an honest update: why i've changed

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hi. i'm megan. it's been a YEAR and i am so excited to share so much more than before. thank you for joining me on this journey. STRAP IN. we're going on a roller coaster.
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hi, i'm megan. i upload here on wednesdays (lots of home DIYs, fashion/styling, and who knows what else) and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on fridays! thanks for being here, don't forget to drink water xx
[an honest update: why i've changed]
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if you've read this far, comment a topic you'd want to hear more on and i'll do a stream of conscience video on my favorite ones first!


  1. Anthea Castelli

    Anthea Castelli6 hours ago

    I’ve been sitting around today bingeing this channel yet again. I just realised that this video came out 10 years to the day after her first ever video! What a cool way to celebrate 10 years on USlikes by introducing Megan Batoon 2.0! Bring on the next decade of cool shit! 🤗

  2. erwnalejo

    erwnalejo12 hours ago

    Megan has grown into a woman.

  3. dad 98

    dad 9816 hours ago


  4. Spring Love

    Spring LoveDay ago

    Advice on healthy romantic relationships?

  5. Spring Love

    Spring LoveDay ago


  6. Jenica

    JenicaDay ago

    this made my day:))


    HTHAZEDay ago

    wow megan! just the way your expressions have changed I can tell you really have changed! can't wait to see more of the real you!

  8. Cindy Lan

    Cindy LanDay ago

    Shiiiiiiet. Both particular and really messy. Hi it me. I feel like this year has been so bracing for everyone, like time at home has really forced us to get a good look at ourselves. The amount of times I’ve looked in the mirror and said “who dis?? She cool!” has been.... really nice. Gotta say, for anyone in their mid 20s and on, ~magic fungi~ is pretty great for exploring the self more, and more deeply. Also, meditation. Nice to meet you Megan ❤️

  9. Amber Doran

    Amber DoranDay ago

    I think that so many people get to this place at 40. So exciting that you have reached that place already!

  10. Anna

    Anna2 days ago

    Thank you Megan for being you,always, whatever you do... watching you, at some point in my life helped get through rough times... and now I just appreciate and enjoy your videos,because you are you... great hooman ❤. Thank you.

  11. elainee t

    elainee t2 days ago

    "practise being myself" that is actually a great way of putting it - like the only way to get better at being myself is to constantly keep practising. Thank you for the reminder, that is exactly what I needed right now

  12. Daniëlle

    Daniëlle2 days ago

    I think I like this new you 🥰

  13. Nicole K

    Nicole K2 days ago

    What size is the shirt you're wearing they're out of my size 😭

  14. Tanya Watermelonseeds

    Tanya Watermelonseeds2 days ago

    Wow! I had no clue you existed until literally today (I just discovered you through watching Gabbie's podcast)! So it's fun to know that I'm getting the most updated version of you and I get to be introduced to this person you are truly proud of. Good for you girl!

  15. King Jayms

    King Jayms3 days ago

    People grow and change.. Part of life. =D

  16. Ryann Watt

    Ryann Watt3 days ago

    I'm tearing up. This was so heartwarming to watch. Happy for you and looking forward to what's next.

  17. lov

    lov3 days ago

    This is so amazing! Can you also talk more about how biotypes and how byb shifted your perspective on your self-development this year too?! A fellow sanguine is curious 😭😂 Loving this energy so much! All love ❤️

  18. Joey Kidney

    Joey Kidney3 days ago

    really really loved this video - thanks so much for opening up to us

  19. Ms Jennilyn

    Ms Jennilyn3 days ago

    Hey megan, idk why but I feel you. We love you for being you

  20. Mikey DellaVella

    Mikey DellaVella4 days ago

    I’ve known you a long time mehgo & you’ve always been a real one. I’m glad you found this part of ya mindset, you deserve that peace. Miss you homie 💪🏼

  21. Sam Villanueva

    Sam Villanueva4 days ago

    Yaaas Saturn return. Love this for you.

  22. El La

    El La4 days ago

    Wow. I am genuinely so excited for this version of you! Thank you for sharing with us!

  23. Shari M

    Shari M5 days ago


  24. Micheryl Rubat

    Micheryl Rubat5 days ago

    Hey megan! I don't usually comment but would really love to hear your advice on how to control emotions / how not to be too enrage or overly emotional over such small things. Don't think you'll see this but LOVE UUU 🤍

  25. khal

    khal6 days ago


  26. Caitehh

    Caitehh6 days ago

    so proud of you girly!! you are glowing!!

  27. Jay Rozzi

    Jay Rozzi6 days ago

    Wow I am so happy for you Megan!

