Boosie on What Would've Happened if Mike Tyson or His Daughter Got Violent (Part 28)

Part 29:
Part 1:
In this clip, Boosie opened up about his conversation with Mike Tyson's daughter about his comments on Dwyane Wade's transgender daughter. Boosie explained that Tyson spoke to him about his daughter being offended, and he added that he saw Tyson's daughter looking at him during their interview. Boosie then revealed that they both spoke their mind, and at no time was he afraid of any violence happening. To hear more, hit the above clip.


  1. Reynaldo Archbold

    Reynaldo Archbold11 minutes ago

    Vlad to Tyson: Did you hear Boosie response to what happened with your daughter? Tyson: No I didn’t hear Vlad: *Plays clip*

  2. Connor

    Connor40 minutes ago

    Boosie and Vlad are super lame for this.

  3. Wilfredo Menjivar

    Wilfredo Menjivar43 minutes ago

    2:11 my niga Boosies Face after VLAD said that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 LOL That’s gone b a meme soon lol

  4. Alosha Zhemchugov

    Alosha Zhemchugov56 minutes ago

    What a waist of time this fool just talking shit trying to look hard


    ALAMO BEXARHour ago

    ''we would of shot tf outta tyson!'' The whole time i was thinking that in the interview, i was really hoping tyson wouldnt jump cause bullets hurt than a punch...

  6. Be Safe Tho

    Be Safe Tho3 hours ago

    That Boosie smile says: come get that Smoke, i'll have both of your asses clapped 😂😂😂

  7. primo relf

    primo relf3 hours ago

    facts do y'all really think they will stand there and let Mike or his daughter do anything to their meal ticket

  8. youngblak Wall Street

    youngblak Wall Street3 hours ago

    Are you seriously kidding me right now vlad is a racist WS piece of 🗑

  9. LeeBossLife

    LeeBossLife3 hours ago

    It's similar to the Fat Joe and Roy Jones story. Jones was gonna knock Joe the fuck out but Joe had too much niggas with him that night and they weren't gonna fight.

  10. Arturo Marquez

    Arturo Marquez3 hours ago

    You don't think mike got goons and guns too ?? , that nigga from Brownsville Brooklyn , Boosie ain't gangsta enough

  11. Erica R. Edge

    Erica R. Edge3 hours ago

    He has to protect himself if necessary.

  12. Will Melvin

    Will Melvin3 hours ago

    Why Boosie looks like Tyson already punched him in both eyes?

  13. Excavation

    Excavation4 hours ago


  14. Calvino Dablackalpacino

    Calvino Dablackalpacino4 hours ago

    Have u ever seen a chihuahua fight a pit bull (Perm hair shaking everywhere) Me neither, but I'm sure it ain't pretty

  15. Jizzle _player5

    Jizzle _player54 hours ago

    My nigga 😂😂💯💯

  16. Lourdes Ortiz

    Lourdes Ortiz4 hours ago

    This dude Vlad.... is a gossiping BITCH

  17. BWA530

    BWA5305 hours ago

    Boosie a gangsta

  18. BWA530

    BWA5305 hours ago

    “She a butch” that shit killlllled meeeee bro

  19. Jerod Jones

    Jerod Jones5 hours ago

    Vlad was trying to render Bossie helpless again like in the interview with Tyson. Yall no dam well Tyson staff is not letting no one in the building with a gun . Believe it or not Tyson got security.

  20. Gigi’s Gucci

    Gigi’s Gucci5 hours ago

    Boosie didn’t say anything wrong. No kid is able to make a life changing decision like that. If Zion wants to be a girl, he will still feel that way when he’s an adult. There’s even some adult transgenders who regret their decisions.


    DOCJAMBEATS6 hours ago

    The honesty in Boosie's interviews make it impossible not to watch. I like his interviews more than his music, respectfully.

  22. Reggie Williams

    Reggie Williams6 hours ago

    Vlad Is an instigator and he’s the police

  23. Joel Taveras

    Joel Taveras6 hours ago

    The worst sayings that came out that's worst then a weapon of mass destruction when people say I'm living my truth people are so delusional they scared to live the truth

  24. Eric Eric

    Eric Eric7 hours ago

    Boosie old and washed up, still tryn play gangster

  25. metalshaper

    metalshaper7 hours ago

    Vlad stays instigating some shit. Fucking weasel

  26. Joseph Hopkins

    Joseph Hopkins7 hours ago

    Tyson live in a dream world yall would have got stepped on


    VIACOM MTV MUSIC AR7 hours ago

    Johnny X 100 is taking over New York right now.

