Brandon's Parents Learn Julia Might Be Pregnant! | 90 Day Fiancé

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  1. WindorSolarPlease

    WindorSolarPleaseDay ago

    Brandon's been preaching to Julia??!!?? How many times will Julia except being thrown under the bus before she heads for the hills. Stupid drama. Oh boy run to Mommy and Daddy before knowing if this is true? Julia is giving her life to someone who needs to grow up.

  2. tinay1031

    tinay1031Day ago

    Brandon's parent is manipulative and he is a j***. Everytime things don't come out good, he blames Julia or make it look like she is guilty of it.

  3. alberta premium

    alberta premiumDay ago

    if julia gets pregnant i'm going back to russia!

  4. SNN

    SNNDay ago

    dude couldnt get a test first. hes a total bitch baby. hes literally the worst i hate this dude shes too hot for him anyway. his mom controls his whole world

  5. Ryan E

    Ryan EDay ago

    You’ve got to have sex to make someone pregnant virgin

  6. swish er

    swish erDay ago

    i can't get over how much this dude looks like his mom

  7. Raine Phillips

    Raine Phillips2 days ago

    This clip just ruined my lunch. I can’t watch this couple anymore. I like Julia but Brandon and his family whew child 🤬

  8. Samantha Owens

    Samantha Owens2 days ago

    I spoke too soon. I am not gonna lie, I DETESTED these parents at 1st. They were being FARRRR TOOOOOO INVASIVE in their adult son's life but I was PLEASANTLY SHOCKED by how much they have changed once they realized how crazy they were being. I think they had to be reminded that this is a grown man and once they stopped trying to force the tide they're letting it happen naturally and things are going so much better for everyone. I'm shocked they reacted SO WELL to this news. Give credit where it is due. They handled this right...for once lol


    КИНО РОЛИКИ2 days ago

    *Здрaвствуйте. Мoжете пару моих рoликoв пocмoтреть? Подпиcка на ваше усмотрение ! Вcего лишь интересно узнaть мнение другого* .... 👌УДАЧИ ✌️ 👌 😄 👍

  10. Alena

    Alena2 days ago


  11. Jenny Winter

    Jenny Winter2 days ago


  12. Jennifer Duncan

    Jennifer Duncan3 days ago

    It’s because of you guys,you won’t give your son room to grow.

  13. Sanya Tanwir

    Sanya Tanwir3 days ago

    Julia was right you should tell after she takes the test that's what the dad said too Brandon you dumb!

  14. Jessica Ballou

    Jessica Ballou3 days ago

    Brandon is so Ridiculous why would you tell them and make them worry before she even took a test smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. Delia 1980

    Delia 19803 days ago

    The way he threw her under the bus was disturbing; why she puts up with that, she seems to have serious self respect issues herself

  16. biaonse

    biaonse3 days ago

    Family of wackos.

  17. Mark Paul Abare, Jr.

    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.3 days ago

    Brandon is a child.

  18. Anela Devine

    Anela Devine3 days ago

    I hate how "this" is being referred to as a "mistake" ! !

  19. ashley cruz

    ashley cruz3 days ago

    A man who blames me for a pregnancy scare and tries to make me look like booboo the fool in front of his parents can get ✂️ out of my life quick!

  20. Brittany Hill

    Brittany Hill3 days ago

    Wow. You decided to do the "pull out" method which is WORSE then using condoms and then you're surprised that she may be pregnant? Brandon is such a man child. I hope that she's not because I don't think that they are ready to bring a child into this world. And don't blame this on just her. It takes two to make a baby and this is partially your fault. Ridiculous! 😤

  21. Pamela Grace

    Pamela Grace3 days ago

    He is a CHILD.

  22. Aynna alilli

    Aynna alilli3 days ago

    Calling a pregnancy a mistake 😆. Shit.

  23. Julio Gil

    Julio Gil3 days ago

    Dad's thinking, "well, that's one more sets of hands to help out in the farm"

  24. Christian & Ziya

    Christian & Ziya3 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brandon “ you don’t even have to preach about it , I have already preached enough to her “ 🙄🙄😂😂 !! It takes 2bother !!

