Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on USlikes 12/16/20.


  1. Chuck Eberhart

    Chuck Eberhart2 hours ago

    Much love to you guys, Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Clean Cut Productions

    Clean Cut Productions3 hours ago

    OMGGGG you guys got interviewed by THEE Barack Obama. Cherish this moment. So proud of where you guys are going!!!

  3. Jill Lucke

    Jill Lucke4 hours ago

    You twins have given so much hope and love through your openness to all decades and genres of music in this crazy time! Thanks for reaching out and giving so much love back!

  4. Karen Eubank

    Karen Eubank5 hours ago

    So good guys! Congratulations

  5. Maryella

    Maryella8 hours ago

    I was thinking "Bob Dylan? Seriously? Dude can't sing!" 😂😂

  6. Aleta Durney

    Aleta Durney9 hours ago

    I love you Twins. I first thought you were going to make fun of an artist, and I decided to watch anyway, and I was so happy when you really listened to the music, and then gave it the merit it deserved. I love this about you. Thank you for being one facet of opening the minds of the people.

  7. Tia Cleary

    Tia Cleary10 hours ago

    Thanks to the GOAT POTUS, and these lovely men for sharing with us. Times are a changing...starting Jan 2021, ty Biden

  8. Suzanne Hodgkins

    Suzanne Hodgkins11 hours ago

    Wow!!! I mean, just wow. Congrats, guys!

  9. Dinesh A.R.B. Nannan Panday

    Dinesh A.R.B. Nannan Panday13 hours ago


  10. Patricia Sutton

    Patricia Sutton13 hours ago

    Congratulations twins

  11. Jeanine's World

    Jeanine's World16 hours ago

    So cool for them. They can show their kids this.

  12. Vim LA

    Vim LA17 hours ago


  13. tainosun1

    tainosun119 hours ago

    That was amazing! President Barack Obama on your show! I’m speechless 🙏🏽Congratulations guys you’ve reached a new milestone. Keep doing what you do fellas. Peace and Blessings

  14. Ryan Mulligan

    Ryan Mulligan20 hours ago

    That's absolutely amazing. Congrats to you both and what a man to take the time to do this for y'all.

  15. Holly Duff

    Holly Duff20 hours ago

    OMG how lucky I love Barrack Obama . Thankfully we got Joe Biden as President 1/20/21 💙🇺🇲🙏💪👊🏾

  16. Jennifer King

    Jennifer King21 hour ago

    Congratz! How wonderful to have such a good man and firmer President give you a talk! You guys are great. Thx for the joy you two bring.

  17. Kristin Wright

    Kristin WrightDay ago

    Dylan did this back in the 60s during the first push of civil rights. I think we are in a second push because people just aren't quite getting it. Sooooo cool you got Obama on your channel. That is so amazing.

  18. diane Russo

    diane RussoDay ago

    Great advise he gave you. Continue what you’re doing and you’ll bring even more people together. Congrats 💙💙

  19. Steve Winfree

    Steve WinfreeDay ago

    Dang!! You talked with Obama!! That's so freakin amazing!!

  20. Drmorganaurora

    DrmorganauroraDay ago

    Epic! And he’s right. You are teaching people how to keep minds open. Keep it up, i come hear to feel better about our world.

  21. Jocelyn Taub

    Jocelyn TaubDay ago

    Congrats guys. That is very impressive!!

  22. janet knight

    janet knightDay ago

    Make him your role model!

  23. John R. Deszell

    John R. DeszellDay ago

    Hey Twins! This 60 year old white woman from the midwest, LOVES you guys! I love that you listen to such a variety of music genres and you ALWAYS have something nice to say about every different one. Never a negative comment or cursing. You guys are such a great example of young men going places. Barack Obama was the best President ever. LOVE HIM!

  24. John R. Deszell

    John R. DeszellDay ago

    This is John's wife.

  25. Donna Kawana

    Donna KawanaDay ago

    I am so very proud of you guys!! I knew when I stumbled upon your channel y'all was something special!! Now we see proof y'all is great an going somewhere...Bob Dylan made amazing thought provoking music... much like what your channel does!!

  26. Denise Grupe

    Denise GrupeDay ago

    Again, awesomeness to the 9th power!!!!

  27. Krister Forsman

    Krister ForsmanDay ago

    First Dylan and the Obama, Wow and hurra.

