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  1. FunnyMike

    FunnyMike10 days ago


  2. Quavers Life Style

    Quavers Life Style5 days ago


  3. Altovise Higthtower

    Altovise Higthtower6 days ago

    Can i please

  4. Altovise Higthtower

    Altovise Higthtower6 days ago

    Can i be in bad kids please

  5. Nila And Jaiden

    Nila And Jaiden6 days ago


  6. NandA Gang

    NandA Gang6 days ago

    @Bad kid Legacy Hag 4L okie

  7. James Pinson

    James Pinson49 minutes ago


  8. N.-

    N.-51 minute ago

    Yall what happen to Mac ig

  9. Bbrnd Bdbdbs

    Bbrnd Bdbdbs2 hours ago

    When tf you Bringen up a new fucking video

  10. A&T gang

    A&T gang5 hours ago

    I like someone in the badkids

  11. GLO Gang

    GLO Gang5 hours ago

    Funny mike sold his soul

  12. Tristian Williams

    Tristian Williams6 hours ago

    y would we get this dumb vid to 100k likes when you dont even post lmao

  13. Quenell Tyler

    Quenell Tyler7 hours ago

    Stop freaking taking breaks

  14. SheLuhKooda

    SheLuhKooda8 hours ago

    What happened to the recent video???🤔

  15. Janiyah Grimes

    Janiyah Grimes8 hours ago

    Dont Jay gat a girlfriend

  16. Ashantee Sanders

    Ashantee Sanders8 hours ago

    Not get her pregnant 😹😹😹

  17. Life with Nyah!

    Life with Nyah!8 hours ago

    You haven’t been active like you say you was that’s so funny because you said you gone be active but you’re not what’s going on mac 🙄 .

  18. xoHorsinK

    xoHorsinK8 hours ago

    Fax zaylin

  19. It's G Money

    It's G Money8 hours ago

    Hi am a Big fan I love the videos

  20. zavi da goat

    zavi da goat9 hours ago

    where the other vids i saw gone?

  21. Alisyn Wallace

    Alisyn Wallace9 hours ago

    I saw your old channel funny Mike biggest fan can you send me a chain I mean $300

  22. Mini tuff Max

    Mini tuff Max9 hours ago

    Y jay dont want nobody to have his sister and he want other ppl sister

  23. Gman The Man

    Gman The Man9 hours ago

    He said I’m the third boss😂😂

  24. It’s Monaa

    It’s Monaa9 hours ago

    Why you delete the other video???

  25. Maiya Xavier

    Maiya Xavier10 hours ago

    And I ship#kyson

  26. Maiya Xavier

    Maiya Xavier10 hours ago

    Tyson and kam they make a great couple

  27. Moneystrong Ent

    Moneystrong Ent10 hours ago


  28. Moneystrong Ent

    Moneystrong Ent10 hours ago


  29. jojo2 m

    jojo2 m10 hours ago

    mike you should make one of those extra room a vr room

  30. Moneystrong Ent

    Moneystrong Ent10 hours ago


  31. Ezron Mendez

    Ezron Mendez10 hours ago

    Am a big fan

  32. Moneystrong Ent

    Moneystrong Ent10 hours ago


  33. Ezron Mendez

    Ezron Mendez10 hours ago

    An a big fan

  34. Amaurie Lewis

    Amaurie Lewis10 hours ago

    Funnymike ishaet

  35. Thanya Louis

    Thanya Louis10 hours ago

    I only stopped watching for 4 months wtf happened

  36. zig zion

    zig zion11 hours ago

    Did anyone know that funnymike be hiding his Six pack

  37. Vyro

    Vyro11 hours ago


  38. Thomas Barber

    Thomas Barber11 hours ago

    Can I be a badkid I now all the badkid

  39. Roderick Lewis

    Roderick Lewis11 hours ago

    Funnymike can I please be a back kid please

  40. vMonteDribbles-

    vMonteDribbles-11 hours ago

    Y’all the reason they quit

  41. JoeWaski Willis

    JoeWaski Willis11 hours ago

    im abad kid

  42. JoeWaski Willis

    JoeWaski Willis11 hours ago


  43. Aleeah Marchman

    Aleeah Marchman12 hours ago

    I have a lot of talent

  44. Aleeah Marchman

    Aleeah Marchman12 hours ago


  45. Shania Belizaire

    Shania Belizaire12 hours ago

    Make another video

  46. Minnie Surall

    Minnie Surall12 hours ago

    When are you going to have new people come in funny mike?

