Class 1B react to class 1A // BNHA//

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  1. •Gacha Nezuko•

    •Gacha Nezuko•53 minutes ago

    Can i have a shout out please? ☺️

  2. Bianca Shane Nunez

    Bianca Shane Nunez2 hours ago

    Love the vud qnd your intro music

  3. Tessy Staes

    Tessy Staes4 hours ago

    I saw a video where Toga always called Izuku, Izu- kun. When Itsuka said Izu-kun I thought she was Toga... But seriously was that really Toga?

  4. briellarose Dale

    briellarose Dale6 hours ago

    Shout out please😍💖💖💕💙💗💓❤🧡💛💚

  5. Joshua R2255

    Joshua R225514 hours ago

    So this whole video is just you skimping over people I'm guessing?

  6. creepy fan forever

    creepy fan forever16 hours ago

    How is it possible that nobody asks for part 2 you can do it please , and you speak Spanish

  7. Cinnamon Roll

    Cinnamon Roll17 hours ago

    4:28 . . . Me: GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY TvT I need help TvT Anyways have an amazing day and nightt BAIIIIIIIIIIIIII YALLL

  8. Xx_Aesthetic_tea Xx

    Xx_Aesthetic_tea Xx18 hours ago

    Todoroki really is the charmer, huh?

  9. ꕺGacha Choco milkꕺ

    ꕺGacha Choco milkꕺ18 hours ago

    R.I.P 4:08 camera roll

  10. Sierra Le Creep

    Sierra Le Creep20 hours ago

    I thought Monoma has blue eyes..?

  11. Cheche Dela cruz

    Cheche Dela cruz22 hours ago

    The last video made me cry I'm so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. SushiGaming12

    SushiGaming1223 hours ago

    I like ur channel name, very nice i like it a lot, keep up the good content! (Edit: Meant very not berry)

  13. [ᴀʟᴇx•ᴊᴀᴄᴋ]

    [ᴀʟᴇx•ᴊᴀᴄᴋ]Day ago

    'that one ruined the mood' Me: BISH, THATS HOW 1-A TREAT BAKUGOU, U GUYS Also me: It boksted the mood actually

  14. PixelGamez LIVE

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  15. gummybearsღ

    gummybearsღDay ago

    I agree I watch it too. Many viewers asking me why I didn't put shinsou😆

  16. mayfair gaerlan

    mayfair gaerlanDay ago

    wow your cool like butterfly

  17. Shakira Nizam

    Shakira NizamDay ago

    2:44 😳

  18. aubree nicholson

    aubree nicholsonDay ago

    Hold on I just had the saddest thought ever ;-;. what if in the last episode of mha right before midoriya dies he points to a reporter's camera and says "Now it's your turn." ;-;

  19. Yuri San Buenaventura

    Yuri San BuenaventuraDay ago

    I love it that once he says hello this dude immediately said villains!!! even funny if you smack the freak out of him😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was dying

  20. Tsuyu Asui

    Tsuyu AsuiDay ago

    Why are me and Jiro so hot- Did I just say that. AAAAAA

  21. Sushix

    SushixDay ago

    5:27 only girls can relate the feeling

  22. Heo Ka-Yui

    Heo Ka-YuiDay ago

    When the spoilers are mostly Season 4 ones and I think the girl said Uncle Might is from Season 5's spoiler? qwq

  23. ItzGacha Icicle

    ItzGacha IcicleDay ago

    :o you actually give them an introduction first! Keep up the good work

  24. Anni plays Gacha

    Anni plays GachaDay ago

    Her: TetsuTestu Everybody liked that :]

  25. •Ebøny Høund•

    •Ebøny Høund•Day ago

    I’m at 8:38 and seeing someone say uncle might.. I’m still on season two and feel like I’ve just seen a huge spoiler 🥲 if you’re on Android you won’t see the emoji so here it is :’)

  26. lxl Froppy lxl

    lxl Froppy lxlDay ago

    the Rosell hive one was just depressing for me-

  27. Jacey King

    Jacey KingDay ago

    Her: *S p o i l e r s* Me: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *Exits out of video* *Comes back 1 second later*


    PC GAMER PRODay ago

    can you make mha past/preasent girls react to amv

  29. Jossette Stewart

    Jossette StewartDay ago

    I'm crying because of the last meme ;-;

  30. -Glitchy_ Ion-

    -Glitchy_ Ion-2 days ago

    Betcha they dont wanna be in 1-A anymore

  31. Angel Amber

    Angel Amber2 days ago

    My...body...trembling...when watch the last video....its long time i havent saw season 1 ,2 ,and 3😢😢

  32. audrey cho

    audrey cho2 days ago

    Let's just give some thanks to this creator who likes every comment shall we??

