SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie

SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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  1. Yawg rog Minnesota

    Yawg rog Minnesota24 minutes ago

    Idk about this after lebron james post a comment about a white officers gotta take accountable for ma khia Bryant situation.. 😳

  2. Jacob Rommel

    Jacob Rommel33 minutes ago

    pepe le pew got cancelled

  3. Jj Av

    Jj AvHour ago

    Even in the movie Lebron James still flops.

  4. marky villasenor

    marky villasenorHour ago

    Congrats LeBron James

  5. Silver Kirby

    Silver Kirby4 hours ago

    They better have atleast an Animaniacs cameo

  6. Captain Cold

    Captain Cold4 hours ago

    Space jam 3:Tom Brady and gronk

  7. Danny Rodríguez

    Danny Rodríguez5 hours ago

    Where’s Bill Murray!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  8. Craig Bailey

    Craig Bailey5 hours ago

    No monstars and MJ - I'm out

  9. TwitchTv Quagy

    TwitchTv Quagy5 hours ago

    Is This Richard Gear Dream Again? Helppppppppppp

  10. Phil Phil

    Phil Phil6 hours ago


  11. 真空

    真空6 hours ago

    Wait, why do they want his son, so bad!?

  12. R Knollman

    R Knollman8 hours ago

    I’m DEFINITELY going to the theaters to see this.

  13. zach newman

    zach newman9 hours ago

    Is this Space Jam or Ready Player One?

  14. Shadow Fox

    Shadow Fox11 hours ago

    yeah, nahhh mate.

  15. Rachel Millard

    Rachel Millard15 hours ago

    This is such a bastardization. Its like no one wanted to back a Roger Rabbit remake or something. That Id watch.

  16. Red King

    Red King15 hours ago

    I miss old Lola bunny 😕🥵

  17. queenvie808

    queenvie80816 hours ago

    Please god no

  18. winedan

    winedan18 hours ago

    this movie got hit high

  19. Kylie Loyal

    Kylie Loyal19 hours ago

    So what LeBron is basically saying is that , this might not be in OUTERSPACE, but it’s in CYBERSPACE.

  20. 1bcordell

    1bcordell20 hours ago

    I know he is getting paid a shit ton of money for this movie, but c'mon Lebron, why? You don't need the money and it makes you look like a copycat. He will never be the GOAT folks.

  21. KMT15

    KMT1523 hours ago

    My God. I love Lebron but this looks fucking awful.

  22. Squidy

    SquidyDay ago

    Ready player one vibes

  23. Prasanna Venkatesh

    Prasanna VenkateshDay ago

    Wow is tat the mystery machine@ 1:37

  24. JJ Mend

    JJ MendDay ago


  25. Joe

    JoeDay ago

    Not interested in a movie with the biggest racist socialist around

  26. Calebe Paixao

    Calebe PaixaoDay ago

    Ok just by curiosity would any of you want cartoon powers?

  27. MSwain84

    MSwain84Day ago

    Idk I'm gonna watch it, but as a massive fan of the original I'm not getting any good vibes from this trailer, looks a bit shit.

  28. Boba fett7

    Boba fett7Day ago

    If Marvin is not in here I'm gonna burn my house down

  29. Andre Simpson

    Andre SimpsonDay ago

    Seems Ligit

  30. Nate Taylor

    Nate TaylorDay ago

    Ready Player One: The cartoon version

  31. OU_ ItsYaBoiHex

    OU_ ItsYaBoiHexDay ago

    Micheal Jordan should be the coach of the team

  32. cheick tirera

    cheick tireraDay ago

    2:28 omg god granny is crazy how do s she able to do that if she is old plus how old even is she

  33. Eli_ Hawk_Al

    Eli_ Hawk_AlDay ago

    It's.............. I just hate it

  34. elijah Dal Broi

    elijah Dal BroiDay ago


  35. Jay Ral

    Jay Ral2 days ago

    You know this is why Jordan is always going to be better. But this guy LeBron James is too political and only looks at one side to everything without common sense or evidence I'm not interested in seeing this ill stick with the original.