  47. Mo Almond

    Mo Almond13 hours ago

    Yo did funnyman delete his video

  48. Aalayah Ball

    Aalayah Ball13 hours ago

    Can I Be a bad kid

  49. Bubbafrmthawest

    Bubbafrmthawest13 hours ago

    Why’d funnymike delete his new video

  50. Charlene Jones

    Charlene Jones13 hours ago


  51. Bjdagoat 0

    Bjdagoat 013 hours ago

    Why y’all take the video down

  52. FNTVon TG

    FNTVon TG13 hours ago

    me put max volume and wear headphones: them screaming: me: wakes up in hospital

  53. Jaiden Wilson

    Jaiden Wilson13 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the new vid get deleted

  54. girls the best yea

    girls the best yea14 hours ago

    And u do more plzzzz

  55. London Stanford

    London Stanford14 hours ago

    bad kids falling apart


    ZKNG4LIFE14 hours ago

    Not Kam

  57. Taylor-Dior Garrett

    Taylor-Dior Garrett14 hours ago

    What happened to the trampolines video

  58. bralball

    bralball15 hours ago

    all this damn screaming bruh

  59. Prod.1Day一天生產

    Prod.1Day一天生產16 hours ago

    I'm on that slaughter gang shii

  60. FunnyMike Gaming

    FunnyMike Gaming16 hours ago


  61. Aesthetic Gaming

    Aesthetic Gaming17 hours ago

    I really am about to unsubscribe because I don’t like how they always bashing Tori because of his weight...😞

  62. Bikelife Siah

    Bikelife Siah18 hours ago


  63. June Willson

    June Willson18 hours ago

    Pls pick me!!

  64. DRAMA fr

    DRAMA fr18 hours ago

    3:40 stinky mouth

  65. Cutegirl Laysia

    Cutegirl Laysia18 hours ago

    Hi Mike what happened to your dad my name is Elijah I want to be a bad kid

  66. Maya Oneal

    Maya Oneal20 hours ago

    basically a dating show for kids.

  67. Allayah crawley

    Allayah crawley21 hour ago

    My dream was to become a badkid and date Tyson

  68. Jonathan Ingram

    Jonathan Ingram21 hour ago

    you cringe btw

  69. Devynn Cheatham

    Devynn Cheatham22 hours ago

    Pick me

  70. Pohqr

    PohqrDay ago

    Chill ok torick with the fat jokes it’s not funny, mike you go through things all the time so you know how torick feels about being body shamed

  71. It’s ya girl Kay.Pretty baby Kay

    It’s ya girl Kay.Pretty baby KayDay ago

    And my crush is Tyler

  72. HBK_DarkRosesYT HBK

    HBK_DarkRosesYT HBKDay ago

    Pick up

  73. Liljamie gaming channel

    Liljamie gaming channelDay ago


  74. David Lewis

    David LewisDay ago

    and jay/ mac/ jakirie/ tyson and jslutty is my nigga

  75. a c

    a cDay ago


  76. Brooklyn t Taylor

    Brooklyn t TaylorDay ago

    No matter how many likes or views @FunnyMike get i always be his number one supporter

  77. The Flawless TV

    The Flawless TVDay ago


  78. The Flawless TV

    The Flawless TVDay ago

    PICK ME SHARONN!!!!! channel: iiamsharonn

  79. The Flawless TV

    The Flawless TVDay ago


  80. The Flawless TV

    The Flawless TVDay ago


  81. The Flawless TV

    The Flawless TVDay ago


  82. Sophia Pov

    Sophia PovDay ago

    When the taki guy try’s to get the camera to notice him

  83. FlamesZ Vex

    FlamesZ VexDay ago

    0:03 what did he sayyyy!

