Surfers Exit Water After I Warn Them White Shark Approaches

In this Vlog style entry, I narrate the events as they occur live.
On Feb. 7th, 2021, while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl, I head out to an empty beach in search of whales and sharks. I end up warning a couple surfers about a white shark that is approaching them.
The surfers left the water after the shark came close. While, I don't believe the shark was purposely hunting them, it's wise to leave the water if there is prey in the vicinity.
Special thanks to photographer Amanda Elkins for capturing the audio and video as this occurred.

I'm NOT a marine biologist or naturalist. As with all USlikes content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation.
For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website.
All music has been licensed for use. For more music, I encourage a visit to the pages of artists I incorporate into these videos.
"Retro City" by Cody Martin

Beach Safety and Shark Info:
California State, Long Beach Shark Lab
For information about local shark research and/or to donate, please visit


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    Im so invested in these! I didnt even know I could be thid invented in sharks. Your voice combined with these clips make me so relaxed!!🥰

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    USlikes Algorithm keep putting your videos in my feed. I love the consistency and quality. I am finally going to subscribe! Keep on grinding!

  4. Dan Patient

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    There 2 sharks, 1:09

  5. Brenden Acheson

    Brenden AchesonDay ago

    Would’ve been cooler if you let nature take it’s course

  6. Taylore Dawn Kelly

    Taylore Dawn KellyDay ago

    You are the best in every way! I love great white sharks and this is a whole new way to watch them and you are being such a advocate for them while possibly saving people as well. Thank you for your beautiful videos and sharing your talents with us.

  7. swr Rebels Rule

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    the way the guy just took off with the board and left her XDDDDD

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    Omg! I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  9. kman 4443

    kman 44432 days ago

    Plot twist: The shark buys a drone and shows up at TheMalibuArtist's home filming him thru his windows.

  10. kman 4443

    kman 44432 days ago

    76 hungry Great White sharks disliked this video.

  11. Sara Poulton

    Sara Poulton2 days ago

    I’m going in a shark cage in Hawaii in the summer and boy I’m scared but I can’t stop imagining seeing them swimming or surfing 😱

  12. Colleen Johnston Comedy

    Colleen Johnston Comedy2 days ago

    Surfing is a lot of fun except for big man eating things.

  13. nextari

    nextari2 days ago

    that's f'n gnarly, that would spook me , I'd be uncomfortable knowing for certain they are out there and curious, and being totally unaware.

  14. Carolyn Feldman

    Carolyn Feldman2 days ago

    Save the sharks!! Human deaths aren't relevant to the planet. We must save whales, sharks, dolphins, etc.

  15. Emperor of all Humanity

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    Awesome video

  16. Omid Films

    Omid Films2 days ago

    What part is Malibu is this?

  17. Edward Thacher

    Edward Thacher2 days ago

    He’s cruising the dirty sand line he hears there splashing it’s a good ambush point if they would’ve went out farther past the dirty sand line it would’ve probably been a different situation. But he grew inpatient and started in towards suffers to take a look to see what might be on the menu. There sensory perception is incredible and since of smell.

  18. Enrique Gomez

    Enrique Gomez2 days ago

    What drone do you use?

  19. Jake Ryan

    Jake Ryan2 days ago

    if i ever see a drone while swimming in the ocean im outta there

  20. Michelle Cevallos

    Michelle Cevallos2 days ago

    Thanks for showing these amazing creatures. You’re footage and narration is great and educational for many folks that have fears of these creatures. I wouldn’t want to be swimming next to one but seeing how they interact with their environment is lovely to see.

  21. Bear Claw'

    Bear Claw'3 days ago

    Great White Attack good way to leave this Life ,Avoid when possible, Drones with light or sound Warning for Beach folks a good Move ".

  22. Veleiro Sirius

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    Great vídeo, congratulations from Brazil

  23. John Asbury

    John Asbury3 days ago

    Awesome footage. The few dislikes are Great Whites that can afford wi fi. Totally bogus.

  24. Jeff Holstat

    Jeff Holstat3 days ago

    Hey mate australian drone operator here love your work only just started watching and subscribed which I don't do often. I'm currently getting licensed so I can hopefully get a job working for surf life savings drone program over here in sydney. But I might get out there and try capture some wildlife as we have great whites here too. Anyway keep it up and I'll keep watching.

  25. Pretty Bird Aquatics

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    This footage is addictive! Keep up the good work!!!

  26. TheMalibuArtist

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    Thanks a ton!

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  28. RobLee

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    Every beach should have a drone person to heck for sharks

  29. Erodoeht

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    3:33 looks like there was one in the upper right corner

  30. Yames

    Yames4 days ago

    Nice to see that that shark is tagged

  31. Eljan Rimsa

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    The shark needs to learn to take out the drone first.

