NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes

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  1. Augusta BlacLissted Barz

    Augusta BlacLissted Barz29 minutes ago

    You know ... I’m starting to think that in the old nba Jordan and a select few did have that green light🤔

  2. Tristin Kozub

    Tristin KozubHour ago

    2011 was a shortened season

  3. Nicholas Pearson

    Nicholas Pearson2 hours ago

    I can see the logic here but I feel like the video ignores the fact that with higher usage that the efficiency of some of these “ good not great” old players would probably drop off. You can't turn 37% on under one attempt per game shooter into a 37% on 8 just by making them shoot 7 more shots a game.

  4. Kinghavs

    Kinghavs3 hours ago

    Smh,, nba is lame now.. players did not get better.. they arent being contested

  5. Max Carneado

    Max Carneado5 hours ago

    I think the Zone restrictions is a big part of the reason this began to happen

  6. alwaysgrowing

    alwaysgrowing5 hours ago

    Everything that Jimmy spoke on in the clip in regards to the modern game is why the NBA is dead. Any alleged mainstream media reports of the game being elevated to ‘all new heights’ are embellished. Ask the average longtime KNOWLEDGEABLE NBA fan, and so many of them have grown lukewarm (at best) on “The Association”. On the flip side, this is why football is king ... and I’m a basketball diehard/lifer/self-proclaimed ‘historian’ admitting this.

  7. Wiegand Wiegand

    Wiegand Wiegand5 hours ago

    If AI played today he'd be one of the best scorers in the league. Even back then with "bully ball" and "actual defense" he made them look like children in recess. If he played today, Kyrie would cower in fear.

  8. Edis Delgado

    Edis Delgado6 hours ago

    I agree Curry got people shooting more but LeBron changed the game also by teams getting the ball to their best player not just a point guard. But don't get this twisted. Shooting a ton of 3s for the sake of putting up 3s as per analytics is fools gold. The best shot is the open highest percentage shot. Not just a 3

  9. Justin Klingler

    Justin Klingler7 hours ago

    Your vids are always very well done!

  10. James Omar

    James Omar7 hours ago

    Ginobili IS an all time bucket getter. He sacrificed for his team. Real ones know how special he was!

  11. Michael Perrotta

    Michael Perrotta7 hours ago

    I would average 30ppg in todays league

  12. solidwaterslayer

    solidwaterslayer8 hours ago

    When you only build full damage in league of legends

  13. Couch Potato

    Couch Potato8 hours ago

    Just like the military there is no such thing as defense. Because u have to make the opposer react to you. You don’t react to them

  14. Mad Martian

    Mad Martian8 hours ago

    DEFENSE HAS BEEN OUTLAWED. 4 words, not a 20 minute video.

  15. Senad

    Senad9 hours ago

    Imagine if steph played in the 90s... he would be called the goat 100%

  16. Basil Carpenter jr

    Basil Carpenter jr9 hours ago

    That why u can't go by stats or how good a players is from the past eras nba Is turning into a joke no defense not physical to soft to many threes tgats not basketball

  17. cesar pires

    cesar pires9 hours ago

    Simple no defense 😏😏😏😏😏

  18. Julian Beckford is actually sonic

    Julian Beckford is actually sonic9 hours ago

    Bro the highlights match the beat howww

  19. Julian Beckford is actually sonic

    Julian Beckford is actually sonic10 hours ago

    Yes I can use this for my nba eassay

  20. Goated At NFS

    Goated At NFS10 hours ago

    Because nobody plays defense. Then again. The refs determine how you play defense

  21. John Lilly

    John Lilly10 hours ago

    Now... what would MJ be putting up in today’s era?????

  22. Jordan James

    Jordan James11 hours ago

    Its a different system today, imagine if Rasheed Wallace played in todays system.

  23. Mark Salerno

    Mark Salerno11 hours ago

    Jimmy, Lob City video please

  24. NicholasDJ2

    NicholasDJ211 hours ago

    Super random, but on the "players who averaged 25+ points per game" LeBron isn't there for 2018-19 but he averaged 27.4 that year 🤔

  25. Marin Despotusic

    Marin Despotusic11 hours ago

    That is beacuse...and this may come as a shock to you but hear me out... THE DEFENSE IS SHIT!

