My NEW Mouse Broke The Game... (Insane)

My NEW Mouse Broke The Game... (Insane)
Today I used a brand new mouse that made my editing speed even faster than ever before...
This video is similar to Trying My Fans Impossible Edit Courses and Editing so fast I start floating and Breaking Fortnite Edit Records
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  1. Ryft

    Ryft15 days ago

    My edits are becoming even faster...

  2. Clipxz

    Clipxz7 hours ago

    Day 175 of trying to get famous off commenting so that I can live my dream of being a famous youtuber .

  3. Cxltures

    Cxltures7 days ago

    I agree

  4. ellen van der veer

    ellen van der veer9 days ago


  5. x2x Izzy

    x2x Izzy9 days ago

    Your edits are faster because u where editing a lot

  6. TTVSMITH2033 Smith

    TTVSMITH2033 Smith10 days ago


  7. Strongest Flyer5

    Strongest Flyer59 hours ago

    The pickaxe style thing is a bug

  8. Fe4RLess

    Fe4RLess11 hours ago

    Map i dont remember

  9. toffu gang

    toffu gang15 hours ago

    Bro this broke my mind i cant see anything u faster with tge mouse broke the game

  10. Peice control Jack

    Peice control Jack17 hours ago

    Pls add me “Jack_dinoman

  11. Ted Millington-Day

    Ted Millington-DayDay ago

    0:57 this mouse is free so free freeier than a free sample at Cosco literally dog water

  12. Noisy Tops

    Noisy Tops2 days ago

    Is it the Logitech g pro x super light wireless


    TRISTIAN DAVIS2 days ago

    Ryft I need a coach 😬

  14. OCEAN_Brumík

    OCEAN_Brumík2 days ago

    whats is you keyboard

  15. Driz -

    Driz -2 days ago

    Ryft nowadays. Ryft : omg I hit trees better with this mouse no way

  16. Doggo kitty

    Doggo kitty3 days ago

    Just so you guys know the mouse is the Logitech G pro X Superlight it's on Amazon in 206 dollars USA

  17. Shagiesbreakers Cards

    Shagiesbreakers Cards3 days ago

    Are you a og recon

  18. Swinton Greene

    Swinton Greene3 days ago

    how do you edit so fast but comfirm a little bit

  19. CL Nxrthy

    CL Nxrthy3 days ago

    what kind of logitech mouse is it?

  20. tWinE Zaynsworld

    tWinE Zaynsworld3 days ago

    Everyone ryfts new mouse is the Logitech G305

  21. ZxxVert

    ZxxVert3 days ago

    cracked bro damn

  22. D4ncyy

    D4ncyy3 days ago

    what mouse is that

  23. god_gaming _16

    god_gaming _164 days ago

    Ryfts gonna need a very powerful and fast pc for his fast edits

  24. Mr. Ditkovitch

    Mr. Ditkovitch3 days ago

    No Shit

  25. Cod gamer11

    Cod gamer114 days ago


  26. king of klips

    king of klips4 days ago


  27. Thomas Sampson

    Thomas Sampson4 days ago

    light turned off omg

  28. Xualifys

    Xualifys4 days ago

    I can't even tell what your doing half the time your to fast

  29. Fletcher Cain

    Fletcher Cain4 days ago

    What mouse is that

  30. Myles Schultz

    Myles Schultz5 days ago

    Does anyone feel emotion sick with his new mouse. like... DANG LOL INSANE BRO.

  31. Dylan Does Everything

    Dylan Does Everything5 days ago


  32. Qrispi

    Qrispi5 days ago


  33. Miles Lewis

    Miles Lewis5 days ago

    whats the name of the edit map

  34. NXG JoltyYT

    NXG JoltyYT5 days ago


  35. Diamond#steve

    Diamond#steve5 days ago

    What’s the code to the edit course

  36. zRessy

    zRessy5 days ago

    Mouse? (Name)

  37. Harry Simpson-Biles

    Harry Simpson-Biles5 days ago

    What mouse is this!!!???

