GORILLA VS ORANGUTAN - Who is the king of the Great Apes Family?

GORILLA VS ORANGUTAN - Who is the king of the Great Apes Family?
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➤ Narrated by: David McCallion
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Male gorilla in SF zoo.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Male_gorilla_in_SF_zoo.jpg
Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), Tanjung Putting National Park 07.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bornean_orangutan_(Pongo_pygmaeus),_Tanjung_Putting_National_Park_07.jpg
Tropical evergreen jungle, Khao Lak, Thailand.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tropical_evergreen_jungle,_Khao_Lak,_Thailand.jpg
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Deforestation in Borneo.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Deforestation_in_Borneo.jpg
Orangutan -Zoologischer Garten Berlin-8a.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Orangutan_-Zoologischer_Garten_Berlin-8a.jpg
Frontal view of Pongo tapanuliensis Morphobank media number: M435788 See "paratypes" section of [1] - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapanuli_orangutan#/media/File:Pongo_tapanuliensis.jpg
Pongo tapanuliensis2.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pongo_tapanuliensis2.jpg
Rotating Shot of a Jungle Canopy - Author:Videvo
Tropical rain forest.jpg - de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Tropical_rain_forest.jpg
BorneoRainforest DSC 9267.JPG - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BorneoRainforest_DSC_9267.JPG
Bornean Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi). Photo taken at the lower Kinabatangan River, eastern Sabah, Malaysia. - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunda_clouded_leopard#/media/File:Borneo_clouded_leopard.jpg
Sumatra-Orang-Utan im Pongoland.jpg - Sumatra-Orang-Utan im Pongoland.jpg
Gorilla Eating.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gorilla_Eating.jpg
workers - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrotermes#/media/File:Fungus-growing_Termites_(Macrotermes_carbonarius)0_(8683922314).jpg
Orang Utan, Semenggok Forest Reserve, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia.JPG - es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Orang_Utan,_Semenggok_Forest_Reserve,_Sarawak,_Borneo,_Malaysia.JPG
Photo by Chris F from Pexels
Photo by Dimitry B on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash
Photo by Susanne Karl on Unsplash
SD Zoo Orangs.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SD_Zoo_Orangs.jpg
Sumatra Orangutan.jpg - commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sumatra_Orangutan.jpg
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  1. Billy Jones

    Billy Jones3 hours ago

    Reject humanity, kermit to monke.

  2. henry tiangha

    henry tiangha6 hours ago

    Oh definitely i don't know hehe😁

  3. Deym

    Deym12 hours ago

    You say orangutans are 5ft tall and 87 kilograms. I knew it all along .. im a male orangutan

  4. Slurgi_ Stab

    Slurgi_ Stab18 hours ago

    I laughed at his face so hard 5:20

  5. Laule'a Reyes

    Laule'a Reyes19 hours ago

    Is a chimp a consider a gorilla? If it is he should be king those bastards are strong as fuk.

  6. Lalnunnema Vanchhawng

    Lalnunnema Vanchhawng21 hour ago

    King is gorrila

  7. Hitchhiker

    Hitchhiker22 hours ago

    well theres one winner and one alone the giant orang-utan in the jungle book lol

  8. Pelinal Whitestrake

    Pelinal Whitestrake22 hours ago

    Humans, great ape technological conquerors of the world, I don't think hairy jungle apes that throw poop can compete in anything besides 1v1 closed arena naked duels.

  9. Unknown Ravage

    Unknown RavageDay ago

    Well orangutan is bigger but the gorilla Is stronger so prob gorilla but because the orangutan is quite big if its getting its ass clapped it could get a way because its big but gorilla defo silver backs weigh over a couple hundred pounds they strong as fuck it's basically dwain Johnson vs a 19 year old who just started gym

  10. Quetzalcoatl

    QuetzalcoatlDay ago

    A silverback weight range from 300 to 500 lbs. Largest ever recorded in the wild was 589lbs.

  11. mirrorblue100

    mirrorblue100Day ago

    "I love you, Dr. Zaius!"