  28. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor7 days ago

    As an individual who went through a massive self discovery and self love journey in 2020 after making the decision to be made redundant on my 25th birthday due to Covid, I vibe with your new outlook hard! I'd love to know some of the processes on how you discovered the true you and what you ensure you stay true to to honour that !

  29. MySalvation (CJD)

    MySalvation (CJD)7 days ago

    I am excited and happy for you.

  30. micahadrienne

    micahadrienne7 days ago

    Loving this energy!

  31. Cassidy Quinn

    Cassidy Quinn7 days ago

    Oh man i love this SO MUCH. Thank you for this. When you said, "I just want to make videos about what I've learned and share that with you" (not a direct quote lol), I've been feeling the exact same way. I have felt stuck and not posting anything on my channel because I feel like an entire different person and I don't want to make the videos my old self wanted to make. Now I just want to talk and share my feelings and what I've learned. LET'S DO IT!!

  32. Ivelina Sulemenko

    Ivelina Sulemenko7 days ago

    I came here for the comedy and the dance moves, I stayed for the renovation inspiration videos, now I am here because I get older-sister-that-went-through-the-same-ups-and-downs-not-long-ago vibes from Megan

  33. Talha

    Talha8 days ago

    damn, idk why the universe recommended this .. but really loving the message. Been feeling the exact same way

  34. Eunice del Rosario

    Eunice del Rosario8 days ago

    I thought you were cool, but you’re way a lot cooler now. Can’t wait to watch your next videos, Megan 🥰😍

  35. Shalon

    Shalon8 days ago

    Beautiful!!! 😭❤🙌🏼

  36. Christine Edwards

    Christine Edwards8 days ago

    Idk why but your videos haven't showed up on my feed in the longest time, but this has, and I'm so glad I'm seeing this. We love you!!

  37. irene Rojas

    irene Rojas8 days ago

    Love this!!! I used to be a super bubbly person and got along with everyone!! I felt like I needed ppl to like me. Then when I was going for my bachelors degree, I met some girls whom I thought were my friends. They told me to quit being nice and happy all the time. That not every one needed to know how happy I was. That I wasn’t perfect. I didn’t know how to take this in and it hurt really deeply. I distanced myself from those girls , who would only call me when they needed positive advice. But ever since then, I don’t feel like a happy person, I am more reserved. And I don’t have any friends. Just one. My best friend from high school. I guess I became introverted.

  38. Marina Lacanilao

    Marina Lacanilao8 days ago

    i love you SO much and i am SO here for this

  39. Shamsa

    Shamsa8 days ago

    What show were you on?

  40. Lissette Chavez

    Lissette Chavez9 days ago

    I’m turning 25 this year, barely graduating bc of past issues. And I’m so worried of my future like job prospects and stuff. You’re so right about thinking of making permanent decisions and I’m so stressed about it. But I’m so excited for these videos bc this will be a way to grow myself so I can learn from you and obviously would love to watch more talking videos like this. I’ve been watching you since you first started and I’ve loved everything that you have posted and love how you’ve grown!

  41. It's Akile

    It's Akile9 days ago

    You rock! I get it, theres a line that most don't identify and Accept 😍

  42. Michelle Buell

    Michelle Buell9 days ago

    Megan is literally glowing I'm so excited for this new era

  43. David Alvarado-Reyes

    David Alvarado-Reyes9 days ago

    My brother talked to you a long time ago his name was brayn Reyes it was in LA lmao not lying.

  44. Kayla Del Mundo

    Kayla Del Mundo9 days ago


  45. Promise Crossfield

    Promise Crossfield9 days ago

    UGH Megan I love you! I started following when you did YOMYOMF 🙃 Love you and watching you find your groove!

  46. synthwave

    synthwave9 days ago

    I haven't watched Megan in so long that I forgot how much I used to have a crush on her HAHA I hope you're doing well Megan, keep being you and inspiring!

  47. Sayde Clidence

    Sayde Clidence9 days ago

    tbh i just love hearing you talk ❤️


    IAMKINGD9 days ago

    I've been around you many times.. you are in no way boring homie! your craft is invigorating, don't forget that!

  49. Russ Carandang

    Russ Carandang9 days ago

    Hey Megan, we're both Aries and born on the same year, and I feel you exactly. A lot has happened to me also the past year, like self discovery, self acceptance, and self love and this video of you makes me relieved that what I am doing is not wrong and it's not selfish. Thank youuuu

  50. Carla Iovino

    Carla Iovino9 days ago

    Really loved seeing the pure unbridled joy in this video.. I think you gave me a lot of hope personally!!

