Falling In Reverse - "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)"

"I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" by @Falling In Reverse
Stream & download: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire
Director: Jensen Noen
Producer: Phoenix Vaughn
Director of Photography: Anthony Kimata
Production Designer: Eric Hersey
Production Company: Blesscode Entertainment
REVAMPED by Ronnie Radke
Produced by Ronnie Radke & Tyler Smyth
Mixed by Tony Maserati
Engineered by Tyler Smyth
Choir singers:
Chase Matthews, Christopher Aaron, Donna Taylor, George Steeves, Jackie Simley, Jacob Lusk, Kelly Jones, Kym Foley, Leah Williams, Marcellina Hawthorne, Mike Sandberg, Mikel Cole, Neeyah Lynn Rose, Phillip Hunter, Russell Jackson, Sire James, Terry Marcheta Nicholson, Ronee Martin, Vickie Dove, Zuri.
Additional vocal production for choir: Russell Jackson
Written by Ronnie Radke, Michael Baskette & Dave Holdredge
Site: fallinginreverse.com
Store: store.fallinginreverse.com
Facebook: fallinginreverseofficial
Twitter: firofficial
Instagram: instagr.am/fallinginreverse
Tumblr: fallinginreverse.tumblr.com
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  1. Epitaph Records

    Epitaph Records22 days ago

    Stream + Download "I'm Not A Vampire (Revamped)" Here: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/vampire


    MXXN OFFICIAL4 days ago

    This is kickass. I fucking loved it.

  3. nico d

    nico d6 days ago

    the 1st version was a steaming pile and so is this one

  4. Quashad Backus

    Quashad Backus7 days ago

    @Wýñter ćaŕŕ Watch to the point where Ronnie is LITERALLY sucking a girl's blood.

  5. Galih Lhakim

    Galih Lhakim8 days ago

    Keren sih

  6. Wýñter ćaŕŕ

    Wýñter ćaŕŕ8 days ago

    @Quashad Backus He lied? What do u mean??

  7. Solange Silva Sá

    Solange Silva Sá23 minutes ago

    PERFEIÇÃOOOOO!! 🌙💖💖💖💖💖

  8. lovebunny33 Roblox

    lovebunny33 Roblox49 minutes ago

    i uesto watch all ur music but since i was only 9 you gave me nightmares but now im 12 and i apsoloutly love ur music and u :)

  9. Wert

    WertHour ago

    это просто невероятно

  10. RendezvouDoo

    RendezvouDooHour ago

    Is that his wife paige? I think shes prettier than all the other females that have been in his vids. As a crazy Sagittarius myself we need a person who can basically for lack of a better phrase ride or die thru our ups n downs. ♐♐♐

  11. Arij

    ArijHour ago

    Ronnie’s voice is so amazing

  12. Kaylee Householder

    Kaylee Householder2 hours ago

    😟 Hell 𝕐𝔼𝕊

  13. dale baugh

    dale baugh2 hours ago

    I love this song it is very powerful I feel for the band losing a member is never fun he is in a better place and will always be remembered

  14. baka

    baka2 hours ago

    So fucking good

  15. Mary

    Mary3 hours ago

    Omg the way they conceal ronnie’s face tattoos

  16. Mike Gaffney

    Mike Gaffney3 hours ago

    Revamped (nice) omg this is amazing 👏 what power and emotion in Ronnie's voice. The video deserves to win awards too what a masterpiece, I really hope the guys keep reworking songs like this and drug in me because I know I'm not the only one absolutely loving it

  17. Daniele Pugliese

    Daniele Pugliese5 hours ago

    Song of the year!

  18. Kiko Toast

    Kiko Toast6 hours ago

    2:38 here's the part for the tik tok 😻😻

  19. juan diegoVP

    juan diegoVP6 hours ago

    Just Awesome 💙💯

  20. Emil Stoltz

    Emil Stoltz7 hours ago

    This is not a song, this is an experience!