  26. spiidey1

    spiidey111 hours ago

    No defense, 3 pt chucking, and moving screens era.

  27. Nate Gutekunst

    Nate Gutekunst12 hours ago

    11:22 "teams are giving the ball to the best player" *shows Deni Avdija*

  28. Jet Life

    Jet Life12 hours ago

    Steve Nash is still my favorite player. 💯💯💯

  29. A a r o n

    A a r o n12 hours ago

    What if Larry Bird played now

  30. Ben Drayton

    Ben Drayton13 hours ago

    Great Video

  31. Ingagi

    Ingagi13 hours ago

    The thing is, now every player on the court is a threat offensively. Which is how it should be imo.What I mean by that is everyone on the court should be considered a threat and defense should reflect that. But good defense is hard to come by no matter the era, so when only 1 or 2 players were offensive threats back then, it posed no problem. Now that everyone can be a bucket, averaging 20 is easier than ever.

  32. mansonlamps

    mansonlamps13 hours ago

    If physical play won’t change it why is curry 0for 8 all time In the playoffs on game tying winning shots... when they let them play physical at the end of the game!!! I guarantee u bring back good physical play scoring will go down considerably

  33. mansonlamps

    mansonlamps13 hours ago

    Bullshit just them play physical n there goes all that offense.. look at the playoffs when they allow a little more physical play scoring goes down...

  34. Rant Roller

    Rant Roller14 hours ago

    Iverson would average 40 no cap

  35. K T

    K T14 hours ago

    MJ would average around 50 ppg in this cupcake era

  36. Rant Roller

    Rant Roller15 hours ago

    Damn Jxmi is the BEST period. Just when I think I know B-ball. J Highroller schools me! Give this man a network show!!!

  37. Rashé

    Rashé15 hours ago

    great script, edits and evaluation. this channel is unmatched

  38. Richard Harris

    Richard Harris15 hours ago

    The reason is the splash bros and LeBron James they showed the blueprint bomb away from downtown

  39. Swing

    Swing15 hours ago

    Just like any business world. When you take away regulations (NBA defense), innovation (NBA offense) will blossom

  40. Mora Mulford

    Mora Mulford16 hours ago

    The cautious whiskey covalently match because colon previously examine up a fast file. easy, wicked lunge

  41. Titus Daniels

    Titus Daniels16 hours ago

    Nobody: NBA Defense: Yea I’ll just sit and watch

  42. Jim Lin

    Jim Lin17 hours ago

    Pace and no defence, thats why I don't give Harden the kudos with all his scoring.

  43. UltimateChrisso

    UltimateChrisso17 hours ago

    The young still think todays NBA is better and players are better athletes. It's a fucking joke! Players from 90s to 10s would average 35-40 points today. MJ would average 45 imho Nowadays players rest on defense and then shoot 10 3s per game. It's boring af!

  44. [s][a][m]

    [s][a][m]18 hours ago

    So where do y'all think this will go? Because it sounds like at some point defense will be almost worthless no?

  45. Tege Ficsór

    Tege Ficsór18 hours ago

    Imagine throwing 01 TMac in the mix today...

  46. Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP

    Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP11 hours ago

    *2003, for that was his highest average

  47. GauNTLeT4

    GauNTLeT419 hours ago

    Jordan’s averaging 60 a game in today’s soft ass league

  48. Mister J

    Mister J20 hours ago

    What he says is not right. It used to be said: the offensive wins you GAMES, the defensive wins the CHAMPIONSHIPS

  49. Knockda 8

    Knockda 820 hours ago

    great video- subbed

  50. Evan Device

    Evan Device21 hour ago

    Don't ever compare lbj 2 mj

  51. Tom3K GrabarzzZ

    Tom3K GrabarzzZ22 hours ago

    As always greatest basketball content on yt Jimmy with another banger video

  52. The Legend

    The Legend22 hours ago

    the nba turning into elementary ball

  53. 박희령

    박희령22 hours ago

    The pale david basically sniff because margaret especially agree circa a different clave. homeless, vigorous cow

  54. c2g1980

    c2g198023 hours ago

    I still remember watching the Suns in the early 90s, score 107 points in just the 1st half against the Nuggets, without attempting a single 3 pointer. And I still remember teams avging 110ppg on minimal 3s in the 80s and the pace was actually faster than today's. Great vid, tho. It does show how the game has evolved, tremendously.

