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  1. Zechs113

    Zechs1137 hours ago

    I just bought this cooler and Amazon had a clip coupon for $10 off when I viewed the items my cart before moving onto shipping and payment options. So I got it for $26.80 after tax and coupon.

  2. Beyondcool

    Beyondcool10 hours ago

    you are a sales, not a product tester

  3. Jerry Bittner

    Jerry Bittner15 hours ago

    A machined surface left slightly rough actually gives you a larger surface area for thermal transfer when used with a thermal compound then a smooth finish will.

  4. OprahsKankles

    OprahsKankles17 hours ago

    The wistful canadian frustratingly long because calf suprisingly taste round a kindhearted pan. hilarious, exultant millennium

  5. 窮人裝機ComputerBuddy

    窮人裝機ComputerBuddy18 hours ago

    Hello! 林仔did a video about THIS and you are like Alishasha AGAIN.

  6. Jorrdanna

    Jorrdanna22 hours ago

    I got the white one. It comes with an all white rgb fan which I think was a nice touch.

  7. Joseph A

    Joseph ADay ago

    Ordered the day of this video. Just got it in today. Definitely impressed with it. Slightly oc ryzen 5 3600 under stress test running at 60-65c and idle temps between 30-34c. Big difference over the stock cooler.

  8. Brick Tamland

    Brick TamlandDay ago

    Just tried installing this shitty cooler and it didn't line up on the 4th screw hole

  9. Douglas Foust

    Douglas FoustDay ago

    When a 12 thread is a low core count.....what a time to be alive.

  10. Cedric Wong

    Cedric WongDay ago

    Lol...11X Watt Package power on Cinebench R23 and you say this air-cooler is good and even better than a 240-AIO... its even worst than primary school science. If your point is making any sense, those Noctua D15 and Arctic 240 something like that should not be exist, as a $35 USD air-cooler is already good enough for such an powerful CPU zen3 5900x.

  11. hardmandx

    hardmandxDay ago I dunno why a youtuber with 3M followers could be unprofessional like this

  12. expired cracker

    expired crackerDay ago

    dumb test

  13. Nachiket Subhash

    Nachiket SubhashDay ago

    @ 9:55 did he just said Threadripper 5900x system?!?

  14. l l

    l lDay ago

    Did you use the included paste?

  15. Mars OMG

    Mars OMG2 days ago

    Having an air cooler cooling in open air is displacing heat instantly. I believe if you put the air cooler into a case, the temps will be much higher since the cooler is taking on system air which is board vram, gpu and ram heat confined to the case. An AIO will cool the case air faster as it is making contact to outside sources faster then an air cooling config. imo.

  16. Dread Walker

    Dread Walker2 days ago

    It's back in stock along with the fans from before

  17. VL125

    VL1252 days ago

    Should be a ekl Ben Nevis knock off

  18. Vaxtin

    Vaxtin2 days ago

    I'm pretty fired up, Jay..

  19. Brett McIntosh

    Brett McIntosh3 days ago

    Just installed mine and under 100% load I'm getting 175MHz higher clock speeds with no overclocking and 7C cooler temps! I did go ahead and add a second fan to mine for push/pull too. Amazon even had a $5 dollar coupon when I ordered it.

  20. Gyengye Gabor

    Gyengye Gabor3 days ago

    35 dollars is not cheap

  21. Matthew Briffa

    Matthew Briffa3 days ago

    15:15 - lucky you weren't using that delta fan

  22. Andrew Donoghue

    Andrew Donoghue3 days ago

    I changed from the stock 2600 Ryzen fan to a Snowman T4. Minimal performance enhancement (really need the 3000 series' self boosting) but the temps dropped 20 degrees C immediately on installation. Overclocking seems more limited by my b350 gaming plus motherboard and the Zen + CPU. Memory is GSkill Ripjaws V 3200, so I'm betting it ain't the memory that's the limiting factor. Heats are still fine at settings that will still post, at 15-20 degrees lower than I was running at. But really only got 100 MHZ more. I could clock higher, up to 300 higher, but memory stability issues when I try pushing the fabric clock. Quieter, Cooler, a little bit more go. Cheap. It's a win. Yes, the Ryzen stock fan functions and doesn't HAVE to be upgraded. But seriously, a cheap heat pipe tower cooler is a much much better investment of time and money than an AIO.