  51. Morgan Simoneau

    Morgan Simoneau9 days ago

    I appreciate this video🙌🏽🙌🏽

  52. Yumi

    Yumi9 days ago

    ughhhh you are being so authentic and relaxed in this video!! I love u 🥺

  53. April Camacho

    April Camacho9 days ago

    I'm so happy that your happy Megan! Been watching you for years and never seen you so genuinely happy 💕💕💕 I want to find who the heck I am and I would love some advice on that 💕

  54. Nic Cabatingan

    Nic Cabatingan9 days ago


  55. amanda lives ✨

    amanda lives ✨9 days ago

    You’re the ONLY PERSON who has said things about their 20’s that I genuinely related to. Thank u for ur presence 🙏🏽 🤩

  56. Heather Loscher

    Heather Loscher9 days ago

    "Sometimes I don't care and other times it really is the most important thing to me" Superrr relatable- like 100%. Thank you for this!

  57. amanda lives ✨

    amanda lives ✨9 days ago

    Your podcast has meant so much to my friend and me, we love your vulnerability and realness and actual relatable aspects . My favorite thing to hear you talk about is what your 20’s was like and Taught you! Also topics like manifestation, and more topics from your podcast and your youtube !! You make me SO excited for my 30’s simply bc you give me the hope and daily reminder that everything happens for a reason and in due time I will be able to look back and smile bc it’s led me to where I am, the easy and tough times. And I can’t wait to be 30 AND LOOK BACK on what it took!!!

  58. John Okamoto

    John Okamoto9 days ago

    Yes! Megan is back! I think most of us would love to just sit down and chat with her and if that's what we'll be getting, I'm in! Plus I really want to know what she did last year!

  59. Sophieusoff

    Sophieusoff9 days ago

    We love you Megan!!!!

  60. Aaron Nathaniel

    Aaron Nathaniel10 days ago

    im 25 going 26 and this kind of talks really helps

  61. itsdannyftw

    itsdannyftw10 days ago

    Love you Megan!!! Love how down to earth you are and how genuine you are. One of my favourite OG youtubers :) So excited for your future videos!

  62. lowercvse

    lowercvse10 days ago

    Not to take away from the bread and butter of the video but wow what a great outro.

  63. Em Goody

    Em Goody10 days ago

    So happy you’re more comfortable with sharing things about your life. You’re one of my biggest inspirations and I hope to one day inspire people as much as you do

  64. Sara 18

    Sara 1810 days ago

    Always got big sister vibes love this

  65. Julio Umana

    Julio Umana10 days ago

    Holy crap you read my mind at 25

  66. DKY

    DKY10 days ago

    I came from watching you in WongFu videos and wonder what happened... 😅

  67. Maegan Joseph

    Maegan Joseph10 days ago

    I'm here for Maegan/Megan growth. Being a Maegan from Florida born in April and trapped in my 20s, you have no idea how much seeing you on USlikes has done for me. From puns to soul searching odysseys you literally are a mirror for me. Saw this video and saved for a rainy day. Thank you for being enough!

  68. Gabrielle Pivoriunaite

    Gabrielle Pivoriunaite10 days ago

    im crying, this was so refreshing to watch. you're really glowing now and not just lierally :') so happy for you, Megan!

  69. Monique Sanchez

    Monique Sanchez10 days ago

    The excitement when you talk about it makes me giddy! 😆 so happy to follow along your new chapter!

  70. Arisevolve

    Arisevolve10 days ago

    It’s crazy because I always thought you were being completely urself and I’m like wow wish I could do that

  71. Kaija Serene

    Kaija Serene10 days ago

    I am HERE for this Megan!!

  72. Anabel Perez

    Anabel Perez10 days ago

    Love you!

  73. Jay Mejia

    Jay Mejia10 days ago

    I like the green lamp

  74. Jozzy Vazquez

    Jozzy Vazquez10 days ago

    I love this so much, it makes me think about my life and if I wanna start a USlikes video what I want private and what I wanna share

  75. Johnson

    Johnson10 days ago


  76. Kevin Evan

    Kevin Evan10 days ago

    this is really awesome. Happy for you, can't wait to hear more

  77. princesssprinco

    princesssprinco10 days ago

    Hi meghan, I'm princess and this space feels safe. :)

  78. Nostrum84

    Nostrum8410 days ago

    So what, we still love you. Or at least I do :D

  79. kingsley Chan

    kingsley Chan10 days ago

    Glad to see you are comfortable just BEING YOU! Even if that YOU has changed! I think that's a great message for everyone out there!

