Chevelle - Remember When (Official Lyric Video)

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Remember you’re souvenirs
The memory’s fuel in space
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
Remember when
We’re right side up
Yet I’m falling off
The hope was to fool yourself
To suffer was worth the cause
As we’re drifting off to nowhere
Nowhere, nowhere
Remember when
We’re right side up
And yet I’m falling off, nowhere
Remember when
Remember your youth instead
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
We’re right side up
And yet I’m falling off
Remember when
Remember you’re youth instead
When you’re drifting off to nowhere
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  1. huskysilverdog

    huskysilverdog6 hours ago

    Anyone else get Sick Puppies vibes from this? Not complaining, just an observation.

  2. Jon Miles

    Jon Miles7 hours ago

    HOLY F**K!!! I've been shot out of a cannon and NEVER LANDED😊😊

  3. cattledrage

    cattledrage21 hour ago

    When every single synapse fires off at once and your flesh responds in unison...

  4. Dumpster Fire

    Dumpster Fire23 hours ago

    Chevy has stood the test of time! Gods! This album is fantastic! Now go back and listen to vena and sci-fi..... do it 👍🏻

  5. Jennifer Sanchez

    Jennifer Sanchez23 hours ago

    Why am I misty eyed 🥺

  6. Jennifer Sanchez

    Jennifer Sanchez23 hours ago

    It's beautiful ❤️

  7. cast away

    cast awayDay ago

    When Alzheimer is ripping someone away from you

  8. ThatGuyAron

    ThatGuyAronDay ago

    Sounds like deftones

  9. terryn svt

    terryn svtDay ago

    Just... perfect !

  10. M E

    M EDay ago

    True to music.... And still holding. Hats off to CheVell !! Thank you

  11. Joe Segundo

    Joe SegundoDay ago

    Not sure how these guys make more fantastic music than what they've already done! Unreal, I've got more great Chevelle to listen too!

  12. Dylan Hutto

    Dylan HuttoDay ago

    It's crazy how the first time I heard this song I wasn't impressed. Now I have it on repeat because it just fits how I'm feeling right now. I love you Chevelle, I hope you guys never get tired of writing music.

  13. Madara Inmortal Warrior

    Madara Inmortal WarriorDay ago

    Hay algo que no hagan bien estos chicos?

  14. James Rotiroti

    James RotirotiDay ago

    Thank you for writing not only one of the best Chevelle songs but one of the greatest songs of all time. "Remember your youth instead" is forever ingrained in my mind. This song has been on repeat on youtube and in my mind since it was released. So well done.

  15. Jason Minyard

    Jason MinyardDay ago

    Omg love this album! Absolutely 💯💯💯

  16. Otacon 1029

    Otacon 10292 days ago

    I haven't listened to this enough yet. I think I'll take another...

  17. Mario Bargonetti

    Mario Bargonetti2 days ago

    That ending doe.

  18. Shannon Buckley

    Shannon Buckley2 days ago

    I l♡ve it! It raw and good! ♡

  19. Larry Hoover

    Larry Hoover2 days ago

    I love this band man.Their music is so atmospheric

  20. Mr nice guy

    Mr nice guy2 days ago

    so well made man....10/10

  21. Mike Gruits

    Mike Gruits2 days ago

    This album is absolutely incredible. Well done, guys.

  22. Ryan Moyer

    Ryan Moyer2 days ago

    That pitch when he screams still gives me goosebumps 15 years later. They still got it

  23. Ryan Moyer

    Ryan Moyer2 days ago

    When deftones and chevelle made a song

  24. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson2 days ago

    Look at this. Feel this. Soak it in. Only 200k views. Such a fucking shame. You know why? Because this is real music. Most of the world doesn't fucking understand. Hey, Chevelle! I fucking understand!!!! Please don't ever stop making music. For my sake!!!!

  25. Patrick Koonts

    Patrick Koonts2 days ago


  26. Robotnik Unit

    Robotnik Unit2 days ago

    This song feels very reminiscent to Saturdays, the messages feel very hand in hand, love the feels

  27. Xei Zael

    Xei Zael3 days ago

    This is beautiful 😭

  28. Jussimar Martins

    Jussimar Martins3 days ago

    Isso sim é Chevelle

  29. Carl Google

    Carl Google3 days ago

    Hi Cheryl!

  30. Carl Google

    Carl Google3 days ago

    I love this!