  23. Michael Greene

    Michael Greene3 days ago

    I bought the white variant of this cooler after watching this video last week. Got it installed yesterday and its keeping my trusty 4570 nice and cool. Thanks for the review!

  24. Obtuse Acute

    Obtuse Acute3 days ago

    5:15 you can cee the milling marks.

  25. Spaiderking Like A Drift ESP

    Spaiderking Like A Drift ESP3 days ago

    Maybe the AIO is doing worse because the top point of the AIO is the tubes? and not the radiator, causing to be a big bubble/air inside the tubes and causing difficult to move the water inside the AIO? (My theory and experience with low powered aio pumps)

  26. Zach Kulig

    Zach Kulig3 days ago

    Went out and got this shortly after watching this review off of NewEgg. I'm thrilled with both the aesthetic and performance out of this so far. Thanks again for doing this review Jay!

  27. Freyja Channel

    Freyja Channel4 days ago

    Its probably the cerakote

  28. ieebz

    ieebz4 days ago

    Might get this for my optiplex lol

  29. gentoolive

    gentoolive4 days ago

    Bought one of these after watching your review. I was setting up an old 1700x machine to CPU mine Monero and the stock cooler hit 95 degrees.. Using the Vetroo it's pegged at 62, thank you for letting us know about this cheap option. I wouldn't have given it a look otherwise.

  30. Tuba242

    Tuba2424 days ago

    Well, Jay, I am impressed. Mine came in, I installed it, and it has already made a huge difference. It's silent, it cools well, and it was fun to put in my system. It took my CPU temps (at idle) from high 30s/low 40s to high 20s/low 30s (avg. temp is 31C). Hovers in the mid 40s while gaming. Haven't stressed tested yet, but I think it will do just fine. This is all with a Ryzen 5 3600. Thank you for the recommendation!

  31. drachenmahl

    drachenmahl3 days ago

    Seems Very impressive, mhm in Germany you could only get this Cooler as a US Import. I'm thinking of getting one for my 5900X My Artic Freezer is in the high 60's at gaming with the 5900X, maybe the Vetroo could change that.

  32. iOXiC

    iOXiC4 days ago

    Everybody using the Corsair or Cooler Master brands, I'm just here rockin a Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2, for a much lesser price with the same performance in bringing those temps down lol

  33. aTannu

    aTannu4 days ago

    good thing I got it before this video

  34. The Bullish Goat

    The Bullish Goat4 days ago

    Can you do an update on this video with a push pull set up if at all possible ?? I'm going to give this a shot when I build my next rig but I am super curious how much better a push pull setup on this would perform . Thanks for the great video and helping the people !

  35. TzimisceVykos

    TzimisceVykos4 days ago

    Thats why buying the "Best" Named Product is even not the Best ! Thx for this test. Nice work.

  36. Zoro22thegod

    Zoro22thegod4 days ago

    Jayz shows good hardware at very low price ... and it's gone

  37. Zancoran L

    Zancoran L5 days ago

    I bought the deepcool for like 26 bucks to Newegg and then I bought the Mastercool for like $34 through Newegg

  38. Zancoran L

    Zancoran L5 days ago

    Hey on this yeah don't try to get on the Razor price I have two of them I have a deep cool and a Mastercool and they work really good the deepcool the bolts wrong you got to modify the bolts and cut the Springs down

  39. Victor Bustillos

    Victor Bustillos5 days ago

    I bought one since right now my build has a Corsair H60 and I hear that they’re trash.

  40. Jakie Chan

    Jakie Chan5 days ago

    I have Vetroo case fans and have loved them. A very good cheap company.