  21. Tristan Forthe

    Tristan Forthe7 hours ago

    It's a crime this wasn't recommended to me sooner what the FUCK

  22. Bahij Ghata

    Bahij Ghata8 hours ago

    Every freaking single time I listing to this song I have tears in my eyes, holy shit this is perfection. What a performance Ronnie! 🔥🔥🔥

  23. JustAMadHatter

    JustAMadHatter8 hours ago

    Ya know... I have traveled a lot in my USlikes years, alot of "god" a lot of "well if it was you" and a lot of "I don't agree"... well fuck them all, because I'm still all about me and good music! Whats left?

  24. katie perkins

    katie perkins8 hours ago

    is it just me or should ronnie radke make a movie and this needs to be in it

  25. Marianne Pleure

    Marianne Pleure8 hours ago


  26. Sami Ghandour

    Sami Ghandour8 hours ago

    I don't love Falling in Reverse, but this remix done so well. It highlights Ronnie's voice so well. Amazing.


    ГОРЬКОВАТ9 hours ago

    Баба лишняя здесь. А так клип крутой

  28. inis mona

    inis mona9 hours ago

    Ronnie looks awesome, but the girl is an emotionless mask

  29. jane doe

    jane doe9 hours ago

    Fucking amazing.. masterpiece

  30. Rudy PiVaral

    Rudy PiVaral9 hours ago

    Anne Rice would have a panic attack

  31. a chestburster

    a chestburster10 hours ago

    Some heavy interview with a vampire influences here, one of my favorite videos easily....wish I could pull off that look. He should be in the remake they are doing, which will probably be horrible but I hope not.

  32. Vegas Victor

    Vegas Victor10 hours ago

    The song is called 'I'm Not A Vampire' but...in the video he is a vampire. *hits bong* ...holy shit.

  33. Alisha Santiago

    Alisha Santiago10 hours ago

    Jesus someone's been bored over quarantine

  34. ronnie radke

    ronnie radke9 hours ago

    Fucking what ?

  35. Jellyman

    Jellyman10 hours ago



    NICHOXLAS MUSIC11 hours ago

    Get Amy Lee on this and muah! masterpiece.

  37. jimmy leto

    jimmy leto11 hours ago

    My hearth is broken

  38. Daineira Fishley

    Daineira Fishley12 hours ago

    This is insane 😍

  39. Edward Colon

    Edward Colon12 hours ago


  40. Edward Crapo

    Edward Crapo12 hours ago

    God damn it I love these Rock Opera remakes by Ronnie, absolutely fucking beautiful and amazing. Said if before, even though just discovered Falling in Reverse, Ronnie is a musical, lyrical, and vocal genius. Besides all all that look at the theatrics of this video. Next should be Falling in Reverse presents, whatever fucking movie they wanna make.

  41. Draxion64

    Draxion6413 hours ago

    New album when?

  42. Code:Loser

    Code:Loser13 hours ago

    1:28 The emotions are hitting me...

  43. KinjaBang

    KinjaBang13 hours ago

    That last part was intense

  44. Robert Baker

    Robert Baker13 hours ago

    I came here because I kept seeing people request it in reaction videos. I don't get it. It's not that good. Definitely not as good as the songs it was being compared to.

  45. JD Folds

    JD Folds13 hours ago

    This man gets prettier with time it's mind blowing

  46. Amanda Butler

    Amanda Butler13 hours ago

    No matter how many times I've watched this video or listened to the song it makes me emotional and get teary every time but I'm so addicted to it. Words can't express how excited I am for the concert!!!

  47. L JS

    L JS13 hours ago


  48. Carissa Ricks

    Carissa Ricks13 hours ago

    The amount of appreciation and love i feel for ronnie radke and the amazing music he creates is beyond everything!❤❤ this video i stared at with aww and i couldnt look away! The added music and the storyline for this, it was all so beautiful

  49. 2 B

    2 B14 hours ago

    Это, пожалуй, самая эмоционально насыщенная песня из всех, которые я слышала. Первое знакомство с исполнителем, и я, мягко говоря, поражена. Просто невероятно 👏👏👏

  50. Matheus Rodrigues

    Matheus Rodrigues14 hours ago

    Mano maravilho, não só a musica mais a evolução musical deles, slk de arrepiar

  51. Katinka aa

    Katinka aa15 hours ago

    holy shit!