  38. rokas Ivanauskas

    rokas Ivanauskas6 days ago

    it looks so toksik when you do best edits

  39. Ogc 704

    Ogc 7046 days ago

    You MACRO

  40. Rickel Murray

    Rickel Murray6 days ago

    To people 2000 years in the feather he don't use macros He's been a legend in his time respect Ryft

  41. ItsMeIan

    ItsMeIan5 days ago

    Feather you mean future

  42. XxgamerboixX Gamerboi

    XxgamerboixX Gamerboi6 days ago

    Ryft you cheat

  43. XxgamerboixX Gamerboi

    XxgamerboixX Gamerboi6 days ago


  44. Rares

    Rares6 days ago

    "This new mouse makes me edit slow"

  45. erik on the sticks

    erik on the sticks6 days ago

    Ur. Turtering the. Mouse

  46. Mambafade Godly

    Mambafade Godly6 days ago

    He be spamming e so muck

  47. lightishot

    lightishot7 days ago

    No one: Me: listens to the keyboard rhythms during the practice map

  48. Derek Layton

    Derek Layton7 days ago

    o say les!!

  49. Carter Williams

    Carter Williams7 days ago

    that is a macro rift

  50. Corrupt Johntay

    Corrupt Johntay7 days ago

    yo ryft trynna ship me yo old mouse bruh...

  51. RoJan

    RoJan7 days ago

    Btw the mouse is the g pro superlight and the first mouse is g pro wireless

  52. mome games

    mome games7 days ago

    You use macro

  53. BilalZzz BlitZzz

    BilalZzz BlitZzz7 days ago

    Uhh, ok???

  54. FA_Zartou

    FA_Zartou7 days ago


  55. FA_Zartou

    FA_Zartou7 days ago


  56. Jose Cardenas

    Jose Cardenas7 days ago

    You are reallyyy fast

  57. Rony F

    Rony F7 days ago

    At first I thought his new mouse broke lol

  58. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez8 days ago

    Ryft: takes about 10 minutes to complete the edit course me: no no a year

  59. Vex Sus

    Vex Sus8 days ago


  60. Edward Bellesfield

    Edward Bellesfield8 days ago

    He sat friend request please

  61. Stacy Allen

    Stacy Allen8 days ago


  62. ToxicDz

    ToxicDz8 days ago

    You already broke the game long ago 😛

  63. BH Blazing

    BH Blazing8 days ago

    Culturs is still better loll


    SCULLCRUSHER0312 ALL DAY8 days ago

    Oh daddy

  65. accurate R1ØT

    accurate R1ØT8 days ago

    Im sorry but please get out the house and go to the barbers

  66. muhammad issat

    muhammad issat8 days ago

    can you show your settings

  67. The_oneshot_ onesie

    The_oneshot_ onesie9 days ago

    Ryfty:im doing realy good Also ryfty:gray heavy gray pisol

  68. 6uii MC

    6uii MC9 days ago

    *me being more interested in the hand cam* 😲

  69. Rayzs

    Rayzs9 days ago

    Me: Ahh my eyes hurt probably just the brightness *turns of brightness to the lowest* then I take a 20 min break Still me: going back to the computer eyes perfectly fine, I unpause the video MY EYES HURT Also me: realizing its how fast he's editing. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Also still me: continues to watch the video

  70. Ayden Aubrey

    Ayden Aubrey9 days ago


  71. Zelo w

    Zelo w9 days ago

    when u realise u can be as fast as ryft, but u dont have the ( pc, internet, keyboard, mouse, monitor...) for it

  72. OLTI olti

    OLTI olti9 days ago


  73. Ace_H1ghlightz Gaming

    Ace_H1ghlightz Gaming9 days ago

    my new finger broke my new mouse, Thats how it looks like


    ẸŘŘỖŘ ĮŇ ϻЎ ĹĮƑẸ9 days ago

    if you beat tonz in editing i will use code RYFT and buy things from the shop

  75. Iam Alex

    Iam Alex9 days ago

    Ryft i can edit like a macro on ps4 im only 9

  76. Mandanoreo

    Mandanoreo9 days ago

    im sorry ryft I cant watch ur vids no more ima be blind from ur edits also ima always sub to u nvm im always gonna watch ur vids even if im blind lol



    but what is the name of this mouse?