  12. Asa Zeinemann

    Asa ZeinemannDay ago

    for fun amazing among us hacks uslikes.info/to/oScfoOsOEVEJFDcP3a6I9A.html

  13. Abie Pratama

    Abie Pratama2 days ago

    Gorilla : Soldiers Orangutan : Sages/mystics/scientists Bonobo : Hippies Chimpanzee : Street gang

  14. Black Lotus

    Black Lotus2 days ago

    Silver back

  15. Dr_ Sykov

    Dr_ Sykov2 days ago

    these clowns still believe that humans were monkey ,,, there is no proof but they are too dumb to understand that .. lol .

  16. Bill

    Bill3 days ago

    If you didn't know, orangutans that's raised in orangutans orphan house, the males are quite gentle to the females but they're strict and mature, if you bother someone or stealing food from other orangutans, he will scream at you and fight you, sometimes they might beat you with a stick..

  17. blandantey

    blandantey3 days ago

    60 to 70 pounds of food per day!!! And I thought while we're heavy eaters.. these guys are Absolute beast!!

  18. Hotsauce155

    Hotsauce1553 days ago

    Bro 2 meters is not 7 feet or 6 feet I know it's petty but c'mon man. you know what fuck it whoever did the metric to imperial conversion doesn''t care so now your video looks stupid af

  19. sonicnasa vlogs

    sonicnasa vlogs3 days ago

    awesomest video ever

  20. esnevip

    esnevip3 days ago

    *Range & Habitat* "Gorilla's are known to have an effective kill distance of 600 Meters..."

  21. Kay Dee

    Kay Dee3 days ago

    It's always King Kong never Orang Kong

  22. Sandra Padilla

    Sandra Padilla4 days ago

    Gorilla would win

  23. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX4 days ago

    I wonder if there are any humans strong enough to wrestle a full grown silverback into submission...

  24. Tommy holgate

    Tommy holgate2 days ago

    @ChaotiX chimp would be better to wrestler because of similar size

  25. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX2 days ago

    @Tommy holgate okay so we'd be closer to chimps and other smaller great apes. Thanks for sharing that

  26. Tommy holgate

    Tommy holgate2 days ago

    @ChaotiX www.kickstarter.com/projects/573993077/juns-anatomy-great-apes-and-human-anatomy-models the people might be big but its not natural size like a gorillas, and powerlifters, bodybuilder etc cant even reach behind there back, a gorilla has an arm span that almsot no human has, plus their massive hands

  27. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX2 days ago

    @Tommy holgate yeah, I've seen a gorilla, up close and personal. Theyre huge. I've also seen very large humans, guys twice my size, ripped like mountains.

  28. Tommy holgate

    Tommy holgate2 days ago

    @ChaotiX well have you seen a gorilla, i can link anatomy of a gorilla and a human and that might help you with an answer

  29. SuperIrving91

    SuperIrving914 days ago

    9:20 CLICKON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I personally disagree. The intelligence of the Orangutan would prevail. Also It might just be a female orangutan.

  30. Sadanime god is a atheist

    Sadanime god is a atheist4 days ago

    Silver back gorilla: 💪🏾 Orangutans : 💪🏾 Humans : 🔫

  31. Ed Monte

    Ed Monte5 days ago

    Ride wife, life good.

  32. Doof Eternal

    Doof Eternal5 days ago

    Hi I’d like to introduce you to N U K E

  33. ケノカイ

    ケノカイ5 days ago

    Idk man they'd fold me immediately tho

  34. Crispy Sunset 2013

    Crispy Sunset 20135 days ago

    If it was the Smallest subspecies of Gorilla the Cross River Gorilla (5.7 ft) and the largest subspecies of Orangutan the Bornean Orangutan (5.6 ft) maybe the fight would be more even.

  35. TheMinato707

    TheMinato7075 days ago

    That is a goddamn sasquatch monkey

  36. Sammed Pandharkar

    Sammed Pandharkar6 days ago

    Orangutan: I'm the smartest Gorilla: I'm the strongest Humans: I have a nuke

  37. Anubis destroyer of worlds

    Anubis destroyer of worlds6 days ago

    Gorilla it's strong boi time Orangutan be big brain time x2 Humans Even bigger big brain time x4000

  38. MR. HYPØ

    MR. HYPØ6 days ago

    Idk man when I saw that orange monkey dance after eating a orange I am gonna have to be in his team

  39. Jay Dream

    Jay Dream6 days ago

    When you click a video on primates Joe Rogan blesses you with pleasant dreams that night 🌙

  40. T0MYA

    T0MYA6 days ago

    "the silver backs ears look small for its head" you just throwin shade at my boy here?