  28. Nora Donovan

    Nora DonovanDay ago

    What a great chat with the former President of the United States! Wow! The world is your stage keep changing and making great song at a time!! Congrats! ❤

  29. Sara Sarah

    Sara Sarah2 days ago

    Congrats guys! this is awesome!!

  30. Trenna H

    Trenna H2 days ago

    Umm... I can’t even breath right now.... guys! This is so... so much. I know you guys young but this was everything to me. I loved it so much! Thank you for this. And thank you...oh goodness guys! The best man in politics, humanity, and his grace/swagger!!! Just know, you two are so lucky! He’s a TRUE man/advocate...ugh couldn’t get better then you three talkin, I’m dying! Sending so much love you guys! Make your life extraordinary! 🤗

  31. Lisa Large

    Lisa Large2 days ago

    These young men appreciating all genres of music, give hope for our future. Congrats on having the prez recognize your peace!

  32. Parmesana

    Parmesana2 days ago

    Bob Dylan(Robert Zimmerman)folk singer in the 60's ..folk songs and protest songs. the 60's were turbulent times. Vietnam War..and at that time, the US had a "draft"system..where the govt might choose you to go to war...and you HAD to go..or face jail. Many dodged the draft and went to Canada ..Rev King,Malcom X , marches desegregation.. Many demanded that the laws needed changing.

  33. Carol B

    Carol B2 days ago

    Your mind can break you out of any prison, and shackles, just as one1 can change the world. Congrats on your success guys!

  34. 88calgal

    88calgal2 days ago

    I just love you guys.

  35. J G

    J G2 days ago

    Amazing video, keep up the good work

  36. Jenny English

    Jenny English2 days ago

    Congrats, guys!

  37. Monica Harmes

    Monica Harmes2 days ago

    That was beautiful. ❤

  38. Jackie Kerr

    Jackie Kerr2 days ago

    Aww, just brilliant. This made my day. So plsd for you guys 💯. Obama is so cool,what a lovely,great man. This song always gets me emotional, as it's about one generation moving for the next one...we can't avoid it,happens to all us. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👌😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  39. Just Browsing

    Just Browsing2 days ago

    I’m reading Obama’s book now & seeing this just made me smile. I miss him as our President. I’m miss Michelle. The last 4 years have left me stunned. As much as I have hope for the next administration, I long for the trust I felt when this beautiful family was our First Family. Such hope. Such promise. Such integrity. If you don’t agree, save your breath & save yourself the embarrassment.

  40. Just Browsing

    Just Browsing2 days ago

    Just listen.

  41. Just Browsing

    Just Browsing2 days ago

    Bob Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” has long been my favorite. I’m 47 years old & a huge fan of the Twins! The speak the same language we were raised on. 🌈

  42. Lanita Johnson

    Lanita Johnson2 days ago

    Y’all this was awesome!

  43. M2B mluvAndgrace

    M2B mluvAndgrace2 days ago

    As an older woman, I really enjoy how you experience all types of music and getting President Obama on is epic! I smiled through the entire video for you in happiness!

  44. lisa mccally

    lisa mccally2 days ago

    cassette tapes! love this President, glad he found the Twins

  45. GAMinDC

    GAMinDC2 days ago

    I feel like my Grinch heart has grown three sizes today. 💓

  46. Stephanie Pena

    Stephanie Pena2 days ago

    Although Obama was a horrible President, he was definitely correct when he said you two are exposing yourselves to different genres and time periods which is admirable.

  47. Sosocrispy

    Sosocrispy2 days ago

    They say “He” has a plan for all of us. Without knowing it you are doing exactly what he wants you to do, build bridges not walls! Keep up the good work guys!

  48. Melanie Rea

    Melanie Rea2 days ago

    I definitely was teary eyed watching this. Congratulations! President Obama was a great president and is an even better human being. I miss him so much. I love watching you guys experience new music, it reminds me of how I felt when I first heard some of the songs you're discovering.

  49. Tessa Christensen

    Tessa Christensen2 days ago

    Out of all the music you have listened to has anything gotten into your regular rotation because you liked it so much?

  50. sasserine

    sasserine2 days ago

    This was the intro credits, for the 'Watchmen' film, and plays over a scene full of Easter Eggs, that expand on material that didn't make it into the film for space reasons. You see the first generation of 1930s costumed heroes, falling into addiction, madness, getting killed in action, being replaced by the more jaded new generation.

  51. David Castaneda

    David Castaneda2 days ago

    Been here since under 100k subscribers this makes me tear up like seeing the bros level up

  52. Claudia Croom-Cole

    Claudia Croom-Cole2 days ago

    The coolest president ever. Thank you both for showing the world that we are more alike than different. You are bringing the world together through music. Thank you

  53. iilish

    iilish2 days ago

    Obomba is a war criminal.