  25. Karina Vasquez

    Karina Vasquez3 days ago

    Damn, the look of anger in the mom’s face was creepy.

  26. Karina Vasquez

    Karina Vasquez3 days ago

    Brandon is a goofball

  27. Cristal Morillo

    Cristal Morillo3 days ago

    Take a test before you start this convo

  28. Blobbert Mcblob

    Blobbert Mcblob3 days ago

    These people are so fuckin weird. The parents are doomsday preppers and apparently swingers. The mother is WAY too controlling and the dad just looks like he was disappointed that he's not the one who got to knock Julia up.

  29. Kai

    Kai3 days ago

    Why would he sit down and tell his parents before getting her the test???

  30. sukashi

    sukashi3 days ago

    ya know as i watch bits and pieces of this show.. i can say one thing... Julia needs to stop cause if the shoe was on the other and he was back in her country ... no way in hell would her parents allow them to share same room and bed without them being married why is she so damn disrespectful to his parents for feeling this way and he is no better than she is... it shocking that these men promise these women the world and they still live at home with mommy and daddy....this dude doesn't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of...

  31. Dee Borah

    Dee Borah3 days ago

    😂😂😂 well when you have sex you can get pregnant🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Rose Dominiczak

    Rose Dominiczak3 days ago

    What a little boy!

  33. Birdy Tv

    Birdy Tv3 days ago

    These people are awful parents point blank period, there’s no question. That are annoying controlling mean old people who are just messed up. That man is grown and they should had been happy and excited for them no matter what. I’m a parent so I can say this shit. Congratulations 🎊 would of been nice. I announced I was pregnant to my family and not one said congratulations hope you have a safe pregnancy 🤰 not one of those bitter haters said a word. I’ve we taken care of myself no one pays my bills so I don’t see why the hate but it’s all good. Some people even your own family can be not worthy of your news and accomplishments. They just want to judge and look down no matter what, it’s a shame. I’m happy for them they are of age to start a family, it will never be perfect timing ⏱ it just doesn’t work that way, life has its own timing for you. Just ride the wave 🌊

  34. Hanna Debela

    Hanna Debela4 days ago

    This Is Cringy

  35. Y V

    Y V4 days ago

    Those parents are a disgrace and so is this son

  36. Keyonah

    Keyonah4 days ago

    There reaction soo priceless halarious !!!!

  37. Sherry Belle

    Sherry Belle4 days ago

    This family of weirdos, gives me cult vibes!

  38. Beatrice England

    Beatrice England4 days ago

    Sillyest boy I ever looked at,

  39. Verø

    Verø4 days ago

    I can't stand this guy. He's behaving like a teenager, not a mature person. He is not ready even for a live, so how about having own family? Will he go to mama, if he has a problem with paying a rent, or has a crisis with wife? Julia, run away

  40. B Mc

    B Mc4 days ago

    He complains that she may be pregnant he obviously has no self control and didn’t realise that they wer playing with fire He’s thick what does she see in him and his crazy parents

  41. Aleksandra LS

    Aleksandra LS4 days ago

    They are crazy....not complitely normal...grrr

  42. Sun Fire

    Sun Fire4 days ago

    It involves two people Brendon ..

  43. K A

    K A4 days ago

    Imagine having these 2 as your grandparents....they'll make you do farm chores even when you're still in diapers...

  44. Bella Swan

    Bella Swan4 days ago

    Him forgot about him

  45. f quint

    f quint4 days ago

    I can’t stand Brandon. He’s so childish and he constantly puts everything on her. I really don’t understand why tf he wouldn’t go get a test before to make sure he’s just so immature.

  46. Steven Willis

    Steven Willis4 days ago

    I don't think Julia realizes that she gonna marry a boy not a man

  47. lala linda

    lala linda4 days ago

    Wow if I hadn't leave sooner, I'd leave before he even had the chance to finish that sentence where he started talking about preaching. I mean, WOW. It's bad.

  48. Believe in Yourself

    Believe in Yourself4 days ago

    Go get a pregnancy test you fools. Brandon, needs to man up. Use protection.

  49. Sophie Gerrits

    Sophie Gerrits4 days ago

    He is such a disappointment.

