Weirdest Animal Feet (Game)

Today, we're looking at animal feet and guessing what the animal is. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1906
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  1. C00ki3_Munch3R

    C00ki3_Munch3R5 days ago

    The coot 🤤

  2. Flornmonk

    Flornmonk5 days ago

    The fact that nobody on set knew if ostriches bury their heads in the sand or not is very alarming.

  3. lily

    lily6 days ago

    5:12 Rhett, my man, how does this animal look like a HORSE?

  4. Libby Kitten5

    Libby Kitten56 days ago

    I have never had mis matched socks I can’t stand it!!

  5. Emma Bruffy

    Emma Bruffy7 days ago

    I think the chickens you were talking about are called silkies but many chicken breeds have feathered legs. I kinda collect chickens XD. I love them like all my other pets.

  6. Aeris Hixson

    Aeris Hixson7 days ago

    people still wear matching socks?

  7. Nico Silverman-Lloyd

    Nico Silverman-Lloyd8 days ago

    What’s up with the lack of subtitles recently?

  8. Feefs Manuel

    Feefs Manuel8 days ago

    A bat with wam🤣🤣🤣

  9. Maddie Pearson

    Maddie Pearson8 days ago

    As an avid birder I found the American coot question pretty funny

  10. Danny Lopez

    Danny Lopez8 days ago

    I once took my grandma to BWW and she got a large Thai curry and she ate the whole thing. She goes “ I was full for the rest of the day” .

  11. Sam d

    Sam d9 days ago

    “NOoOo!!!! issa coOT”

  12. abbyCat dalton

    abbyCat dalton9 days ago

    I like rhett's shirt. He always dresses so cool😎

  13. Nick Streight

    Nick Streight10 days ago

    Second one is a crested gecko

  14. Feeling Fruit

    Feeling Fruit11 days ago

    Wearing mismatched socks is cooler smh

  15. Too Many Opinions

    Too Many Opinions11 days ago

    Damn, why are they so good at recognizing animal feet?? Lol

  16. Sister Lucifer

    Sister Lucifer11 days ago

    ☺I like mismatched socks. My mom always threw a fit over me not wearing matching socks. 😂😂😂

  17. alonso stange

    alonso stange11 days ago

    I purposely wear unmatching socks

  18. Luna Kat

    Luna Kat12 days ago

    Rhett was like a teacher today lol

  19. Hayley P.

    Hayley P.13 days ago

    Rhett not knowing about a platypus shows he never watched phineas and ferb with his kids. “He’s a semi-acquatic, egg laying mammal of ACTION”

  20. Audra Millard

    Audra Millard13 days ago

    It's a pandelaphanteater Panda, elephant, anteater lol

  21. Abbi worlund

    Abbi worlund13 days ago

    Semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal of action

  22. Omegus prime

    Omegus prime13 days ago

    Rhett: American coot that a wild animal.? Me: Aint nothing wrong with a little wild American😜

  23. Matt Wiederholt

    Matt Wiederholt13 days ago

    I wear mismatched socks almost everyday sue me wearing boots nobody sees them

  24. Charles Hardesty

    Charles Hardesty13 days ago

    0:57 I thought he might not be able to work in the naked thing this time, but he did... Weirdly impressive Link!

  25. Abbi Dotson

    Abbi Dotson13 days ago

    Not me about to spend the next three hours learning about the evolution of whales because Rhett had to mention how they used to walk on LAND ?!?! I’m sorry wHAT

  26. Noah Smith

    Noah Smith13 days ago

    I will never look at Geckos the same

  27. Jacob Eason

    Jacob Eason13 days ago

    "Im not competative" link says.

  28. hellagood67

    hellagood6714 days ago

    It’s not the ostrich’s knee. That’s their ankle. Their knee is up near their body. Platypus are monotremes, like echidnas. They lay eggs, then suckle their young with milk. Wombats poop cube-shaped poop. They are not cute. They are really aggressive. Love my country’s animals 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  29. hellagood67

    hellagood6714 days ago

    Oh, I know what an American coot’s an old man. Well, that’s what we call old men in Australia 😂😂😂😂

  30. BroncFan Channel

    BroncFan Channel14 days ago

    LOL I think Link is toying with us when he think wombats are well...bats.

  31. Noisy PinkBubble

    Noisy PinkBubble14 days ago

    11:22 > This is propaganda

  32. Floaty_Unicorn

    Floaty_Unicorn14 days ago

    Link gets so defensive when he doesn't get to answer. It's pretty funny.

