Beasts vs. Zappers | Fan Controlled Football Week 1 Game Highlights

Beasts vs. Zappers | Fan Controlled Football Week 1 Game Highlights
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  1. KOAla8923

    KOAla892322 days ago

    For anyone that wants to know what this is, here we go. This is a fan controlled league where the fans make choices for their team, including drafting the players, and calling the plays. You call the plays on twitch, after you pick a team to become a fan of and linking your twitch account to their app. There is a draft every week on Wednesday and games are on Saturday. Both are over on twitch. The teams are all owned by celebrities, and you can get more info on this league at More info after seeing some people's replies: Yes teams change from week to week except for 2 players, who are "franchised" by the owners. The o-line and the defense are both considered one unit each (for example you would just draft a defense, not specific positions). The game has two 20 minute half's and is played 7v7 on a 50 yard field. Again, they have a lot more info and how to sign up over on their website at

  2. Swanky 32

    Swanky 328 days ago

    Can fans call the plays?

  3. Rick Dalton

    Rick Dalton9 days ago

    In other words, it’s a fuhkin joke.

  4. brad hester

    brad hester13 days ago

    This is dumb af. Entire world gone to shit and we have twitch football from a bunch a burnouts and half baked "celebrities" with too much fucking money.

  5. KOAla8923

    KOAla892316 days ago

    @BrianfukinBoyd 43 I’m pretty sure god bless is just another way of saying “thank you” for a lot of people. Plus, they never even mentioned Jesus, not sure where you got that from. I’m personally not religious, but I would never get offended if someone says god bless, because it’s just like saying “thanks”

  6. KOAla8923

    KOAla892316 days ago

    @Zahary Nussbaum 2 games tonight, I’m hyped!!

  7. Brett Johnson

    Brett Johnson4 hours ago

    So if players change teams every week (except for the 2 players franchised) how can anyone be a fan of a team? I say stop that and everyone is on 1-year contracts (which may already be the case).

  8. Alfred Keane

    Alfred Keane5 hours ago

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  9. Daidi Fanta

    Daidi Fanta7 hours ago

    How much do these guys make? I'm guessing 6 digits?

  10. Maxim Roberts

    Maxim Roberts19 hours ago

    The yard 2.0

  11. Julia DeBate

    Julia DeBateDay ago

    nice catch 4:56

  12. vaibanez17

    vaibanez17Day ago

    It's Arena football on steroids

  13. Sam Iam

    Sam IamDay ago

    What ? no cheerleaders ? !

  14. Bill Montgomery

    Bill MontgomeryDay ago

    Did they play laser tag after the game?

  15. dalton carter

    dalton carterDay ago

    All the guys who can’t play in the real league.

  16. soccerbj5

    soccerbj52 days ago

    I want to see the fan controlled element? Voting on plays, etc. Who wants highlights of bad football?

  17. FOX YACO

    FOX YACO2 days ago

    i think im done with the nfl and im just gonna burn my shit and root for a team in this league

  18. Jesus Esparza

    Jesus Esparza3 days ago

    This is weak. I'll take college football over this.

  19. Mohammed Judeh

    Mohammed Judeh3 days ago

    So fans call the plays? No coaches?

  20. nada esfacil03

    nada esfacil033 days ago

    Those visors are ugly

  21. Antonio Iniguez

    Antonio Iniguez3 days ago

    Reminds me of the yard in Madden


    K1NGCRAZY3 days ago


  23. Trip Aces

    Trip Aces5 days ago

    too bad it's not 11 on 11....... a real legit play calling league would be sublime.

  24. erich84502ify

    erich84502ify5 days ago

    Johnny bleeping Football Manziel

  25. Sodaman

    Sodaman5 days ago

    this is awful

  26. Pocket Jake

    Pocket Jake5 days ago

    the announcers remind me of esports commentators and i like it, i hope this league stays running because it's really cool

  27. voiceoverduleey

    voiceoverduleey5 days ago

    Shannon Sharpe watched this???

  28. jon joe

    jon joe6 days ago

    To go from 1st overall pick to this.... thats all I could think. To have an opportunity most of us won't or just can't ever have and to just throw it is embarrassing

  29. Gianluca Tkach

    Gianluca Tkach6 days ago


  30. Gabriel Villegas

    Gabriel Villegas6 days ago

    This is sad but cool at the same time.