  33. Anaiah Mister

    Anaiah Mister2 days ago

    Is kendo a boy or girl

  34. gummybearsღ

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  35. Xx_.h a p p y s m i l e s xX

    Xx_.h a p p y s m i l e s xX2 days ago

    6:55 ⚠️Spoilers⚠️ I just really thought this part was really cool 👍🏼 watch it till the end of the video btw

  36. Gacha_girl 123

    Gacha_girl 1232 days ago

    The one everybody simps ,todoroki,bakougo and izuku

  37. •M A R I•

    •M A R I•2 days ago

    Hi! If anyone found theese TikTok, can someone maybe send a link

  38. Xx Glitch Flame xX

    Xx Glitch Flame xX2 days ago

    3:37 I love this one, I can never find it 😂🥺

  39. Emarald_ Gacha

    Emarald_ Gacha2 days ago

    Video: *shows momo* Me: yo monoma you got a new rich kid to challenge


    FERNANDA GAMES2 days ago

    You could do second

  41. Youngtoderoki

    Youngtoderoki2 days ago

    1a is traumatized because Aizawa threw 5 grenades at them useda tank on mineta

  42. lunaria stone

    lunaria stone3 days ago

    These kids have been through a lot Me: YEAH NO SHIT SHERLOCK

  43. Joyce Villamor

    Joyce Villamor3 days ago

    Lol i mean monoma could be also more and more idiot lol

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    oumkaltoum Fahmi3 days ago

    Can i have a shoutout

  45. Red Cyan and Green Mini Crewmates

    Red Cyan and Green Mini Crewmates3 days ago

    Kaminari More like Mineta

  46. ఌ Blue Berrys ఌ

    ఌ Blue Berrys ఌ3 days ago

    Is it just me or am I becoming blind because how cute tamaki is?

  47. wongproyek 01

    wongproyek 013 days ago

    On the end is very sad😢

  48. Ijix Its Me

    Ijix Its Me3 days ago

    3:36 no idiot, you don't have B-R-A-I-N?

  49. CallieLeaf

    CallieLeaf3 days ago

    me watching happily then a million adverts come

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    Random Gurl3 days ago

    *sips tea*

  51. Black Rosie

    Black Rosie3 days ago

    The last one is so emotional😢😭 What episode is that again?

  52. oluchi ozoagu

    oluchi ozoagu3 days ago

    I also think that denki or kirashima are not the traitors and I think it is netia because he is really suspicious it's no one in 1a it's in 1b

  53. •Suki Wuki•

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  54. Sarah Kay

    Sarah Kay3 days ago

    😂 lol

  55. Triana Forrester

    Triana Forrester3 days ago

    Kendo:I wanna adopt him Me:isn't deku older than you?

  56. la_otaku_loka_:v

    la_otaku_loka_:v3 days ago

    ✨🍥React to naruto please🍥✨ Este es mi intento de hablar inglés xD😅😅



    12:21 i love the way dabi says *shoto todoroki* that's why i love him -w-

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    Pepsi peeps3 days ago

    Can I have a shout out plz

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    l3m0n4d3gut5 !4 days ago

    what’s the song at 4:00 🥺



    no me inportan los nombres

  61. Eric Gore

    Eric Gore4 days ago

    Finally sombody who isnt a wolf or a devil-

  62. Fatima Rabia Abubakar

    Fatima Rabia Abubakar4 days ago

    Thank you for class 1-b Yas kmma sub U_U

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    iCyHOt ToDoRoki-kUN4 days ago

    Ohhh.tell me the first tiktok plsssss

  64. IcyxXxCold

    IcyxXxCold4 days ago

    someone explained takashi! I think that's his name

  65. Müffìñ •_• Røsë

    Müffìñ •_• Røsë4 days ago

    Can you please tell how did u got that heart in your name?

