Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

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  1. Michaelle Gallagher

    Michaelle Gallagher6 minutes ago

    I lapht

  2. Uros Popadic

    Uros Popadic12 minutes ago

    Sekrfise to de banana gods

  3. josh bivens

    josh bivens34 minutes ago

    Eat a bar of soap

  4. josh bivens

    josh bivens35 minutes ago

    Eat a bar of soap

  5. Amanda Belk

    Amanda Belk43 minutes ago

    kiss james

  6. Gemma Oakley

    Gemma Oakley52 minutes ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Lerpway

    Lerpway52 minutes ago

    lose your diamond by dropping in lava!

  8. ghasterplazys8

    ghasterplazys8Hour ago

    My house can move because I have trailer

  9. Etchetera

    EtcheteraHour ago

    I want u to wear a poop costume out side in public ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Peta Stenhouse

    Peta StenhouseHour ago

    Your punish is eat your worst food

  11. arf pup

    arf pupHour ago

    get rid of all your dimonds

  12. Abbey and Annie

    Abbey and AnnieHour ago

    In minecraft find a lava pit and put all your diamonds in the lava pit

  13. shaalam syed

    shaalam syedHour ago

    your panisment play fortnite and add me Rinzler_flynn007 ok noice

  14. thats a drag

    thats a dragHour ago

    Dip your body into a pot of poop and beans for two days

  15. Elijah Bryant

    Elijah BryantHour ago

    He should play as a d-class in scp containment breach

  16. Pamela Fogt

    Pamela FogtHour ago

    The wheel of punishment

  17. Noah Grenke (Student)

    Noah Grenke (Student)Hour ago

    diy 5000 tims in minecraft

  18. supyoitisyourgirl

    supyoitisyourgirl2 hours ago

    You have to Cartoon Cat haunt you...

  19. Andrรฉ Nuijen

    Andrรฉ Nuijen2 hours ago

    Eat cheese with orange juice

  20. Heather Lonergan

    Heather Lonergan2 hours ago

    wear ur least favriote costume for a day (ur punisment)

  21. Bowen Dickinson

    Bowen Dickinson2 hours ago

    Dump slime on your self

  22. Brick by brick

    Brick by brick2 hours ago

    the first minion one made me horrified

  23. SSundEE 2

    SSundEE 22 hours ago

    Tomorrow i go to camp and i no grin or laugh

  24. Ellabelle Hawkins

    Ellabelle Hawkins2 hours ago


  25. Alijah Wilson

    Alijah Wilson2 hours ago


  26. epic alien -w-

    epic alien -w-3 hours ago

    2:57 My brain hurts

  27. epic alien -w-

    epic alien -w-3 hours ago


  28. Keith Hello Prestonplayz I am a big fan

    Keith Hello Prestonplayz I am a big fan3 hours ago

    Your punishment should be Jump into a pool of slime that smells like garbage And also pour garbage in there

  29. Alicia Lynch

    Alicia Lynch3 hours ago

    Your punishment should be try not to Breve for 24 hours

  30. Jessica Meeks

    Jessica Meeks3 hours ago

    you hafe to 200 bottle flip

  31. Hunter Waterhouse

    Hunter Waterhouse3 hours ago

    Kiss your girlfriend in your video

  32. Pim Fox

    Pim Fox3 hours ago

    I laughed.. but not because of the videos. Because of you

  33. Robert Wolfe

    Robert Wolfe3 hours ago

    lick you you toe

  34. Reina Pereira

    Reina Pereira3 hours ago

    I didint laughed at any

  35. Grayson Hart

    Grayson Hart3 hours ago

    Football flavored baby food on Gabe and James

  36. Jamie Lowry

    Jamie Lowry3 hours ago

    Ignore Keiko for the whole day

  37. Jamie Lowry

    Jamie Lowry3 hours ago

    Just kidding

  38. Jamie Lowry

    Jamie Lowry3 hours ago

    Kiss Preston

  39. Viola's Crafty World

    Viola's Crafty World4 hours ago

    do it

  40. Rylynn Rodriguez

    Rylynn Rodriguez4 hours ago

    Give james and Gabe 1000000 dollar and do what they want for 24 hours

  41. Roy Karanfil

    Roy Karanfil4 hours ago

    Blowe up your house

  42. Natalie Perrett

    Natalie Perrett4 hours ago

    I think you should play Minecraft but you got to play with pressing R2

  43. Pink HermitNinja

    Pink HermitNinja4 hours ago


  44. Fiona Payne

    Fiona Payne4 hours ago

    get another cat

  45. Kissayris Ramirez

    Kissayris Ramirez4 hours ago

    i think the punishment should be to roll in the sand 10 or 20 times, then you have to play hardcore minecraft and its only available in minecraft java, but you cant build a house so you have to find a village to live there and cant put a seed to make it easier, so you have a random seed, is that too extreme for you? or am i the extreme one? respond if you would do all of that in one day of real life!!!!

  46. Kissayris Ramirez

    Kissayris Ramirez4 hours ago

    this is creepy like a creeper cuz im not ready to die, im too young to die!

  47. Eti Rashvand

    Eti Rashvand5 hours ago

    throw your diamonds in lava thatโ€™s your punishment because you traded with villagers

  48. Nikolas Reinhart

    Nikolas Reinhart5 hours ago

    I think your punishment should be to drink out of the toilet.

