Kyrie Irving Trolls LeBron James After He Misses Technical Free Throw

Kyrie Irving trolled LeBron James after he missed a technical free throw.
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  1. Bleacher Report

    Bleacher Report17 days ago

    Kyrie: "That's your best free throw shooter?"

  2. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    @North Bin Olu He's definitely not a Kyrie fan

  3. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    @North Bin Olu Why did he say you were a Steph fan when he cursed Kyrie?

  4. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    @Mohammad Nizar Why did you say you were a Steph fan when you cursed Kyrie?

  5. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    @Mohammad Nizar lbj is the super shit

  6. Smoke ThaDON

    Smoke ThaDON14 days ago

    @Basher Cleaner help this nigga kyrie get a ring and he get jealous....

  7. Charles Wiliams

    Charles Wiliams4 days ago

    Boy was like.. "is this y'all king?"

  8. Mark David Mallorca

    Mark David Mallorca4 days ago

    Lebron wanted the 1FT to surpass Kareem😂

  9. RD Marketer

    RD Marketer8 days ago

    Lebron is not the MVP this season

  10. Athavann Thulasiranjan

    Athavann Thulasiranjan11 days ago


  11. Benjamin V

    Benjamin V12 days ago

    Sad but true 😂


    METER GANG12 days ago

    Lebron: *misses free throw* Kyrie: this y’all mans? 😂😂😂

  13. Fiba_dan 6

    Fiba_dan 612 days ago


  14. Mansion 315

    Mansion 31512 days ago

    Who is here when LeBron miss the Free throw in the wizard game

  15. Thunderous O

    Thunderous O13 days ago

    NAS People fear what they don't understand hate what they can't conquer guess its just theory of man

  16. jso

    jso13 days ago

    kyrie makes one big shot in the finals 5yrs ago and thinks he's kobe / lebron

  17. Invertz

    Invertz11 days ago

    And he proved he is an elite point guard this season

  18. Invertz

    Invertz11 days ago

    To be fair he did put up very good point guard numbers every time he didn't get injured

  19. Jowey de la Nota

    Jowey de la Nota14 days ago

    If click bait waa a video this would be it lol

  20. D M

    D M14 days ago

    Didn't kyrie call bron and apologize to him when he was on the celtics!!

  21. Jesse Mac

    Jesse Mac14 days ago

    Kyrie shouldn't talk when he hasn't been able to stay "healthy" since he left LeBron lol.

  22. Jesse Mac

    Jesse Mac13 days ago

    @Abdullahi Abdirashid no shit, just his success has been. Mister I wanna leave and lead a young team, barely plays for the Celtics, leaves for Brooklyn, and barely has played there until KD and harden.... I think LeBron owns Kyries mental health though.

  23. Abdullahi Abdirashid

    Abdullahi Abdirashid13 days ago

    What are u saying u bum Kyrie's health isn't connected to lebron u fufu boy

  24. Dolemite

    Dolemite14 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kyrie is a fargin savage

  25. Eddie

    Eddie14 days ago

    I didn't hear shit.

  26. Ron Edwards

    Ron Edwards14 days ago

    calling yourself best in the league and yet you still missed free throws give me a break leblow 😅

  27. Walter Easter

    Walter Easter14 days ago

    All yall Hating ass comments about My Boi LBJ. It takes a whole team to take one man down...lmao..The Criticism is trash just like them hating ass players in the NBA..first off he has accomplished more in life then anybody in the NBA past and Present...His work just dont stim in the NBA...He just smarter than The NBA organization...point blank...He showing up coming players how to do so ass well....The man changed the game and that's wat ppl mad at..cause they couldn't or cant do it . So keep on hating Greatness.

  28. Walter Easter

    Walter Easter14 days ago

    KYRIE is no more than Hater.....You have 2 of the best on the Nets and u wanna talk shit to the man that got u a ring...and why talk about LBJ...It TAKES A WHOLE ASS TEAM TO TAKE ONE MAN DOWN..BUMZ

  29. Nana Gyambibi

    Nana Gyambibi14 days ago

    And thats why Kyrie left Bron in Cleveland…..instead of doing whats right for the team and putting the best free throw shooter on the line, Bron walks up lol

  30. Og Loc baby

    Og Loc baby14 days ago

    Cancer kyrie talkin?