  66. sasha

    sasha4 days ago

    ฟwho is that girl with black hair that react?

  67. Sylwia S

    Sylwia S4 days ago

    OMG I just cried 😭

  68. izumi Midoriya

    izumi Midoriya4 days ago

    I cant believe that you understand what the "pa shout out" its like from Philippines🇵🇭😂

  69. Vyassa Almoguera

    Vyassa Almoguera4 days ago

    I don’t understand bakugo costume it doesn’t burn when he make fire It’s just me or everyone else ?

  70. *A Gacha Nerd*

    *A Gacha Nerd*4 days ago

    I cant- has anyone else noticed Bakugou’s voice cracks? Around 10:06

  71. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki4 days ago


  72. Ellexieiee

    Ellexieiee4 days ago

    The way you know everybody's name and looks in MHA while me just knowing Class 1A.



    can yoou make 1b react to amv see you again if you already make it it is ok

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    Whats your intro name? Can I have a shout out

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    Bro I have 1 earbud in and no joke the scream surrounded me for the last video

  77. shadow patterson

    shadow patterson5 days ago

    3:47 is it just me or does todoroki look like that one guy from demon slayer (watched it a long time ago so I dont the his name)

  78. Pui Kuan Lo

    Pui Kuan Lo5 days ago

    It was actually sad at the last part-

  79. Jamless

    Jamless5 days ago

    lol I love how anime onlies make Vlad King chill when the manga readers out here got pitchforks ready to attack-

  80. Caramel Squad

    Caramel Squad5 days ago

    5:06 The boom boom song rlly suits Bakugo

  81. Reaper Studio's

    Reaper Studio's5 days ago

    Ibama obama

  82. Martha Perez

    Martha Perez5 days ago

    *who agrees this is the best thing ever!!!*

  83. Romeo de Ramos Magano

    Romeo de Ramos Magano5 days ago

    call it 1Depressed class

  84. Aaron Panta

    Aaron Panta5 days ago

    I love how kendo reacts to midoriya scenes

  85. Danya Lora

    Danya Lora5 days ago

    they have been through a lot and honestly I think bakugo and deku will make it both to the the tittle... number 1 hero! I also think they love each other so Ik deku will never give up neither will bakugo!

  86. Mooali's_Studio

    Mooali's_Studio5 days ago

    Poor walter...

  87. Hero Academic

    Hero Academic5 days ago

    Finally someone make class 1B react Because I always see class 1A

  88. o_O-Sodapopgoals-O_o

    o_O-Sodapopgoals-O_o5 days ago

    Omg I have that same pictur in your intro as my backround

  89. Gilliane Shein Dupan

    Gilliane Shein Dupan5 days ago

    Finally someone letting Class 1-B react to the hardship of what everyday and every trip at Class 1-A is like.

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    Great title into!

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    Sofia Lopez5 days ago

    Where is the last video it was amazing!!!!!😭😭 I almost cried......

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    ima simp 4 bakugou who else is?

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    2:44/2:57 I-...I need it

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    gummy i can make you a outro if you need one

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    @gummybearsღ but use this

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    @gummybearsღ ok

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    No, thanks. I already have one I'm just gonna edit it😊

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    Why do all the boys have the same hair fount when their hair dose not look like that

  99. Rielle_

    Rielle_5 days ago

    1:31 was it just me, or did Kaminari say "fart-bolt"?😃

  100. Vienna Smith

    Vienna Smith6 days ago

    can i pls

  101. V3RT Z

    V3RT Z6 days ago

    Everyone when they read the title:class 1B react to class 1A Bakugo when he read the title:Extras reacting to me

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  103. -Lilychu_Playz-

    -Lilychu_Playz-6 days ago

    why do these types of videos make me simp for them (expept the teachers)

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    Can 1-b class react to hunter×hunter✨🥳✨🥳✨

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    Me skiping the videi at the last cause im an anime superfan