  32. TheMalibuArtist

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  33. DianaKim Dang

    DianaKim Dang4 days ago

    I often SUP at CI Harbor/ Sea bridge & mandalay beach area and every time I see a drone I’m like “ crap is there a shark around me??” and get a mini heart attack only to see a seal 😅

  34. Tarek Adam

    Tarek Adam4 days ago

    If you really want to monetize, then you need to stop warning the surfers. You would never see a nat-geo photographer warn the gazelle about the lion.

  35. Tomato Banana

    Tomato Banana4 days ago

    the dislikes are from the sharks

  36. Mike Donaldson

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    300K views?????GTFOH??

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    WOOWWWWW They owe u a drink or 2 mate!!!!

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    Bro you can't snitch on the sharks.... they gotta eat too!

  39. TheMalibuArtist

    TheMalibuArtist3 days ago

    Funny guy! lol

  40. gabriel gervais

    gabriel gervais4 days ago

    Meanwhile, people still think I am over-sensitive when I say I have NO business bathing in the sea - for obvious reasons. You're dicing with your life.

  41. Patrick Edgar Regini

    Patrick Edgar Regini4 days ago

    Hey TMA, I got to ask you this! ... If a shark headed for someone and started attacking them before you were able to alert them, or after you alerted them but was still not enough, ... would you continue filming the whole thing? I'm sure you have by now a clear ethical criteria on this which undoubtedly has been a reoccurring matter in your head. Have you considered mounting a warning alarm or better still a recording saying something like "shark in close proximity" on your drone? I'm sure you'll wish you had if god forbid an attack occurred. Give yourself that peace of mind my friend. Beautiful work, but sorry, I'm just not on your side of the court on this. We are so reckless and uncaring about bringing to extinction so much of the living world without batting an eye, and no one makes nearly the issue about it they do about sharks these days. To me it's been totally over the top romanticized. I think they're too dangerous to mankind. And I don't believe they are the "cleaners of the ocean" they say they are. I would not miss them at all, and would even make an argument for extinguishing all sharks that are capable of attacking people. I feel a hundred times worse about the ignorant killing of beautiful majestic animals that share the land with us, like the ones some of these ignorant bastards hunt for sport, and I feel worse about the ghastly cruelty in the animal meat food industry, or the horrific hunting of dolphins and whales, all of which are much more emotionally developed and closer to us than the mindless overrated killing machines that sharks are. Yea sure, they are great beautiful animals too, but how about we put things in their proper order? That's just how I see it. No hard feelings, I appreciate you. Seriously consider mounting the loud speaker warning recording. It's more important than "the beauty" of these creatures.

  42. Bully Boy

    Bully Boy4 days ago

    I would have asked to see it.

  43. Jesse Morales

    Jesse Morales4 days ago

    That's awesome what you do and think about how many lives you could be saving they had no idea how close the encounter was great job

  44. Sand Hopper

    Sand Hopper4 days ago

    Definite wake up call.

  45. Claudio. Anveres

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    That sardine was just sizing his lunch. dang!!!!! :)

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    as soon as they came out the shark

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    Please do speachs and do a uk tour please i want to meet u!!!!!!! I LUV UUUUUUU!!

  48. 999racing

    999racing5 days ago

    Dude share something about because they want shark fin trade to be banned in the eu. Some eu countries are amongst the biggest shark fishing countries on earth finning tens of millions of sharks per year. And it's a citizens initiative, so if one million people vote for it the eu commission has to react to it.

  49. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    This shark looks like he was hunting 🦈 he should’ve said something a lot sooner. But I can see how not trying to start a panic is safer

  50. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    The way he says there’s a shark is so casual. He would fail as a lifeguard.

  51. gracie may

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    Thank You. This is so Amazing to see, absolutely beautiful.

  52. semgil1

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    Nice work there... not subscribing because I hate sharks beautiful creatures but so scary.

  53. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    Not really. Most shark attacks are accidents and most aren’t fatal

  54. _Mermaidshark31

    _Mermaidshark315 days ago

    What kind of drone do you use ?? I love sharks so much I would love to see some like that

  55. Virginia Glasser

    Virginia Glasser5 days ago

    Surfers are well aware there are sharks all around them. That one guy was like yeah so? haha. Nice footage though.

  56. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    And most sharks that come up to shore won’t bother people. But he was right to warn surfers

  57. John Hart

    John Hart5 days ago

    Cool footage and didn’t realize they would leave visible trails in the water. Also, was that shark tagged? Looked like something on the dorsal fin.

  58. Victoria White

    Victoria White6 days ago

    Oh wow, this is great!

  59. Anonimouse

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    I never enter the water without my Shark Shield activated!

  60. Alan Taylor

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    Any idea the type of shark this is?

  61. jumbo256 old school

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    He should have asked them to take a look at his monitor. That would have taken the casual bravado right out of his voice

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    Such a good channel, no nonsense no dumb promotions, just perfect content. Keep it up!

