15+ inch Green Bay Perch!!!

On this week's episode we head back up to Green Bay in my airboat to scout and try and catch a 15+ inch perch! With open water walleye right around the corner we hop in the airboat to check ice conditions and river conditions. But, right before dark and we set up to try and catch these famous perch the bay has been spitting out!
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  1. Jason Froelich

    Jason FroelichMonth ago

    U and John will ruin the fishing out there!! I've fished the door area for perch and did good until everybody decided to become guides and couldn't get out anymore cause of that crap

  2. Robert Hikade

    Robert HikadeMonth ago

    Great video Larry, keep up the sweet content. Cant believe how fast the ice went this year total bummer. Felt like putting my golf clubs away in November. Lol

  3. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    You and me both!

  4. Dan Hollister

    Dan HollisterMonth ago

    Larry has the first airboat on Wisconsin fishing shows. NICE. From a fellow Sun Drop nectar drinker!

  5. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    Nectar of the gods!

  6. Fishlovme Peterson

    Fishlovme PetersonMonth ago

    Holy cats those were some jumbos! Reminds me of the hay days back in the late 80's/early 90's! I mean, sure we got some small ones back then too but we almost always got at least one jumbo every outing!

  7. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    Those were jumbos!!!!

  8. Gerry LaBau

    Gerry LaBauMonth ago

    So fun to see you get so excited on that monster perch!

  9. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    They were giants!

  10. Cory Lidwin

    Cory LidwinMonth ago

    Congrats on the gigantic perch.

  11. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    Thanks Cory!

  12. Guy Serenko13

    Guy Serenko13Month ago

    Being from ND I've seen some doozys when it comes to perch one day a guy pulled up a 16.5 inch 2 pounder!

  13. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago


  14. Tom Jones

    Tom JonesMonth ago

    Doing CPR with those big breeders?

  15. Timothy Thompson

    Timothy ThompsonMonth ago

    There choice idiot

  16. Carlos Marquez

    Carlos MarquezMonth ago


  17. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    A great day of fishin'!!

  18. Rex Narvaez

    Rex NarvaezMonth ago

    Ayo boi

  19. kyle kattner

    kyle kattnerMonth ago

    Does larry wanna keep em 😂

  20. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago


  21. Steve G

    Steve GMonth ago

    Nice as usual!

  22. Larry Smith Outdoors

    Larry Smith OutdoorsMonth ago

    Appreciate that! Thanks for Watching!!