Doug, Scott, and I came out today in search of Antonio Lopez‘s car that went off the Glenn Jackson bridge between Washington and Oregon on Valentine’s Day.
We are currently sitting under the 205 bridge waiting for the sheriff to identify the location we gave them of the car.
It is not currently known if Antonio is inside.



    TAPERA FM3 days ago

    Um grande Abraço 🤗 Meu Amigo Antônio Amaro

  2. Scott Fed

    Scott Fed4 days ago

    Such a terrible deal.... side and down image is done pretty cool stuff but that Garmin panoptix livescope is the real deal. Terrible deal

  3. Jason Brannon

    Jason Brannon6 days ago

    You found this vehicle in minutes, from a small 2 person boat when a group of men from an agency took days. I used to work in law enforcement and understand their rules and procedure but some of these agencies are rude for no reason. I worked with men (and women) who had their ego in the way. There is no room for chest puffing and penis measuring contests when it comes to the retrieval of a body and bringing answers to a family. Sam, you and your team represent yourself well and always have from what I've seen. As your channel and presence continue to grow I hope you'll start to be met with open arms by LEO agencies. If they don't know who you are they likely think "Oh here's a guy with a camera trying to be nosey" but most of the guys probably have no idea of the work you've done. Like I said, it's not a contest but you've probably located more bodies than many dive teams. I'm proud to be a part of this with you. I've been along for the ride since before you had 100k and although the finding guns and items in the river was entertaining I'm so glad that you took a turn to do what you are doing now. USlikes has tons of guys who go out and find iPhones and guns and that gets old. I watch every video you publish from start to stop. I've never met you and don't know you but I am proud of how much you've accomplished and what more you will in the future. Stay safe brother!

  4. Angelica

    Angelica6 days ago

    THANK YOU for all you do. Think it was unreasonable of the sheriff's department to deny your help. Someone like you all who do this all the time KNOW what you are doing. Proof is in the pudding and you found the vehicle in less than 30 minutes when the sheriff's dept had been searching for 2-3 days!! God bless you all AWP!!!

  5. Marni Fowler

    Marni Fowler6 days ago

    It’s ok to get choked up Jared, it’s a heavy thing you’re doing. I’m a sociologist and some of the cases I help on are extremely emotional. Don’t ever apologize for feeling emotional on these cases what you guys are doing is beyond amazing

  6. marie lynne

    marie lynne7 days ago

    There was just a video put out of a truck going up and over a plow created snow ramp on a high ramp like this. He landed wheels down thank god and actually survived, a miracle!

  7. Aloha Girl

    Aloha Girl7 days ago

    Less live streams more videos please!!!

  8. Linda Lewis

    Linda Lewis8 days ago

    There's no doubt about it. AWP are God sent. 🙏 This was their purpose in life all along. Heroes🦸 & Angels 😇👐 in wetsuits 🤿 easing the pain of the loved ones. 🕊️💔😢 I hope you all realize that, AWP & ALL of the volunteers, that help you do what you do so damn well! 👏👏👍👌❤️

  9. Julie Krienke

    Julie Krienke8 days ago

    Prayers to family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️✝️✡✡✡✡♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  10. Julie Krienke

    Julie Krienke8 days ago

    Yall are SUPERB, thank you..Gby

  11. Allison Chains

    Allison Chains8 days ago

    I wished I could watch live stream but my work schedule has been grueling since COVID. Gosh, this is amazing you found him. We did have a storm here in PNW. Prayers for Antonio and his family. Heartbreaking for the family but must be a relief to have found him.

  12. li!i!.YBS.!i!il

    li!i!.YBS.!i!il8 days ago

    man up thats the problem with men now days beta males

  13. Lori Murphy

    Lori Murphy8 days ago

    I love an respect all the selfish dives you do for family's closure. An Respect you show when there loved one's are found. God Bless you you all.

  14. Tree limb fishing

    Tree limb fishing9 days ago

    man its so awesome watching what yall do good work.. I have been following yall since everything that happened in my back yard here in nc at York hill boat landing

  15. Have a Great Day

    Have a Great Day9 days ago

    I notice that you always get grief from law enforcement. I suppose in case it is nefarious, they may worry if evidence is disturbed.

  16. Marc Coker

    Marc Coker9 days ago

    I don't understand why the Police got you to remove your marker. Can only assume they were a bit but hurt that you guys found it.

