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1. HoloGear
2. E-flite T-28 Trojan
3. PONG Knock Out
4. Cybershoes
5. Backyard Blasters Colt 1911 (Preview)
6. Flybotic Air Wheelz
7. Laser X
8. Jakks Pacific Toilet Paper Blaster
9. MekaMon V2

00:00 - HoloGear
00:54 - E-flite T-28 Trojan
02:02 - PONG Knock Out
02:57 - Cybershoes
04:03 - Backyard Blasters Colt 1911 (Preview)
05:10 - Flybotic Air Wheelz
05:53 - Laser X
06:52 - Jakks Pacific Toilet Paper Blaster
07:54 - MekaMon V2


  1. Crasy Cookie

    Crasy Cookie30 minutes ago


  2. Yadira De La Torre

    Yadira De La Torre2 hours ago

    I have a "laser X" 🔫😄

  3. David Attebury ( Student )

    David Attebury ( Student )4 hours ago

    the 1911 spring jammed and it never fired far. it looks really cool tho

  4. Tsz Hang Ian CHEUNG

    Tsz Hang Ian CHEUNG6 hours ago

    Who would buy a ball for 65 dollars?

  5. Jaden Daniells

    Jaden Daniells8 hours ago

    Where can we get mekamon v2

  6. Cash Rodriguez

    Cash Rodriguez12 hours ago

    Am I the only one hear cause of the thumbnail

  7. the dragon Master

    the dragon Master16 hours ago

    I like the colt gun

  8. gey wolf

    gey wolf17 hours ago

    I actually have a laser X

  9. Stephanie Hornby

    Stephanie Hornby18 hours ago

    I already have the gun thing and I've had it before I ever knew you made videos and before I ever knew this was a video

  10. Aayan's Creative Lab

    Aayan's Creative Lab23 hours ago

    Lazer X is just Laser tag

  11. MONS Einevoll

    MONS EinevollDay ago


  12. Baker570

    Baker570Day ago

    You should paint that nerf 1911 gun black and show it to the local bank teller, they would think that's so cool :)

  13. TigerPresentations Products

    TigerPresentations Products18 hours ago

    Lol and the handle a darker brown

  14. Aayan's Creative Lab

    Aayan's Creative LabDay ago

    VAT19 made a tp gun with water to make spit balls

  15. Aayan's Creative Lab

    Aayan's Creative LabDay ago

    I’m a going to see if there is a toy form VAT19?

  16. side of fry's maybe

    side of fry's maybeDay ago

    help my brother is on the floor and not moving

  17. Leafyr Oakfyst

    Leafyr OakfystDay ago

    Oooh noice. Subscribed!

  18. OutdoorSquad Games

    OutdoorSquad GamesDay ago

    An RC airplane is NOT a toy it is a HOBBY!!

  19. Bob Boberson

    Bob BobersonDay ago

    I get on TechZone for going JUST past the magic 10 minute mark - blantantly monetizing their posts. But the content is so good and well done so....

  20. Sky Ty

    Sky TyDay ago

    Lets give a baby gun

  21. Ryley Seymour

    Ryley SeymourDay ago

    Imagine spray painting the gun to look real and bringing it to school 😄😄😅😅

  22. cynthia carter

    cynthia carterDay ago


  23. Green M&M

    Green M&MDay ago

    Just so you know, you should never buy your kid an RC airplane unless they know someone who can teach them how to fly it. Also, that plane is not for learning on. If you want to learn how to fly an RC airplane, get a trainer.

  24. Random Person

    Random PersonDay ago

    2:51 hey he tried

  25. LilCapGotu

    LilCapGotuDay ago


  26. Fireblxze

    Fireblxze2 days ago

    i saw couple of these in dope or nope and they were kinda bad

  27. SodapopTheGreat

    SodapopTheGreat2 days ago

    him this table will cost 4500 dollars me laughs in debt

  28. Galaxian Pirate

    Galaxian Pirate2 days ago

    "9 cool toys" _shows gun in thumbnail_

  29. Kathryn Christian

    Kathryn ChristianDay ago

    Well, it’s a toy gun. I collect them. Pretty sure that’s why it’s a toy.

  30. AngryMobsNeedAttention

    AngryMobsNeedAttention2 days ago

    i have a Rc TANK : )

  31. AngryMobsNeedAttention

    AngryMobsNeedAttention2 days ago

    i realy wanted a KV-1 (i love tanks, mostly russians) but yeah its expensive so i got a Type 90

  32. AngryMobsNeedAttention

    AngryMobsNeedAttention2 days ago

    and it can shoot!!!!

  33. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation2 days ago

    Yay we all want a gun!!!

  34. Lili Qu

    Lili Qu2 days ago

    U know colt 1911 right I don’t like it -_- and u don’t want any of the toys of those

  35. Herman Avandi

    Herman Avandi2 days ago

    I had the toilet paper blaster and it broke right away!!!

