Woman Gives Shelter Cat Hug, And Tabby Refuses To Let Go

Woman Gives Shelter Cat Hug, And Tabby Refuses To Let Go
Andy Brumagen and his fiancé Jessica Parken recently helped a snuggly, sweet-hearted kitty find a brand-new, loving home.
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  1. Laurita .Schiller

    Laurita .Schiller2 hours ago

    If ONLY more people out there practised such restraint and carefully considered if adopting a Cat was the right decision? the right time? the right fit? whatever it be for them at that very moment...just as Jessica clearly had, there would be less Cats like Snug finding themselves looking for a new home & family, after 'things didn't work out' and their first home couldn't keep them :/ There are So many pets homeless as a result of 'impulse buys'. I'm sure, if her circumstances had allowed, Jessica would have adopted Snug. But being responsible and committed to making the best decision for this Cat, Jessica obviously did the right thing for Snug, even though I'm certain, it hurt her heart to do so.... Decisions such as this, require a lot of selflessness & strength. Jessica, You deserve a lot of respect and you are to be commended! and I'm sure you & Snug will cherish the brief, yet very special moment & the beautiful connection you both share with each other. I hope you get to visit with this special boy xxxx

  2. MJ92 F

    MJ92 F7 hours ago

    Yeah... no. This cat would come home with me. Don't care if I have two cats already, they chose me and that's it. And that's the reason I can't go to shelters. I would adopt any animal there. 😅

  3. I like my own comments

    I like my own comments13 hours ago

    I'm really not sure which creature is more precious

  4. CallDwn theSky

    CallDwn theSky14 hours ago

    moments later it was found that the cat had a large erection. at that point that music changed from corny melodramatic piano piece to death metal

  5. Solani Someni

    Solani Someni14 hours ago

    So, you already got a cat and a baby... What's the problem??? 🤔 I've had 3 babies (adults now) Have had many cats while kids were babies as well as while they were growing up. Same with our dogs over the years. Yeah, some took some time to get used to each other but, worked their differences out. Kids now all have cats of their own and can't imagine life without them... You find a cat like this one that won't let go, you take him home with you, because he has chosen you... It's not always we so called humans that are in charge of choosing. Many times, it's a much better outcome if the animal is the one that chooses you...

  6. Mark Claussen

    Mark Claussen14 hours ago

    We're all looking for a little love...

  7. BlackAces1291

    BlackAces129115 hours ago

    I would take that cat home!!!! But why go and look around the shelter if you cant actually adopt one?

  8. iu tu

    iu tu16 hours ago

    DIY haircut!

  9. B Hew

    B Hew17 hours ago

    Smart cat

  10. P J

    P J19 hours ago

    I've never had a cat do this to me. If I did, I would adopt for sure. But it hasn't happened so I'm a dog person.

  11. Susan Ruiz

    Susan Ruiz21 hour ago

    What a beautiful story! My cat is very affectionate too. 🥰🥰

  12. Cathy P

    Cathy P22 hours ago

    Oh my goodness this made me cry. What a beautiful little animal.

  13. Kam Steele

    Kam SteeleDay ago

    If a cat does that, it's chosen you. I wouldn't have been able to not take it home if that was me.

  14. rugbynimbus

    rugbynimbusDay ago

    But he picked HER.

  15. Brian Jungen

    Brian JungenDay ago

    I had this happen to me, and I couldn't take him home with me. :( He was crying at the day when I left...ok...I was too

  16. Alloniya

    AlloniyaDay ago

    i take my cat from the street

  17. Richard Dyer

    Richard DyerDay ago


  18. greentor m

    greentor mDay ago

    I thought this was a three stooges film

  19. Dawn Gayle

    Dawn GayleDay ago

    Ohh my heart!💟💟💟🐾🐾

  20. kikoredog

    kikoredogDay ago

    is she a bull?

  21. Михаил Бурбела

    Михаил БурбелаDay ago

    00:58 They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  22. Subtle Nature