  31. Mohed Khan

    Mohed Khan14 days ago

    kyrie carried lebron 🤷

  32. Greg Hampton

    Greg Hampton15 days ago

    35000 year 18 vs superteam. One missed free throw still scores 35

  33. Regal

    Regal15 days ago


  34. Armando Rodriguez

    Armando Rodriguez15 days ago

    That half stepping dude,Kyrie, can’t even stand in James shadow so what’s that clown doing

  35. Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa15 days ago

    Is trolling at part 2?

  36. jay em

    jay em15 days ago

    Well he’s got a point. Lebron is just a poor FT shooter. Some kids calling him the goat are simply delusional.

  37. bollocksnlilies

    bollocksnlilies15 days ago

    Actually from the people that were on the floor he has the highest FT percentage. Caruso has about 1 percent higher than him and he doesn't shoot that many FTs and THT has about 80 percent but he hardly ever shoots FTs. So yes, the best FT shooter on the floor was LeBron. But if you are a casual you don't know.

  38. Hal Johnson

    Hal Johnson15 days ago

    i think the only one got trolled was me clicking on this video

  39. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    i think the only one got trolled was me reply to your comments

  40. Raytesian Douglas

    Raytesian Douglas15 days ago

    Fucking facts it drives me insane he wants to shoot the free throw now. Like bruh you're trash at free throws

  41. Andrew Talamantes

    Andrew Talamantes15 days ago

    He ain’t lying , bron always splits

  42. RudeOfTheTurks

    RudeOfTheTurks15 days ago

    LeBron James is the greatest crybaby of all time

  43. Dee’s World

    Dee’s World15 days ago

    😂😂😂 that was low key savage

  44. Yme

    Yme15 days ago

    I was watching I said he just walked to the line like he was the best free-throw shooter. That's the kind of dude Lebron is didn't let the coach make the decision. Funny thing I knew he was gonna miss (back rim too)

  45. K Had

    K Had15 days ago

    It’s trash talk man it’s part of the game

  46. LeBron Zr

    LeBron Zr15 days ago

    0:12 why am i just finding out that steve nash is the nets head coach

  47. Vosovogalsyncope

    Vosovogalsyncope15 days ago

    I love it Kyrie, but say it towards a Laker or better yet Lebron himself lol. THT was walking towards the bench and Trez was chatting with Carushow. Basically walking away talking shit.

  48. enrqiue macalintal

    enrqiue macalintal15 days ago

    This kind of beef is good for the nba fans, hope theh meet in the finals

  49. Aaron Sease

    Aaron Sease15 days ago

    Yeah I want go to NBA

  50. Tony Mcclain

    Tony Mcclain15 days ago

    Yea let me GROW my game after 30 yrs


    HOMES COOL15 days ago

    uncle drew is clearly the better player!! if you dont know that you are just a hype delucional individual

  52. tonya hopson

    tonya hopson15 days ago

    I'm gone love this turning into a rivalry. We miss that in this soft everybody friends league. Yaaassss!

  53. Adam Erjavec

    Adam Erjavec15 days ago

    Why are the Lakers wearing blue? That shot of Montrezl made me think I was watching the clippers

  54. 류준열

    류준열8 days ago

    new style

  55. Rossen Filipov Filipov

    Rossen Filipov Filipov15 days ago

    Oh yeah, the beef is real then. I was wondering why Bron was looking at KD every time 😂

  56. Brandon Castle

    Brandon Castle15 days ago

    Haha, it's funny that Kyries entire career without Bron is a complete FAILURE! He has NEVER led a team, he has NEVER been a winner without Bron. And he never will be. He may have been feeling good that night. But the one thing Bron has shown over amd over again, when someone mocks him or starts being disrespectful he turns something on amd something tells me Kyrie will come out on the losing end the next time they meet.

  57. DM1986

    DM198615 days ago

    Jordan hits that free throw

  58. William Parker

    William Parker15 days ago

    What is Kyrie's malfunction? He needs JEHOVAH GOD to stabilize his life. That youngin is headed for a nervous breakdown. Anytime anyone throws off on someone else it's truly them that have major issues. At some point in his life a deep rooted hurt is present. Until he faces his own insecurities he will never blossom into his full growth capacity! It's a sad story that a young millionaire is still holding on to his insecurities! SO HAVING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS DOESN'T MAKE ALL TROUBLES GO AWAY ONLY JEHOVAH GOD CAN DO THIS!!!