  36. ThePlushWheel

    ThePlushWheel2 days ago


  37. nintendians

    nintendians2 days ago

    1. seems like gimmick. 3. seems cool. 4. i rather stand up on those circular treadmill. 5. cool. 7. lag tag. 8. fast way to do spit balls.

  38. Armands Matrevics

    Armands Matrevics3 days ago

    I had Laser x it wasnt good at all refunded it...

  39. Syoxx

    Syoxx3 days ago

    I need sleep

  40. Donald Stewart

    Donald Stewart3 days ago

    What a waist of toilet paper. pandemic aside, that still takes WOOD form TREES? Ringing any bells? that was a stupid idea!

  41. Podlet _

    Podlet _3 days ago

    WARNING the e flight RC plane is much harder to control i fly these sort of planes alot and its hard

  42. theremittanceman

    theremittanceman3 days ago

    I like how you using the popularmmos Outro it’s bringing back memories at 3:05

  43. Redhunter 50

    Redhunter 503 hours ago

    It was gaming with jen i think

  44. David Gaming And blogs

    David Gaming And blogsDay ago

    Yes It does

  45. Edmon

    Edmon3 days ago

    4:40 bruuuuh what kid would like to have a fight from 3 meters? like I know sme kids might say that nerf guns ráre to colourful and look too unrealistic but they shoot 20 meters+

  46. Liam VanVickle

    Liam VanVickle4 days ago

    If you want the t28 it actually can have safe which auto levels the airplane so you won’t crash

  47. Khaled A

    Khaled A4 days ago

    I just realized that I willingly watched ads for 10 minutes...

  48. Skyler Tosi

    Skyler Tosi21 hour ago

    No one cares

  49. kitten plaz

    kitten plazDay ago


  50. Em E

    Em EDay ago

    me to

  51. CheeseDream

    CheeseDreamDay ago

    Lamao, never thought of that like that.

  52. Among us beast

    Among us beast4 days ago


  53. cwif rbm

    cwif rbm4 days ago

    The melted debtor alarmingly challenge because insect lately contain by a versed richard. cautious, childlike bill

  54. Colin Fowler

    Colin FowlerDay ago

    Oki man, that was funny, but really, why do so many people do this?

  55. Random Person

    Random PersonDay ago

    Did you.... Have a stroke?

  56. Jack Dina

    Jack Dina4 days ago

    I've owned one of those backyard blasters 1911s and I can't recommend. They are made of the cheapest plastic in the world and break super easily.

  57. Jack Dina

    Jack DinaHour ago

    @David Attebury ( Student ) For me the plunger thing launched out the front with a bullet one day. I also had issues with the bullets just falling out the front, and the max range I could get with it was like one and a half meters.

  58. David Attebury ( Student )

    David Attebury ( Student )4 hours ago

    mine had a spring break and it jammed but it looks cool

  59. Samuel Cool show

    Samuel Cool show3 days ago

    i have one and yes they break easily

  60. Elite_Knightx

    Elite_Knightx4 days ago

    toiletgun i have seen on gunvdgun

  61. Unknownuser Tommy

    Unknownuser Tommy4 days ago

    If you look at 2:50 you can see the girl missed the fist bump

  62. l OverratedUser l

    l OverratedUser l4 days ago

    Spray the Backyard Blaster black and silver and then go to school. Have a good time!

  63. Jake Zamora

    Jake Zamora4 days ago

    The traxxas slash should have been somewhere on here

  64. dumbo face

    dumbo face4 days ago

    8:03 uslikes.info/house/ZKVvlsV_1a2hdqY/video.html&vl=en&ab_channel=YNAKAJIMA is litterlly it but changed

  65. Nicholas Clement

    Nicholas Clement4 days ago

    Do you know any stuff in the Philippines That is worth buying? If so plz make a video of it I would appreciate that Thx in advance if you can make ir

  66. damndante22 1

    damndante22 15 days ago

    There is a toy gun at dollar general

  67. damndante22 1

    damndante22 15 days ago

    And the allom is at dollar tree

  68. CqrI0z

    CqrI0z5 days ago

    That toy gun on the thumbnail is from China just 1 week when I reloaded it it broke and they won’t give me refund

  69. Nishan's fifa mobile journey

    Nishan's fifa mobile journey5 days ago

    You and gadget zone are the best

  70. Yuri Travels

    Yuri Travels5 days ago

    Stupid video

  71. yrraldt torres

    yrraldt torres5 days ago

    is there going to be a bolt action toy gun i hope so

  72. Evie Owensby

    Evie Owensby5 days ago

    Water can you buy it 1$

  73. Evie Owensby

    Evie Owensby5 days ago

    Water can you buy it 1$

  74. Evie Owensby

    Evie Owensby5 days ago

    Water can you buy it 1$


    SLY COBRA5 days ago

    The title should have (except if you're in college debt) at the end

  76. RYRY47 FTW

    RYRY47 FTW6 days ago

    the one in the thumbnail, I purchased before and it broke easily so no thanks 💀

  77. Joel Sketch n Playz

    Joel Sketch n Playz6 days ago

    Did he just say 'soccor'?.