  52. Natalie A

    Natalie A15 hours ago

    This is falling in reverse and I fucking love it Remastered (all) from etf PLEASE DO APOCALYPSE NEXT


    MORVIUS PS16 hours ago

    amo este tema si alguien le interesa ver mi reacción es español uslikes.info/house/qKuIrN2Ak42AmdA/video.html

  54. Jaz S

    Jaz S16 hours ago

    I'm gonna eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner. This is the best meal of the day. So delicious.

  55. Cris Lemon

    Cris Lemon16 hours ago


  56. koashjames

    koashjames16 hours ago

    Fuck I am loving these reimagines/revamps!!!! !!

  57. Marioz Calzada

    Marioz Calzada16 hours ago

    Omg 🖤

  58. c0lda5ic3

    c0lda5ic316 hours ago

    This is a Masterpiece y'all 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Elli Gator

    Elli Gator16 hours ago

    I love this so much😍

  60. Арсений Сорокин

    Арсений Сорокин17 hours ago


  61. rico gonzalez

    rico gonzalez17 hours ago

    Dude I’m pissed that this shit pops off a little 😂😂 lmao

  62. Eliseu Neves

    Eliseu Neves17 hours ago

    Mano, que obra de arte não consigo parar de ouvir

  63. Άλκης Λουκρέζης

    Άλκης Λουκρέζης17 hours ago

    Lyrics for anyone wondering: [Music] [Music] well i'm not a vampire but i feel like sometimes i sleep all day cause i hate the sun [Music] with me and whiskey seems to be my holy water [Applause] [Music] and mothers better lock your doors [Music] when did i become so cold for goodness sakes where is my self-control if home is where my heart is then my heart has lost [Music] [Music] is my name is coursing through my face [Music] where is [Music] my you know because [Music] so i sharpen my teeth cause i love the way it feels when i sink into your skin and draw the only thing that's real you don't believe me should i write it [Music] [__] [Music] is has yeah [Music] you

  64. Austin Plessinger

    Austin Plessinger18 hours ago

    So happy to finally see paige in a video

  65. N E C 1 Ø

    N E C 1 Ø18 hours ago

    So Cliché

  66. Caramel_Delight

    Caramel_Delight18 hours ago

    That so "god bless all of you now" was just chilling

  67. emily m

    emily m19 hours ago


  68. Der Threat

    Der Threat19 hours ago


  69. Cassie Guduel

    Cassie Guduel19 hours ago

    Its like 50x on repeat today! I had to watch it more than once cause my phone has crappy tones. But on ear budd it's beyond amazing! Gives me goose bumps!!!!

  70. Torrie Strong

    Torrie Strong19 hours ago

    So intense and so much emotion. Im speechless. This gives off serious Interview With A Vampire vibes.. so Ronnie are you saying youre a Werewolf Vampire Hybrid??? This gives me goosebumps and everytime the scene comes up with Paige in the bathtub I start crying, I can feel the emotion in his voice, in my soul. Ronnie you are a genius, and a musical God. Cant wait to see what you do next.

  71. Leaf Leaf

    Leaf Leaf19 hours ago

    2:40 hi my name is ronnie im an addict and my daddy shouldve never raised me on laxitives

  72. BeHereNow Dragonfly

    BeHereNow Dragonfly19 hours ago

    This is so beautiful. These vibes are real

  73. Vera Poels

    Vera Poels19 hours ago

    Oh my emo heart! YES, just yes

  74. qwertyman459

    qwertyman45920 hours ago

    ronnie i fucking love you bro. this is amazing.