  59. Freddie Batista Jr

    Freddie Batista Jr15 days ago


  60. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson15 days ago

    Le36 😔

  61. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend16 days ago

    LeGoat miss the free throw, is that real? I can't believe my eyes.

  62. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend16 days ago

    LeGoat miss the free throw, is that real? I can't believe my eyes.

  63. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend16 days ago

    LeTrash can't shoot a free throw, what a GOAT.

  64. Scott C

    Scott C16 days ago

    All these things Kyrie keeps saying about Lebron is going to come back to haunt the Nets in the finals

  65. Scott C

    Scott C14 days ago

    @Aman Singh yes they are

  66. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh14 days ago

    Nets ain't making the finals

  67. Jowey de la Nota

    Jowey de la Nota14 days ago

    Lebron owbz Kylie a chip he took all the credit for

  68. Ronald Lopez-Pozas

    Ronald Lopez-Pozas14 days ago

    Great point Cooldudecs. I hope they face off in the finals so LBJ can can win a chip off of this trio and add to his legacy. Lawrence Frank is underrated as a coach. He moves his pieces well.

  69. DBizzy121991!

    DBizzy121991!14 days ago

    @cooldudecs You mean he got through Portland(Dame time) , Rockets(Westbrook, Harden with a load of three point shooters), and Denver(beat the Clippers), then the Miami Heat(who beat Bucks 4-1) Don't downplay that year Lebron beat the west conf. which everybody said would not be possible for him. Then faced the the legit best team out of the eastern conf.



    I wish the announcer would STFU

  71. Jerry Cole

    Jerry Cole16 days ago

    Kyrie in the finals: I guess he got his feelings hurt Lebron: Kyrie said what?

  72. awesomeness122

    awesomeness12216 days ago

    Whos better tho LeBron or Kyrie ??

  73. TGA Super Plays

    TGA Super Plays16 days ago

    I can already tell this rivalry is going to be epic.

  74. Dan N

    Dan N16 days ago

    yeah well is not like LBJ is the only one missed the free throw from tech call.

  75. Frank Henry

    Frank Henry16 days ago

    Basic trash-talking? Nothing to see hear.

  76. GasKing 1

    GasKing 116 days ago

    At this point Lebron just want to demolish this kid...

  77. Steven Pooler

    Steven Pooler16 days ago

    You can hear LeBron saying "shut yo ass up".. I wonder if he was talking to Kyrie?? It's right before he shoots the free throw..

  78. shemar pierre

    shemar pierre16 days ago

    Remember God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so that we can have everlasting life please repent and trust in him ✔️🙂

  79. DTR89

    DTR8916 days ago

    I want to see a version of the NBA where everyone wears a mic

  80. dmmagic91

    dmmagic9116 days ago

    So this is what you young people call the Goat who can't make a technical free throw lol

  81. Let'sGoDancin'

    Let'sGoDancin'16 days ago

    Kyrie exhibiting traits of typical grass snake passive aggressive hater behavior. But oh wait, he is also an avant garde, elitist, bohemian neo-hipster advocate for black history and pride. But he has no issue slamming his ""BROTHER" in front of an international broadcast audience while sporting that stupid smirk on his face. Food for thought..💡

  82. Alphonso Stewart

    Alphonso Stewart16 days ago

    Kyrie gave the, this your guy? point?

  83. Ariel Agustin

    Ariel Agustin16 days ago

    irving best free throw shooter he got only one championship bco'z to lebron james remember that irving lead the cavalier in worst never go to play off not in top 8 until lebron comeback to cavs n win final now you irving trolling the free throw shooting of lebron james what kind of a hell r u irving who u irving you do nothing compare to my lebron james

  84. Dorcia

    Dorcia16 days ago

    It's like Kyrie forgot who his Daddy is....Kyrie hasnt done shit since he left Cleveland and LeBron.