  28. Shalie A. Richardson

    Shalie A. Richardson8 hours ago

    At least Boosie being truthful not sure why people thinks Mike is invulnerable

  29. Joseph Barnes

    Joseph Barnes9 hours ago

    Boosie talking shit, true bad boyz move in silence

  30. Vent Williams

    Vent Williams9 hours ago

    Smh dude Vlad u GOT to stop adding stuff on to stories mike Tyson ain’t say NOTHN about what he wld do to Boosie u really be acting like a woman half of the time. That’s the same as gossiping/spreading lies that cld make situations way worse than they shld be. Over exaggerating. This is why don’t NObody like you. You gotta chill with all that extra stuff alllll the time dude.

  31. Reginald Adageyudi

    Reginald Adageyudi9 hours ago

    Speaking your mind is one thing but what's understood don't need to be explained. That didn't need to be said. It didn't get that far. We don't just express ourselves, niggas talk too much, when that white man is asking the questions. I respect Boosie and I know what he saying is real but it didn't need to be said in front of this white man.

  32. _ _dkchristian

    _ _dkchristian9 hours ago

    Boosie acting a lot different 🤣

  33. Ezzy Medina

    Ezzy Medina10 hours ago

    A man can have his opinion, that's not reason to physically attack a man. If Tysons daughter attacked Boosie, it's reasonable for Boosie to defend himself. If a man makes physical contact with Mike Tysons daughter, thats reasonable cause for Mike to attack that man. If Mike Tyson attacks any civilian, that's reasonable cause for self defense. This all could have happened because a triggered woman threw a tantrum. Respect to Boosie and Tyson.

  34. De Simm

    De Simm10 hours ago

    Vlad messy 😂

  35. Keep it real

    Keep it real10 hours ago

    U know they was strapped.. the world really don’t no boosie like that for real

  36. K

    K11 hours ago

    Mike is a damn weapon! Y’all better get y’all life together!! I pop his ass too 🤣! I’m with Boosie on this!

  37. W McArthur

    W McArthur11 hours ago

    So a White Jewish White dude , gets a famous black man talking about how he would kill a even more famous Black Icon and we wonder why why folks think we clowns . No other race of people would've got on TV and said that . But ya'll talkking about he a killer . Escobar was a killer too, how'd that end up. He should have told Vlad to get the F out his face asking him them dumb ass questions.

  38. Vegas Made

    Vegas Made11 hours ago

    Vlad certified trash for baiting Boosie into saying that ignorant shit. He should have just showed the clip where Mike said he has love for Boosie before letting him say that bs. That was trash.

  39. IAM Him

    IAM Him11 hours ago

    Vlad stirring the nest smh

  40. Terry Porter

    Terry Porter13 hours ago

    On God you can tell Boosie a killer, you seen how he smiled afterwards, and then said yes we killed him and stood over his body, on God pay attention internet Gangsters Boosie is not to be played with, them guys who shot boosie, family probably got whipped out

  41. jmckinney149

    jmckinney14914 hours ago

    Boosie would have smoked her game!

  42. allthemoneyintheworl

    allthemoneyintheworl15 hours ago

    Ironically, Boosie actually got shot. Where was his people?

  43. Roderick Butler

    Roderick Butler15 hours ago


  44. Bill Chance

    Bill Chance16 hours ago

    Boo azz crazy 😁 they don't say Bad Azz for nothing..

  45. christian richardson

    christian richardson16 hours ago

    Vlad is not boosie friend he has brought this situation up many times trying to get boosie to say something like this..

  46. Mr 512

    Mr 51217 hours ago

    A stud and from New York? A recipe for disaster lol

  47. Krystal

    Krystal18 hours ago

    “...and I was there...” okay. 🙄

  48. Red Red

    Red Red18 hours ago

    Bun out them Batty man 😁

  49. Jackstar769

    Jackstar76919 hours ago

    Now see, some shit done got started now. How Mike supposed to respond to hearing that. Somebody gone have to be the bigger person.