  41. Lance Shelley

    Lance Shelley5 days ago

    Ok! got the black one some of the fins on the side were a little tweaked easily fixed installing on a B450 tomahawk max. first off the am4 setting on bracket place the the mounting screws in an awkward place to get a screwdriver on and would recommend taking motherboard out of case I tried installing in case big pain. but the cooler works great unfortunately the rgb plug does not fit in to my board have to find an adapter plug for it I give it four stars!

  42. Gonzalo Cuadro

    Gonzalo Cuadro5 days ago

    How does it compare to the Cryorig H7?

  43. Savi GG

    Savi GG5 days ago

    I still like my Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Black edition.

  44. josh bishop

    josh bishop5 days ago

    Thanks for the shout-out, I write fake reviews on Amazon for Chinese companies.

  45. Igor Sharipov

    Igor Sharipov5 days ago

    WTF! What a gem!

  46. Jeff Taylor

    Jeff Taylor6 days ago

    Jay test it in a push pull config and let us know how it went plez thx.

  47. Draconis Equus

    Draconis Equus6 days ago

    I never use the stock cooler... Even if I just buy a $35 fin stack with some heat pipes in the middle. I'm not just plunking a block of aluminum that was cut on a band saw on top of my cpu.

  48. asuchemist

    asuchemist6 days ago

    Tried buying using your Amazon link but nothing came up.

  49. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown6 days ago

    Mine is literally better than my old liquid cooling loop.

  50. GoofyLookinfela

    GoofyLookinfela6 days ago

    So if i have a Ryzen 5 3600x and a i9, I shouldn't use this on them or I can?

  51. Dr. Kukary

    Dr. Kukary6 days ago

    The only problem i see with this cooler is the orientation of the memory cutout vs the fan direction. Is anybody going to want to set up the fan direction perpendicular to the gpu? Maybe it will help in some cases...

  52. Rob Ewing

    Rob Ewing6 days ago

    Great video but just FYI Cerakote is a ceramic coating

  53. Mike_B622

    Mike_B6226 days ago

    Review the Deepcool Gammaxx GT Cooler if you have a chance.

  54. ilichio

    ilichio6 days ago

    Ok, just bought it, now I need a PC 🙃

  55. TheJmbf10

    TheJmbf106 days ago

    i've used a number of vetroo coolers in building and selling PCs. the fans can be a bit flaky, but definitely good value!

  56. Braiteyy

    Braiteyy6 days ago

    You should take a look at Snowman cooler from aliexpress. You basically get Hyper 212 evo for 15 - 20 bucks shipped world wide. Tech Yes City has been recommending it for awhile and I can't recommend it enough too.

  57. Jeroen Van Hoof

    Jeroen Van Hoof6 days ago

    So I'm still running an aging 3770K and I used to cool it with a H100i. Switched to a Noctua NH-U12S Chromax and I also experienced a significant drop in temperatures. Almost 10 degrees C, so yeah, if this is based on the Noctua design that would explain the temp difference.


    JOHN APPLE6 days ago

    I d olways prefer an air cooler due to the simplicity , price no need for maintenance as well as performance

  59. Xavier Cassel

    Xavier Cassel6 days ago

    Scrolling through comments looking for the guys who defend AIOs

  60. UwU

    UwU6 days ago

    Jay: am concerned about the ryzen cpus that have 16cores 24threads on ur am4 socket Me: who tf would buy that cooler if he had the money to get a 16c cpu like WTF

  61. Troy Hall

    Troy Hall6 days ago

    how does it compare to Noctua NH-D15?

  62. Viperbird17

    Viperbird176 days ago

    No Jay! This is my favorite cooler to buy for budget builds, and now you've ruined it... lol

  63. muknut

    muknut7 days ago

    well something's gotta be cheap since gpu's and cpu's are not..

  64. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda7 days ago

    fyi the air cooler didnt even have fans pushing air towards it meaning if you have a good airflow case your temps will be even better than in this video


    KYŌDɅI KΞN7 days ago

    The article is completely deleted now WTF, they don'T wanna sell them??