  75. David Ashmore

    David Ashmore21 hour ago

    Anyone else get a A7X vibe with this one? More specifically, some of it reminded me of "A little piece of heaven". Mostly different and also epic. Ronnie has a significantly stronger vocal range Anyways, brilliant song and video Ronnie. Pure Genius

  76. cthulahoopz

    cthulahoopz21 hour ago

    youve brought this music back to LIFE with these new renditions. Brought me back to my old days

  77. cthulahoopz

    cthulahoopz21 hour ago

    holyyyy fffffffffffff ily ily ily ily ily ily

  78. Rafaxlla ._.

    Rafaxlla ._.21 hour ago

    So who’s gonna explain the videoclip?

  79. Niks

    Niks22 hours ago

    this version of ronnie brings back the hard crush I had on him so bad.............

  80. Lamin Benaissa

    Lamin Benaissa22 hours ago


  81. JorJo Jordyn

    JorJo Jordyn22 hours ago

    raised by the wolves (Rehowled)?

  82. beth backman

    beth backman22 hours ago

    Esta potente 🕳️👅🕳️

  83. Kim Yagami

    Kim YagamiDay ago


  84. Rohan Shaw

    Rohan ShawDay ago

    Raise by Wolves is coming up🤘

  85. Ryan Rengalota

    Ryan RengalotaDay ago

    how about Alone or Coming Home?

  86. kai

    kaiDay ago

    this shit never fails to amaze me HFBDBF

  87. rocky420z

    rocky420zDay ago

    This is crap, I would never consider this rock n roll ,it's pop stop trying to say it's anything but

  88. ANDTHEYRISEofficial

    ANDTHEYRISEofficialDay ago

    Please check out our new single "Afraid Of The World". Available everywhere now! uslikes.info/house/q2aHmtmspo2ldNw/video.html



    This is beautiful 😍😭

  90. Kookie D

    Kookie DDay ago

    Beautiful, thank you for another amazing release!!! Absolutely amazing!! Left me wanting more again, always a great thing!!!

  91. axey_ bit

    axey_ bitDay ago

    His music never fails to slap hes aesthetic his voice him exsiting makes me glad im still here thx for alway makin my day🖤



    I cant stop listening to this, its a masterpiece.

  93. Jboneabs3445

    Jboneabs3445Day ago

    This is the most epic & iconic revamping ever!!!! The composition of the vox are incredible!!!

  94. manne Mac

    manne MacDay ago


  95. Malaika Ahmed

    Malaika AhmedDay ago

    daily reminder that dixies song about being "really really really really sad" has more streams/views than this masterpiece

  96. Ľudmila Velikaničová

    Ľudmila VelikaničováDay ago

    Incredible masterpiece. Goosebumps from head to heart!!

  97. brandon ohara

    brandon oharaDay ago

    This is terrible lol 😂

  98. E Wave Production cyborg of the 2020 northeast.

    E Wave Production cyborg of the 2020 northeast.Day ago

    loki singing lol

  99. Alexander Aleksandrov

    Alexander AleksandrovDay ago

    *nods enthusiasticly*

  100. Heath Chris

    Heath ChrisDay ago

    Playboi carti the real vamp >

  101. WendyWoo

    WendyWooDay ago

    Words can not express the way I feel about this track. If he keeps to a similar style as this song and the drug in me reimagined I will love him forever lol

  102. Dustin Dolinski

    Dustin DolinskiDay ago

    And whiskey seems to be my holy water, and mothers better lock your doors and hide your daughters ! Fucking legend Ronnie

  103. Z E R O S I X

    Z E R O S I XDay ago


  104. Ashley Alyse

    Ashley AlyseDay ago

    How have I never heard of this guy before?? I rarely listen to songs with vocals, but can't stop listening to this. Insane, absolutely love it, beautiful song and visuals.

  105. chloe circus

    chloe circusDay ago

    ‘revamped’ i get it :0

  106. Ekaterina Ekaterina

    Ekaterina EkaterinaDay ago

    Черт, это божественно. Конец песни просто бесподобен, просто до слез, реально. Ронни как всегда, на высоте