  31. God is LOVE

    God is LOVE6 days ago

    What is this about what kinda football is this fans control it

  32. Jer Rivera

    Jer Rivera7 days ago

    Ngl i dont think the defenses came to play

  33. Jason Coburn

    Jason Coburn7 days ago

    like the game play but the xtra point is dumb !

  34. Sean Sartor

    Sean Sartor7 days ago

    That chair 😳😂😂😂

  35. Esteban Moreno

    Esteban Moreno7 days ago

    I love the respect between teams they’re just there to have fun and play good football

  36. Sprang Productions

    Sprang Productions8 days ago

    Players that couldn't make it in the NFL

  37. Coach B

    Coach B8 days ago

    I Could see this being something 😏 Not bad lol

  38. taehoon oh

    taehoon oh8 days ago

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  39. hood femboy

    hood femboy8 days ago

    this is fun to watch. theres obviously a drop in talent, but its fun just seeing big plays like every drive

  40. Garrett Marshall

    Garrett Marshall8 days ago

    Anyone remember that weird arena NFL game that came out on the ps3 when it first released? This is like scary similar

  41. Edward Kelly

    Edward Kelly8 days ago

    So it’s Arena Football but Twitch users call the plays

  42. Mike schlicher

    Mike schlicher8 days ago

    Who watches this, if anybody does ty for making me feel alot self confident as a man

  43. Mike schlicher

    Mike schlicher8 days ago

    These commentator r prob virgins...just going out on a limb given how excited these guys r...romo doesn't get this excited on NBC why r these guys so into this. Do they play in an abandoned warehouse

  44. John M

    John M8 days ago

    Are the cameras controlled by fans too? Blind sight lines, miles from the action, hand me down cameras and shaky as fuck. Totally awesome.

  45. Joseph H

    Joseph H8 days ago

    I would much rather watch this than indoor lacrosse. Production seems pretty cool.

  46. James Foreman

    James Foreman8 days ago

    This actually looks really good and fun. I’m not an NFL fan so I do hope this last because it looks like fun football.

  47. ABrocavich

    ABrocavich8 days ago

    Sounds like there's 400 guys in the broadcast booth.

  48. multitoolish

    multitoolish8 days ago

    Love seeing johnny football at it again

  49. TampaJoey Z230

    TampaJoey Z2308 days ago

    This is like if the guys you play fantasy football with tried to play football.

  50. JakeDotCom

    JakeDotCom8 days ago

    That last play was insane

  51. Kelvin Le

    Kelvin Le8 days ago

    This is a lot of fun to watch except for the one commentator

  52. sephykun88

    sephykun888 days ago

    Bill belichick scoping out some these players lol ready to turn them into success stories

  53. Nasty Skillz

    Nasty Skillz8 days ago

    Kinda like the yard

  54. Dede Xyz

    Dede Xyz8 days ago

    When I saw Manziel at the Draft doing his "show me the money" bullshit, I wished him the worst. Watching him now out of the NFL, relegated to "this"......was all worth the wait.

  55. NoobSoldier2006

    NoobSoldier20068 days ago

    If a player is borderline injured, and the fans chose to feed him to the wolves, would this be ethical?

  56. Julian Sanchez

    Julian Sanchez9 days ago

    Cool try but this hurt my eyes. Wtf is this shit

  57. Tony Rodriguez

    Tony Rodriguez9 days ago

    Yooooo I didn’t realize that Miro From AEW was a guest commentator lmao

  58. Nathaniel Overton

    Nathaniel Overton9 days ago

    How is no one talking about #4?

  59. Rampage1623

    Rampage16239 days ago

    not of fan of the commentary but i love the helmet cam

  60. Gang Green

    Gang Green10 days ago

    Johnny is gonna be in the XFL in 2022.

  61. Don Owens

    Don Owens10 days ago


  62. Brandon Gange

    Brandon Gange10 days ago


  63. King Peyton

    King Peyton10 days ago

    This is the way football should be played. Having FUN.

  64. Max

    Max11 days ago

    too much talking

  65. BadvsGood

    BadvsGood11 days ago

    He’s running so slow

  66. Cruz

    Cruz11 days ago

    I don’t want my announcers sounding like a group of drunk friends on the couch watching a game

  67. Travis Mellow

    Travis Mellow11 days ago

    Another league that won’t last long..

  68. Outlaws

    Outlaws11 days ago

    Went to school and was on a little league football team with Christian Saulsberry on the beasts. Good shit bro, hope you prosper.

  69. Sean Jackson

    Sean Jackson12 days ago

    Where’s the try outs at? I think I have a shot.