  78. Murthy m

    Murthy m6 days ago


  79. Thunder Z#Z

    Thunder Z#Z6 days ago

    I have the 1911 toy it’s broke though

  80. Kamauria Phillips-Fortune

    Kamauria Phillips-Fortune6 days ago

    nah man im black 4:12

  81. Dj 999_2019

    Dj 999_20196 days ago

    No don’t call this vr glasses

  82. mariah

    mariah6 days ago

    I have the one on the r Thumbnail

  83. Kelan Yoshikawa

    Kelan Yoshikawa6 days ago

    Oh yes he is listing a bunch of things that absolutely noone can buy. Who here has 4500 dollars to spend on fun.

  84. GABENI Kids

    GABENI Kids6 days ago

    Cade a arms nooo comentárrioo

  85. Ayka Ss

    Ayka Ss6 days ago

    the colt 1911 got a really bad revew

  86. Fabio Paoli

    Fabio Paoli7 days ago

    like per chi è italiano

  87. Jari Knol

    Jari Knol7 days ago

    I haf de first wan

  88. Techy guy

    Techy guy7 days ago


  89. oopoopy poopy

    oopoopy poopy7 days ago

    I have like 10 rc cars

  90. Athena Tran

    Athena Tran7 days ago

    Surprised to see a clip of Olympic recurve archery in the outro 🥰

  91. Spartan King

    Spartan King7 days ago

    Watching this makes me wish I was rich

  92. Spartan King

    Spartan King7 days ago

    I wanted everyone I’m ordering right now I just forgot I don’t have money 😔

  93. Soldier 1st Class

    Soldier 1st Class7 days ago

    Colt 1911? Why not a musket?


    EMILIA JOHNSON7 days ago


  95. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller7 days ago


  96. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller7 days ago


  97. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller7 days ago


  98. Rigel Stojku

    Rigel Stojku7 days ago

    Wow! Just woow

  99. Qing Cai

    Qing Cai8 days ago

    I want all of the things in this vid here have idk plane

  100. AR GAMERS

    AR GAMERS8 days ago


  101. drone racer

    drone racer8 days ago

    T28 Trojan is not simple or intuitive to fly, start with something like a Bixler with the propeller at the back.

  102. ThiccGoose

    ThiccGoose6 days ago

    Lol I fly the big 90 mm jets and I look at that like u don’t want to start with that 😬😂

  103. Blake Salosa

    Blake Salosa8 days ago

    what music you use on 0:18 ?

  104. Richard Taylor

    Richard Taylor8 days ago

    Toilet paper gun can shoot a fly with that. Now I can see some of them for any age.

  105. Lochlan Kelley

    Lochlan Kelley8 days ago

    Toilet paper is like gold why would I waste it

  106. If you say so

    If you say so9 days ago

    lol...laser x existed all the way back in the 80's, it was exactly the same except it was called laser tag. The brightly colored gun that farts out limp duds has an almost identical twin at the dollar store that shoots a good deal further and only costs 2 bucks as opposed to 16. The toilet paper shooter that some idiot financed and marketed already existed in the form of a straw, mouth and a pair of lungs. A radio controlled plane? Really?...never seen that before...

  107. ludger will gaster

    ludger will gaster9 days ago

    How long before they outlaw toy guns..... Keep your second safe

  108. SAX Games

    SAX Games9 days ago

    This kids in America would love the thumbnail if you know what I mean 😂

  109. Dominic Chinzah

    Dominic Chinzah9 days ago

    I want all the toy >:()

  110. newfiefromnl Viking king

    newfiefromnl Viking king9 days ago

    And to think pet rocks was a toy once.

  111. newfiefromnl Viking king

    newfiefromnl Viking king9 days ago

    Rc's suck. Unless you got hundreds of dollars to get a decent one. I collect all kinds of rc's. In all reality anything under $200 is generally a crap toy.

  112. ThiccGoose

    ThiccGoose6 days ago

    True I fly rc jets u can check it out on my channel if u want

  113. Quinn Matthew C. Zaballa

    Quinn Matthew C. Zaballa9 days ago

    6:52 this reminds me VAT-19

  114. Saksham Asole

    Saksham Asole6 days ago

    But wtf

  115. Saksham Asole

    Saksham Asole6 days ago


  116. Elijah Czapla

    Elijah Czapla9 days ago

    hows a 1yr old gonna get 200 dollars

  117. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia9 days ago

    Toilet paper gun haha for all the snow flakes who bought loads of it

  118. TB Supra Tom

    TB Supra Tom9 days ago

    I got the one from the thumbnail, I painted mine completely black. I can’t wait to show it to my friends at school tomorrow. Maybe the security guard there will want to trade with me.

  119. Jer McG

    Jer McG9 days ago


  120. HL Morzinski

    HL Morzinski9 days ago

    4:41 bro that's nothing