  84. azhia Hawthorne

    azhia HawthorneDay ago

    Tory im dead 😂😂😂

  85. That dancer Niya

    That dancer NiyaDay ago

    Jay a straight goofy he go from any different girl like 5 of them and all we know he gonna cheat cause he get it from funnymike you not nothing you are Clickbate you do anything for clout and money you talking about jslutty girl bringing stuff to the internet but ain’t you the main person going on USlikes talking about how you and your so called girl broke up like 10 different times but still got back together y’all toxic people the worst USlikes ever

  86. FRESH Cardell Brumfield

    FRESH Cardell BrumfieldDay ago

    I liked i been a fan for years

  87. FRESH Cardell Brumfield

    FRESH Cardell BrumfieldDay ago

    Can i be a bad kid how much it costs

  88. Jadore Hill

    Jadore HillDay ago


  89. Kay’s lifestyle

    Kay’s lifestyleDay ago

    Mike can I pls be a bad kid

  90. Jadore Hill

    Jadore HillDay ago

    Bro I missed ur videos

  91. Kelis Brown

    Kelis BrownDay ago

    i won`t make it to you if you make me a badkid but i will be one someday im sure.

  92. Kelis Brown

    Kelis BrownDay ago

    can i be a badkid i play roblox i play fortnight and i play basketball and ya what i love doing is roblox and also my brother looooooooooooooooooves playing call of duty and i do also love playing GTA but i don`t play it a lot because i don`t like that my brother delieted GTA but i am a master at roblox and i watch you when i get bord and you just make thing funny when im bord so you make thing funny and you do cuz you funnymike so please make me a badkid.

  93. Braniya’s world Niya

    Braniya’s world NiyaDay ago

    Can I be a bad kid 🥺

  94. Arlene Watson

    Arlene WatsonDay ago

    Can me and my sister be a bad kid

  95. Gustavo Badillo

    Gustavo BadilloDay ago

    jay thuging

  96. N8K Xs

    N8K XsDay ago

    ANGEE 😂

  97. Team Abide

    Team AbideDay ago


  98. Brianna Beckles

    Brianna BecklesDay ago

    Y Kam was acting clueless🙄🙄

  99. Raymir Washington

    Raymir WashingtonDay ago

    i liked and subed

  100. Diamond's land

    Diamond's landDay ago

    I hate how they keep bullying troy about his weight. I know it hurts inside😐 He's strong for not letting it effect his life

  101. Alan Sides

    Alan Sides2 days ago


  102. Kayla Dailey

    Kayla Dailey2 days ago

    The body shaming jokes Nd Taco Bell jokes aren’t funny and is prolly really affecting them

  103. Adrian Wright

    Adrian Wright2 days ago

    Yall don't watch him he was bullying liyah that jslutty girlfriend now that's not cool at all one thing I don't play bout bullying so funnymike and jaliyah that's not cool at all talking about she use yall for money forget yall😡

  104. LyfeWith Niq&Tay

    LyfeWith Niq&Tay2 days ago


  105. S_T Family

    S_T Family2 days ago

    I loved uuuuuu

  106. Randy & Jayden Comedy

    Randy & Jayden Comedy2 days ago

    hey mike I am from Jamaica I'm 16 although I know you always have thousands of comments in your videos but if you see this it would be a dream come true for me ben watching for 3 years now if not more my @/instagram@ randy._357 if you see this your my motivation to see where you coming from @/hag for life.

  107. Isaac & pollo

    Isaac & pollo2 days ago

    This some Alabama stuff bruh I thought they were all cousins😂😂

  108. Armoni Bilberry

    Armoni Bilberry2 days ago

    ATP ion know if this for ENT or wht😒😭🌚🤚🏾

  109. stoche games

    stoche games2 days ago

    yall made the video in my birthday feb 21