Does this Lambo owner know how to park?

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  1. vininio petrov

    vininio petrov10 minutes ago


  2. Austin V

    Austin V30 minutes ago

    Stupidest fucking video ever

  3. Deepankar Mondal

    Deepankar Mondal40 minutes ago

    Idiot if he have parked the car how could he come out from his car. Fake video boycott the channel

  4. Omi

    Omi41 minute ago

    Fukin idiot just go from passenger side .f.u.k my life

  5. Gregory Malngiang

    Gregory MalngiangHour ago

    Overcompensating much

  6. Mittens

    MittensHour ago

    Ignoring the fact that his stupid truck is just as close to the edge of the parking spot as the lambo was

  7. Car Legends

    Car Legends2 hours ago


  8. good kun

    good kun2 hours ago


  9. Faiz Muhammad Shaji

    Faiz Muhammad Shaji3 hours ago

    Plot twist: the owner of lambo is the cameraman.

  10. MR.Techroid

    MR.Techroid4 hours ago

    You're probably the idiot to park their Lambo like that to make a video and now you're idiot ass isn't going to get paid by the insurance company for this claim

  11. azhar

    azhar4 hours ago

    Both are his bcz he called Idiot instead of MF.. 😆

  12. Nichboi69

    Nichboi694 hours ago

    Plot Twist: The owner is in the lambo

  13. Erik Allen

    Erik Allen5 hours ago

    Look my daddy bought me a big truck and a little car. I’m m beyond over these idiotic videos

  14. Ashton Fitzgerald

    Ashton Fitzgerald5 hours ago

    Have fun in court, you bufoon.

  15. JamieM12

    JamieM125 hours ago

    Could’ve got in the passenger

  16. Nolan Valencia

    Nolan Valencia5 hours ago

    Go to the other side of the door and just get in but that what he deserves

  17. Emslayer

    Emslayer5 hours ago


  18. Gqgeorge1453

    Gqgeorge14536 hours ago

    Omg this so real and not fake

  19. Andrew Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez6 hours ago

    The truck guy must be from TEXAS...🤭🤭🤭

  20. ao27232156

    ao272321566 hours ago

    an idiot person in a nice car that's all. how pity lambo

  21. Diego Arteaga Lopez

    Diego Arteaga Lopez6 hours ago

    man i can bake up with my eyes closed

  22. Владислав Валицкий

    Владислав Валицкий6 hours ago

    Фейкомет.... С другой стороны машины нет.... Так что он специально снимает это видео для ютуба...

  23. William linton

    William linton6 hours ago

    Shatter windshield leave note to park better signed the birds

  24. 2cv around the world

    2cv around the world7 hours ago

    Jealous ass 🕳️

  25. jan haugen

    jan haugen7 hours ago

    Bra, ur car is to big, ur the twat

  26. Mike P

    Mike P7 hours ago

    Fake af

  27. Carlos Vreal

    Carlos Vreal7 hours ago

    Stupid, these are the dumasses that cry when two sexy girl stand on one of their truck tires...lmao

  28. Mikala

    Mikala7 hours ago

    😂 love the truck more😀❤️

  29. Anubis Ma-At

    Anubis Ma-At7 hours ago

    That's because they both belong to you, and you are just a spoiled shithead attention seeker. And I am a bad mind piece of shit that have nothing!

  30. Kasey Loveberry

    Kasey Loveberry7 hours ago

    Yea. Cause that is totally real and just happened to work out just like that.

  31. Dirty Dan

    Dirty Dan8 hours ago

    Does he know about passenger doors?

  32. Skyward

    Skyward8 hours ago

    Who put paper carpet with foot draw on in such an expensive car ? Looks like he just rented it 🤣

  33. Guy martin

    Guy martin8 hours ago

    Fuck tiktok

  34. javier cruz

    javier cruz8 hours ago

    Plot twist he could go to the other side

  35. Cool Ass Dudeman

    Cool Ass Dudeman8 hours ago

    You're both fucking idiots. Him for parking like a dipshit and you for driving around in a "Don't look down my pants"-mobile

  36. Kalina Dobrev

    Kalina Dobrev8 hours ago

    You are a idiot , you could easily get in the car on the other side👎👎👎👎

  37. Clifton Letander

    Clifton Letander9 hours ago

    Would of done the same pal.