  17. Scott Sather

    Scott Sather9 days ago

    You guys rock!!! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart

  18. Dawn break

    Dawn break9 days ago

    Stay away from Portland... anyone that has gone missing 15-24 years old watch like or previously streamed lives on USlikes channels suck as ' Jeff mac" i have helped a sister and two sets of parents find 3 missing children. I sent the idea to a police officer that has had 67 missing kids from one county with nothing in common other then the county theyre missing in and all went to BLM

  19. Paula Mattis And Mandel

    Paula Mattis And Mandel9 days ago

    Continuous Ongoing Thoughts prayers going up💟🛐💟🙏🏾

  20. Debra Bunting

    Debra Bunting9 days ago

    I'm from Shelton Washington my husband's from Bremerton we just sold our home in Allyn I really appreciate what you do

  21. Deborah Valdes

    Deborah Valdes10 days ago

    I don’t understand if police not doing anything why guarding the place, why they don’t let some body else get the car

  22. Victoria Clark

    Victoria Clark10 days ago

    When I heard the news report of a car going over the 205 Bridge, I immediately thought of you folks and wondered if you'd be involved in the search/recovery efforts. I'm proud to be involved, even in my limited way. Money well spent!

  23. Pablo Farias

    Pablo Farias10 days ago

    Damn!! Awesome you guys found him!! I heard about it and lost it!! I also know dug worked on his truck!!! Small world

  24. mae eswards

    mae eswards11 days ago

    I am amazed at what all of you do. It's a blessing to the families.

  25. Giovanna Arioli

    Giovanna Arioli11 days ago

    I became a member and have bought 3 of your shirts. Thank you for all you all do

  26. Giovanna Arioli

    Giovanna Arioli11 days ago

    Is there anyway you can look at the lake in Bakersfield, CA to help look for the West boys ages and 4. There has been many tips that they were killed and thrown in the lake. Please help find them. Go to LV United we stand on USlikes

  27. Jane Woods

    Jane Woods11 days ago

    Jared, you and all Adventures with purpose are amazing. Muddy Bottom Waters, Chaos Divers, etc. all of you are amazing and bring closure to so many. God bless all of you and my prayers are with all of you and your families.

  28. Allandbeforetime

    Allandbeforetime11 days ago

    The plows created a straight up snow kicker ramp into the river. The lip of the ramp was as high as the guard wall..

  29. HereFor WorthIt

    HereFor WorthIt11 days ago

    Thank you so much.

  30. K. Foley

    K. Foley11 days ago

    Thank you ELITE TOWING youre always there to backup AWP...Stay Safe Angels🙏

  31. K. Foley

    K. Foley11 days ago

    ❤ANGELS IN DRYSUITS❤ "Jared Sam & Dan"

  32. K. Foley

    K. Foley11 days ago

    JARED many BLESSINGS sent your way....YOU & THE GUYS are SUPERHEROS...STAY SAFE.❤❤❤

  33. Dixie Caudill

    Dixie Caudill11 days ago

    As soon as I heard about this, I prayed AWP would get involved.

  34. Michael McCarter

    Michael McCarter11 days ago

    Are you going to put together a video for this like you did for the others? This just doesnt give the same respect as for the others. We dont even see your faces or the actual finding

  35. Missy Doyle

    Missy Doyle12 days ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful wife so happy you 2 got to go somewhere! Always make time for each other . That’s just so important to your relationship!!! Thank y’all again for everything you do for all the families. We will be sending you money very soon and hope it helps love you guys

  36. Josele Swopes

    Josele Swopes12 days ago


  37. Missy Doyle

    Missy Doyle12 days ago

    I’m sure instead of being grateful to you guys the police are probably ticked cause they’ve been looking for 2 to 3 days !

  38. Deborah Husted

    Deborah Husted12 days ago

    True true Heros!!!!!! Wish you could find niko lisi

  39. Daisy R Rivera

    Daisy R Rivera12 days ago

    Thank you so much for what u do !! God bless you There’s also a man missing from January 15th that went missing in Irrigon Oregon but much would it cost to search if he fall into the river ? It’s been a month and he nobody knows anything or has any clue but it would be nice to get to the end of this He might be driving a dark blue 2015 Dodge Dart with Oregon pates 9x-8129

  40. Brian Ceja

    Brian Ceja12 days ago

    I love your work. Thank you for all that you and your team do. I always watch your videos Your work is fascinating. I hope maybe one day I’ll run into you guys doing some work around Oregon 🙏 thank you for helping this family find peace. And all the other families you’ve helped as well.

  41. vickie putnam

    vickie putnam12 days ago

    Thank you for all you and your team do for families. Bringing closure is everything.

  42. Patricia Tyree

    Patricia Tyree12 days ago

    You have a very special gift. Thank you for doing what you do.

  43. ladybug4u165

    ladybug4u16512 days ago

    Thank you so much for all you do to help families

  44. Leah Gratiot

    Leah Gratiot12 days ago

    You guys are angels on this earth.

  45. Cathy Garton

    Cathy Garton12 days ago

    God bless you for finding this man for this family. The police departments should have AWP come in and train the dive teams!! Time to bring Antonio home!