  33. Caleb Erosa

    Caleb Erosa14 days ago

    Googles: how a platypus is made

  34. a random thing

    a random thing14 days ago

    Rhetts hair is amazing and i love it

  35. Tyler King

    Tyler King14 days ago

    Tapirs are our national animal here in Belize

  36. Garrett Stephens

    Garrett Stephens14 days ago

    Thumbs up if you knew what a copy was the entire time and wanted to tell them through the screen

  37. Xzavier Bristol

    Xzavier Bristol14 days ago

    "A Wombat's just a bat with wom..." *seductively looks at camera*

  38. Baked Urchin

    Baked Urchin14 days ago

    Totally played into it

  39. Nate Ecko

    Nate Ecko14 days ago

    they are much better at animals than they are at european countries I wonder what that's about.

  40. Mralabbad

    Mralabbad14 days ago

    15:15 Is that a -...........- reference???

  41. Kandi Hinshaw

    Kandi Hinshaw14 days ago

    Yes a platypus lays eggs and also excretes milk from a gland. Like the Echidna the platypus and Echidna are in the same family group of animals that lay eggs and lactate.

  42. Liam le Roux

    Liam le Roux14 days ago

    Bear horse pig

  43. Amber Welch

    Amber Welch14 days ago

    There's no horse-bear-pig, only man-bear-pig

  44. Hollow One

    Hollow One14 days ago

    Platypuses, one gender is poisonous, the other isn't. Can't remember which is which.

  45. zelda RAINBOW

    zelda RAINBOW14 days ago

    Aw I love shoebills, I wanted to know if they'd ever seen one before

  46. Cheyenne DeSpain

    Cheyenne DeSpain14 days ago

    The squeaking of the marker got me every time 😂

  47. Laura Inlander

    Laura Inlander14 days ago

    Tapier...the "bear horse pig". HAHA!

  48. Keziah Reiss

    Keziah Reiss14 days ago

    Hearing Rhett and Link talk about evolution is the thing I didn't know I needed in my life

  49. Yugimo

    Yugimo14 days ago

    Fun Fact: The part that bends on an Ostrich leg is actually an elogated ankle not the knee

  50. camryn slivinski

    camryn slivinski14 days ago

    This was great! I always enjoy ya'll! Would absolutely love to see another one of these in the future!

  51. Rox_Box

    Rox_Box14 days ago

    HorseBearPig. 50 percent horse, 50 percent bear, 50 percent pig. Super, super cereal.

  52. Susan Whitacre

    Susan Whitacre14 days ago

    I came back again (after awhile, again) and Rhett's still Rhett. Still love ya Link!

  53. Allen Taylor

    Allen Taylor14 days ago

    Link "I know everything too!" Really Link really? Haha

  54. Flik

    Flik15 days ago

    Those ostrich 'knees' are actually their heels

  55. snuterella

    snuterella15 days ago


  56. Yawn Yawnson

    Yawn Yawnson15 days ago

    Carl’s wallet was behind me and my butthole was just all over it and I was like oh yeah that’s what I want and I just got a little bit of a little thing to go with and then I’ll be back in the front yard and then I’ll get it done before you leave I’ll be right there I’ll see ya tomorrow love ya I wanna is a good day and I’ll see you in a bit I’ll talk to him tomorrow I’ll be sure to talk about it tomorrow I wanna is your day and I’m going on my way home and I want you to come and see you soon love ya I’ll talk tomorrow I’ll see you when I get back

  57. Mike Daniels

    Mike Daniels15 days ago


  58. Simon Harrington

    Simon Harrington15 days ago

    Bamboozled by a coot

  59. That's Super!

    That's Super!15 days ago

    That gecko was awfully thin!

  60. TIA P.

    TIA P.15 days ago

    Not gonna lie Rhett you could get an A greeting one wrong

  61. Vanessa Jones

    Vanessa Jones15 days ago

    I was certain that the coot was going to end up being an old man yelling from a porch swing

  62. Joshua Wilson

    Joshua Wilson15 days ago

    Oh my word! A coot is a duck! Loue u guys

  63. NG Geymer

    NG Geymer15 days ago

    Does gmm have a Twitter

  64. atnat

    atnat15 days ago

    THASSACOOT- 14:33

  65. LittleRedHaired Girl

    LittleRedHaired Girl15 days ago

    Gosh I'm going to make sure my socks match from now on! 👀

  66. Bailey S

    Bailey S15 days ago

    “Yeah, cause he got bit by a wombat” Made me laugh so hard for no reason. I think it was the deadpan delivery

  67. elmadicine

    elmadicine15 days ago

    I can't remember the last time I wore matching socks

  68. Kaitlyn Ria

    Kaitlyn Ria15 days ago

    i could literally watch them do this all day

  69. Leah P

    Leah P15 days ago

    Me and my masters degree in zoology screaming.

