Yosef's Outburst At Clare Over 'Red Flags' | The Bachelorette

Yosef starts to air his grievances with Clare over the dodgeball date, but things turn extremely confrontational when he launches a personal attack on our Bachelorette.
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Season: 16 Episode: 3
Bachelorette: Clare Crawley
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  1. myname ismyname

    myname ismyname48 minutes ago

    chek them four simps out hahaahahahahahahaha

  2. myname ismyname

    myname ismyname50 minutes ago

    this guys a legend

  3. myname ismyname

    myname ismyname52 minutes ago

    yeah...of course..... but nope!

  4. Storm

    StormHour ago

    She's definitely beautiful but her classiness is a bit to be desired.

  5. MXH: Gaming

    MXH: Gaming2 hours ago

    Setting an example for your daughter is what a decent man would want. This is more of an outburst from the female who can't except constructive criticism

  6. spy cris

    spy cris3 hours ago

    Notice at 3:49 that he stood back and let her ramble. Real men take it in, then deal with it when the time is right. Cowards would have blown up on her or touched her

  7. Simplified Fit

    Simplified Fit5 hours ago

    I feel like this was just acting

  8. alexandra cardona-morales

    alexandra cardona-morales14 hours ago

    everything he said was right and she’s very unpleasant but also let’s not forget hannah browns season where all the guys wore speedos for a pageant.... clare ain’t the only bachelorette who’s done “classless” things lol

  9. Bob dylan

    Bob dylan20 hours ago

    So this guy left his daughter to go on a reality show and she's the bad guy?

  10. Storm

    StormHour ago

    So you never left your kids to go on a date. I'm sure you have. The only difference is this date was longer.

  11. Oakville1992

    Oakville199222 hours ago

    Ladies & gentleman....the winner of the group just left in the SUV. This dude is a real man. The spine is strong 💪🏻

  12. Luke's page

    Luke's pageDay ago

    "she is all yours". Lol, best thing!!!!!

  13. Luke's page

    Luke's pageDay ago

    He won the show. He was respectful, honest and direct. And he left with his respect in tact without a relationship with such a women. If you can't communicate with someone here, how would this work going forward.

  14. zB Matt

    zB MattDay ago

    Dude came to find a wife but what he got was a teenage frat party with only one girl in attendance.

  15. Vante

    VanteDay ago

    And not one of those simps would have actually did anything if Yosef called them out these are dudes who will let a woman sleep around just to keep them

  16. Melissa H

    Melissa HDay ago

    Based on the snippet that we're shown here, I think she is a class act. This guy clearly didn't want to be on the show and acted as if he was a perfect man and never made a mistake in his life. I don't watch this show but I'm so glad for her that he decided to leave. Who does he think he is? Is he not single (at whatever age he is)? Did he not sign up for the show? Is he not looking for love? No one deserves to be talked to the way that he was talking to her. He called out her age, which is a complete double standard but that's another conversation. People nowadays are extremely, extremely sensitive about everything. He stewed on his anger for three days and thought it was okay to confront her...it wasn't okay. He wasn't a good match for her and I'm glad he's gone.

  17. Steve 2323

    Steve 2323Day ago

    Look at the other dudes straight up simps😂😂😂

  18. Verne Fits

    Verne FitsDay ago

    5:30 bravo!

  19. Pinay Ninja

    Pinay NinjaDay ago

    More power to you Dude !! You'll find a true woman very soon.

  20. robert lean

    robert leanDay ago

    Yosef is the man and those guys "consoling" her are simps

  21. Steve 2323

    Steve 2323Day ago

    Big time simps

  22. Inthe Flow

    Inthe FlowDay ago

    NOW >>>> Just IMAGINE if you were married to a chick like that :O :O :O and she owned your house and finances and cash flows. :O

  23. Weldy De La Cruz

    Weldy De La CruzDay ago

    Bunch of simps on the show and on this comment section. 😂🤣 Bruh, take a chill pill and simp some where els. Other than that, she deserved every single bit of what he told her.

  24. Annie H

    Annie HDay ago

    What's his @? Lmao

  25. Marcos de los Santos

    Marcos de los Santos2 days ago

    “Im so heated right now” poor little boy😂 the other guys are a bunch of simps (as usual) backing her. And thats how you do... you don’t take women BS, walk away and keep your dignity. “She’s all yours boys” the real winner

  26. L K

    L K2 days ago

    Not sure what Claire sees in Dale. He looks like he swings the other way!