  66. Clay Cassin

    Clay Cassin5 days ago

    @KYŌDɅI KΞN Oh right...those worthless links got me awhile ago. I sort of had forgotten them, as they were pointless. I am glad you have found the path...


    KYŌDɅI KΞN6 days ago

    @Clay Cassin Ok the description in this video is very misleading. I used the 3 Amazon links at the bottom. Doooh

  68. Clay Cassin

    Clay Cassin7 days ago

    Huh? I literally just checked to see if they were still in stock 4 minutes ago...and just checked again. Both the black and the white models are in stock. This youtube page is working fine, and the Amazon link to the still in stock coolers works fine as well. I think you are having local internet or computer issues.

  69. yambo59

    yambo597 days ago

    I just bought the smaller (3 pipe V3 125 watt version) of this cooler for a Ryzen 5 1600AF in my small mATX case, the large one wont fit too tall - it was a bargain @ $19.99 and free shipping.

  70. Alejandro Bossan

    Alejandro Bossan7 days ago

    Its sold out by now...

  71. Oleg Vorkunov

    Oleg Vorkunov7 days ago

    I should have paid attention that you were running at 100W 95A load, which even stock cooler can cool with no issue. My setup is 130A over 160W draw from VRM. That cooler is 100W TDP. Do not expect any miracles out of it.

  72. Oleg Vorkunov

    Oleg Vorkunov7 days ago

    Jay, I noticed that in your Ryzen Master, CPU power is showing around 110W, while when I am running CB23, my 3950X CPU power is reaching 162W. That is probably why that cheap cooler did not perform very well in my setup hitting 95C under CB23. When I use PBO to limit power to 120W, that cooler kept my 3950X at 70C with no issues. My setup: MSI Mortar B550M, 32GB 3200Mhz RAM, 3950X, Power supply 700W from Silverstone. PBO is a default by MSI board with basic default setup running CPU and Memory in Gaming mode which provides the best performance hitting over 4000 in MC under CB15, Single Core 520 under CB20, and 23900 in MC under CB23.

  73. Oleg Vorkunov

    Oleg Vorkunov7 days ago

    I got this cooler and installed it. Tried with different paste, different pattern to apply a paste. This cooler did not perform as shown in this video. My 3950X was breaching 95C under Cinibench 23 and AIDA64 stress test. Noctua 92mm push-pull cooler, which I was hoping to replace, performs better by 5C. What is interesting, that this cooler was way better than the Noctua cooler by 10-13C at idle and was keeping my CPU around 35-40C, but when I put a load on it, it was not able to transfer heat fast enough to get cooled. I was thinking of making a video of this cooler anticipating good performance, but since it failed to deliver the expected performance, there is no reason to continue with this video, since I am back to Noctua cooler. I still probably will use this cooler in another build to replace the AMD Warth cooler on my daughter's gaming PC. There is no reason to return it since I got it so cheap.

  74. Kieran Beswick

    Kieran Beswick7 days ago

    Love how Jay's voice is clearly showing how shocked he is like... WUT. how can this be better!

  75. Ruxisy

    Ruxisy7 days ago

    i love coolermaster hyper 212, I run 5.1ghz on a i7 9700KF with it

  76. snizer11

    snizer117 days ago

    The Air cooler beats the hell out of the AIO.

  77. NebJah

    NebJah7 days ago

    I just chose the DeepCool GAMMAX v.2 and couldn't be happier! It is also cheaper then this one.

  78. NoobMaster69

    NoobMaster697 days ago

    Considering that the Hyper 212 Evo is at a laughable Tier 7 at LTT Tier List, yes of course it sets a very low standard for cooling performance. Almost like a stock cooler.

  79. gamer forever

    gamer forever7 days ago

    What no Lapping the heatsink jay?

  80. Simone Fumasoli

    Simone Fumasoli7 days ago

    I believe that the air cooler will benefit much more of an open case compared to the AIO, possibly that is a factor.