  50. Tiff Herrell

    Tiff Herrell20 hours ago

    i love boosie to death i really do i have answers 4 questions lol dopest interview

  51. Young Scato

    Young Scato20 hours ago

    Boosie ain’t lyin he would’ve got Tyson and his daughter whacked. Boosie ain’t to be played with real gangsta

  52. Eric

    Eric20 hours ago

    Box these bullets...

  53. 901TacLife

    901TacLife22 hours ago

    she a butch.....😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ you know how they built

  54. Redd Mann

    Redd Mann22 hours ago

    VLAD Leave shit alone. Stop Creating Beefs. Wtf man!

  55. Mel K

    Mel K23 hours ago

    Who wouldn’t shoot Mike?!?! I don’t know many people that would square up with Mike 😂😂😂😂

  56. Play Boy !!!!

    Play Boy !!!!23 hours ago

    Glad be on Demon time 😂😂😂😂😂!!!!

  57. Antonio Eaton

    Antonio Eaton23 hours ago

    Why do black man allow this white man to continuously put batteries in they back.

  58. Terry Trice

    Terry TriceDay ago

    Where was that shooter in Texas when you really needed him?

  59. flex luthor

    flex luthorDay ago

    This is pretty much the exact answer Vlad wanted from Boosie ever since he did that interview. I can see through his actions w/o even seeing him lol. Ain’t nothin slick to a can of oil

  60. Drew Hawk

    Drew HawkDay ago

    Vlad is something else. Boosie got enough sense to not sit here and engage in low-key cracking jokes about Iron Mikes kid. That man lost a child. Boosie knows better than to fuck around and find out. I see why Rick Ross people pressed Vlad now. The dude is a habitual line stepper.

  61. Ivy King

    Ivy KingDay ago

    What was that famous line again? "You can't tell a dumb N***a nothing" -Floyd, don't take that fight!

  62. Ted's Back

    Ted's BackDay ago

    Man boosie and crunchy black together would break the internet

  63. Dremyofit

    DremyofitDay ago

    If we can’t debate we have lost America 🇺🇸

  64. Jay SV2NP

    Jay SV2NPDay ago

    This guy Vlad is the Devil in the culture

  65. Tajmah spencer

    Tajmah spencerDay ago

    Boosie funny

  66. damnation

    damnationDay ago

    vlad trynna talk 'bout shit.

  67. Commercials By Shane

    Commercials By ShaneDay ago

    Coming from the Bay by way of Louisiana. Vlad why don't you interview Boosie about how many families he feeds in Louisiana.

  68. William Lee

    William LeeDay ago

    Boosie just fell for the banana in the tailpipe--- he stay letting Vlad lead his ass into trouble. So we know Boosie got hitters with him-- you double dumb if you think a man worth tens of millions of dollars from the hood ain't got hitters with him. Dear Boosie, from now on just say, "we had a chance to talk and I'm glad we did. i can understand Mike being concerned as I am concerned for my own children. AS fathers we understand each other, as men, we talked it out- period.

  69. luiz thomas

    luiz thomasDay ago

    This is instigating

  70. S. gonzales

    S. gonzalesDay ago

    Shut up boosie,you washed up

  71. The Pariah

    The PariahDay ago

    Vlad is just doing this because Mike Tyson punked him.

  72. Pablo Moore

    Pablo MooreDay ago

    "She a butch" 😂😂

  73. Deepspacenine

    DeepspacenineDay ago

    Classic Boosie 🤣

  74. Sbonga Nene

    Sbonga NeneDay ago

    Unsubscribed. Look how exaggerated vlad's tone is compared to the actual clip. What's the point of this. And Boosie fell right into it. Def instigating. I'm out

  75. Andre Gatsby

    Andre GatsbyDay ago

    All this is a distraction. Wake up. ⏰ The Satan's are at our door steps that this guy is one of them. Are you not entertained? Hold tight and see what these demons have planned for us as a black community and be prepared for what you never thought would come to your front doors. These Devils are NOT playing and they mean absolute business... using these rappers who have defiled themselves and led our children to their deaths. 💣 This guy VLAD does and excellent job of getting these Satan's to open up and expose themselves to Shame and dishonor, in front of the Most High - GOD!

