ASMR | Sybil Gives You a Soothing Manicure

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Full playlist of Daisy, Lorelei, Sybil, and Officer Bart doing your nails:
Thank you a million times over to Loud Lacquer for being such a lovely company to work with. I have nothing but wonderful things to say! We've had this collab in the works for many months now, and if you go back to my old videos I'm sure you can see me wearing the tester colors c:
I'm honored to be able to release this collection!! Being able to choose the colors myself and name them after my very own characters is indescribably special to me, thank you.
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Now sit back, relax, and let Sybil show you how it's done!
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  1. Gibi ASMR

    Gibi ASMR11 days ago

    I just dropped FOUR videos at the same time! Who's gonna do your nails next?: Get the Gibi x Loud Lacquer Collection here!

  2. Lonely Lyonel

    Lonely Lyonel7 days ago

    This inspires me to get a job for the stickers, puttin em right on my dashboard

  3. C’est Moi

    C’est Moi8 days ago

    Got my polish set ordered. Now I just have to grow out my nails.

  4. Jim Mithy

    Jim Mithy8 days ago

    I have a request, and it's from an anime you might not have watched, but could you do a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASMR? I can't find mamy good ones...

  5. Ale Nannariello

    Ale Nannariello8 days ago

    I literally purchased the set as soon as you dropped the four vids, I like to pretend it was an even exchange

  6. שגב דדון

    שגב דדון8 days ago

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  7. Jaqueline Sanchez

    Jaqueline Sanchez4 hours ago

    ur sooo talented u really play these roles so well 🥺🥺

  8. Eduardo Landin

    Eduardo Landin4 hours ago

    I love Sybil's glasses, I have no clue why

  9. ritorutaiga

    ritorutaiga6 hours ago

    Sybil gives me Hange Zoë vibes 🥺 so precious

  10. Space Ace

    Space Ace6 hours ago

    Sybil's voice is so relaxing! She's honestly one of my favorite characters(? I'm not sure if she counts as a character or an oc.) Also, is it bad that i forget that daisy,sybil,lorelei,etc are just gibi with a wig and different voices? Dang looking over it again this comments kinda all-over the place.

  11. _Sinister_

    _Sinister_6 hours ago

    Was this character modeled after the one crazy scientist girl from black clover?

  12. Amber Smith

    Amber Smith7 hours ago

    Im super hoping that comment sybil made at the end mean what i think. Thank you for creating such amazing content Gibi

  13. Hyper Minty

    Hyper Minty7 hours ago

    good ending You got a decent manicure

  14. Lucy Azinger

    Lucy Azinger7 hours ago

    i have decided i will not die till gibi’s original characters get their own full length feature film or tv show

  15. Olivia Dzbenski

    Olivia Dzbenski8 hours ago

    Sybil makes me feel so secure I love her

  16. Sukhmani

    Sukhmani12 hours ago

    Sybil low key reminds me from Gretchen Grundler from Recess

  17. Bread society

    Bread society12 hours ago

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  18. CHAOSberg

    CHAOSberg14 hours ago

    Shouldn’t it be LOSD? I guess we don’t have a U character. Lorelei, Officer Bart, Sybil, Daisy.

  19. frizider2

    frizider219 hours ago

    Sybil reminds me of Lucy from Twin Peaks

  20. Omega IL

    Omega ILDay ago

    What about dat Russian lady?

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    pyruhhDay ago

    Aaaah! I'm loving these Sybil videos Gibi! Keep it up!

  22. maddie

    maddieDay ago

    “if you were to win an award for something, what would it be?” me: participation

  23. It’s XxOceanBunnyLoverxX

    It’s XxOceanBunnyLoverxXDay ago

    8:19 * Swip swip swip * *Dora: Swiper! No Swiping!* *Me: 👁👄👁*



    THANK YOU 🎀 LOVE YOU 🎀 LOVE YOU 🎀 Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Honda e Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Honda e Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Honda e Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Honda e

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    Emma Kate GuyDay ago

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  30. Caitlin's World

    Caitlin's World2 days ago

    Sybil:Are you allergic to anything: Me:Uhhh yes I am very allergic to lotion Sybil:Ok well this lotion is very safe for you Me dies from to much lotion

  31. Ashley Watson

    Ashley Watson2 days ago

    When gibi parents couldn’t sleep, they came to gibi

  32. cRoSs-kUn

    cRoSs-kUn2 days ago

    i would love to be treated by sybil's soft voice.

  33. Sybil

    Sybil2 days ago

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    •McKenna Olsen•2 days ago

    Sybil is so cuteeee

  35. Peyton Llewellyn

    Peyton Llewellyn2 days ago

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    The Sybil character is so nice

  40. Coyote flowers

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    Are the nail polish halal? Can water go through the nail

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    Kimberly Czarnecki3 days ago

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  46. 灰Chloe

    灰Chloe3 days ago

    I'm just imaging daisy next to sybil mimicking her while she does someone's nails (If you didn't get that, daisy is mimicking sybil while daisy is doing someone's nails)

  47. Aimee Kane

    Aimee Kane3 days ago

    I have joints that 'pop' a lot and the fact you mention the wrist made me feel seen even though it's silly cause mine pop all the time.

  48. Riiae

    Riiae3 days ago

    Sybil makes me the most relaxed, I love her so much-

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  55. Maia Fotheringill

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    Did she just massage every single one of my fingers?? I feel so special 😢

  73. aspiringghost3 plays

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    I know that she is meant to sound like a smart nerd type of person but she sounds more like she has a cold 0v0

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    It’s Your Girl _Nydia5 days ago

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    Chasity Faith Harper5 days ago

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    Xanimated6 days ago

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  94. Strawberry milk _freak0

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  106. unswervingtempo 18

    unswervingtempo 186 days ago

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