  31. Ramon Elizondo

    Ramon Elizondo3 days ago


  32. Ashley Thornburg

    Ashley Thornburg3 days ago

    Until You’re Reformed 2.0

  33. I Ro

    I Ro3 days ago

    Definitely not that long ago

  34. Brittany Milburn

    Brittany Milburn3 days ago

    PLEASE let there be concerts this year 🤞 I miss seeing Chevelle play live 😭😭

  35. WTFCharles

    WTFCharles3 days ago

    album was cool. better than North Corridor, but La Gargola is still the king.

  36. FemmeFartale

    FemmeFartale3 days ago

    My favorite track off Niratias

  37. Marc 81

    Marc 813 days ago

    Let's see if the neighborhood is a fan of chevelle?!?!?!

  38. Rory Baker

    Rory Baker3 days ago

    730 am... Blasting... Fuk the neighbors.... I mean sorry neighbors... I mean.... WE'RE RIGHT SIDE UP... Dam it ... I got excited!

  39. Michael Salehi

    Michael Salehi3 days ago


  40. Robert Abshear

    Robert Abshear3 days ago

    Everyone please share and subscribe! If we all do our part we can show some love!

  41. GuitarRay_417

    GuitarRay_4173 days ago

    Don't ever stop making music fellas.. @chevelle this is literally one of the few things keeping me going this past year is the hopebof new music as some kind of return to normalcy!

  42. Kaitlyn Mercer

    Kaitlyn Mercer3 days ago

    So disappointed in this so called album too many instrumental s and spoken word at the end. Hands down this is the best song on the album

  43. Ashley Faulk

    Ashley Faulk3 days ago

    This one is for sure my favorite off the new album. Makes me think of good times. I love the feeling I get when I listen to Remember When, it takes me back. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  44. Bob Pratt

    Bob Pratt3 days ago

    This is the song they should make all the fools who want to take the one way trip to Mars learn by heart.

  45. Shawn Lebrun

    Shawn Lebrun3 days ago

    As I get older and realize that more of my life is behind me than in front of me... Enjoy every moment of your youth now before it all becomes a memory to remember....

  46. Amanda Guevares

    Amanda Guevares3 days ago

    Is it tomorrow yet?

  47. richard holmes

    richard holmes3 days ago

    This has the best riffs!

  48. key

    key3 days ago

    Thank you for this!!! Hope is not lost 🙏 Like this comment for good luck

  49. Vaughn Blaylock

    Vaughn Blaylock3 days ago

    4 Hours, 31 Minutes to go. Gimme that album, boys. I hunger.

  50. Anthony Torralba

    Anthony Torralba4 days ago

    CheVelle, long may you run 🔥

  51. bee honey

    bee honey4 days ago


  52. Jack Croatan

    Jack Croatan4 days ago

    While listening to their songs, there should be an explanation with every verse.

  53. Stacy Sankar

    Stacy Sankar4 days ago

    This song is like doses of serotonin and dopamine to the body ♥️

  54. fox parader

    fox parader4 days ago


  55. Spirrows 2.0

    Spirrows 2.04 days ago

    2009 vibes

  56. Buried YoUx

    Buried YoUx4 days ago

    I remember smoking a bowl before heading off to work listening to Vena Sera. My absolute fav album

  57. Elijah Pace

    Elijah Pace4 days ago

    I love the new singles chevelle dropped recently but I'm so excited for what the whole album

  58. AJ Gaming

    AJ Gaming4 days ago

    I like this

  59. Anderson Gomes

    Anderson Gomes5 days ago


  60. Eric Myers

    Eric Myers5 days ago

    133 thumbs down thus far. Some just don’t get it...

  61. Stinga

    Stinga5 days ago

    i dont like this song at all...

  62. Zuryel K531 SoA

    Zuryel K531 SoA5 days ago

    old fan too..Wow..!!.what a powerfull song..

  63. K G

    K G5 days ago


  64. Devon Mahnken

    Devon Mahnken5 days ago

    This sounds a lot like Until You're Reformed

  65. Hunter Herron

    Hunter Herron5 days ago

    song just makes you feel happy

  66. Alessa Reaper

    Alessa Reaper5 days ago

    Damn! I mean ... I went through a ranger of emotion. This is wonderful!

  67. GrazedDonut

    GrazedDonut6 days ago

    For every new day that passes...I lose another day of my past. Then I hear a song like this and it somehow creates a spark of memories that come rushing back. It's weird how music can do that.

  68. kal kadiwel

    kal kadiwel6 days ago

    Nice! Reminds me of early chevelle days. Still a great band 🤙

  69. Ash* LoTus

    Ash* LoTus6 days ago

    This song feels and sounds like home to me. 🎶💚🤘 Thank you CHEVELLE.