  50. zineb alaoui

    zineb alaoui4 days ago

    Brandon is a shit boy

  51. A 01494

    A 014944 days ago

    Brandon thinks being an adult in action is like being an adult in responsibility this is the problem with an only child and overbearing mother he won't grow up until he moves out He's fighting his parents neediness but in the wrong way As his actions just confirmed to his parents that he is still a child at heart Actions and responsibility go together Brandon

  52. Genesis Dorsey

    Genesis Dorsey4 days ago

    I love how julius said they should confirm if she actually is or not before talking with his parents too

  53. Gillian Douglas

    Gillian Douglas4 days ago

    Mom and Dad need ah life

  54. Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -

    Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -4 days ago

    What series is this? In the uk series 8 last episode didn’t include this.. is this season 9 then.? Uk viewers?

  55. Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -

    Nothing Sounds Like an 808 -4 days ago

    The mother is the devil incarnate control freak

  56. Ruby Roses

    Ruby Roses4 days ago

    Damn that was pure hatred in jis moms face....

  57. Electric Wardrobe

    Electric Wardrobe4 days ago

    He acts like a damn 12 year old, but I can’t help but think it’s his parents fault for treating him like a child

  58. Rody Fernandez

    Rody Fernandez4 days ago

    Me gustaría enepañol

  59. How zer

    How zer4 days ago

    Brandon is the spitting image of his dad.

  60. Jess Woody

    Jess Woody4 days ago

    I’m glad the dad said “ it’s both of y’all’s mistake “

  61. Nalisa Jackson

    Nalisa Jackson4 days ago

    IDK but how much does a pregnancy test cost

  62. yesli diaz lopez

    yesli diaz lopez4 days ago

    Fast ha? julia

  63. a Dix

    a Dix4 days ago

    Run!!!! Julia run

  64. Sue Virani

    Sue Virani4 days ago

    Brandon is immature, Julia go back to your country and marry a responsiblet guy who will respect and take care of you.

  65. Mhiz Diana

    Mhiz Diana4 days ago

    I already know she’s pregnant 🤰

  66. Mel C.

    Mel C.4 days ago

    For once, Brandon’s parents have a point!

  67. Lins

    Lins4 days ago


  68. Ida Villegas

    Ida Villegas5 days ago

    Ok this has got to be the weirdest family 90day has ever had!!!

  69. Alex Boyles

    Alex Boyles5 days ago

    I wouldn’t have told my parents until it was official.

  70. Really Mariah

    Really Mariah5 days ago

    Manufactured storyline.

  71. Exi Ellis

    Exi Ellis5 days ago

    He has no spine 🥴

  72. Anne

    Anne5 days ago

    Why on earth would you say anything without knowing? Which is exactly what his parents are saying. And he/they constantly throw Julia under the bus - everything is always HER fault. I honestly don’t know why she’s still here. He’s the dumbest, most immature person ever on this show except maybe Asuelo.

  73. Sally Fisher

    Sally Fisher5 days ago

    If looks could kill!! Mama would've pulverized her

  74. MTTT

    MTTT5 days ago

    He like always blames her and it so annoying

  75. Elizabeth Martin

    Elizabeth Martin5 days ago

    His parents are like, "he doesn't shock us anymore".

  76. Альф Жан

    Альф Жан5 days ago

    Дворик дома напоминает мне лобное место из Дома 2)))) собираются, чтобы пообсуждать и возможно выгнать Юлю))

  77. Janet McGinn

    Janet McGinn5 days ago

    It’s a bad sign when the parents correct his fucked up thinking

  78. ccway 7

    ccway 75 days ago

    "u cause so many sleepless nights" r u kidding... And he just nods his head in agreement with these parents who are such pos

  79. Lucia MTamayo

    Lucia MTamayo5 days ago

    The way the mother is looking at them... If looks can kill 🔪

  80. Gloria F

    Gloria F5 days ago

    3.16min of parents realizing they gave birth to a dumbass

  81. Mackenzie Vk

    Mackenzie Vk5 days ago

    Lol they totally just pooped their pants 🙊🙊

  82. Marlee Lyons

    Marlee Lyons5 days ago

    This man is a child man

  83. satellis78

    satellis785 days ago

    Are the parents related? They look like brother and sister....

