We’re Moving!? | Building Our Dream Home UPDATE

Getting some ideas for our dream home!
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    Vlogs By DK4L10 days ago

    Thumbs up if you love the vlogs 🤪

  2. Karina Agosto

    Karina Agosto3 days ago

    @shantoya cobourne 8⁸

  3. Ilianna Union

    Ilianna Union5 days ago

    Not with ken in them😒

  4. Demi Yusuf

    Demi Yusuf5 days ago

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  5. Monique Mack

    Monique Mack7 days ago

    What's the name of the food truck park?

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    Couples Channel7 days ago

    Def love all them vlogs 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sweetly

    SweetlyHour ago

    “Onna hur onna chur”

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  10. Rosalyn Lee

    Rosalyn Lee21 hour ago

    I love the sweet kiss at end

  11. Jewel Mulan

    Jewel Mulan21 hour ago

    Ken said "who you know" lmaooo

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  13. Niatooboujee

    NiatooboujeeDay ago

    Not gorilla glue but laid 😌💕

  14. Alexandra Foy

    Alexandra FoyDay ago

    Swore we’ve seen a vid like this before babe ♥️ love it tho

  15. Jordin Stern

    Jordin SternDay ago

    The kitty wax is a billion times worse 😫😫😫

  16. The JJSY Show

    The JJSY Show2 days ago

    Dearra is too funny😭😭 I love her🥰

  17. Pandora Torrez

    Pandora Torrez2 days ago

    Starbucks are having shortages due to what’s happening to Texas (my friend who works at Starbucks told me about it )

  18. Z

    Z2 days ago

    I liked the lashes before you got them done but you guys are cute ❤️❤️

  19. Tashaya R.

    Tashaya R.2 days ago

    D is so beautiful 😍

  20. Jaimee Nicole

    Jaimee Nicole2 days ago

    Congrats DEARRA.!

  21. It’s Kiki

    It’s Kiki2 days ago

    😂😂😂 I freakin love u dearra

  22. Moya Pack

    Moya Pack2 days ago

    “I crash car”😂😂😂😂

  23. Sausha A

    Sausha A3 days ago

    I’m with you on the crocs lia 😂 No amount of snow/rain or cold gone stop me from wearing my crocs 😭😭

  24. Kimoy Allen

    Kimoy Allen3 days ago

    Ken: did you show them, your flappers ? 😭😭😭

  25. Rachel Lindner

    Rachel Lindner3 days ago

    "wake up, check already did dat" lmfao

  26. Rickesha Rolle

    Rickesha Rolle3 days ago

    De'arra have outfits for everything... I sure her closet could be a clothing store

  27. GeezEJ

    GeezEJ3 days ago

    So where the food trucks be?

  28. Hunter Henderson

    Hunter Henderson3 days ago

    “you a hater bruh” 😂😂😂 that sent me

  29. LocalSaweetie

    LocalSaweetie3 days ago

    Lmao she said “ I got places to do “ 😂😂

  30. eve lino

    eve lino3 days ago

    is leah dearra sister she live there?

  31. I am Queen Krystyle Diaries

    I am Queen Krystyle Diaries3 days ago

    Omgosh 17:55 avatar 😭😂🤣😂

  32. Naa Amerley Amartey

    Naa Amerley Amartey3 days ago

    Hey Derra where did you get your white sweater from. I love it!!!😍💜

  33. Lisa C

    Lisa C3 days ago

    Yes.. my next 🚘.. I already have the panoramic ...but it is not hand (motion) operated..

  34. Lil youngeen

    Lil youngeen4 days ago

    stiff wea my hea

  35. Maria Johnson

    Maria Johnson4 days ago

    I Can’t wait to see the new house

  36. It’s _chilande Chicaneau

    It’s _chilande Chicaneau4 days ago

    Love y’all 🍃✨🥺

  37. It’s _chilande Chicaneau

    It’s _chilande Chicaneau4 days ago


  38. Louise Estelle

    Louise Estelle4 days ago

    Leah where is your page so you can get the coins too

  39. Jocelyn Jones

    Jocelyn Jones4 days ago

    Where is your grey jump suit from???? 😩😩😭😭

  40. denisha merchant

    denisha merchant4 days ago

    The cold weather got dearra clearing up😁😍

  41. arielle roach

    arielle roach4 days ago

    Someone at that Starbucks probably had Covid

  42. Cedrick Brown

    Cedrick Brown4 days ago

    Nobody👁👄👁 De’arra:I just won’t you to know that the hur is on the chur

  43. E and Lo

    E and Lo4 days ago

    Soooo excited can’t wait for an official house tour I know it’s going to be lit 🔥

  44. Niayah Ny’Shay

    Niayah Ny’Shay4 days ago

    not me leaving the video to go on uber eats to get her starbucks order😭

  45. Nombasa Ngqashemba

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  46. Young BLUNT & Mizguided

    Young BLUNT & Mizguided4 days ago

    Can somebody from ATL, tell me where them food trucks at 🥺

  47. Young BLUNT & Mizguided

    Young BLUNT & Mizguided4 days ago

    Is this ATL Food Truck Park & Market

  48. Lafeisha Craig

    Lafeisha Craig4 days ago

    Ken: "but u jus ate!" Dede: full face of food 😒 "mind er bizness!" How can u not love them 🤣🤣🤣

  49. TheBanks

    TheBanks4 days ago

    New video up uslikes.info/house/dH2A07SDp3t_iL4/video.html

  50. Meme Lee

    Meme Lee4 days ago

    I’m so happy for you guy’s 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  51. Aaliyah Lindo

    Aaliyah Lindo4 days ago

    What was deaara driving and hitting the curb?!?