  41. Andy Man

    Andy Man7 days ago

    humans are Grate Apes - grated cheese, grated carrot, grated onion, grated garlic, grated cheese (did i say that twice?) grated ape? yum!

  42. Andy Man

    Andy Man7 days ago

    silly question - Homo Sapiens Sapiens is the King of The Great Apes family that would be humans

  43. Alexandre Amadio

    Alexandre Amadio7 days ago

    and humans...pfffff

  44. 420 Quips

    420 Quips7 days ago

    Wouldn't people be the kings because we're the most successful of the great apes?

  45. ethan mcdonald

    ethan mcdonald7 days ago

    Absolutely impossible for us to be related to these!!! Lmao that’s ridiculous. Even scientists are turning on this

  46. Boktorinator

    Boktorinator7 days ago

    I like Grillers they like big monkys :)

  47. pampino

    pampino7 days ago

    porque no puso subtítulos en español

  48. R Cortez

    R Cortez7 days ago

    Bigfoot, hands down

  49. Simeon Sodeinde

    Simeon Sodeinde8 days ago

    6:32 those vascular markings though.🤔...damn Pec muscles.

  50. KD Pro's

    KD Pro's8 days ago

    Belgian malinois vs. wolf

  51. Dillan Swanson

    Dillan Swanson8 days ago

    None are the greatest of the great apes, Humans are

  52. Scott Allen

    Scott Allen8 days ago

    This is like comparing General Ursus with Maurice from the original "PLANET OF THE APES." Oh wait..

  53. Gorila Leo

    Gorila Leo8 days ago

    Mi chamo

  54. Pastrami Man

    Pastrami Man8 days ago

    1:34 guess we ain't so different after all

  55. AK, im not bad just evil

    AK, im not bad just evil9 days ago


  56. Hope Rocco

    Hope Rocco9 days ago

    Make it happen Dana

  57. D P

    D P9 days ago

    What is Zaire? Stopped existing in 1997

  58. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo10 days ago

    Tyler1 be like💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🐵🐵🐵🐵

  59. Gordon Shumway

    Gordon Shumway10 days ago

    I thought that it would be a documentary about the Bloods and the Crips.

  60. Chanel Adriana

    Chanel Adriana11 days ago

    Palm oil is more than a survival of a specie

  61. Per-Bjarne Mikalsen

    Per-Bjarne Mikalsen11 days ago

    They are both fake, they are humans in monkey-suits.

  62. Leon Ruvalcaba

    Leon Ruvalcaba12 days ago

    monke is king

  63. kd carney

    kd carney12 days ago


  64. Sai Fujiwara

    Sai Fujiwara12 days ago

    Fun fact: Orang = People Utan = Jungle (Malay/Indonesian)

  65. Paul Monaco

    Paul Monaco13 days ago

    OMG hahahahahahaha... I recently saw a USlikes video about Michelle Obama, and the reference was made about Michelle being a " SILVER BACK " now I know what the joke is. LOL... I'd never heard a gorilla called silver back. I can't say they were WRONG....

  66. THEmelon _

    THEmelon _13 days ago

    “Great apes include humans” “Orangutans are the only great apes found in Asia” Asians: *are we a joke to you*

  67. 《 YellowOreo 》

    《 YellowOreo 》13 days ago

    hehe monke

  68. Filip

    Filip13 days ago

    1:30 6ft is not 2 meters you fucking clown

  69. The Rub

    The Rub13 days ago

    it's king louie of course, however reaching the top does bother him somewhat

  70. Ricky Tyson

    Ricky Tyson13 days ago

    How bout some footage of a actual fight

  71. sumeahs king

    sumeahs king14 days ago

    Two meters is not six feet asshole

  72. Bert recht

    Bert recht14 days ago

    Humans are not belong to great Apes or another group of animals. What bullshit.....

