAA & TJMonth ago

    The fact they put the title *pro boxer* on this clown is beyond disrespectful.


    GTX BUD MOTOMonth ago

    "Nate Pro boxer" like whattt? u good broo?

  50. Max Persson

    Max PerssonMonth ago

    I fkn hate jake paul

  51. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuMonth ago

    What a good friend ????

  52. andysvt8

    andysvt8Month ago

    Nate weighed in at 181, with out cutting down. And jake weighed in at 189 AFTER cutting down, HOLY MISMATCH

  53. muttratti1

    muttratti1Month ago

    What is nate weigh in song

  54. Just a Weeb With a Mustache

    Just a Weeb With a MustacheMonth ago

    This is a video taken before disaster😅😅

  55. Scott Smith

    Scott SmithMonth ago

    Jake Paul always goes against the little people Deji 5’9 gib 5’9 Robinson 5’9

  56. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuMonth ago

    I came here for the comments. I'm not disappointed. 😂

  57. Ismail Ali

    Ismail AliMonth ago

    Jake looks like the troll toys

  58. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    “Now a pro boxer” I think he means hes a boxer for amazons products

  59. Advanced Colours

    Advanced ColoursMonth ago

    "professional boxer" FAM he said he would fight KSI and he never did because he is scared

  60. i Got kicks

    i Got kicksMonth ago

    Paul good boxer or not.... What a douchebag 😂

  61. Ryan Mitchell

    Ryan MitchellMonth ago

    Whats the name of that song when nate was walking in the box

  62. Abood Huncho ツ

    Abood Huncho ツMonth ago

    we all know how it turned out.

  63. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyMonth ago

    Nate should take on Broner for his next fight

  64. William Kalagayan

    William KalagayanMonth ago


  65. Jacob Hernandez

    Jacob HernandezMonth ago

    Bro what even is this dbz facade jakes pulling

  66. David Cohen

    David CohenMonth ago

    Now if Jake and KSI were to actually fight, it would be Goku VS Beerus.

  67. Timmer

    TimmerMonth ago

    We'll be feeding people to lions again in no time.

  68. james adams

    james adamsMonth ago

    TBH Nate didn't deserve the win .... He should have trained better ... being one of the best in one sport isn't an auto qualification for boxing , especially when the sport had no heavy contact ... I wanted him to win though but his techniques were not pleasing to watch ... i'm not a boxer thou

  69. eden atwood

    eden atwoodMonth ago

    bro that’s cringe “i’m going SSJ3” 🤢🤮

  70. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebMonth ago

    I came here for the comments. I'm not disappointed. 😂

  71. Logan Waide

    Logan WaideMonth ago

    Never thought 2020 could get worse now we gotta listen to Jake Paul and his ego. It’s beyond cringe for them to say musical artist and pro boxer

  72. Bdub3

    Bdub3Month ago

    What’s the name of the song nate came into in the beginning?

  73. Eh Taw

    Eh TawMonth ago

    This man turn to s super Saiyan

  74. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebMonth ago

    How’s he a “slam dunk champion” when he’s shorter than Jake Paul?

  75. Gheits

    GheitsMonth ago

    Nate said multiple times, we see tomorrow. And day after he went to sleep

  76. Ron Hertzberg

    Ron HertzbergMonth ago

    10lbs is a huge weight advantage inna boxing match

  77. Paolo Alcantara

    Paolo AlcantaraMonth ago

    Nate should take on Broner for his next fight

  78. Melanin Goddess

    Melanin GoddessMonth ago

    Broner is Ass..A whole Joke


    MEDSCARFMonth ago

    Holy dumb

  80. Ian Brown

    Ian BrownMonth ago

    Weep for the culture

  81. NIGHTRUNNER nightrunner

    NIGHTRUNNER nightrunnerMonth ago

    The hair adds s touch of class

  82. Amy Ochoa

    Amy OchoaMonth ago

    Jake rolled up on Nate like Nate was on the Ginyu force

  83. Mashrur Rahim

    Mashrur RahimMonth ago

    Well this hasn’t aged well...