    Subtle NatureDay ago

    I'd adopt that cat in a minute.❤

  23. Digital Smith

    Digital SmithDay ago

    big boy

  24. Mària Szabó

    Mària SzabóDay ago

    I love you nuti 😘

  25. TheStar798

    TheStar798Day ago

    That hug reminded me of my favourite boy Tiger. I went to view cats at an RSPCA Foster home. It was the filthiest den I've ever stepped foot in. Easily over 50 cats running around a two bed grotty, smelly flat. I could bar3 spend 10 minutes there before the smell and miasma of funk was physically pushing me out of the door (and by the way - it wasn't the cats who were smelly 😳)... So there I am trying to head for the door and figure out how to graciously say goodbye without breathing.... When I saw a curtain at a window move. I know the place was full of cats, but I honestly thought it must be a rat! No idea what possessed me to nudge the previously white curtain aside, but I did. And there I saw the twin of the cat in this video. A giant, green eyed, miserable looking tabby was delicately perched on the only clean looking 5 inches of window ledge left! I don't know why, but I automatically reached out and scooped him up, and this, THIS is how he clung to me. Tiger and I loved, laughed, cuddled and fought for each other every day, for many, many years. I'll miss him dearly, and always. 💜🌈

  26. captainhonan

    captainhonanDay ago

    omg i love animals and thats why i am getting a tattoo that says ANIMALS/PEOPLE (animals over people) cause i love animals............

  27. Dawn M. Divincenzo

    Dawn M. DivincenzoDay ago

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face. I had the difficult decision to have my 6 year old special needs male cat euthanized 3 days ago and am grieving.

  28. Clell Biggs

    Clell BiggsDay ago

    That's a big cat (or a small woman).

  29. Great Sol

    Great SolDay ago

    Her bangs put Spock to shame.

  30. Duke Cannon

    Duke Cannon2 days ago

    Nice bangs nigga!

  31. Rosanne Coffman

    Rosanne Coffman2 days ago

    I have watched this 5 times. The kitty is do snuggly. So glad he now has a home

  32. J B

    J B2 days ago

    Damn. I wouldn't have been able to walk away from that cat.

  33. The Chairmen

    The Chairmen2 days ago

    Did you take the cat home with you?

  34. Subjagator

    Subjagator2 days ago

    Why did they go to a shelter if they couldn't adopt any? Free petting zoo or something?

  35. Lincoln1242

    Lincoln12422 days ago

    "...as they already had a cat and a born baby". Give away the baby. Problem solved.

  36. IV

    IV2 days ago

    I have to stop watching these clips, all I do is cry!

  37. Harry Baals

    Harry Baals2 days ago

    as they had a cat and a "born baby". yea, thats usually how babies come out. lol

  38. Dolores Rogers-Gonzalez

    Dolores Rogers-Gonzalez2 days ago

    My cat Mitzi gives the best hugs just like this, except she snuggles her nose at the crook of my chin and neck and stays there, one paw on each of my shoulders.

  39. solomon faber

    solomon faber2 days ago

    consider yourself blessed from a Divine Cat!

  40. Tp Burt

    Tp Burt2 days ago

    But the cat picked you.. cat would be coming home if that was me..

  41. Slayer Sigma-Zeta

    Slayer Sigma-Zeta2 days ago

    Dogs are still better...

  42. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford2 days ago

    I would too...look at her.

  43. Daniel M Connolly

    Daniel M Connolly2 days ago


  44. Flak Jack Ed

    Flak Jack Ed2 days ago

    Awww. Cute! 💕

  45. Sovereign Brand

    Sovereign Brand2 days ago


  46. CrashCarlisle

    CrashCarlisle2 days ago

    I came here to feel good, not angry at that woman for not adopting that cat. Grrr....

  47. HerrW0lf

    HerrW0lf2 days ago

    Those two where ment for each other. Makes me sad she couldn't take her home.

  48. George Filippello

    George Filippello3 days ago

    I would have adopted that cat in a heartbeat. NO questions asked .

  49. Ania Ania

    Ania Ania3 days ago

    Unconditional love. Truly. Because how are you going to have BOTH micro-bangs AND micro-eyebrows? The cat loves her as she is looooool (fashion and hair cuts are a choice therefore fair game)

  50. Tiffany Green

    Tiffany Green3 days ago

    Regardless of already having a cat and new born at home, I would have had to take him home with me after that. There is just no way I could have left him, and I'm not really that much of a cat person, I have dogs, but this sweet little guy would have been coming home with me.

  51. J B

    J B3 days ago

    This is why I want to slap people who say they don't like cats because they are aloof and not interested in giving or receiving affection. What a great cat.

  52. jziffi

    jziffi3 days ago

    They had a born baby?

  53. ObsoletePowerCorrupts

    ObsoletePowerCorrupts3 days ago


  54. John Dee

    John Dee3 days ago

    If the "soul" of our loved ones were placed in to homeless animals, I wonder how different people would treat animals.

  55. Diane E

    Diane E3 days ago

    Beautiful and precious. This is how humans should feel and act realizing Jesus came to earth to rescue us giving the gift of everlasting life with Him. Use your free will and say yes and ask Him to come into your heart then be GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL!!!!!!