  73. Jesstell Jabez Cabaluna

    Jesstell Jabez Cabaluna14 days ago

    Obviously gorilla have you seen planet of apes the oranggutang is a slow fighter the gorilla jump to a helicopter the gorilla sacrifice it self for siser

  74. Justin Sidious

    Justin Sidious14 days ago

    Orangutang are gross looking and suck. Gorilla is a badass in charge. Chimps are like a monster.


    FLUFFY MARTIAN15 days ago


  76. Tiger Strength

    Tiger Strength15 days ago

    "Who is the king of the great apes family?" Me: *Interesting*

  77. Lololo Tototo

    Lololo Tototo15 days ago

    Hmm... MONKE

  78. hussein sahal

    hussein sahal15 days ago

    Where did I hear this voice? Historymarche?😂😂

  79. Neezum Caleb

    Neezum Caleb16 days ago

    Orangutan literally means jungle people, ‘orang’ means people and ‘hutan’ means jungle. This name is easily recognisable by people in parts of southeast asia.

  80. Crk Crk

    Crk Crk17 days ago

    *every great apes* : invest its stats in intelligence *gorilla* : strength, strength, strength

  81. Crk Crk

    Crk Crk10 days ago

    @Amiirrul Albedier :/

  82. I goo Goo

    I goo Goo17 days ago

    Orangutans are docile and smart the have similar strengths to humans

  83. Charles Huang

    Charles Huang17 days ago

    Next video: gorilla 🦍 vs mike Tyson! 😂

  84. SpunkyJerky The Spaz

    SpunkyJerky The Spaz17 days ago

    "Females typically are no taller than 5 feet/ 1.5m, and weigh as much as 200 pounds/ 90kg." I've seen women that fit that description.

  85. David Su

    David Su17 days ago

    godzilla vs zilla

  86. Ouitk

    Ouitk18 days ago

    fuck humanity i want to be monke

  87. Mitchrum

    Mitchrum19 days ago

    Easy awnser it's humans.

  88. Kitsune

    Kitsune20 days ago

    Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil Boycott Palm Oil

  89. THE Kingz

    THE Kingz20 days ago


  90. Kerrson Baluyot

    Kerrson Baluyot20 days ago

    Who is the king of the Great Apes Family? we are

  91. Joana Martinez

    Joana Martinez20 days ago

    The real king is king kong

  92. Thomass

    Thomass20 days ago

    Orangutan gang 🦧😎💪

  93. mylen Hansen

    mylen Hansen21 day ago

    Dumb monkeys

  94. Jeff Au’Court

    Jeff Au’Court21 day ago

    Orangutan: "My orange balls itch' Gorilla: "My black balls itch" Human: "I think these are balls but I sexually identify as a toaster oven" ... God we're fucked up.

  95. Bernice White

    Bernice White21 day ago


  96. Reshaud Miller

    Reshaud Miller21 day ago

    Who else believe the 2005 king kong and the gaint orangutan from jungle book 2016 would have been a great match.

  97. Aizakku

    Aizakku21 day ago

    I don't know much about both animals but In pure strength it's obviously the Gorilla. When it comes to intelligence, the Orangutan.

  98. Zipflik 1

    Zipflik 122 days ago

    I mean the king of great apes is a human

  99. TysonElite

    TysonElite23 days ago

    The gray gorilla beats them all!

  100. M W

    M W23 days ago

    Literally the most annoying narrator ever acting like he is the one who discovered these facts about monkeys sheesh

  101. Liquid Moon

    Liquid Moon23 days ago

    Gorilla fucked an orangutan, out came a human

  102. Adi

    Adi23 days ago

    No idea why I’m here

  103. Mrdinoshark

    Mrdinoshark23 days ago


  104. Tails Power

    Tails Power24 days ago

    My votes 🗳 are on the gorilla 🦍 because it has mighty powerful 💥muscular big arms 💪 that can break your back and you’ll be lying on the grown dead ☠️and theirs no way you can recover a from a really bad injury like that.

  105. carlo arbaiza

    carlo arbaiza24 days ago

    Orangutangs are great apes a classification that includes umans Literally the next sentence: they are the only great apes found in asia

  106. Coltkiller Gaming

    Coltkiller Gaming19 days ago

    Primates he means that

  107. miles swigart

    miles swigart24 days ago

    In captivity silver backs can get to be 680 pounds... not 200