  27. Y K

    Y K2 days ago

    Misogynist loosing it in the comments

  28. Y K

    Y K2 days ago

    He could’ve just went home if he wasn’t interested clearly you just want screen time you’re on a reality show dude for fun she can do whatever she wants

  29. Storm

    StormHour ago

    He did go home but before he left he told her how immature it was to have guys get naked and she's near 40

  30. Italian Stallion

    Italian Stallion2 days ago

    Give this dude the man of the year award.

  31. Taylor 1

    Taylor 12 days ago

    Yosef gives the impression of a person with values and morals when it comes to relationships, that’s something a female should appreciate instead of getting affected and throwing a tantrum.

  32. gymnast girl

    gymnast girl3 days ago

    I’m really disappointed I have the same name as this women

  33. Yostina Kamal

    Yostina Kamal3 days ago

    Why is everyone defending him in the comments. No one was forced or pressured to do anything. If someone was uncomfortable all they had to do was say so.

  34. Storm

    Storm59 minutes ago

    I don't think it's about defending him I think it was how he handled the situation as a man. He could have kept quiet but a quiet man won't get fed.

  35. L K

    L K2 days ago

    He made his point early in the conversation but he just kept twisting the knife. He was rude and very frustrated. Yosef got a crazy temper just like Claire.

  36. bigjohnconnect

    bigjohnconnect3 days ago

    He’s the real man 👨,the rest are simps

  37. Benjamin Armenta

    Benjamin Armenta3 days ago

    Worst bachelor ever. Never give an old women that much validation

  38. hullstar242

    hullstar2423 days ago

    Yosef sucks guys let’s talk more about that

  39. Anonymous Swinger

    Anonymous Swinger3 days ago

    Clare is the worst bachelorette (1000%) confirmed

  40. Noa Williams

    Noa Williams3 days ago

    I agree with him 100%. Stripping and playing dodgeball is VERY wrong and humiliating. She is literally insane. She’s playing the victim

  41. cabeza de pan

    cabeza de pan4 days ago

    The Simps/shows

  42. RoopDaddy86

    RoopDaddy864 days ago

    Clare - Lunatic

  43. Trevor Walker

    Trevor Walker4 days ago

    She full up on her simp card

  44. Joel Mogindol

    Joel Mogindol4 days ago

    They mad cuz he is the only MATURE on here

  45. kudzaiishe nduku

    kudzaiishe nduku4 days ago

    "You're completely classless Clare." 😂🤣

  46. Batman3217

    Batman32174 days ago

    Yosef is a TRUE HERO! It was a VERY SMART idea to leave the show.

  47. GetWellSoon

    GetWellSoon4 days ago

    I saw no tears first of all... but I'm also not judging. She's forty and wants to chill with half naked guys then good for her. The other guy just wasn't vibing with it which also fine. Just shows two grown adults on two different aspects of life or whatever. Also.. I haven't seen this season so I may not know what I'm talking about Also the lady crying victim about how he "spoke" to her... what the hell.... he didn't say anything out of line. He was just expressing himself.

  48. Not today bts

    Not today bts4 days ago

    I kind of agree with him though


    I AM HASSAN4 days ago


  50. k

    k5 days ago

    Yosef wasn't even there!! How's that for fragile?

  51. Samantha Tickale

    Samantha Tickale5 days ago

    I’m like seeing the boys reactions they were doing to much and trying to hard.

  52. Caucasian African

    Caucasian African5 days ago

    When people say I understand or I get it when they haven't even heard you out yet. Totally annoying.

  53. Mikayla Lynn

    Mikayla Lynn5 days ago

    He went way too far. Ripping her apart, I’m so happy she picked dale ❤️

  54. Natasa Ma

    Natasa Ma5 days ago

    Oooh, sis, I wish you settled for a man like him, but you couldn't so that is why you are acting so immature ☕

  55. dimitris Bam

    dimitris Bam5 days ago

    She is literally KAREN

  56. DramaQueen 96

    DramaQueen 965 days ago

    He’s not lying and those other guys don’t care about her they just want a check😂

  57. Tselot Habte

    Tselot Habte5 days ago

    The way he was pushing her buttons !????!!