  54. Fiona Dutton

    Fiona Dutton2 days ago


  55. Rock girl

    Rock girl2 days ago

    Bob Dylan is a genius. He is the best song writer of our times. He writes with an old soul. Wonderful choice.

  56. Katherine Schindler

    Katherine Schindler2 days ago

    Wow, I lived in a strict religious home during my teens and early adulthood and was not allowed to listen to any music that has an up beat. I appreciate your digging deep in the musical past. Keep rockin' on!

  57. B Tay

    B Tay2 days ago

    I’m ecstatic for both of you, Tim and Fred! You’d already reached so many people and experienced some every cool firsts but you’ve now reached a unique echelon by meeting and talking to President Obama. It’s been an exciting adventure watching you guys listen and react to so many vastly different types of music. Your reactions are priceless, you make us laugh, smile, tear up and we remember oldies and discover new music with you. We love your heartfelt comments you share because you’re connecting with so many people from such different backgrounds worldwide. But you will never forget meeting Prez O! Just think about that - President Obama knows who you are. Officially wowed! ☮️ & 💟

  58. Rock girl

    Rock girl2 days ago

    Listen to Ask Me by ecstacy and passion. I just heard it the other day. It's a good song. Or lo down by Boz Scaggs. Catch me in falling by pretty poison all 80s great song.

  59. angie Salinas huffaker

    angie Salinas huffaker2 days ago

    Proud of you!!!!!

  60. Lb Jordan

    Lb Jordan3 days ago

    Bob was a folk singer 60s turbador. Sang to the heart of us kids of that time.

  61. Anne Nartowicz

    Anne Nartowicz3 days ago

    Obama the best down to earth president!! You both going places with the music knowledge!!

  62. Mary Heil

    Mary Heil3 days ago


  63. Aisha Cecil

    Aisha Cecil3 days ago

    Super dope

  64. micha polak

    micha polak3 days ago

    Funny you meeting obama he talking about being open to new ideas and traditions. I dont know exactly why but it made me think of red bone. First top 10 native american rock band. They had 2 hits i think. One of them we were all wounded at woundedknee

  65. MsErinSullivan

    MsErinSullivan3 days ago

    Guys, maybe don't interrupt President Obama with advertisements on this one video?

  66. Rebecca Erickson

    Rebecca Erickson3 days ago

    Awesome guys! Enjoy your brilliance!

  67. Ann Rock

    Ann Rock3 days ago

    Wow! You’re too smooth. I can’t believe how calm you were talking to Pres Obama.

  68. Ngarakal Birdtribe

    Ngarakal Birdtribe3 days ago

    You fellas would probable enjoy Hurricane by Bob Dylan

  69. prosie1968

    prosie19683 days ago

    Please, please listen to Josh Ritter, Gospel of Mary. He is the modern day Dylan with a better voice! It’s such an amazing testament of our times.

  70. J Nagarya

    J Nagarya3 days ago

    Try the Bob Dylan song Pawn in Their Game" -- his tribute to Medgar Evers (look him up).

  71. J Nagarya

    J Nagarya3 days ago

    How about LISTENING to the WHOLE song BEFORE trying to figure it out?

  72. Scott Schrader

    Scott Schrader3 days ago

    Love you guys. Seriously. Jay Black Cara Mia

  73. Jenn

    Jenn3 days ago

    Johnny Cash I Walk the Line or Jackson

  74. 40083svene

    40083svene3 days ago

    Listen to Ask Me by ecstacy and passion. I just heard it the other day. It's a good song. Or lo down by Boz Scaggs. Catch me in falling by pretty poison all 80s great song.

  75. 40083svene

    40083svene3 days ago

    That's great. He's a great man I miss him. Talk about mixing music we're older them him. My brother used to mix music on a reel to reel recorder from the radio. In Friday nights they didn't have commercials. Then we got excited when the cassette tapes came out. Good ole days.

  76. julie rome

    julie rome3 days ago

    Love the twins! What a wonderful interview with President Obama. Miss having a president like him!