  56. Joe Murray

    Joe Murray3 days ago

    It's good to be loved she has butefull eyes

  57. fred jones

    fred jones3 days ago

    If that was me, I would just walk out with cat, sort rest out later.

  58. sixsunss

    sixsunss3 days ago

    This is so adorable. My tabby will just kick me if I hug her like that O_O

  59. noway jose

    noway jose3 days ago

    Why would some ignorant person even bother going to look at the animals and get their hopes up if they weren’t going to adopt one? That’s just ignorant. Stupid cow.

  60. Shane McDowall

    Shane McDowall3 days ago

    The cat knows about "the room outback".

  61. Shane McDowall

    Shane McDowall2 days ago

    @the mountains and the seaSad but true. "If animals could speak, people would weep". 😺

  62. the mountains and the sea

    the mountains and the sea2 days ago

    😭😢😦. He does. Very heartbreaking.

  63. evilution

    evilution3 days ago

    I would have to have asked if the shelter would take a swap and take the baby.

  64. Stephen Mulkey

    Stephen Mulkey3 days ago

    I had a male Tabby named Bob that was a love bug like that. Still miss my boy.

  65. jerry johnson

    jerry johnson3 days ago

    lucky cat


    SOME RANDOM DUDE 473 days ago

    El cuh haircut

  67. Bedford

    Bedford3 days ago

    Don't think I could walk away from that one.

  68. buisyman

    buisyman3 days ago

    I think she made a friend, lol

  69. Rikki Spanish

    Rikki Spanish3 days ago

    It was this kind of love that took our household from planning to adopt one or maybe two cats to ending up with four(all in a timespan of a month). We just couldn't say "no" to that kind of instant bond. We almost ended up with five, but my husband wouldn't agree to it because our city doesn't allow homeowners to have more than four cats per household. I still think about that sweet, big, ginger baby we had to leave behind. He was an older cat, but such a love bug. I like to believe that one of the many families that went to that little adoption fair scooped him right up, and now he's snuggling on someone's lap right now.

  70. L'Abidine A.

    L'Abidine A.3 days ago


  71. smitty

    smitty3 days ago

    Happy endings are awesome🥰

  72. Rebecca Carson

    Rebecca Carson3 days ago

    This ended without letting us see that this cat went to a loving, caring forever home that was the right place for him to be. Now I can't stop wondering and worrying...

  73. IV

    IV2 days ago

    IKR? All I can think is, did the cat REALLY get a new home??

  74. joshwa stilwell

    joshwa stilwell3 days ago

    Wow... He is a big one reminds me of my cats big boys.

  75. ahbalone

    ahbalone3 days ago

    The power of a good hug.

  76. G D

    G D3 days ago

    one of the ocassions where the animal picks the person, remember that cats domesticated humans, always be kind to these creatures for they you and i are all iterrations of the universe expressing life. Be kind stay safe.

  77. Nick B

    Nick B3 days ago

    They can tell who loves them

  78. andy cairns

    andy cairns3 days ago

    poor puddy cat probably has broken heart now

  79. Chubb Rock

    Chubb Rock3 days ago

    the cat was trying to get closer to her ear so it could tell her how stupid her haircut is.

  80. Gabriela •

    Gabriela •3 days ago

    that cat CHOSE her...I cant imagine a better match for pets especially a cat than when they choose you im so sorry but in my mind that cat was meant for them and regardless should've gone home im broken on them not keeping it

  81. canada painter

    canada painter3 days ago

    CORRECTION; SWEET,, those creatures just like us...when they need help,, they need help....trust me on that...pain and suffering is a one way street and it does not matter what body you born in..

  82. canada painter

    canada painter3 days ago

    SWEET,, those creatures just like us...when they help,, they need help....trust me on that...pain and suffering is a one way street and it does not matter what body you born in..

  83. MrPierreBoch

    MrPierreBoch3 days ago

    Im just gonna say it.. Shame these people for not taking the cat. Seriously. So what if they already have a cat and so what if they have a baby its not like the cat is work like a dog. You can let the cat outside and it would only come for some hugs from time to time. If a cat or whatever animal is treating you like that its seriously f'ed up not to take it in. Even if that cat found a home it will never be as happy as it wouldve been with the person it chose. Maybe thats just the cats personality and its just a hugger but until the new owner can verify that Im just gonna stick with those people are not as nice as they think they are.