  85. ACT1O1

    ACT1O116 days ago

    Kyrie Irving is that guy who made that three pointer in the finals not Lebron

  86. rock

    rock16 days ago

    Savage 😂

  87. Ade Ayodele

    Ade Ayodele16 days ago

    LeBron started it 16 second mark

  88. Ozzy Bautista

    Ozzy Bautista16 days ago


  89. Steve Gatoloai

    Steve Gatoloai16 days ago

    Media trynna stir something up between these two but I know deep down inside they both respect each other.

  90. Rain Patch

    Rain Patch16 days ago

    That confidence presenting yourself than waiting for the coach to tell Horton Tucker to shoot 😅

  91. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro16 days ago


  92. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian Lazaro16 days ago

    Paoloversosa Akobsuratinginiba


    LOS ON DAT GAS16 days ago

    I love how lebron act like he don’t care on the court in off the court I wish I could have some of lebron emotion because lebron is just amazing we all know lebron can shut the whole nets up but what I called them is gsw want to bees

  94. Manny Martinez

    Manny Martinez16 days ago

    Lebron won't slap back cause he knows Kyrie's fragile mental health can't take it. He'd go AWOL again

  95. Walter Easter

    Walter Easter14 days ago


  96. Manny Martinez

    Manny Martinez15 days ago

    @big slime 4KT At that moment, the only two free throw shooters better than him on the floor was Caruso and THT. But they only average taking about 1ft per game. Also, sometimes I seen players take it so they get into rhythm.

  97. big slime 4KT

    big slime 4KT15 days ago

    no but lebron isn’t the best free throw shooter on the lakers . i’m a lebron fan but lebron shouldn’t be shooting the free throws

  98. TheGoat mane

    TheGoat mane16 days ago

    Nba players besides the lower tier ones dont see lebron how the media & fan boys do. They dont fear him they know hes been spoon fed since the jump. Kd dont even put LBJ in his top 5 cuz he knows hes better. Im not suprised i woulda said same shit as kyrie.

  99. Little Purple Monster

    Little Purple Monster16 days ago

    Says it under his breath quickly while he's turning away like a little girl. Be a man and say it to his face WAB

  100. trav W

    trav W16 days ago

    Y’all clearly don’t pay attention lmao Kyrie was following Caruso around cus that was his man. He’s not running away or hiding from LeBron.. but y’all keep sucking him off so hard u miss those key things in the video. He not gonna leave Caruso open lol

  101. Andrew Watson

    Andrew Watson16 days ago

    The kyrie Hating on Lebron stuff is played out. The dude was floundering on an awful team in Cleveland, Lebron came in single-handedly made him relevant in the NBA and a household name. Now everywhere he’s been without Lebron he has underperformed. It’s time to put up or shut up

  102. Andrew Watson

    Andrew Watson16 days ago

    @trav W dude stop, Lebron led the team in every category. There’s a reason kyrie hasn’t been close to even making it back to the finals since he left Lebron. And he was on a ridiculously good team in Boston

  103. trav W

    trav W16 days ago

    Kyrie had every bit to do with that 2016 chip as LeBron did. Man avg 27 ppg in that Finals so stop with the LeCarry bs narrative

  104. Joe Sedo

    Joe Sedo16 days ago

    To be fair...with that level of talent and skill he would have been an all world NBA player regardless. He was already ridiculous at the high school level and was basically destined for the NBA. Yes...he was that good. Watch his high school tapes...

  105. Jihadi John

    Jihadi John16 days ago

    say it to his face then

  106. nsg shaun

    nsg shaun16 days ago

    Uhmm they can't be cool wit eachother?

  107. daniel benjamin

    daniel benjamin16 days ago

    Lebronda sucks

  108. Jeff L

    Jeff L16 days ago

    Can't shoot free throws bull he'll dunk on your ass

  109. Greg Russell

    Greg Russell16 days ago

    Kyrie put up Kuzma like numbers that game... Seriously though LeBron FT shooting is baffling. The guy drains Curry deep threes some games, but can't hit a free throw. Maybe he needs to take a turn around fade away jumper FT.