  38. Spike 365

    Spike 3659 hours ago

    This man is a mad lad

  39. Spike 365

    Spike 3659 hours ago

    I look up to this man

  40. Ryan

    Ryan9 hours ago

    We all know you pull a step stool out of the bed to get in it anyways.

  41. Matthew Marchisio

    Matthew Marchisio9 hours ago


  42. Gnarly

    Gnarly9 hours ago

    You're both morons!

  43. Super Shifter

    Super Shifter9 hours ago

    and his truck is a pavement princess too lol

  44. Lil Brrt

    Lil Brrt10 hours ago

    The owner gonna be mad , he prob uses a microscope to keep it clean

  45. Lostpockets 222

    Lostpockets 22210 hours ago

    Gotta love the lifted off-road trucks that have literally *never* been off-road in their life. Money well spent, boy. At least you look good, huh?

  46. Carlos Díaz

    Carlos Díaz10 hours ago

    No seas peenndejo, por el otro lado pudiste haberte subido

  47. Shill Hunter

    Shill Hunter11 hours ago

    Ugly truck

  48. gudimetla vijaybharath

    gudimetla vijaybharath11 hours ago

    Is this not scripted?That's someone's lambo?

  49. Slick Nick

    Slick Nick11 hours ago

    no he do not

  50. Glenn Sambrana

    Glenn Sambrana11 hours ago

    He lucky he didn't get shot, you got the other doors.

  51. Geo Mejia

    Geo Mejia12 hours ago

    1. You don’t have two doors???? (to get in the other side) 2. You should’ve parked really close to the Lambo so he couldnt get in through the drivers side

  52. Movie43

    Movie4312 hours ago

    What a douchemobile

  53. Jaxx Brat

    Jaxx Brat12 hours ago

    So this jacasses passenger door dont open?

  54. waynec369

    waynec36912 hours ago

    Pot calling the kettle black...

  55. Christina Wetherby

    Christina Wetherby12 hours ago

    Damn frickin right!!!

  56. Teacher Helper

    Teacher Helper12 hours ago

    Well you could go to the passenger side to get in.

  57. SocHub

    SocHub13 hours ago

    It's not like cars have two doors or anything... 🙄

  58. Chad Boyum

    Chad Boyum13 hours ago

    Nice... Tiktok unwantedly shows up on my USlikes yet again...

  59. Benny C

    Benny C13 hours ago

    Thats an expensive stepping stool

  60. Ronaldo Moreno

    Ronaldo Moreno13 hours ago

    Step on the windshield next time they are pretty weak

  61. 3cc0 BunnY

    3cc0 BunnY14 hours ago


  62. Amc547 Warlord

    Amc547 Warlord14 hours ago

    This wasn't real. Nobody with a Lambo wud park like that or anyone for that matter. I reckon it's jus a joke but I like it

  63. Bosnae

    Bosnae14 hours ago

    Plot twist: it's your Lambo and all you want is fake scenery attention

  64. The B3AST

    The B3AST14 hours ago

    Probably staged, but that’s an expensive step stool 😂

  65. ChrisXI1301

    ChrisXI130114 hours ago

    Then enter through the other side like a normal person,that's unreasonable to walk across someone's car.

  66. clapton79

    clapton7914 hours ago

    Why the cringe? You can afford a pickup truck in the first place. Secondly your car is so amazing it has doors on both sides so why bitchin'

  67. Shadow Gaming234

    Shadow Gaming23415 hours ago

    Ugly truck and ugly car. Truck lost all function as a truck when you lift it that high.