  70. Blobberfish_2007

    Blobberfish_200715 days ago

    Guys, evolution isn't real.

  71. River_Magic

    River_Magic15 days ago

    I’ve been watching your let’s play episodes, and you guys should really play Grounded. It’s like honey I shrunk the kids.

  72. Panduh 13ear

    Panduh 13ear15 days ago

    From the title, I thought it was gonna be like that footprint guessing minigame from pokemon mystery dungeon.

  73. Emily Lippincott

    Emily Lippincott15 days ago

    American coot is just gonna be a picture of Rhett's foot

  74. Kristian Pickard

    Kristian Pickard15 days ago

    I'm giving up Good Mythical More for Lent....

  75. Sierra King

    Sierra King15 days ago

    Link: a wombat is a bat with wom. Ok 👍

  76. Brendan Hoffmann

    Brendan Hoffmann15 days ago

    I bet Rhett and Link still think that a coot is a type of chicken...

  77. DeathAngel

    DeathAngel15 days ago

    platypus also has poison barbs.

  78. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear15 days ago

    Well good thing I'm wearing matching socks today...

  79. Levi White

    Levi White15 days ago

    "Its like a bear horse pig" >Manbearpig has entered the chat.

  80. Amy Berry

    Amy Berry15 days ago

    As a zoologist watching this I'm both entertained and frustrated lol

  81. Shea Loner

    Shea Loner15 days ago

    Had to check the comments to be sure but there must not be many reptile people in the crowd. MYTHICAL CREW would have appreciated a better gecko picture then one that is terribly emaciated. Hope that was a pic from a rescue group.

  82. RoseMarie M

    RoseMarie M15 days ago

    Rhett has to always win everything so much he has to cheat playing his best friend. The "3-2-1" is necessary. Wait for Link to show the picture at least.

  83. RoseMarie M

    RoseMarie M15 days ago

    Rhett has to always win everything so much he has to cheat playing his best friend. Wait for Link to show the picture, dang.

  84. Lucy *

    Lucy *15 days ago

    The platypus and echidna are a subclass of mammal called a monotreme. They are the only animals in this category. They lay eggs but also produce milk. The more you know 🌈⭐

  85. Sheila Scardigno

    Sheila Scardigno15 days ago

    Head in the sand is not true

  86. Sam

    Sam15 days ago

    Love the Avatar reference im watching it through right now as a 23 year old lol

  87. Diamond Thunderbird

    Diamond Thunderbird15 days ago

    LINK knows about the animals in avatar the last air bender !!!!! LINK YOU ARE COOL !

  88. Chase Schumacher

    Chase Schumacher15 days ago

    Man bear pig 😂

  89. Shan M

    Shan M15 days ago

    Anyone know where Rhett's sweater is from?

  90. Kathi

    Kathi15 days ago

    Link has no chill this season😂

  91. Natalie Kreps

    Natalie Kreps15 days ago

    i have been thinking about the way link yelled "THATS A COOT" all DAY

  92. Dale Griffin

    Dale Griffin15 days ago

    "A Wombat is a bat, with Wom...." - Link, 2/16/2021...

  93. Tiff Games

    Tiff Games15 days ago

    I’m loving the man bun

  94. Robert Mark

    Robert Mark15 days ago

    A coot is like a cross between a chicken and a goose

  95. Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi

    Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi15 days ago

    I frikkin yelled American Coot when y'all said shoebill stork.... Sadge!

  96. james fry

    james fry15 days ago

    How on earth does Rhett know so much about animal feet.

  97. Liāna Lloyd

    Liāna Lloyd15 days ago

    Aww, I wanted the game to keep going! :)

  98. Rex Amethyst

    Rex Amethyst15 days ago

    Like Dobby, I purposely mismatch my socks.

  99. Tiffany Vi

    Tiffany Vi15 days ago

    Once you get to the coot it’s over

  100. jordo

    jordo15 days ago


  101. Paige Falcomata

    Paige Falcomata15 days ago

    platypuses are monotremes