  80. Liz

    Liz11 days ago

    Wow your Saturn return this is amazing!! I love all this new for you 🥺

  81. Iponk Fidi

    Iponk Fidi11 days ago

    Love u megan😘

  82. Bovic Leuterio

    Bovic Leuterio11 days ago

    Tell me you’re Megan Batoon without telling me you are Megan Batoon: I’m going to breakdown whatever I want to talk about in SPECIFIC videos 😂😂😂

  83. Lily Watters

    Lily Watters11 days ago

    Hey wonderful Megan! I just found your channel through a tutorial on cropping hoodies, and then I watched this. I am so happy for you to be loving yourself. I have one piece of advice to share, in case you ever read this: it's okay if there are times when you love yourself less. Those times will be hard, and then I hope you find a way to fully embrace yourself again. I guess that goes for anyone reading this. It's okay if your level of stoke kind of ebbs and flows. Please give yourself permission to keep falling in love with yourself

  84. Tim Chantarangsu

    Tim Chantarangsu11 days ago

    Look man, whatever version of you it is, I just wanna grab a steak and a drink with you alreadyyyy it’s been so looongggg ughhhh

  85. suplexing a dog

    suplexing a dog8 hours ago


  86. Katherine Magtanong

    Katherine Magtanong10 days ago

    Please be on an episode of Send Foodz!!

  87. youngtiteakachamp

    youngtiteakachamp10 days ago

    Dope life collab incoming 👀

  88. Vinny Pham

    Vinny Pham11 days ago

    Anybody know what show she did last year?


    ROSE QUARTZ11 days ago

    I love you & couldn't agree more!!

  90. Alyeson Rada

    Alyeson Rada11 days ago

    Lezgooo!! Also, kinda miss the ba-ba-ba-batoon.

  91. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez11 days ago

    Can’t wait !

  92. kneecole198

    kneecole19811 days ago

    ommg good luck with your saturn return! as well as your solar return. lots of love

  93. Crystal Gonzalez

    Crystal Gonzalez11 days ago

    This video gave me such happiness I don’t know what it is but I feel like I’m right there with you! Maybe it is the Saturn return! Your vibe goes through the screen and I can feel the weight off your shoulders, your excitements and your happiness! So cool

  94. Randi C

    Randi C11 days ago

    Seriously something happens when you turn 30. Somethings magical happens and it’s the best thing ever. I’m so genuinely happy for you 💜

  95. abby rimando

    abby rimando11 days ago

    I will be honest. I have been watching you for so friken long! & to watch you go on this discovery journey makes me so happy for you. You have been my inspiration, motivation... role model since "Step Up days. You seriously look so happy and bright finally being your genuine self. Keep thriving, love you

  96. Courtney Cutting

    Courtney Cutting11 days ago

    Well this is great & I'm so excited.

  97. jennifer hernandez

    jennifer hernandez11 days ago

    This was tight! Can’t wait! 😍

  98. Lalaine Angot

    Lalaine Angot11 days ago

    I'm in my mid-20's and I can really relate to that "you start thinking about making permanent decisions"

  99. Gabby M

    Gabby M11 days ago

    YOOOOO I'm in love with this ❤️

  100. Stewpid

    Stewpid11 days ago

    I remember that public relationship and on behalf of my own intrusiveness during that time, I apologize! I've grown up too, and being a 15 year old fan girl at that time, couldn't understand that you and the other person needed privacy to heal. I'm 20 now and have been sticking with you all this time and I'm really proud of your growth as a person. It's inspiring, but you have ALWAYS been inspiring regardless. Keep it up megan :)

  101. Michelle Mugnai

    Michelle Mugnai11 days ago

    Gosh, I relate to this so much. Congratulations and I'm so so happy for you! I can truly feel a different energy!

  102. TheCoolestJoe

    TheCoolestJoe11 days ago

    I love it! Been watching since since meganbytes early days and I have loved everything you do, i feel i have grown simultaneously with this channel

  103. MrWoWiggy

    MrWoWiggy11 days ago

    I’ve smiled so much through an entire video. We love all versions of Megan. Time to do what you love. My question-ish? I’m 26. Was kinda forced into moving back with my parents (COVID/job things). I know there is no timeline for life. I’m not looking for quick ways to get anywhere. I guess what I’m wondering is, how to find inspiration is such a bleak world. It’s hard enough being this age back home. With the pandemic and all I’ve found it hard to really be interested in anything. A mindset that I know I just change for myself. Anyway love ya Megan. Been here for awhile and always looking forward to whatever content you have ❤️