  77. 1984Alocin

    1984Alocin3 days ago

    Amazing I hope you listen one day to fields of gold by Eva Cassidy it has alot of meaning for me

  78. Suzy Hager

    Suzy Hager3 days ago

    Now guys I tried to get you to do Pat Foster "Talkin Hitler" . He was also a folksinger in the 50s and 60s. If you search you tube for "pat foster dick weissman talkin to hitler" you can hear him singing. Pat Foster used to hang out in the folksinger place in NYC in Greenwich Village. He knew Bob Dylan, Woody Gutherie, Phil Ochs, Dick Weissman, and others. So PLEASE do Pat Foster. He was my father in law. He died when he was 61.

  79. Hebrew Yisraelite Sista

    Hebrew Yisraelite Sista3 days ago

    Barack is NOT a TRAMP...A loud mouth abase person...Good Speech and Common Sense.

  80. Mary Colburn

    Mary Colburn3 days ago

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity! Congrats guys!

  81. Leigh Nilsen

    Leigh Nilsen3 days ago

    What ! Congratulations !

  82. Amy Dirksen

    Amy Dirksen3 days ago

    LOVE this - just one more thing that's made me cry (in a good way!) recently. Mad props to you both for grabbing the attention of, and getting to talk to!! President Obama. How I miss that voice of kindness and reason. I'm hoping you'll react to some holiday music this season? Please? Knowing how you love Frank Sinatra, check out his version of Jingle Bells. And Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC - it's Christmas rap!

  83. Clem Kadiddlehopper

    Clem Kadiddlehopper3 days ago Hey Guys, click the link above to learn a bit more about Bob Dylan... He has been one of America's greatest poets and song writers.

  84. Saif Yousif

    Saif Yousif3 days ago

    amazing how these 2 dudes kept their cool talking to Obama. I would have gone speechless or even worse reacted like Joyce in the other video

  85. Vickie Fryer

    Vickie Fryer3 days ago

    You guys should listen to Marvin Gaye....Sexual Healing... You will definitely like this one

  86. dogaloz

    dogaloz3 days ago

    Nina Simone did a great cover of this. Has there ever been a greater contrast between a president and the fool who followed? Fingers crossed that the times are a changing again.

  87. WickedWordzz

    WickedWordzz3 days ago

    I love Obama. He's awesome 😊

  88. mariana newhard

    mariana newhard3 days ago

    I love this. I think Obama is right you are totally reaching out to the world with open minds. It's beautiful.

  89. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis3 days ago

    Why we needed him in the office..

  90. Marcie Dlin

    Marcie Dlin3 days ago

    I've been watching you two for a long while and I love you! ...this interview makes me SO happy

  91. Donna Stolz

    Donna Stolz3 days ago

    Barack Obama fixed his cassette tapes just like me. LOL

  92. Ralph Ruocco

    Ralph Ruocco3 days ago

    I'll take the twins over obama any time

  93. Gena Murphy

    Gena Murphy3 days ago

    So very proud of you two! Your love for music has forged a new life path for the of you... Remember to stay humble , stay up! Peace & Blessings!

  94. Carlos Nelson

    Carlos Nelson3 days ago

    This is America at its best!

  95. b hix

    b hix3 days ago

    Simply said, if Bob Dylan is one of President Obama's favs, it's for a very good reason. He is a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, considered one of the best songwriters of the 20th century and his music has been considered poetry.

  96. Jenni Graham

    Jenni Graham3 days ago

    WOW!! How fantastic, and what an honour 😊 you’re obviously doing very well, and now you’re going to do even better. I became a Bob Dylan fan when I was 13 (almost 57 years ago) a friend brought his album home from America and I fell in love with it, and Dylan, straight away ! All his songs are fantastic, but his protest songs are the best!

  97. L P

    L P3 days ago

    This is so great. I am really happy for you guys. Love this channel. Wishing you all the success. ❤

  98. Robert Fay

    Robert Fay3 days ago

    Judging by the fact that these brothers were all dressed up tells me this might not have been a surprise...

  99. Darcy MacDonald

    Darcy MacDonald4 days ago

    This channel may have the only comment section on the entire internet where people don’t argue. Thank you.

  100. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni4 days ago

    your being able to say, "Mom, Barack Obama says hi." WOW

  101. Nina Anne M. Greeley

    Nina Anne M. Greeley4 days ago

    Wow. Just LOVED this!!! So cool ... I agree with the President -- you guys are great because you are so open to different experiences and new kinds of art. We should ALL be like that1 Bravo, and thanks for your great videos. You brighten my world!

  102. Mary Jensen

    Mary Jensen4 days ago

    Unfortunately The Times They are a Changin’ came out over 50 years ago and the times haven’t changed nearly enough.