  84. Austin Aguallo

    Austin AgualloMonth ago

    What song did Nate Robinson walk out too in this vid

  85. butti fdft

    butti fdftMonth ago

    "I want to prove that I'm the greatest athlete that ever walked the earth... by fighting this youtuber."

  86. James

    JamesMonth ago

    ROFL at Jake's hair. He's telling Nate, "I'm gona turn Super Saiyan, do Kaioken then finish it off with Kamehameha." hahahahaha. He actually won too.

  87. Thomas kirkland

    Thomas kirklandMonth ago

    Don't disrespect music by saying he's a musical artist, its terrible

  88. Thomas kirkland

    Thomas kirklandMonth ago

    @JeKo Fuentes nah

  89. JeKo Fuentes

    JeKo FuentesMonth ago

    Well by making music that makes him an artist, regardless of it being terrible or not

  90. Mikkiiiboy

    MikkiiiboyMonth ago

    Stfu nobody cares

  91. Alejandro

    AlejandroMonth ago

    Jake wearing a super saiyan wig is proof of his hyperborean transformation

  92. Musa Orleans

    Musa OrleansMonth ago

    How’s he a “slam dunk champion” when he’s shorter than Jake Paul?

  93. Mitch Gursky

    Mitch Gursky21 day ago

    watch his slam dunk videos dumbass

  94. Musa Orleans

    Musa OrleansMonth ago

    First he’s from Ohio and now he from Calabasas

  95. Mikkiiiboy

    MikkiiiboyMonth ago

    He born in Cleveland Ohio

  96. Spiritgate 04

    Spiritgate 04Month ago

    This man really gotta disrespect dbz, smh...

  97. Blackout Magic

    Blackout MagicMonth ago

    Jake his own breed I like the way he was moving a lot of pro boxer clinch a lot he played good he got it

  98. Silent_

    Silent_Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing when nate was walking to the corner?

  99. Cee Dee

    Cee DeeMonth ago

    “Now a pro boxer” I think he means hes a boxer for amazons products

  100. Nathaniel Moore

    Nathaniel MooreMonth ago

    Is he supposed to be Gohan? He low key went super saiyan tho...

  101. Reaction Therapy

    Reaction TherapyMonth ago

    Lmao @ Jake Paul’s poses

  102. Ravenlullaby

    RavenlullabyMonth ago

    Nate will never live this down ...ever

  103. koisaac

    koisaacMonth ago

    Jake please don’t disrespect the dbz franchise wit ur weakass

  104. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnrMonth ago

    Jake Paul : *Wins 2 matches * i fEel lIkE I wAs mAdE foR tHiS

  105. Adam Giocondo

    Adam GiocondoMonth ago

    Im just glad whitey won and shut snoop the fck up..

  106. mona hazizi

    mona haziziMonth ago

    Mom i want gohan We got gohan at home. Gohan at home:

  107. Exotic Blitzz

    Exotic BlitzzMonth ago

    I’m not familiar with boxing or anything but shouldn’t fighters train at least 6 days a week ?

  108. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnrMonth ago

    Nate Robinson should just join WWE seems he aint good for nothing else

  109. j

    jMonth ago

    Jakes gonna f-up his face, have reconstructive surgery and look worse than mickey rourke.

  110. el pengueno

    el penguenoMonth ago

    bruh.. jake thinks he the new khabib nurmagomedov but with a walmart wig

  111. Miguel Garcia256

    Miguel Garcia256Month ago

    song 0:28

  112. jack stills

    jack stillsMonth ago

    What tf was jake wearing

  113. Jose Escobedo

    Jose EscobedoMonth ago

    Jake wore the wig with the intention of looking like a saiyan, but came out looking like a troll doll 💀

  114. Larry Dembrun

    Larry DembrunMonth ago

    Larry Dembrun crazy video

  115. Ali Saiyan

    Ali SaiyanMonth ago

    Jake Paul really went Super Saiyan 3 KO's on Nate... Huge respect for showing Dragonball to the world!!

  116. Mikkiiiboy

    MikkiiiboyMonth ago


  117. A S

    A SMonth ago

    Why is a 181 LBS fighting a 189 LBS shouldn’t they be the same weight?