  84. Mister Bracey

    Mister Bracey4 days ago

    One of my two cats did something similar. I was working at a theater and this stray cat got into the place. Not a kitten but not an adult yet. The rest of the staff was trying to figure out what to do when I came along. All of a sudden the cat came right up to me and basically tried to climb me. Maybe cause Im tall, cant say for sure. Everyone begged me to take it home because no one else could take it. reluctantly I did with the plan to find it a home. Poor thing was being eaten alive by fleas, wife and I gave it a bath and blood just washed out of his fur (he's a white and orange tabby so its real easy to see blood on him). I couldn't find anyone to take him and if you know cats my other cat was not crazy about having a new animal in the house. But in the end he got some goopy eyes and I had to take him to the vet. Well I figured if Im invested enough to spend money on you Im all in. When took the time to do an acclimation process and named him Rascal (and boy is he a little trouble maker) but the cat absolutely adores me. He likes to lay on my wife a lot but is always calling to me for rubs and attention. Wife likes to say that when he saw me he could read sucker on my forehead lol. One of his favorite stunts is to plop down in front of me anytime I get up to walk so I have to "pay the toll" rubbing him to pass by. He's quite a daddy's boy and a real character. He might be a troublemaker at times but I sure do love my little buddy.

  85. christraven

    christraven4 days ago

    Lady: "Oh, here's a cute cat. Let me give him a little hug..." Cat: YOU MINE NOW, SUCKA!

  86. James B

    James B4 days ago

    I am not and will not judge the people for not taking the cat, but even if my lease said "no pets", I would take the cat and find a new place to live.

  87. Martin S.

    Martin S.4 days ago

    And that ladies and gentlemen is how a cat picks an owner!

  88. Wizzlet

    Wizzlet4 days ago

    This poor woman...someone decimated her hair

  89. Burkhard Dahms

    Burkhard Dahms4 days ago


  90. 2DEEP2MUCH 420

    2DEEP2MUCH 4204 days ago

    You didnt take that poor little cat that attached itself to you?.....sad,why did you even go there then?

  91. guitR

    guitR4 days ago

    what the fuck is that hairstyle

  92. Deaux Chaveaux

    Deaux Chaveaux4 days ago

    This is how my cat picked me and my roomate at my local cat cafe. Also this is why i don't have kids, cats are better.

  93. Jeremy Ellington

    Jeremy Ellington4 days ago

    Hes definitely a pretty boy

  94. Simon 10575

    Simon 105754 days ago

    Behaves just like my tabby when she went missing for three weeks from 19th January of 2014. I went out each evening calling her name. Then on a Friday evening in February around 8pm, I called out into the darkness and heard a faint miew. I called again and this very thin starving tabby cat was at my feed. I picked her up and took her inside and she wolfed down a tin of cat food. During the night she clung to me so tightly that neither of us got any sleep that night. She is still with me seven years later bossing me about to feed her, stroke her and walk her outside whenever she wants.

  95. Kate Burk

    Kate Burk4 days ago

    ❤Love❤Happy endings!❤

  96. N7 Tigger

    N7 Tigger4 days ago

    That's just a normal cat that likes snuggles. Watch it with the sappy music muted.

  97. David Lynchage

    David Lynchage4 days ago

    Seeing this reminds me that my cat is a selfish sassy bitch who almost never wants hugs. I love her so much tho

  98. Roleplaying Pain

    Roleplaying Pain4 days ago

    she has a female bowl head

  99. Bianka Smith

    Bianka Smith4 days ago

    My advice: don't go to a shelter to hug cats if you cannot offer them a home. So heartbreaking...

  100. Bianka Smith

    Bianka Smith2 days ago

    @scottabc72 Maybe...but the caption was "The couple came to the local shelter to see different animals." I used to volunteer in a cat shelter for years and sadly many people regarded it as a free zoo. They often even complained that they cannot see any cats, because they were all napping.

  101. scottabc72

    scottabc723 days ago

    Maybe she was volunteering but even if she was just there to visit it can help cats to later adapt to a new home if they have had regularization socialization with humans while waiting for a home

  102. orX a

    orX a3 days ago

    i dont understand it either, why go to shelter and hug cats, if you cant offer them home? I guess it was for likes and views

  103. Armani Nguon

    Armani Nguon4 days ago

    he is a big boy omg cute af

  104. Luther West

    Luther West4 days ago

    0:38 Lady: laughs Cat: *evil glare* you're just jealous Lady: keeps quiet

  105. ぴあのちゃん

    ぴあのちゃん4 days ago


  106. Hande Barlas

    Hande Barlas4 days ago

    Precious kitty!!! Would like to see him with the person who adopted him...