  52. It’s Just Liyah1 2

    It’s Just Liyah1 25 days ago

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  53. It’s Just Liyah1 2

    It’s Just Liyah1 23 days ago

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  54. Creative Collaborations

    Creative Collaborations5 days ago

    ❤️ Beautiful Blessings

  55. Kaymarieh

    Kaymarieh5 days ago

    Downstairs there was some residue of hurrr 😂 omg I’m dead

  56. Ilianna Union

    Ilianna Union5 days ago


  57. Nola Lewis

    Nola Lewis5 days ago

    "You said 7-10 ?" "Huh" 😂😂

  58. Jasmine Davis

    Jasmine Davis5 days ago

    where is the food truck area in atlanta

  59. Mariah Flowers

    Mariah Flowers5 days ago

    Love Your glasses

  60. Mariah Flowers

    Mariah Flowers5 days ago


  61. GarnerTV

    GarnerTV5 days ago

    De'arra: Because we have a gopettaco pornica

  62. Zoe Montgomery

    Zoe Montgomery5 days ago

    Anyone counted how many times she said Bebe

  63. Donzetta J

    Donzetta J5 days ago

    De'arra what is your favorite perfume? I missed it you went so fast... lol

  64. TorieAshley

    TorieAshley5 days ago

    Y’all got me watching bates motel I’m on season 3🤪

  65. TorieAshley

    TorieAshley5 days ago

    The consistency makes me wanna cry idc if I sound sensitive 😂😂❤️

  66. Rachael Maiche

    Rachael Maiche5 days ago

    You're talking wierd

  67. OfficiallyFenellablack

    OfficiallyFenellablack5 days ago

    I just love my 2 favs and thanks for reminding about turo taking a trip and was tryna figure out the name of that thanks

  68. Kadijah

    Kadijah5 days ago

    What perfume is that at 10:45?

  69. Just Megan

    Just Megan5 days ago

    I LOVE how D is such a foodie. ☺️👏🏽👏🏽

  70. Dylan Westbrooks

    Dylan Westbrooks5 days ago

    Bag ladyyyyyyyy

  71. itss _laurie!

    itss _laurie!5 days ago

    who is that other girl??

  72. Camryn Rene'

    Camryn Rene'5 days ago

    I am on the way to ahhhablala

  73. Maranda Lampkin

    Maranda Lampkin5 days ago

    Derra we need the skin care routine!

  74. Victoria Marie

    Victoria Marie5 days ago

    That food looked so fye 😩

  75. ひMontana

    ひMontana5 days ago

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    Morris Facen6 days ago

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    Claudel T6 days ago

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    jayani benner6 days ago

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  79. Tyler With Love

    Tyler With Love6 days ago

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    Man of a good Will6 days ago

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    Nikita Boston6 days ago

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    Sydni Hudson6 days ago

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    KaliaStallworth6 days ago

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    Antwan Henry6 days ago

    ngl did i hear dearra say she gon be having triplets *_*

  88. Keepingupwithe

    Keepingupwithe6 days ago

    The Chanel bag convo 🤦🏽‍♀️😂, I’m ready for that life.

  89. life as venecia

    life as venecia6 days ago

    Yall should do a morning routine when yall got back

  90. Bridget Shin

    Bridget Shin6 days ago

    You gotta go do what d’erra...Peeta piper pepper?? Lmbo!!!! 🤣🤣

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    medj joseph6 days ago

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    Nyamal Wiyual6 days ago

    Love her accent

  93. Nyamal Wiyual

    Nyamal Wiyual6 days ago

    who is that girl ? I always see her I love her 🤍 she’s so nice & soft spoken

  94. itzz amanii

    itzz amanii6 days ago

    my aunt has that Range Rover and loves itttt

  95. Shay Jones

    Shay Jones6 days ago


  96. Tyler CllN

    Tyler CllN6 days ago

    Omg does anyone know where the leggings and sports bra set she has on, is from?

  97. doseof dessiii

    doseof dessiii6 days ago

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  98. Kayelanii M

    Kayelanii M6 days ago

    They kids gon be so fly

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    Ramona Williams6 days ago

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  100. Destiny Candace

    Destiny Candace6 days ago

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  102. Deja Whisenton

    Deja Whisenton6 days ago

    Lol i love Lea. She be tryna stay out the way just like me.

  103. Amelia Sutherland

    Amelia Sutherland6 days ago

    OMG she finally got a new hairstyle, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. mofatooyummy

    mofatooyummy6 days ago

    Lmaoooo I need d’erra to take a pic in that bag and caption it I’m in my bag please😂👏🏾 I love that

  105. lifewluhren !

    lifewluhren !6 days ago

    so tell me why bates motel not on netflix 😑

  106. Cher Brown

    Cher Brown6 days ago

    Was the Tesla driving it self at one point?

  107. JaniceeJourney

    JaniceeJourney6 days ago

    Hi I'm battling the aggressive the of brain cancer And I was sharing my journey and I was wondering if you could check out my first video uslikes.info/house/gpqhxdCDrqulfZU/video.html Like Comment Subscribe

  108. Deangela Smith

    Deangela Smith6 days ago

    My dad has all those things and the fridge and TVs and everything came with his Audi car sound like a spaceship in the inside so many gadgets

  109. Judith Harrison

    Judith Harrison6 days ago

    D, where is your wedding ring?.. Ken, where is your wedding ring?...

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    Robert McMurry6 days ago

    someone that works at Starbucks has got covid