  36. Afi James

    Afi JamesDay ago

    believe me, the original was no masterpiece either (i didn't even like the first film, it was an idiotic lame infomercial for nike), but this one is gonna be a completely dead zone.

  37. Rene Salinas

    Rene Salinas2 days ago

    Yosemite Sam

  38. lostmotion18

    lostmotion182 days ago

    Send this movie to the rejects.

  39. Mark R

    Mark R2 days ago

    Lost me at Lebron...

  40. Tracy Baughman

    Tracy Baughman2 days ago

    I'm going to watch this pos

  41. Tolgahan Ozcan

    Tolgahan Ozcan2 days ago

    Lebron wants to assemble a elite team with Superman. Mj saw Daffy Duck and still he was sure of his team and victory. Thats why MJ is the one and only King.

  42. Anthony Balangue

    Anthony Balangue2 days ago

    Im a cartoon

  43. Austin Tuttle

    Austin Tuttle2 days ago

    this looks so good actually. i’m very excited to watch this

  44. Epic Guardian

    Epic Guardian2 days ago

    This doesn’t feel like Space Jam. This feels like Ready Player One, Matrix and a few other things. Kinda disappointed, was really hoping that they would try to improve the 2D animation integrated with 3D instead it’s 2 separate animations styles. But hey still looks good

  45. Eli Shue

    Eli Shue2 days ago

    Hmmm... this doesnt look as good as the original

  46. Devonte The Dog

    Devonte The Dog2 days ago

    1:40 Welcome To Space Jam!

  47. MJJ Fan

    MJJ Fan2 days ago

    I love this so much I want to watching this

  48. jcw

    jcw2 days ago

    Boycott it .....LaDumb is an idiot and doesn’t deserve a dime of my money ......he is a fool

  49. Brandon Kyle

    Brandon Kyle3 days ago

    Because remember when Michael Jordan was a kid in Space Jam and they played the Song I can Believe I can fly from the beginning of the movie

  50. Brandon Kyle

    Brandon Kyle3 days ago

    I wonder how the beginning go turn out in Space Jam A New Legacy


    PUNISHER3 days ago


  52. Gustavo Hernandez

    Gustavo Hernandez3 days ago


  53. Jonas Castillo

    Jonas Castillo3 days ago

    So is anybody gonna ignore the fact that Pennywise, Joker, The Mask, Mystery Co., and Flintstones are in the movie

  54. strix

    strix3 days ago

    Lebron seems like a bad actor

  55. Squid The Whitt

    Squid The Whitt3 days ago

    3D characters aren’t always good

  56. MRK3LV

    MRK3LV3 days ago

    I'm from the UK and although I don't watch basketball, when MJ did this I felt the need to see it. Lebron is not MJ. PERIOD. Stop making remakes.

  57. Kris Sanders

    Kris Sanders3 days ago

    That is a fucking disgrace to Jordan, they let lachina James, a man single handily destroying the NBA to do a space jam rip off. hope nobody but kids go to see it

  58. UnKnown Runner

    UnKnown Runner3 days ago

    This is gonna be toooooo good!!!

  59. Felipe ARREDONDO

    Felipe ARREDONDO3 days ago


  60. #YouTube Solid#

    #YouTube Solid#3 days ago

    Ohh Im Ready 😂 Im ready To Watch and Download This Movie haha Dang!

  61. Mondasian Man

    Mondasian Man3 days ago

    So .....who’s betting that Big Chungus might get a cameo ?

  62. Colorado91

    Colorado914 days ago

    Will not be watching this! Labron is to political

  63. Brayden N

    Brayden N4 days ago

    Too bad Lebron James is a communist.

  64. ProGabe Playz

    ProGabe Playz4 days ago

    Imagine Not Liking Space Jam ?..

  65. Juan Zapata

    Juan Zapata4 days ago


  66. J Jj

    J Jj4 days ago

    Talk about forcing a movie script. Could of had a better plot an storyline. Would of been more believable an better suited having Michael an lebron golfing an having the same thing happen to him with Michael walking him through it all . With different adversaries

  67. stacy swiss

    stacy swiss4 days ago

    Pathetic he’s no king there’s only one ROYAL AIRNESS

  68. Christiaan Feugen

    Christiaan Feugen4 days ago

    Who thought it was a good idea to make this shit so dramatic 😂

  69. Your Local Chad

    Your Local Chad4 days ago

    everybody gangsta until war machine yeets you to an alternate dimension

  70. Bar Cat

    Bar Cat4 days ago

    …a movie featuring a guy who hates cops…yeah, no.