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    This channel is my new escape from zoom class

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    This is obviously staged. Probably payed the shark after the video.

  65. Willcc19 -

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    Probably a robotic shark smh

  66. Luigi Cornielles

    Luigi Cornielles6 days ago

    Dude, that's my Beach right there!... I believe you have a money maker business right on your hands. You are doing a great Job, but you cannot patrol the whole beach and run from side to side warning people. You should Kick-Start a drone project for Lifeguards. Go ahead and design a Drone with a Strobe Light and a Raid Siren with a recorded voice shouting “SHARK”, then flight the drone just above of the shark so the people can see where is at. Promote the project in Shark-Tank (no pun intended) and there you go my friend.

  67. Happy Planet Green Planet

    Happy Planet Green Planet6 days ago

    What type of technology is that? Amazing save

  68. Makozer

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    I'm so pleased that your content seeks to inspire people to save the sharks, but I'm disheartened by your attempts to save the surfers 😉

  73. Hyeonsik Li

    Hyeonsik Li6 days ago

    Why are the whites so close to the beach?

  74. dren yama

    dren yama6 days ago

    👍🏼for keeping surfers safe! Do you get your shark footage other than Malibu area? (I surf north Huntington Beach area)

  75. kevin wu

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    Is all your footage from just malibu?

  76. Bharat Thapa

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  77. UV

    UV7 days ago

    I think I know a way to make more jobs along the coast. If there is a way to make simple, yet powerful drones that can emit an iconic alarm, you could have people at work as lifeguards, people that work as drone operators, or both depending on the type of Beach and the amount of foot traffic. Depending on how much Beach is managed, you can have drones patrolling up and down the coast as well as a few drones dedicated to focusing on the imaginary line around swimmers and people wading in the water. But I would hope that the alarm in the drones is loud enough that anyone on that stretch of Beach would know that there are sharks nearby. Also, areas that don't see too much foot traffic, but do have regular locals, could easily benefit from a drone that has a higher range with a much better camera so it can do the job of multiple drones in one because of the low popularity of that Beach.

  78. Oscar arsenal

    Oscar arsenal7 days ago

    Wow what beach is this?

  79. Allen Kemmett

    Allen Kemmett7 days ago

    .. don't need to exit the water, just hop off your board so he can see your not prey #facepalm

  80. King Westonian MLP OC

    King Westonian MLP OC7 days ago

    Most people I meet tell me "Great whites are way far out in the ocean it is very very rare for them to be close to where you are swimming, but from what I've seen from your few videos I saw, it appears that that is false and they are actually close but we don't usually see them. Just in case I'm wrong though, can someone tell me if what people tell me is true, and there are just a lot of sharks in the area of your videos, or they are wrong and great whites really always are that close?

  81. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    @King Westonian MLP OC might be but I don’t know if they confirmed it

  82. King Westonian MLP OC

    King Westonian MLP OC5 days ago

    @Willcc19 - it says in the title and it looks like one

  83. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    Who told you it was a great white

  84. Nicole Mead

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    You are amazing. I enjoy your videos very much!! From new Jersey usa

  85. Deborah Pell

    Deborah Pell7 days ago

    I like you're channel but you wait to long to tell people. If i was out there i don't care if it's 500 or a 1000 ft from me(TELL ME). You need to invest in a small bull horn, or i'll buy you one. Just let people know a shark is in that area and don't wait so long..........

  86. Amos

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    Can't wait for your next video!

  87. Aamir Khan

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    Amazing footage, you are lagend man... saving some's life is like saving the whole of mankind. love from New Zealand❤

  88. Willcc19 -

    Willcc19 -5 days ago

    Whose life did he save? It’s very likely this shark wouldn’t even bother them

  89. Jamie H

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    Just found your channel! Wow! How often do you capture sharks near swimmers close to shore on Zuma Beach? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  90. Jamie H

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    Nevermind! I just read your disclaimer about locations. I grew up swimming out past the breakers at ZUMA & knew I was in the water with ocean life but now that I KNOW KNOW, I’m alittle spooked. 😬


    CPWHUNTERGUY7 days ago

    Were they guys upset or thankful for the given info?

  92. christian smith jr

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    I hate the united states of america.

  93. Hunter Flowerson

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    Great gem of a channel to find, keep it up friend, you may have potentially saved lives too

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    Really love your Channel! Amazing footage!

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  96. ImDino

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    Let's narrate for a while before tellimg them

  97. ImDino

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    The dislikes are from sharks

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    Well done. You are saving lives while enjoying your hobby

  103. Faithful Watchman

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    thanks for alerting the surfers

  104. Drowseh

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    I’m not gonna say they he went as far as saving those surfers, but definitely removed the risk. Better to be safe than sorry.

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    What surprises me the most is that the shark leaves a trail in the water. Would have thought that's not possible in moving water.

  108. Anthony Kirkwood

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  109. PBG

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    that's not a "white shark"

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