  55. Marky Mark

    Marky Mark23 hours ago

    Same music as Real Life Lore! I like it!

  56. Shane Walsh

    Shane Walsh23 hours ago

    that end sequence was so dope

  57. Meng Yao

    Meng YaoDay ago

    Looking like a bitcoin graph. 1 million points per game looks achievable.

  58. Michael Schmidt

    Michael SchmidtDay ago

    You can’t play good defense if you can’t help off the 3 point line. This era has more uncontested layups than ever. The lane never has defenders helping. Get rid of the corner 3 and move the top line back a touch. All problems solved.

  59. Music Account

    Music AccountDay ago


  60. Josiah Tevon Bright

    Josiah Tevon BrightDay ago

    Its because they only have their teams to watch not a whole ass stadium. Its a show of true talent if i must say

  61. Chris Land

    Chris LandDay ago

    Wilt is averaging a quadruple double.

  62. Cooper Dowdidle

    Cooper DowdidleDay ago

    10:45 he also didn’t even take i to account the higher free throw attempts.

  63. John Koldan

    John KoldanDay ago

    Cause no one is allowed to touch the stars. They are too precious.

  64. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDay ago

    Having heard all of these facts, just imagine MJ or Kobe in this league

  65. spiidey1

    spiidey111 hours ago

    You can say that for any scorer pre-2010. If Isaiah Thomas could score 29 ppg, Iverson would undoubtedly terrorize this league. Arenas would be a Lillard and Westbrook hybrid. Wade would eviscerate defenses and live on the free throw line more than Harden. TMac and Kobe would go toe to toe for scoring titles. Pierce and Carter would look even better. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point.

  66. Joseph Ibarra

    Joseph IbarraDay ago

    In 10 years teams will score 200 a game

  67. Troy Huynh

    Troy HuynhDay ago

    The defeated uncle ethnically consist because ankle totally crush save a dynamic shame. nosy, chunky pen

  68. Nanu A

    Nanu ADay ago

    The Tony Parker example doesn’t work. You can’t adjust his stats and keep the same efficiency, it doesn’t work like that. Also, he was a terrible 3PT shooter on extremely low efficiency. It’s incredible unrealistic that he’d shoot over 30% from 3 on more than 3 attempts.

  69. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDay ago

    This is exactly why Lebron averaging 25 ppg in year 18 isn’t the least impressive.

  70. cc sports fan

    cc sports fanDay ago


  71. 董家琪

    董家琪Day ago

    I can totally see big PG's from the last era like Agent 0 and DWill averaging 30+ pts in today's league. Their offensive skillset would've been much more appreciated in a fast-paced game.

  72. WilsonBlock100 Radio

    WilsonBlock100 RadioDay ago

    20 minutes of speculation when tha short answer is there's no crowd pressure 🎯

  73. R2S

    R2SDay ago

    If we talk scoring steph is the man weather u like it or not he changed the league

  74. James O'Brien

    James O'BrienDay ago

    Took me 5 seconds to figure out the answer. Defenders can’t do shit now just like in ever sport around the world. No one wants to het hurt now.

  75. refletsT2O

    refletsT2ODay ago

    I actually find the game rather boring to watch now, despite the increase in shooting skill. Just seems like a bucket fest. Maybe the solution is to get rid of the 3 point shot.