  76. moneyrip1

    moneyrip1Day ago


  77. Lee

    LeeDay ago

    vlad is a punk lol can someone not beat is ass bad plz

  78. John Guidry

    John GuidryDay ago

    He ain't lieing bullets would've put hole in iron mike

  79. ThaDeacon 87

    ThaDeacon 87Day ago

    You Need Real Friends 📸

  80. Baseline Leaner

    Baseline LeanerDay ago

    How is boosie even relevant?

  81. yung elplaga

    yung elplagaDay ago

    "We woulda shot tyson" meanwhile the person who actually SHOT YOU is walkin round Dallas bragging bout it 😂😂

  82. yung elplaga

    yung elplagaDay ago

    @Landon Bob who's to say boosie had anything to do with that? If anything that's prolly mo3 ppl retaliation

  83. Landon Bob

    Landon BobDay ago

    6 people got killed less than 24hrs go watch Dallas news on that day 🤣🤣🤣🤣can’t get you then yo people get it Boosie living like that

  84. Rob Warren

    Rob WarrenDay ago

    Bragging I ain't hearing it

  85. omnistar 13

    omnistar 13Day ago

    They would’ve stood over him and said I did it🤣 I’m crying boosie is hilarious!

  86. OnMeKt Tv

    OnMeKt TvDay ago

    Vlad: You always gotta stir the fucking pot😒

  87. R&R FILMS

    R&R FILMSDay ago

    Yall playing favorites. Not everybody gives out exemptions!

  88. nino brown

    nino brownDay ago

    Vladimir the culture vulture instigating some shit, shame on you @vladtv

  89. Ms Vee

    Ms VeeDay ago

    Boosie no!!!!!! that laugh should have told it all for you that b??ch fake and trying to start beef I guess that's the only way he can get a bag off your back Wake tf up

  90. Romel G

    Romel GDay ago

    I don't know why but I laughed so hard when boosie said they would've stepped over tyson it was just boosies expression that made me laugh

  91. All Around Ant

    All Around AntDay ago

    Booosie a foool for that 😂😂😂😂 shit i feel the same way ! You think we gunna let Tyson n his daughter hit him

  92. Koko B. Ware

    Koko B. WareDay ago

    😆 he didn't wanna call her a heavyweight 😂😂

  93. James G

    James GDay ago

    Lol....@ Boosie...Tyson had homecourt and ya cronies weren't getting out of there if things went just ate bullets recently ...

  94. PDaddy Warbux

    PDaddy WarbuxDay ago

    Insta gate

  95. Matthew Lominy

    Matthew LominyDay ago

    The short flag disappointedly tick because zebra suddenly hug pace a furry furtive married. squealing, available linda

  96. kaea mataira

    kaea matairaDay ago

    me listening built like a tank

  97. elove

    eloveDay ago

    In the future Mike need to keep his daughter out of his business. And she needs to stop trying to confront people about something she got nothing to do with. Just because her dad is Mike Tyson, that means nothing on the streets.

  98. dave trent

    dave trentDay ago

    I hope vlad asked him why he didnt do nothing to those guys who shot his puss ass up in dallas. Scare ass garbage rapper.

  99. dave trent

    dave trentDay ago

    Mike tyson daughter was about to beat the grandma voice outta boosie.

  100. John Wayne

    John WayneDay ago

    Lmao stand over him he finished‼🤣

  101. QUEL DAWGG 42

    QUEL DAWGG 42Day ago

    Vlad don't make Boosie say shit he don't wanna say cuz the same way he will kill Mike he a kill Vlad, but Vlad gang y'all just sleep 🤷🏾‍♂️

  102. 4sho

    4shoDay ago

    Vlad basically trying to turn us against one another for some views and getting money off putting us in danger with ourselves and the cops, C’Mon my ppl we got to see thru this sucker shit they trying to put us thru, if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything!!!!

  103. Rosie Brooks

    Rosie BrooksDay ago

    Thank You!!!

  104. Zain Gilmore

    Zain GilmoreDay ago

    The desperation in these questions. Praying Boosie give em a clip of gold.