Not Even a Car Can Squish This Strong Bug

Superheroes are not only found in movies. You don't need to go to other planets to be amazed by the variety of lifeforms. Some incredible superpowers already exist in the world. Evolution has a very rich imagination and, thanks to it, there are bugs that can leap the distance of 100 times their body length, flies that see everything around it, 360 degrees, and insects that can haul a load a thousand times its own weight!
Have you ever heard of fishing spiders? It’s a hefty beast that can reach the size of your palm, and its name is not accidental: its favorite dish is fish. The spider catches its prey by diving underwater, but its actual superpower is the ability to run on its surface. And when the spider needs to go down, it just stops and dives. If these "superpowers" aren't enough to impress you, watch the video! We found insects that can make an unforgettable impression on you with their innate features.
Preview photo credit:
Phloeodes diabolicus: By Kugamazog~commonswiki/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.5,
Animation is created by Bright Side.
Ironclad beetle 0:01
Cockroache 0:58
Tiger moth 1:28
Humble froghopper 2:06
Pea aphids 2:41
Housefly 3:24
Fishing spider 3:54
Darwin’s bark spider 4:30
Termites 5:03
Bombardier beetle 5:33
Parasitoid wasp 6:03
Dung beetle 6:29
Orchid mantis 7:15
Desert locust 7:51
Music by Epidemic Sound
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    BRIGHT SIDEMonth ago

    What's your favorite superhero of the animal kingdom?

  2. Ariel Sharon Deriada

    Ariel Sharon Deriada14 days ago

    Pea aphids,, my dad owns solar haha

  3. Pinkish Moon

    Pinkish Moon20 days ago

    NoTHING iM afraid of those bugs you show

  4. Ms. B.B.U.P. Perera - University of Kelaniya

    Ms. B.B.U.P. Perera - University of Kelaniya24 days ago

    Fishing Spider

  5. Athina Teteri

    Athina Teteri26 days ago

    My dog

  6. -c͜͡l͜͡o͜͡u͜͡d͜͡ʎ_ _d͜͡a͜͡ʎs͜͡-

    -c͜͡l͜͡o͜͡u͜͡d͜͡ʎ_ _d͜͡a͜͡ʎs͜͡-Month ago

    White lipped python and orchid mantis


    PRAISHA RUTH MORA4 days ago

    bombadier beetles UwU cuz they r the masters of acid sprays ;)

  8. Kyen demisana

    Kyen demisana9 days ago

    I think i saw a ironclad beetel in the mountains when i was lifting rocks and i got a rock and it was under it and i smush it with a small rock and then it did not die crazy right Bonus:i saw a male tarantula in the other rocks👍

  9. David Zheng

    David Zheng10 days ago

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  10. Freddy Fazbear

    Freddy Fazbear11 days ago

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  11. Opalium gaming

    Opalium gaming13 days ago

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  12. Bit HEROEZ

    Bit HEROEZ14 days ago

    I saw The Fishing Spider Moving away from us Its Running too Fast

  13. Gamer Assassin2

    Gamer Assassin214 days ago

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  14. Nimfa Canumay

    Nimfa Canumay16 days ago

    i killed a house fly

  15. Cigar Cigar

    Cigar Cigar16 days ago

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  16. Goldin Lucas Wu 58

    Goldin Lucas Wu 5819 days ago

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  17. NoobyGamer 11

    NoobyGamer 1120 days ago

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    Luke20 days ago

    It's cool,and there are fun things I learned today yeah your right fly is really annoying too fast

  19. Logan Bullard

    Logan Bullard21 day ago

    i wish i got bitten by a mutated beetle like that one. It would be sooo coool

  20. Jim052

    Jim05221 day ago

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  21. Sangdini Sailo

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  22. Mafruha Tanha

    Mafruha Tanha23 days ago

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  23. Faizyu7 Emy

    Faizyu7 Emy24 days ago

    wait the beetle that cant killed its a a a longhorn beetle

  24. Dudius McThude

    Dudius McThude26 days ago

    I'd like to see one of these unsquishable bugs irl so I could test its durability

  25. Vaibhav Pandey

    Vaibhav Pandey26 days ago

    I have found dung beetle

  26. len kagamine

    len kagamine26 days ago

    Can 50 bmg can squish it

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    HEDV4 GAMING27 days ago

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  31. Remxpaii

    Remxpaii27 days ago

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    mythical BG28 days ago

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  33. One Slashh

    One Slashh28 days ago

    First of all why would u pertner a nidile and a hammer. How about nail?

  34. Riley Millward

    Riley Millward28 days ago

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  35. arabella de keyser

    arabella de keyser29 days ago

    Wow the orchid mantis is very patient!

  36. Justine Miranda

    Justine MirandaMonth ago

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  59. W.D Gaster

    W.D GasterMonth ago

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  75. CandyCane_XD

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  76. 魏燕

    魏燕Month ago

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  77. Infinity FF-YT

    Infinity FF-YTMonth ago

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    mr bacon unknøwMonth ago

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    WONG KAI SHING MoeMonth ago

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  80. Richard Kurt Salison

    Richard Kurt SalisonMonth ago

    It would have been better if it was called ironCHAD beetle

  81. sabi Gutierrez

    sabi GutierrezMonth ago


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    ChadisstupibMonth ago

    when I saw the spider I immediately thought of the guy from Naruto that has 6 arms and can swing webs

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    In our bathroom theres a lot of house fly....they keep getting on the walls so im jusy punching the wall.... So i can hit them and now i see their body parts on my hands.. REEEEEEEEEE

  86. •Chris Afton•

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    Zyrele Bernece SorianoMonth ago

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