  81. 917DeviL

    917DeviL7 days ago

    $70 = not really cheap o__O lol

  82. yambo59

    yambo597 days ago

    Ive always had good temps far more reliability and less hassles with a good properly sized air cooler - plus I dont have to worry about the fact that water and electronics in the same damn case is just a bad idea - they dont cool servers with water and theres a reason, its less reliable and higher maintenance.

  83. yambo59

    yambo597 days ago

    They paint?coat radiators black from the factory dont they-?

  84. Geoffrey Wong

    Geoffrey Wong8 days ago

    Currently OUT OF STOCK!!!!!

  85. James Holt

    James Holt8 days ago

    Just came in the mail today. It was damaged. :/

  86. VileDeeds77

    VileDeeds778 days ago

    Would I get anything out of a cooler like this on my 2700x if I were to replace my wraith prism?

  87. Timothy Murphy

    Timothy Murphy8 days ago

    with the provided thermal paste and a single fan in push config.. imagine using liquid metal or arctic silver and adding a second fan to put it in push/pull to get even more air moving over those fins..

  88. Marek Klučka

    Marek Klučka8 days ago

    I want to see comparison to Noctua jut to have the benchmark

  89. Hexacarbide

    Hexacarbide8 days ago

    Maybe it's more relative to materials science relative to temp

  90. Hexacarbide

    Hexacarbide8 days ago

    Maybe your attempts at records were hindered at having too low of tempts. Maybe the slightly higher tempts allowed for higher scores

  91. soad11dude

    soad11dude8 days ago

    Not sure if I can word this without sounding dickish... But I'll try... The tubes for the AIO might be your highest point of the loop and it might not be allowing good water flow, and therefore worse cooling. That cheap cooler was still damn impressive though. I'd be curious to try holding the radiator up in the air to see if that improves performance. Could be worth a shot and maybe make for a decent follow up video I used to run a deepcool lucifer in my rig. But recently got a great deal on a deepcool 360mm AIO. It really didn't improve my temps or my noise... so air cooling can still be a solid choice I guess

  92. QuadTubeChannel

    QuadTubeChannel8 days ago

    Thanks Jay, for trying to help folks out and save them some money. All the best.

  93. Matthew Avdoulos

    Matthew Avdoulos8 days ago


  94. Ryan Wallace

    Ryan Wallace8 days ago

    I just want to point out Jay is testing on an open test bench. Results in a case could be significantly different. Keep that in mind.

  95. aldowrld

    aldowrld8 days ago

    Who else watching this after recently buying The Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo? Or is it just me

  96. narhan318

    narhan3187 days ago

    Me too lol Kinda regret it as I got a Corsair water cooler for free a day later

  97. VolksTrieb

    VolksTrieb8 days ago

    Man now Ive got a beasty AIO doing 80°C and you show me this 🤮

  98. Chris Reyes

    Chris Reyes8 days ago

    shocked it's still in stock and $35.

  99. Shadowsal97

    Shadowsal978 days ago

    Jay Off topic comment but have you experienced Usb issues on your ryzen systems and could you do a video about it ? :D

  100. Micheal Kroeckel

    Micheal Kroeckel8 days ago

    thought music in backgroud was someone honking car horn took me a min to figure out it was music

  101. Skye Mountain

    Skye Mountain8 days ago

    Gold Material, Jayz, all you have to do is turn on your camera, open your mouth, Gold Material comes forth! ty!

  102. Skye Mountain

    Skye Mountain8 days ago

    That, hope your healthy, perhaps, if you read this, may I suggest "Ivermectin" :)

  103. Brock Wehn

    Brock Wehn8 days ago

    I just ran blender and got a high of 79 degrees on my 5600x with stock cooler. Do I need or how much would I gain if I switch to this?

  104. Artemis

    Artemis8 days ago

    With the amd wraith cooler my 5600x runs at 68c just at idle.

  105. Guilly Games

    Guilly Games8 days ago

    looks to me a lot like a revamped thermalright cooler

  106. Saber SMAW

    Saber SMAW8 days ago

    75C to 165F Water vs 63C to 145F Air if you had both fans on there the temps would be alot lower probably!