  78. Won

    Won9 days ago

    lol face reveal

  79. AC_ALKEY

    AC_ALKEY9 days ago

    Tonz is fastest than u Xd.

  80. Kai

    Kai9 days ago

    that Lama that he left I actually got and then I died to a shotgun

  81. Kai

    Kai9 days ago

    legend has it if he got the lama before me he would have won

  82. Ellen Nicol

    Ellen Nicol9 days ago

    8:00 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im confused that guy definitely shot through that wall

  83. Ellen Nicol

    Ellen Nicol9 days ago

    that thumbnail though, rift you need a haircut lol

  84. Kill Hh Kill h

    Kill Hh Kill h9 days ago

    I think im faster than you

  85. Tensedguy

    Tensedguy9 days ago

    Someone pls tell me the name and model of his mouse

  86. FaZe Orba

    FaZe Orba9 days ago

    That mouse is so freeeeeee

  87. Shakeyx.

    Shakeyx.10 days ago

    why dont you play competitive? you are so good

  88. Hayaan Pro

    Hayaan Pro10 days ago

    Editing so fast with my new mouse my eyes turn blye

  89. Levy Hiethaar

    Levy Hiethaar10 days ago

    @Ryft sarah nicole killed you

  90. Tech deck Sebastian

    Tech deck Sebastian10 days ago

    can you do a video that you do your key binds for fortnite

  91. Gre Ninja

    Gre Ninja10 days ago

    I have the same keyboard

  92. El sindi ente

    El sindi ente10 days ago

    And I think that if you improve the editions a little, you are my idol, I want to make a day like you

  93. El sindi ente

    El sindi ente10 days ago

    And I think that if you improve the editions a little, you are my idol, I want to make a day like you

  94. Dan foster

    Dan foster10 days ago

    My eyes hurt

  95. HaroldplayzPH

    HaroldplayzPH10 days ago

    7:05 that me btw im bot and that me 99%

  96. ItsYaGhostEditzz

    ItsYaGhostEditzz10 days ago

    Idk if he told yall but that’s macro u press one button to use macro on pc I was editing slow on my keybored and I didn’t press one button

  97. ItsYaGhostEditzz

    ItsYaGhostEditzz10 days ago

    Bro hes useinv macro

  98. boosieman-kan yeeterleet

    boosieman-kan yeeterleet10 days ago

    Aka macros lol jk Luv u man no homo

  99. Mad Vibez

    Mad Vibez10 days ago

    How can u even see what ur doing!!

  100. Mohanad Shaalan

    Mohanad Shaalan10 days ago

    Can u try 1v1 lol and see ur edit speed it is a browse game

  101. Bacon737

    Bacon73710 days ago

    get a haircut

  102. R1SK FN

    R1SK FN10 days ago

    Hes a god at editing on all playback speeds

  103. talen delano

    talen delano10 days ago


  104. Davix Art

    Davix Art10 days ago

    "Whats up Tiko" 😂

  105. Kalin Madison

    Kalin Madison10 days ago

    how are your edits so fast

  106. Virginia Lister

    Virginia Lister8 days ago


  107. Janiel albino

    Janiel albino10 days ago

    Ryft can I keep your old mouse

  108. Vibing Capybara

    Vibing Capybara10 days ago

    Anyone know the name of his pickaxe?

  109. Logan Grant

    Logan Grant10 days ago

    Do cookie clicker 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