  70. Monica Ann

    Monica Ann7 days ago

    Chevelle 💜❤️

  71. Dino Gomez

    Dino Gomez7 days ago

    Y'all still got it🔥💯

  72. Mike Pursel

    Mike Pursel7 days ago

    All three of the new tracks are pretty much on repeat. Fucking love Chevelle 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  73. Amber Stone

    Amber Stone7 days ago

    1:54 that was it -peter so when I say I'm making a song with consent WITH HER, listen to me who is also producing it

  74. T Pitty

    T Pitty7 days ago

    I'll never forget...

  75. Daniel Mohabir

    Daniel Mohabir7 days ago

    still hits the same 10 years later..........

  76. BluCru 84

    BluCru 847 days ago

    I love the Superman the Movie- like lyrics!

  77. paul jones

    paul jones7 days ago

    Chevelle still got the pedal to the metal 🔨🇺🇸👊

  78. danielesa 13

    danielesa 137 days ago

    Se vc está procurando uma banda de rock incrível, vc achou!!! Essa música é muito linda!! Maravilhosa!!

  79. T Freezy

    T Freezy7 days ago

    This song is dope but clones is my still my numero uno

  80. Richard Goulden

    Richard Goulden8 days ago

    I am so glad to be in have been in my prime during Chevelles reign. No one like them in my opinion. Almost as amazing as have lived in Leo Messis time. Someone put together Messi to Chevelle!

  81. metal man

    metal man8 days ago

    Chevelle would have millions of fans if the tool fans hadnt rejected them from the beginning and that was a large fan base to make up. I like tool but their fans are one group minded. I hope theyve learned to accept greatness.

  82. Scott Unsung

    Scott Unsung8 days ago

    Chevelle and Deftones need to do a collaboration project!

  83. metal man

    metal man8 days ago

    Chevelle is #1 out of Tool, Deftones and the others in this genre. The Chevelle haters are the Tool fans who were afraid this was gonna happen. Afraid Chevelle was actually one day gonna rule the genre. Sorry Tool and Deftones but Chevelle is on another level

  84. Paul

    Paul8 days ago

    Fantastic song.

  85. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez8 days ago

    que buena canción



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  87. pablocv92

    pablocv928 days ago

    Until You're Reformed Pt. 2

  88. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas8 days ago

    Addicted. Right Click > Loop. Best track of 2021 so far. Definite favorite. Absolutely powerful.


    CRAIG DANIEL8 days ago

    THIS IS FREAKING EPIC!!! Freaking EPIC!!! Did I say this was good, excellent, or awesome, he’ll naw..... ISAID THIS IS FREAKING EPIC!!!! Like a fine wine, this band gets insanely good with age!! 👍👍👍

  90. Fixate

    Fixate9 days ago

    No pain

  91. TheJoelsr1

    TheJoelsr19 days ago

    Welcome back Chevelle! That was some epic shit!

  92. Travis Montagner

    Travis Montagner9 days ago

    You guys have stayed true through all these years, mad props. Keep killing it dudes

  93. Brandon Deft

    Brandon Deft9 days ago

    I hope the Deftones are proud when they hear this, I hardly find a song that puts my mind on a plain like the Deftones can but this did! Melodic is KEY and brings emotions to the surface.

  94. J Carl

    J Carl9 days ago

    Hope theres a music video coming for this, cannot wait to see this played live!!

  95. CartonVaqueri

    CartonVaqueri9 days ago

    Esta canción toca muchas fibras sensibles. Sus frecuencias se conectan bien chido con las mías. Saludos desde México.



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  97. Brody Schriefer

    Brody Schriefer9 days ago

    I really really hope the rest of the album is as good as the 3 mother fucking bangers they just released

  98. HarmRue

    HarmRue9 days ago


  99. Coelmatius

    Coelmatius10 days ago

    Freaking awesome!!

  100. joehall55

    joehall5510 days ago

    Sci-fi crimes vibes. Love this

  101. -Bear -

    -Bear -10 days ago

    I'd be down for a Chevelle/Deftones concert! Seriously tho, both bands having their signature sounds, throughout the years, sounding better as they age, never changing who they are, starting from their youth🤘🏾

  102. Paddy Best

    Paddy Best10 days ago

    Made me remember... Myself... :^)

  103. Claire Stich

    Claire Stich10 days ago

    Listen to the first line in Point #1 and they've come full circle. Every song is incredible!