  84. Erin Stanley

    Erin Stanley5 days ago

    this is hurting my heart. I wish I could hug her and tell her congratulations because babies are terrifying but they have their way of making our lives feel meaningful and they make you burst with the amount of love you immediately feel when you see your child born. Nothing on earth compares to the feeling of seeing a healthy baby take their first breath. Not all women are formate enough to experience pregnancy in a way that society approves of and sees as “traditional”. This poor woman is away from her home, way from everyone she loves, away from people who would congratulate her and tell her it’s okay! Timing is off but it’s gonna work out! She’s stuck IN A SHITTY PRETEND FARM STUCK WITH SHITTIER PEOPLE MAKING HER FEEL GUILTY for her body doing amazing things. I love how juicy jury curl Betty let’s them know they cause so many sleepless nights. She cannot sleep because she knows someone is getting down with her man Brandon! And she ain’t having that! that’s why she’s really losing sleep. As a woman and mother she should have wrapped her arms around Julia and been there for her regardless of how she feels. VILE NASTY CREATURES

  85. سكينة س

    سكينة س5 days ago

    I don't know why but this family seems from the crime scene specially the mother ... They are like they about to kill someone

  86. jjmusiclover3

    jjmusiclover35 days ago

    Dad was right here!

  87. Jayleen Gonzalez

    Jayleen Gonzalez5 days ago

    Omg what a freaking moron 🤦🏻‍♀️ Julia run 🏃‍♀️

  88. Aj

    Aj5 days ago

    I don’t like how brandon is ALWAYS blaming her. Like if she doesn’t want to take birth control it is Brandon’s responsibility to get condoms. Like why do you think she’s pregnant you idiot

  89. Luisa Mendoza

    Luisa Mendoza5 days ago

    Brandons parents almost die at the end of the scene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a moment 😟😟😟😟😟😒😒


    GRACIE VARGAS5 days ago

    He acts like he has actually stated he used the pull out method...dump his ass and these parents should be embarrassed of their behavior!

  91. Teresa Smith

    Teresa Smith5 days ago

    My God these parents!!! They cut the cord Mom you too Dad let him be a man he is grown! Let him make his own decisions about his love life and life in general. You two have NO BOUNDARIES!! Time for the son to live his own life.

  92. Jan de Vries

    Jan de Vries5 days ago

    Julia is a joke for being with such a loser tbh.

  93. Tommie Shaw

    Tommie Shaw5 days ago

    lmfaooo Brandon is such a little boy. Dear lord, he’s determined to prove to his parents that he’s incompetent.

  94. Tony Lee

    Tony Lee5 days ago

    Of course TV had to created drama because this freaking stupid mama' country boy doesn't have decent job and couldn't even support himself, let alone a wife or family.

  95. maria heredia

    maria heredia5 days ago

    Be needs to stop blaming her all the time Like u ain’t no angle either

  96. Lexie Love

    Lexie Love5 days ago

    Aw the 16 year olds telling their parents. Oh! They’re in their 20s... carry one accordingly.

  97. Sandra Koback

    Sandra Koback5 days ago

    This storyline seemed totally staged.

  98. Mckay Fam

    Mckay Fam5 days ago

    This was very unnecessary 😒😑 Pregnancy test cost $1. At the dollar 🌳 tree And I have used them with my 3 kids they are very accurate. & the nerve of him to blame it on her 🙄pisses me off. This little boy 👦has nerve.

  99. I NG

    I NG5 days ago

    This boy is like that kid . Why say all this before then getting a test

  100. Helen Cheadle

    Helen Cheadle5 days ago

    Sweet diamond says the parents need to be more understanding,,,,what more could they have said or done in the circumstances,having that info thrust at them when they haven’t even bothered getting a pregnancy test done to find out for sure! Secondly he’s 27 years old!! Doesn’t he or she know about birth control? They are both very irresponsible , too laid back, and it’s all going to end in tears with a poor child being born into a one parent family, while sonny boy goes out dating again! It’s an old old story. History repeats, and keeps repeating. The parents have done their time child rearing...I’m sure they don’t want to do child care again! What a sad mess.