  68. Spherz

    Spherz15 hours ago

    When your truck is bigger than your IQ

  69. Dummy :P

    Dummy :P15 hours ago

    "Look at this idiot! Make the car higher than it should be! And now he blaming the lambo for parking beside him and who tf using that offroad car for everyday use"

  70. rustysuperbike

    rustysuperbike15 hours ago

    That makes two dicks!

  71. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat15 hours ago

    As long as he didn’t scratch it I’d let him hop on top to get in.

  72. Akash Boro

    Akash Boro15 hours ago

    cool dude

  73. CodyDaCoyote

    CodyDaCoyote16 hours ago

    Douche bag

  74. Srilab Pal

    Srilab Pal16 hours ago

    Okay, but for that time being, you can climb in your pickup from RIGHT HAND SIDE

  75. Alek Villarreal

    Alek Villarreal16 hours ago

    Naa Naa Naa you shoulda walked through mud first. 👌🏾

  76. Angel Shafer

    Angel Shafer16 hours ago

    This is fake, look at the mirror, it is tucked within the truck tire width. You had to slowly position the car in that spot..... Fake.

  77. Ratiwat Siriwat

    Ratiwat Siriwat17 hours ago


  78. 東野圭吾

    東野圭吾17 hours ago

    やばすぎwww 車は良くても乗り手が悪いからランボは良いイメージが少ないなぁ

  79. Yuri DeKhed

    Yuri DeKhed17 hours ago

    Of course he knows how to park, exactly how you told him to. Could this be more fake?

  80. Its Wolf

    Its Wolf17 hours ago

    You couldn't get in on the other side? 🤔

  81. против биомусора

    против биомусора17 hours ago

    This is probably the most expensive ladder ever

  82. 2JZ the world

    2JZ the world17 hours ago

    In actually hate this “tiktok” generation.. why has society become so cringeworthy...

  83. CENTENARIO Lamborghini

    CENTENARIO Lamborghini17 hours ago


  84. 言う勇気

    言う勇気18 hours ago

    勇者ニキ ついでに出る時ミラー折ってくべ

  85. Tuomas Sell

    Tuomas Sell18 hours ago

    I think he owns them both

  86. Benard Boateng

    Benard Boateng18 hours ago

    Clearly could’ve got in through the other side

  87. Tyrone Shuffler

    Tyrone Shuffler18 hours ago

    Look at the fuckin pavement princess 😂😂😂 thing has never seen the off-road once

  88. Zion X Chaos

    Zion X Chaos19 hours ago

    I am the lambo owner and I am deeply disappointed sir

  89. Zion X Chaos

    Zion X Chaos19 hours ago

    Not really

  90. Noob Player

    Noob Player19 hours ago

    Fuck off

  91. Azhari Arif

    Azhari Arif19 hours ago

    You can use his lambo to climb onto your truck. Like a ikea stool.

  92. Zzzleepy yezzZeus

    Zzzleepy yezzZeus19 hours ago

    You all f useless addicts. You make me sick, ya all attention seeking trash fake ppl.

  93. J Kim

    J Kim20 hours ago

    Nope. That's wrong, bro. 개념이 없네. 결국 니도 똑같은 인간이다. 이런걸 유튭에 올리냐. 에효. 진짜 할 짓없는 가베.

  94. Adith Krishnaa

    Adith Krishnaa20 hours ago

    He has more than enough space to get into that truck

  95. Adith Krishnaa

    Adith Krishnaa20 hours ago

    “A lambo Parking next to a lifted truck”its not a coincident at all

  96. Aiden James

    Aiden James20 hours ago

    It’s a massive truck and a tiny lambo

  97. Aiden James

    Aiden James20 hours ago

    Obviously not

  98. Jennifer Mazur

    Jennifer Mazur20 hours ago

    Well the Lamborghini is not in his parking place

  99. Marco Cialona

    Marco Cialona21 hour ago

    Y didnt u use the other door, ur just an attention seeker

  100. Pavitra Jaat

    Pavitra Jaat21 hour ago

    Lambo owner is mad