  46. Neftali Rivera

    Neftali Rivera12 days ago


  47. Phil

    Phil12 days ago

    Do tell me what the police search team were doing before they went for lunch ??? Fishing ? Playing chess ? Eating breakfast ?? Wow, I should get our British dive teams to come over and help them !!!!! Keep up the good work 👍

  48. Mary Cotton

    Mary Cotton12 days ago

    Hearing her message to you made me cry too !

  49. Mary Cotton

    Mary Cotton12 days ago

    Your video is fine. especially for being your phone !! I can hear your emotions in your voice. Just proves you have a heart Jarred.

  50. Tommy Hall

    Tommy Hall12 days ago

    Thank y’all an the tow company great job all of y’all be safe an awesome warm god bless

  51. piratelady

    piratelady12 days ago

    Ps phone works just as good in a pinch

  52. Jessica Soto

    Jessica Soto12 days ago

    Thank you for helping the family!

  53. GoldenMare

    GoldenMare12 days ago

    YOUR WlFE deserves time with YOU as you deserve time with her away from AWP

  54. Dana Meyer

    Dana Meyer12 days ago

    So happy to know he was looked for by law enforcement. Hey ppl sometimes God has his plan who he wants to find ppl. At least it was years and years for his family member as we have seen in lots of cases. Glad for this family to have answers. Glad Jared and team was able to help this man and his family.

  55. kathryn morey

    kathryn morey13 days ago

    I just wanted to say you guys are Angels!!!! you bring closer to families that otherwise might not ever know what happened to there family member like the other lady said I don't have much money but I can offer prayers 🙏 God Bless you !!!!

  56. vreed27

    vreed2713 days ago

    Wait...someone actually SAW the SUV go off the bridge and did NOTHING? A car can float quite a while before going under. That is criminal!! That man did not have to die.

  57. kathryn morey

    kathryn morey13 days ago

    My prayers 🙏 and thoughts for the family !!!

  58. piratelady

    piratelady13 days ago

    Bless you guys for finding the car and hopefully him too- to bring closure to his family

  59. opal miller

    opal miller13 days ago

    You guys do such an awesome job in helping finding the lost. God bless and keep each of you safe.

  60. Helen Phillips

    Helen Phillips13 days ago

    I hate the way you get treated when you find the answers for the families,

  61. Tamika Pleasant

    Tamika Pleasant13 days ago


  62. toppcheerchik

    toppcheerchik13 days ago

    Thank you for helping this family find their loved one.

  63. Melissa Cotner

    Melissa Cotner13 days ago

    My prayers are with the family of Antonio an thank you for locating his vehicle Many prayers for all who are involved much love from Southern Illinois

  64. Michele Kutner

    Michele Kutner13 days ago

    You be careful Jared you need to take care of yourself as well...we need you !

  65. Toasted Orange

    Toasted Orange13 days ago


  66. Roberto Cruz

    Roberto Cruz13 days ago

    You guys are amazing I’m still impressed how you guys found this man after the law was looking for him for days took you guys a few minutes to find him. God bless you guys ! You guys are amazing can’t stress it enough man. Heart breaking story. New subscriber here !

  67. Teresa

    Teresa13 days ago

    It's amazing with a lot of these cases how searchers/officers etc search for these missing people for days, weeks, months etc many times in the same exact area and Adventures with Purpose are asked to search and they find the missing person/vehicle sometimes within minutes. Oh and Adventures with Purpose are from my Home Town.

  68. Lisa Huther

    Lisa Huther13 days ago

    I have two observations or comments. My husband believes you should involve the EPA in your searches for vehicles since you are trying to get the chemicals out of the water and environment. Then, you could probably have a EPA person on site with you to override local law enforcement who doesn't want you around. Secondly, this is for Dan. You are doing a great job on the videos, and they are looking better than in the past. I want to ask you to put the actual chronological date on the videos, even if you upload them weeks later. It has been difficult for me to try to figure out which video comes first, middle, and last, especially when they are posted in no particular order and flip from one state to another. Thanks for considering this, Dan.

  69. Sheila B

    Sheila B13 days ago

    You’re all angels in dry suits !!! How bittersweet. You guys are amazing Jared in bringing closure to another broken family. You’re job is so hard, but you show up and never complain. I feel your pain. Sending big hugs and lots and love 💕🌟🕊

  70. Vaughn B

    Vaughn B13 days ago

    Love ❤️ your show. Keep it coming!

  71. Leslie J. Martin

    Leslie J. Martin13 days ago


  72. brandibrinks

    brandibrinks13 days ago

    This is so gutwrenching. My chest aches hearing about this, and knowing that this family is now grieving the loss of someone they loved so incredibly much. What you guys do is such a selfless act, every time. Prayers for this family during this tragedy. ❤

  73. blunt force trauma

    blunt force trauma13 days ago

    This just proves what the American spirit represents awesome job boys

  74. Michael Sumpter

    Michael Sumpter13 days ago

    Thank you for the service you provide for families looking for their loved ones! Take care of yourselves so you can continue to do what you do! I pray God will bless all of you! Tammie Sumpter

  75. Nunya Xoxo

    Nunya Xoxo13 days ago

    Being here watching is still supporting financially because y'all get paid for our views.