  58. Leonie Smith

    Leonie Smith5 days ago

    Yusuf is a cruel person. There was no need to go that far

  59. darnlove55

    darnlove555 days ago

    Bro I think the real question should be why the hell are u on national television looking for a man when yo mom is dying????? Like what’s that logic.....

  60. Draiden The HyPE mAn

    Draiden The HyPE mAn5 days ago

    ...noice she’s all types of crazy and the other dudes are hook line and sinker for her to Ha

  61. Jake Day Williams

    Jake Day Williams5 days ago

    Oh well.

  62. Eneo

    Eneo5 days ago

    What is Pulisic doing here 💀

  63. Ivan Wizl

    Ivan Wizl5 days ago

    'Talking to a woman like that ' idc what was done, bet😂😂

  64. D-Town Sports Fan

    D-Town Sports Fan5 days ago

    "Never talk to a woman like that" But I thought we were equal 🤔

  65. Petter Nerman

    Petter Nerman2 days ago

    Think again.

  66. johnsonDcrazy

    johnsonDcrazy5 days ago

    "Remember your almost 40" lol the wall will always b the one to open their eyes.

  67. Justin Kakara

    Justin Kakara5 days ago

    simp mode activated

  68. Johann Muster

    Johann Muster5 days ago

    He didn`t just siad: "She is all yours" but "She is all yours...BOYS"

  69. Zion

    Zion5 days ago

    She’s very classless and her attitude & behavior is distasteful. This is what it looks like when a man has standards and class.

  70. Aathan Raan

    Aathan Raan5 days ago

    The problem with these shows is love isn't a simple emotion and CAN NOT be found in such an environment.

  71. Kelly Rosado

    Kelly Rosado5 days ago

    He went from making really good points to just straight up roasting her.

  72. FidoTheClown

    FidoTheClown5 days ago

    Reality check! Truth hurts sometimes. Man vs Simps. By the way, whatever happened to gender equality? "Oh, you don't talk to a woman like that!" Funny and sad!

  73. Joel Michael Croes

    Joel Michael Croes5 days ago

    “Because I didn’t settle for men like that” You mean good, real, self-respecting men, ohh yeah no wonder, thats why you’re playing naked dodgeball with men who will eventually just pump and dump you, just like he said, classless🤮

  74. Roy

    Roy5 days ago

    Nah Chica... You're 39 and single cause real men like him didn't settle for a woman like you.

  75. GunStreets

    GunStreets6 days ago

    Super SIMPS!!!

  76. Aaron Rowden

    Aaron Rowden6 days ago

    Lmao what a terrible show

  77. yecc

    yecc6 days ago

    These simps need to be eradicated

  78. L Johnson

    L Johnson6 days ago

    This video was riddled with simps😂

  79. zubair zainab

    zubair zainab6 days ago

    Nawa o wahala dey

  80. Bren

    Bren6 days ago

    She could sense the rejection coming so her power play was to reject him to save her fragile and failing ego

  81. Saieeda Habib

    Saieeda Habib6 days ago

    Claire is the worst Yousef told her something for her own good and now she changed the story and blame him. She is a snake

  82. kamall lalage

    kamall lalage6 days ago

    The worst bachelorette in history she chose dale based on looks only that's very ignorant from her

  83. Felipè Ezra Pius

    Felipè Ezra Pius6 days ago

    Seriously these guys are all immature

  84. befreaked

    befreaked6 days ago

    4:38 damnnnn hahahah

  85. George Richard

    George Richard6 days ago

    Dude played it right.

  86. Hedu

    Hedu6 days ago

    He wasnt disrespectful as hell. He was self respectful as hell

  87. K

    K6 days ago

    3:14 and there she blows... kinda like PMS volcano. "Watch out!!! here comes the vaginoclastic cloud"

  88. April 2520

    April 25207 days ago

    Might sound crazy but he's exactly what she needs.

  89. Garrett Maxwell

    Garrett Maxwell7 days ago

    If he only knew what was coming a few days later he dodged a bullet 😂😂

  90. Ninja

    Ninja7 days ago

    Everyone must be blind its simple he new he wasn't going to get picked so he took the I'm going to quit you before you quit me route

  91. Stephen Oni

    Stephen Oni7 days ago


  92. Stephen Oni

    Stephen Oni7 days ago

    Yosef, The King.