  70. Whacked out Cookie

    Whacked out Cookie12 days ago

    Ahh yes madden mobile 'the yard' always hated playing it but I enjoy watching the highlights

  71. Oh, no! It's her!

    Oh, no! It's her!12 days ago

    The Receivers are trash in the short quick slant routes in the endzone.

  72. Eat My shorts

    Eat My shorts12 days ago

    Imagine being a former nfl 1st round pick and still losing to fans

  73. treshaun troup

    treshaun troup12 days ago

    I wana play this

  74. Brendan Molloy

    Brendan Molloy12 days ago

    Why is this so good? I love the concept, so innovative with the fan input

  75. Shadow Raider

    Shadow Raider12 days ago

    Awesome this league actually looks good we shall see if it last tho

  76. Hector Estrada

    Hector Estrada13 days ago

    final stats?

  77. empire jeff

    empire jeff13 days ago

    Win or lose

  78. IBE

    IBE13 days ago


  79. This Thresh

    This Thresh13 days ago

    Yeah let me know when football players are allowed to hit again, idc what league.

  80. andrew2586

    andrew258613 days ago

    I bet i could actually be decent as a receiver in that league

  81. WilliamNPC

    WilliamNPC14 days ago

    This is amazing btw

  82. WilliamNPC

    WilliamNPC14 days ago

    It shouldn’t be fair to have Johnny manzel on a team

  83. Kal-el Lilly-Lafond

    Kal-el Lilly-Lafond14 days ago

    Hes back bitches

  84. IM ABYSS

    IM ABYSS14 days ago

    There should be some extra shiz involved honestly this is just arena football but way more boring😂😂😂

  85. Jonathan Dryden

    Jonathan Dryden14 days ago

    Commentary needs a lot of work. Too many people talking at once. Other than that it's better than I expected.

  86. Caisen Haynes

    Caisen Haynes14 days ago

    Let's be honest we came here from rbt tiktok

  87. Andrew Douglas

    Andrew Douglas14 days ago

    Go home Johnny you're drunk

  88. Retro's Modern Life

    Retro's Modern Life14 days ago

    Quit screaming into the mic for F#cks sake!!

  89. Ravishing Beast

    Ravishing Beast14 days ago

    Draft all new teams regularly? How is this going to resonate with fans when all the tribalism is removed?

  90. SuperPat88

    SuperPat8814 days ago

    I just hope any and all shreds of "wokeness" are *verboten* in this league.

  91. Eddie Terwilliger

    Eddie Terwilliger14 days ago

    This is arena football with a twist 🤣🤣😂

  92. Jospeh Cuji

    Jospeh Cuji15 days ago

    Everyones a Lamar

  93. Sports Talk with Preston

    Sports Talk with Preston15 days ago

    I used to like the glacier boys but I’m a fan of the beast fan now their mascot cool

  94. Hoops Prod.

    Hoops Prod.15 days ago

    One million views for Johnny football!!!

  95. SirLogan47

    SirLogan4715 days ago

    AAF: Folds XFL 2020: Almost Folds FCFL: Third Time’s the charm

  96. Zeek Mc

    Zeek Mc15 days ago

    at first i thought it was a dumb idea and i still think it is kind of weird, but after seeing how much fun the players have and how it brings joy and fun to many people i think that whoever made this had the right idea.

  97. Kevin Fence

    Kevin Fence15 days ago

    madden copied fcf with The Yard

  98. Jeremey Shelley

    Jeremey Shelley15 days ago

    We have Johnny Manziel, announcers screaming like they are rooting for the cons in the longest yard, a weird sort of cubby hole where players all run to celebrate and what appears to be bingo announcers for’s perfect

  99. Mr Chance

    Mr Chance15 days ago

    Dalvin Cook has made a successful purchase

  100. Michael Krasting

    Michael Krasting15 days ago

    I hear the Best Man himself, Miro!

  101. gns freaky

    gns freaky15 days ago

    Imagine of Lamar jackson was on this field

  102. Hamilton Southerland

    Hamilton Southerland15 days ago

    5:42 bro didnt even have to try

  103. Slick Rick

    Slick Rick15 days ago

    Manziel still playing Running back I see

  104. Ryan O’Callahan

    Ryan O’Callahan15 days ago

    All he had to do was show up and play ball...smh. What a waste of talent.

  105. DaGoated Wr

    DaGoated Wr15 days ago

    Can't wait to see Marchie and Flowers play in the future