  76. islparadise27

    islparadise2713 days ago

    I was just watching random videos on here last weekend then I came across you and I was hooked on your videos. I watched probably all of your videos. Then three days ago, I read on komo news about this man missing and family thought he might be under this bridge. I quickly recommended you! You’re doing a great job! So glad that you came and helped!

  77. islparadise27

    islparadise2713 days ago

    So sad that they didn’t give you guys one bit of credit for finding the car, but the police! All I can say is good job!

  78. Eric Pistole

    Eric Pistole13 days ago

    Damn Good works Gentlemen )) hell on wheels horrifying as I watch this ! Family yure not ALONE WE R HEAR !!

  79. Kelly B

    Kelly B13 days ago

    Used to live in Portland and would hate to be driving that bridge in a storm. So sorry for his family and loved ones!

  80. Robin Larson

    Robin Larson13 days ago

    Love and light to you and the family! Hugs and luv.. Robin The Yooper

  81. Flat Cat

    Flat Cat13 days ago

    Wow the side of that bridge isnt very high this accident proves that it needs to be increased in height. I looked on google hats not a very high guardrail and then they pile snow up against it creating a dangerous condition for cars to go over. Thats a lawsuit they unknowingly created a ramp for cars to go over the guard rail. They should be using a snow blower to blow the snow over the bridge and into the water I believe thats done in some states.

  82. Lynn Thomas

    Lynn Thomas13 days ago

    Hi guys, hope all is well

  83. Teresa Struyk

    Teresa Struyk13 days ago

    You really need to take care of your family to. Your family needs you..

  84. Teresa Struyk

    Teresa Struyk13 days ago

    Sheriff can't find it for 2 to 3 days, you find it in 30 minutes. You embarrassed them. GREAT JOB. GOD HAS A BLESSED YOU. SO MANY PEOPLE PRAY FOR YOU

  85. ꧁Cat G꧂

    ꧁Cat G꧂13 days ago

    I hope the family sues for usafe roads and practices. Poor family. V day will never be the same.

  86. Angela Steen

    Angela Steen13 days ago

    Good job

  87. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee13 days ago

    How far down was the car? So sad.

  88. FitCaveHD

    FitCaveHD13 days ago

    Sounds like cops was there to protect odot from being sued. Snow plows created a ramp cause car to go over in the river. They went against cops orders to check area during there lunch and found the car. You did a great thing for the family and good for the world.

  89. Petranilla14

    Petranilla1413 days ago

    People should not expect Jared to be able to be there for all searches even if it's his state. He has a life, wife and children. He should not have to sacrifice that for this. It is unfair. This is voulntary !!

  90. Petranilla14

    Petranilla1413 days ago

    Poor man HAD to go to work. In america you don't have a choice unless the authorities shut the place down. Capitalism puts the work/money in front of humanity.

  91. mp shot at twice

    mp shot at twice13 days ago

    There was a number of comments in the live stream , asking what the water temp. was . Looking a the sonar screen looks like it's 40 degrees.

  92. Breana garcia

    Breana garcia13 days ago

    You guys did what the officers couldn't do in two days worth of Looking ! You guys did it in one day ..amazing guys 🙏

  93. Jennifer Cadena

    Jennifer Cadena13 days ago

    I feel like your team needs to train the people we hire to do this. Your team of searcher seem to have a better outcome for these cases.

  94. Margaret Blanchard

    Margaret Blanchard13 days ago

    You are a group of angels giveing people a ray of light in the darkness of their misery.

  95. Cherie McNeil

    Cherie McNeil13 days ago

    My heart is brakes when I here what happens to someone who ends up in the water. Hiw terrifying for him going off the bridge. I'm so grateful for you guys helping. You all are amazing and my heroes.

  96. Charlotte Karth

    Charlotte Karth13 days ago

    Thank you. 🙏 Truly.

  97. M J

    M J13 days ago

    Another job well done, guys! Prayers for this man's loved ones.

  98. Trent Snowbarger

    Trent Snowbarger13 days ago

    It's been very eye opening to see how inefficient police organizations appear to be in these scenarios. Not saying they aren't good people, or aren't professionals, but in so many of these videos you guys make them look like amateurs....they just don't seem to have any sense of urgency when dealing with these missing person cases


    DONNA PATE13 days ago

    You are just a good man.

  100. shawnomack45

    shawnomack4513 days ago

    You guys are absolutely awesome. Can't imagine losing a loved one on valentines day. Or any day in general. 🙏 to family. May he rest in peace