Jigging for MONSTER Spring Walleyes in Green Bay, WI

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We went out again with Max Wilson chasing Green Bay Walleyes on the Fox River and we were not disappointed! Catching BIG Walleyes like this truly never gets old!
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  1. ARTI5

    ARTI5Month ago

    I am about to go on a fishing trip to GB for walleye

  2. russ peaknuckel

    russ peaknuckelMonth ago

    Don't eat the big ones with red bellies. They are full of contaminants from the Fox river.

  3. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    We don’t keep any lol

  4. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Rush Voorhis OutdoorsMonth ago

    Nice job guys!

  5. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Rush Voorhis OutdoorsMonth ago

    Love some spring walleyes😎

  6. Kayak Angler

    Kayak AnglerMonth ago

    Beauty eyes

  7. John Deferro

    John DeferroMonth ago

    I'll be there Saturday

  8. Benji Sam

    Benji SamMonth ago

    On em!

  9. Susan Olson

    Susan OlsonMonth ago

    I’m going to put fishing with you on my bucket list. Lol

  10. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    Blade bait fishing is a reaction strike. You are not going to get every fish in the mouth. People have to realize that

  11. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Rush Voorhis OutdoorsMonth ago

    Agreed, most these comments don't catch many fish lol

  12. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Yessir! Some just never will I guess lol

  13. Gerald Balciar Jr

    Gerald Balciar JrMonth ago

    Some nice action.

  14. Thomas Will

    Thomas WillMonth ago

    Yup me for sure...well constructive criticism makes you stronger...I just wanted to voice my fish respectfull comments...that's it.

  15. Thomas Will

    Thomas WillMonth ago

    Yeah you also be honest that's all...any yahoo can go to Depere and lift up on fish...just sayin' better footage...get bit?

  16. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Thomas, I catch fish all year long using many different techniques. Blade bait and Rippin Rap fishing are widely used - I’m sorry you don’t seem to understand that sometimes fish accidentally get hooked outside of the mouth. Good day sir.

  17. Thomas Will

    Thomas WillMonth ago

    Even the stinger hook was snagged! The whole it went after it, whatever makes you feel good up there!

  18. Erik Stark

    Erik StarkMonth ago

    Lol I went up to green bay yesterday, all I did was snag the things. Yes, caught a couple 26 inchers, but A) I snagged them and B) you can't keep em and even if you could they say eat them things once a month bc of the mercury. Green bay sucks I'll hit the rock river over it any day.

  19. Lloyd Beebe

    Lloyd BeebeMonth ago

    I hear it everyday with these USlikes guys. (These fish try to pin it to the bottom). Either way it’s a snagged fish. Lol.

  20. Thomas Will

    Thomas WillMonth ago

    If you call that catching...well I guess hooking them under the chin every fish in your mind catching I didn't see one in the mouth...what eves. To each there own. Freedom of speech, Merica!

  21. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Thomas Will, have a good night 👍

  22. Timothy Morrison

    Timothy MorrisonMonth ago

    Awesome job guys!!!

  23. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Thanks bro!

  24. Thomas Gursky

    Thomas GurskyMonth ago

    I'll be out there Friday Jason on my blue/silver G3...115 Yammy

  25. Rush Voorhis Outdoors

    Rush Voorhis OutdoorsMonth ago

    Go get em 😎

  26. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Good luck out there!

  27. Thomas Will

    Thomas WillMonth ago

    Bunch of snagged fish...come on man!

  28. Timothy Morrison

    Timothy MorrisonMonth ago

    Happens all the time with that style of fishing. The fish try and pin the bait to the bottom so it can’t get away.

  29. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    Ever fish with a blade bait? It happens....they often get it under the jaw or in the pectoral when they pound it into the mud. If you’ve never done it you wouldn’t get it.

  30. Matt Ress

    Matt RessMonth ago

    Love the Videos

  31. Robert Maddox

    Robert MaddoxMonth ago

    Great video!! Simply don't get a chance to fish bladebaits much on the Colorado River.

  32. Piscifun

    PiscifunMonth ago

    It’s always too warm 😂

  33. Tom

    TomMonth ago

    Good fishing uncle!

  34. 1Hook1Bobber Fishing

    1Hook1Bobber FishingMonth ago

    I can’t wait till our waters get warm

  35. 1Hook1Bobber Fishing

    1Hook1Bobber FishingMonth ago

    Love the vid!