  76. Alexander Ortigoza

    Alexander OrtigozaDay ago

    Shot clock resetting to 14 seconds rather than 24 seconds also has a huge influence on this

  77. Viktor Grabovski

    Viktor GrabovskiDay ago

    This doesn’t make any sense - if player’s usage doesn’t change, why would their FGA change if the pace of play barely changed?... the biggest difference in today’s ball is that now 3 players of a team take 90% of the shots rather than 50% of the shots. Tell me who’s usage Tony Parker would consume to inflate his stats?

  78. Muthana Hussain

    Muthana HussainDay ago

    song that played at around 6:30?

  79. TheGreat Houdini

    TheGreat HoudiniDay ago

    No defense... player save energy for offense and the league is SOFT NOW

  80. Sammy Jankiss

    Sammy JankissDay ago

    Long story’s nba is basically “easy mode.”

  81. Air Magic

    Air Magic23 hours ago

    Exactly right

  82. Solomon Exum

    Solomon ExumDay ago

    Stop playing defense

  83. Armando Paredes

    Armando ParedesDay ago

    That’s cuz basketball isn’t a defensive game any more...🤷🏻‍♂️

  84. George

    GeorgeDay ago

    Great job

  85. Mr. Get Righhttt

    Mr. Get RighhtttDay ago

    This is exactly why Lebron averaging 25 ppg in year 18 isn’t the least impressive.

  86. Midnight Gemini

    Midnight GeminiDay ago

    I blame the ''lazy'' defense on the amount fouls you can easily get as a defender . As a defender it seem the rules are more stacked against you than the shooter making it harder for them to stop them.

  87. Jashua Castellanni

    Jashua CastellanniDay ago

    Do a llmelo ball vid yo

  88. Deon Morrison

    Deon MorrisonDay ago

    You literally... can’t play defense anymore. Simple. They wanted more entertainment and excitement coming from the offense and here we are.

  89. Dr. Football

    Dr. FootballDay ago

    Yo, made a new stat, like if you wanna hear what it is!

  90. Jarod

    JarodDay ago

    Giannis is good at everything but 3s

  91. PM-RS-NBA Life

    PM-RS-NBA LifeDay ago

    Bruh when did your channel get so big I swear I haven’t looked at your subscriber count in like 2 years😂

  92. Why Lie

    Why LieDay ago

    Peja was a monster

  93. reo332

    reo332Day ago

    Was that a Jersey accent slip when you said "Guard" ? sounded jersey or southy

  94. CodyOsteen5

    CodyOsteen5Day ago

    How you gonna make this video and not give us MJ adjusted stats to today’s game?

  95. Drake Bird

    Drake BirdDay ago

    wants to avoid controversy.

  96. Gavin Proctor

    Gavin ProctorDay ago

    Anyone notice before even a minute hits, he has misleading statistics showing Nash’s WHOLE CAREER compared to a single season of the current NBA players BEST YEAR??? 🤔 players are getting much better each year. That’s why the NBA is great.

  97. Poetic Writer

    Poetic WriterDay ago

    Goes to show the lack of defense and the absence of the post get.

  98. Rayon Brown

    Rayon BrownDay ago

    players are not able to play defence .... over refereeing

  99. some one

    some oneDay ago

    Fg attempts is another thing too



    If they didn’t reward flopping ,didn’t give free throws to plays who jump into players when shooting and allow a little contact when blocking we could see defenses again



    Evolution of the 3, more advanced offenses, emphasis on scoring/guards and refs harsher on defenses is the correct answer

  102. P05TPWN3D

    P05TPWN3DDay ago

    I thought teams in the 60's had daily 120+ point games

  103. slackerofhell

    slackerofhellDay ago

    Honestly, seems like lately the best thing you can do on defense is hope the guy shooting bricks the shot

  104. Marius De Silva

    Marius De SilvaDay ago

    Dont let this distract you to the fact that team USA placed 7th on FIBA 2019. Sure offense is far better but defense in NBA is just trash and downgraded because of rules. Just add some perimeter hand checking then we'll see if shooters and scorers today will still be that good. Don't forget 7th place. There's no excuse to that.

  105. Marlon Andrews

    Marlon AndrewsDay ago

    4:32 Lmaooo