  71. Nick TV

    Nick TV4 days ago

    not space jam its legit left lebron. it sucks cus now lebron iss the star in the movie...

  72. Nick TV

    Nick TV4 days ago

    this isnt space jam its legit ready player 1

  73. Katy Lepetsos

    Katy Lepetsos4 days ago

    Why is Tweety’s voice so low pitched? It sounds awful.

  74. bria harris

    bria harris4 days ago

    Family movie yeah right I can almost smell the adult and misplaced jokes that r gonna b in here

  75. bria harris

    bria harris4 days ago

    Bro the whole point of making a space jam was to mix classic Looney tunes characters with real life that's why they stayed in 2D the whole movie!!! Them as 3D just ruins the space Jam vibe!! I don't want a hairy daffy duck or an ugly Lola bunny!! I want the original Space Jam look, I can't even understand why Looney tunes even cares abt technology??? It couldn't b the Monstars wanting a rematch?? Lebron wish he was MJ so bad it reeks thru my screen.

  76. JAY JAY Plyz

    JAY JAY Plyz4 days ago

    Old Space Jam will be remembered

  77. Thomasabel 92

    Thomasabel 924 days ago

    DWAYNE WADE !!! 2:12

  78. Seunbabara Toriola

    Seunbabara Toriola4 days ago


  79. darrenbarren

    darrenbarren4 days ago

    I feel like this is the Ready Player One sequel ngl-

  80. Acceleratedman89

    Acceleratedman894 days ago

    This is looks straight trash. Original was a classic.


    GAMING MASTER 2.04 days ago

    Im not a fan of lbj but after seing this i am :)

  82. Ajax Likes Youtube

    Ajax Likes Youtube4 days ago

    This ain't it man...

  83. Juggling Llama Productions

    Juggling Llama Productions4 days ago

    Why is the animation worse?

  84. Connor Fetsko

    Connor Fetsko5 days ago

    Let’s gooo

  85. Quest4Truth

    Quest4Truth5 days ago

    This honestly looks so stupid

  86. Nick True

    Nick True5 days ago

    Pretty sure Lola Bunny from the original caused me to hit puberty a few years early.

  87. bria harris

    bria harris4 days ago


  88. Mikieno WhooseBad

    Mikieno WhooseBad5 days ago

    Imagine if there was a movie and/or series about a guy from the real world who travels through all different types of anime to get home. Wouldn't that be awesome? I've imagined that a lot.

  89. Hedgehog Gamer Davis

    Hedgehog Gamer Davis5 days ago

    Lol nice

  90. Nikola Govich

    Nikola Govich5 days ago

    This looks pretty good but I bet it won't be as perfect as the original

  91. Dylantube

    Dylantube5 days ago

    War machine

  92. Au Gust

    Au Gust5 days ago

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  93. Thomas Greyson

    Thomas Greyson5 days ago

    To all you nerds and dweebs who complain about Lola Bunny's "redesign", GET A LIFE YOU GEEK!!

  94. JiveAt5

    JiveAt55 days ago


  95. Michi Games

    Michi Games5 days ago

    Rhode made a big career change

  96. T G

    T G5 days ago

    This got ratioed so bad.

  97. Adam Zinger

    Adam Zinger5 days ago

    How can they hire someone who is so racist to star? This movie will fail. LeBron is a moron

  98. Ariz The Player

    Ariz The Player6 days ago

    pennywise 1:46 in the backround to the right

  99. bria harris

    bria harris6 days ago

    Did they want this to b marvel LEGO superheroes two or something?

  100. bria harris

    bria harris6 days ago


  101. bria harris

    bria harris6 days ago

    Family movie yeah right, I can just sense the adult and misplaced jokes that is gonna b in here, plus the cut out peppe lepew parts for a reason