  49. Chantal Arnold

    Chantal Arnold5 hours ago

    Eat a egg

  50. Nikolas Reinhart

    Nikolas Reinhart5 hours ago

    soo close to laughing. MMMRF HAHAHA! whoops. I FaIlD :(

  51. nugget soda

    nugget soda5 hours ago

    Nobody: Sans: 7:44

  52. Penguin Penguin frost

    Penguin Penguin frost5 hours ago


  53. Andrew Kent

    Andrew Kent6 hours ago


  54. Sharon Kolymago

    Sharon Kolymago6 hours ago

    Dunk your self in a pool of ice

  55. yumin chen

    yumin chen6 hours ago

    Your punishment is not play Minecraft for a week.

  56. Divodmodam OMG

    Divodmodam OMG6 hours ago

    thow 5 diamonds in lava in one of your worlds

  57. Ivy Commini

    Ivy Commini6 hours ago

    I think for your surprise resfor his head and do paint

  58. Colton Jรธrstad

    Colton Jรธrstad6 hours ago


  59. Benjamin Soriano

    Benjamin Soriano6 hours ago

    eta pop

  60. Benjamin Soriano

    Benjamin Soriano6 hours ago


  61. Miku 65

    Miku 656 hours ago

    This made me get sleepy


    BOSS BEN RILEY LAYUG7 hours ago

    eat a pickle,

  63. JonahBMX Gartshore

    JonahBMX Gartshore7 hours ago

    Eat 10 eggs Raw

  64. pokรฉnerd

    pokรฉnerd7 hours ago

    It should be dumping milk in your eyes

  65. Lee-Ann Reid

    Lee-Ann Reid8 hours ago

    Mustard and catchup in your hat and wear it

  66. Noel Hysolli

    Noel Hysolli8 hours ago


  67. aiden tavares

    aiden tavares8 hours ago

    I didnโ€™t laugh

  68. Christopher Leclerc-Savard

    Christopher Leclerc-Savard8 hours ago

    Try to beat mincraft with no hands

  69. josh bivens

    josh bivens8 hours ago

    Eat dope

  70. josh bivens

    josh bivens8 hours ago

    Eat dope

  71. MineAmmar TubeGaming

    MineAmmar TubeGaming9 hours ago

    Break the Million Subscribers button

  72. Gabriel Galasso

    Gabriel Galasso9 hours ago

    Cold shower as punishment

  73. โ€ขboba fire soulโ€ข

    โ€ขboba fire soulโ€ข9 hours ago

    Eat a raw egg

  74. Aron Xhelili

    Aron Xhelili9 hours ago

    Jump in Pool of slime

  75. Ace Randy Antigro

    Ace Randy Antigro10 hours ago

    and slip on it

  76. Ace Randy Antigro

    Ace Randy Antigro10 hours ago

    poot water on the floor

  77. Ted Ellis

    Ted Ellis10 hours ago

    Eat a pickle sandwich would beans and butter

  78. Ted Ellis

    Ted Ellis10 hours ago

    Eat a pickle sandwich

  79. Tammy Stanislawski

    Tammy Stanislawski11 hours ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hi hi hi hi

  80. SportzJournal

    SportzJournal11 hours ago

    Your punish mant is getting dimonds that is fills your hole invintry and burn all of them in lava

  81. Abdou Abdulaziz

    Abdou Abdulaziz11 hours ago

    3:08 SO CUTE

  82. Jade Lee

    Jade Lee11 hours ago

    Drink a bottle of cow pee

  83. sparkles gacha453

    sparkles gacha45311 hours ago

    Your pinish ment is wait till its cold day and swim on the pool >:)

  84. Atacc Temmie

    Atacc Temmie12 hours ago

    7:44: fighting sans in undertale be like:

  85. Lilly Anna

    Lilly Anna12 hours ago

    Simon has to make a channel

  86. Rosy Anne Bugarin

    Rosy Anne Bugarin12 hours ago

    I'm trying to hold my laugh and I did it! Also I love your videos even tho i didn't subscribe you.

  87. Ruby Allan

    Ruby Allan12 hours ago

    Oops I laughed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  88. Yori Melada

    Yori Melada12 hours ago

    more laugh more laugh

  89. Yori Melada

    Yori Melada12 hours ago


  90. tarek hasnaoui

    tarek hasnaoui12 hours ago

    Speakable punishment is preparing your desktop even your new PC

  91. Than Lwin Htet

    Than Lwin Htet13 hours ago

    noo i laughed at second page

  92. LolaGamer

    LolaGamer13 hours ago

    Your punishment is that u have one heart in mine craft! HA HA

  93. Kim Hiแปn Trแบงn

    Kim Hiแปn Trแบงn13 hours ago

    Eat pop

  94. Kittens_TheCookie

    Kittens_TheCookie13 hours ago

    Oh my god... that one with the noob with TNT XD lol poor Herobrine ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  95. Aleksandar Jankov

    Aleksandar Jankov13 hours ago


  96. Aeon Axel

    Aeon Axel13 hours ago

    you laugh

  97. Dogge Side

    Dogge Side13 hours ago

    I laughed....12345

  98. Jelly bean

    Jelly bean14 hours ago

    Poo in the pool

  99. Renee Pari

    Renee Pari14 hours ago


  100. Deepthi Krishnan

    Deepthi Krishnan14 hours ago

    Plant a 1 000 000 000 000 trees if you don't do it eat a 1 000 000 000 burgers