  110. Nikee Time

    Nikee Time16 days ago

    He is a phenomenal player, but free throws are one of his weaknesses

  111. Allen Chaskley-Oakes

    Allen Chaskley-Oakes16 days ago

    Kyrie keeps missing LeBron's calls because his phone only rings once

  112. Allen Chaskley-Oakes

    Allen Chaskley-Oakes15 days ago

    @Certified 1)Thank you 2) On the way home from the NICU

  113. Tip Limehouse

    Tip Limehouse16 days ago


  114. Certified

    Certified16 days ago

    Low key corny but good word play and when did u and why did u find time to come up with this🤣😑😕

  115. Astro Moon

    Astro Moon16 days ago

    It’s no secret that kyrie has a personal one sided issue with lebron lol. But look how far that’s gotten him. And I’m not the biggest lebron fan either. But obviously the kid hasn’t accomplished anything since playing with James.

  116. Micheal Isley

    Micheal Isley16 days ago

    Kyrie 'flat earth' Irving makes a point. Wow he's smart.

  117. Micheal Isley

    Micheal Isley15 days ago

    @big slime 4KT definitely a troll, that went and hid under a bridge for a couple weeks last month. Things get difficult and he's the first one out the door, 100 percent a troll. And uncle drew sucked, space jam 2 all day. Lebron got him a chip and he spits in face, a fucking troll is exactly what he is.

  118. big slime 4KT

    big slime 4KT15 days ago

    he has a college degree. 😐 and he said he was trolling with the flat earth thing

  119. Lowie Quintero

    Lowie Quintero16 days ago

    Being foolish or trash talk is part of the gme if u are inside of the court

  120. Riq Geez

    Riq Geez16 days ago

    ESPN didn't hear Bron tell Kyrie "Shut ur lil ass up" @ 16 seconds of this video listen

  121. TheGoat mane

    TheGoat mane14 days ago

    Then he proceeds to miss it. It would have made lebron look more foolish

  122. Cameron Lutz

    Cameron Lutz16 days ago

    Kyrie needs to get smacked outta this bitch phase he's been it for the past decade I dislike LeBron but bron did so much for this kid and he's still out here disrespecting can't wait till he do that somebody off the court

  123. franky Janky

    franky Janky16 days ago

    I use to be a fan of KD & KI because of their talent after all the drama following their careers its their Pride that made the demons come out of them 😬

  124. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas16 days ago

    0:16 Lebron tells Kyrie “ shut yo lil ass up”

  125. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas3 days ago

    @MellzDhaBoss AirPods I guess

  126. Nico Arcilla

    Nico Arcilla8 days ago

    No it was steve nash 🤣

  127. TheGoat mane

    TheGoat mane14 days ago

    & then proceeds to brick it lmfao

  128. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas14 days ago

    @n!ck true lol

  129. n!ck

    n!ck14 days ago

    @Andrew Thomas oh yeah if your using that logic it could be anyone that is shorter than lebron because I mean Kyrie said his stuff after lebron missed so idk if kyrie would trash talk before he made it because he’d look stupid if lebron did make it

  130. Jabaar Dugan

    Jabaar Dugan16 days ago

    We'll see who wins it all tho. Kyrie better HOPE he even makes it to the finals. Lakers haven't even clicked on all cylinders yet. This the same thing people were on last season. Once the Lakers really clicked, no one could stop them. They embarrassed the top teams heading into the post season. Difference is Kyrie, KD, and Harden don't play any better than they do RIGHT NOW. Lebron is a monster post season and AD isn't far behind. Plus Lakers have 2-3 roster spots to fill and they're eyeing Blake Griffin right now. Pistons are most likely buying him out and he's going to the Lakers for sure. Both have mutual interest.

  131. Jay Anderson

    Jay Anderson16 days ago

    Trash talking. And?

  132. Slattermer Slab

    Slattermer Slab16 days ago

    If I was Bron I'd shock the whole world an slap the fuck outta that boy

  133. nodws mpo

    nodws mpo16 days ago


  134. Nikee Time

    Nikee Time16 days ago

    Why, Irving hit the clutch 3 that lead to the comeback. Irving misses that 3, the series is a wrap for GS.

  135. 123456 not

    123456 not16 days ago

    LeBron the most overated player

  136. BlessedandTalented

    BlessedandTalented16 days ago

    Next play after Kyrie says that LeBron is in the paint for longer than 3 seconds 🤦🏽‍♂️