  93. Eric Chapman

    Eric Chapman7 days ago

    Btw @ 5:00, She basically told on herself.

  94. Thanos the Farmer

    Thanos the Farmer7 days ago

    This is pretty much a minisode of how our society operates -_-

  95. Eric Chapman

    Eric Chapman7 days ago

    Charge it to the Game. He did the right thing. It take alot of ABUNDANCE to that.

  96. Tech TeeVee

    Tech TeeVee7 days ago

    "she's all yours boys" "Aight bet" 😂😂😂🤦

  97. F U

    F U7 days ago

    Giga chad i wonder how strong his jaw is hahahaha

  98. Issyz 335i

    Issyz 335i7 days ago

    Bunch of simps in this show 😂

  99. Unknown Beats

    Unknown Beats7 days ago

    Goat of the bachelor

  100. Stavroulla Theophanous

    Stavroulla Theophanous7 days ago

    Ehhhh I'm going to go the other route. I think it's sad that people have to go to the point of insulting someone else to get their point across. He doesn't like, he was appalled? Ok so leave and be with your daughter. He kept repeating oldest bachelorette because he wanted to hurt her, he wanted a reaction, he knew was he was doing. That also is a manipulative man. I feel bad for the both of them.

  101. Stavroulla Theophanous

    Stavroulla Theophanous5 days ago

    @Aathan Raan Even if I was a toddler I can speak up and share my opinion. This is USlikes not a national debate. I didn't respond to a comment I made my own. If you weren't happy with what I said or didn't agree with it you didn't have to respond to me but you chose to comment and that's your choice. I'm not offended by you or bothered by what you say. That's what growing up is about, you care less about what others think. Feedback for someone to change and insulting them are 2 different things. This isn't 1930 you have Google, before commenting on my opinion maybe you need to read what effect negative words have on people and creating a change. Studies and facts have proven otherwise. Calling someone an idiot doesn't tell you what they need to change, it could be the way they speak, their attitude, their tone... I don't see why it needs to stick if it's not going to improve anything. The difference is one will improve someone's behaviour and the other will just insult them creating absolutely no change as they don't even know what to change. It's not called sugar coating, I'm not complimenting them I'm simply stating what it is I don't like and what it is they need to work on. It doesn't matter if Clare couldn't handle criticism, it was her show (like her house) she didn't like his words and she kicked him out. End of story.

  102. Aathan Raan

    Aathan Raan5 days ago

    @Stavroulla Theophanous The difference between the two ways is one doesn't hit home like the other. Calling someone an "idiot" sticks, not the sugary "I just don't agree with you". Well timed insults are more effect at changing behavior than any sort of sugar coating. What you are doing is coddling the destructive behavior of the person you are disagreeing with. This girl was clearly immature as she couldn't handle criticism. I think you need to do a little growing up before you bring your opinions to the table.

  103. Stavroulla Theophanous

    Stavroulla Theophanous6 days ago

    @Getsuga Tenshō nah its not about sensitivity. It's about wanting to be a better person, it's like me saying you're an idiot when I could just say "I don't agree with your way of thinking but to each their own"... Same message, different delivery.

  104. Getsuga Tenshō

    Getsuga Tenshō6 days ago

    He has to tell her straight up. Imagine sugar coating. How can someone improve if you don't tell them what's up? See your problem is sensitivity.

  105. Bond 007

    Bond 0077 days ago

    Shocking, positively shocking what passes for masculinity these days. The word “bro” should be banned from the English language.

  106. Aathan Raan

    Aathan Raan5 days ago

    What are you talking about? Labeling something masculine or feminine is the problem, because no one is all of one. These terms are what should be removed from language. Also, "Bond 007", someone is a nerd. Hahahaha. ^_^

  107. Thanos the Farmer

    Thanos the Farmer7 days ago

    Bachelorette? More like Bach 'o simps!

  108. B. Madina

    B. Madina7 days ago

    listen to how she says: "and MEN like that." lol. and btw, she is actually 47 not 39

  109. Beautiful Creation

    Beautiful Creation7 days ago


  110. Anna Otarola

    Anna Otarola7 days ago


  111. Al Mendez

    Al Mendez8 days ago

    There all idiots who sign up to compete for Love. Ridiculous