Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV
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  1. Bankroll

    Bankroll5 minutes ago

    If they don’t get their first win already like god damn WHAT MORE DO THEY HAVE TO DO....LIKE JUST LISTEN TO 2 DREAMCATCHER SONGS AND YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD GET IT BY NOW!!! 😤

  2. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever13 minutes ago

    Happy Dami day!🥳

  3. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever14 minutes ago


  4. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever14 minutes ago

    33M soon

  5. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever14 minutes ago

    Wow 1,02M subs Lets get it 2M!

  6. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever15 minutes ago

    6K likes to reach 500K!

  7. Bts Army forever

    Bts Army forever15 minutes ago

    595 451

  8. dami's slave

    dami's slave24 minutes ago

    Appearing new world

  9. Ross

    Ross31 minute ago

    1.2M de subs 😤

  10. Virglop

    Virglop31 minute ago

    Y’a des fois où j’aimerais vraiment comprendre toutes les langues utilisées dans les commentaires des vidéos de Dreamcatcher pour botter le c**, pardon, je veux dire pour signaler les haineux qui s’ennuient dans la vie. 🤟🏼 Sometimes, I wish I knew all the languages used in the comments of DC MV to kick the as*, sorry, to signal the haters who are so bored in life. Next time I will try to write in Spanish too. 🤟🏼

  11. Blink_ Army

    Blink_ Army46 minutes ago

    Happy birthdayy Damiii!!🥳🎂

  12. Blink_ Army

    Blink_ Army47 minutes ago

    593 420

  13. Swaruchi Jadhav

    Swaruchi Jadhav49 minutes ago

    Good Morningggg......ha ar I feel sleepy Good Nightzzzzzzzzzz..............

  14. Chloe B

    Chloe B59 minutes ago

    Visible ending becomes different

  15. Adry García

    Adry GarcíaHour ago

    Happy Birthday Dami uwu

  16. Lorena Marino

    Lorena MarinoHour ago

    TINISTA apoyando!

  17. adeudark

    adeudarkHour ago

    Happy birthday to our main rapper, Dami!!❤️

  18. Eilyn Kass

    Eilyn KassHour ago

    1,02M subs!! awwwww amazing

  19. Camila Espinola

    Camila EspinolaHour ago

    I'm so proud of this girls

  20. JF 42

    JF 42Hour ago

    Happy birthday baby dami

  21. l u n a l i g h t

    l u n a l i g h tHour ago

    3 minutes of pure epicness

  22. InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHER

    InSomnia Stan DREAMCATCHERHour ago

    32 589 069

  23. Mónica González

    Mónica González2 hours ago

    Im still here!

  24. boCatchmyOddrEYEms

    boCatchmyOddrEYEms2 hours ago

    Happy birthday Dami!!!

  25. DC prayer

    DC prayer2 hours ago

    Happy birthday dami

  26. Frozen Era

    Frozen Era2 hours ago

    If you want a bridge to link Pop to Rock Dreamcatcher is the choice.

  27. Kimberley Gray

    Kimberley Gray2 hours ago

    32.5m views on USlikes

  28. ꪶiᧁꫝt

    ꪶiᧁꫝt2 hours ago

    man no puedo creer que pasara un mes desde que odd eye salio, el proximo cb esperemos darle una win a las chicas

  29. Francisco Assis

    Francisco Assis2 hours ago

    and the video is very good more like this, I was never a big fan of groups like that, I’m not criticizing so I’m just saying that I’m not a big fan, more congratulations, a lot of success

  30. Francisco Assis

    Francisco Assis2 hours ago

    best part 2:55

  31. Lee Karylle

    Lee Karylle2 hours ago

    They are good. Got here after korea boo released an article that they're popular in EU. Now I know why! Cheers to more success DreamCatcher 🥂

  32. Jungkooks Hair

    Jungkooks Hair2 hours ago

    thank you for giving them a chance🙏 if u have the time take a look at their other music videos, my fav is Deja Vu (more vocal focused w classic rock )

  33. Valentina Lucero

    Valentina Lucero2 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Dami!!♡

  34. Bora Kim

    Bora Kim2 hours ago

    Happy birthday to our panda :)

  35. dreamcatcher soty

    dreamcatcher soty3 hours ago

    Happy birthday to our panda dami

  36. angeles paz

    angeles paz3 hours ago

    Camino a los 33M... tinistas apoyando ;)

  37. Eilyn Kass

    Eilyn Kass4 hours ago

    Yo por la calle cantando Odd Eye con la mascarilla obvio XD

  38. ABBY

    ABBY4 hours ago

    So unique

  39. isa

    isa4 hours ago

    i love it

  40. tiara_young

    tiara_young4 hours ago

    seriously!!! i'm in love with this GG!!! Dreamcatcher 💕💕

  41. CASSY

    CASSY4 hours ago

    braa---- 32M VIEWSSSS last time i checked we had 17M--- Keep on the good work INSOMNIASSSS

  42. Jeana Bradbury

    Jeana Bradbury4 hours ago

    Happy Birthday, Dami!!!

  43. Felicia C.

    Felicia C.5 hours ago


  44. ynghui

    ynghui5 hours ago

    I'm not a dreamcatcher fan but this song is so AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCHISISHYSIDIDGID

  45. 111000 111000

    111000 1110005 hours ago

    Welcome to the Dreamworld baby InSomnias, we hope you'll enjoy it here! But here are the rules: 1. We don't hate on other groups 2. We don't accuse other fandoms 3. We don't bully Have a nice day ^^

  46. 111000 111000

    111000 1110005 hours ago

    Happy birthday to our gorgeous girl, Dami :)

  47. amyrock777

    amyrock7775 hours ago

    Screeeeam! Happy Dami's day =) nuestra hermosa Pandita

  48. P. Portia

    P. Portia5 hours ago

    Happy birthday to our second maknae Damii

  49. JPM-44

    JPM-443 hours ago

    Former maknae :)

  50. Estefany Dana

    Estefany Dana6 hours ago

    Vamos INSOMNIA debemos superar a boca y llegar primero a 40M odd eye

  51. Estefany Dana

    Estefany Dana6 hours ago


  52. Estefany Dana

    Estefany Dana6 hours ago

    33M fighting insomnia

  53. Fdnnurr Rmzy

    Fdnnurr Rmzy6 hours ago

    İyi Ki Doğdun rapçi panda Dami muah ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  54. Stan Dreamcatcher, PIXY and KEEMBO

    Stan Dreamcatcher, PIXY and KEEMBO6 hours ago

    Happy Dami's day ♡!

  55. Majuan

    Majuan6 hours ago

    Happy Dami Day

  56. Faintedd

    Faintedd6 hours ago

    Happy birthday Dami

  57. jiulicious

    jiulicious6 hours ago

    A recently debuted girl group called Rolling Quartz has made a cover of Dreamcatchers good night. Please go watch it and show some support to the group.

  58. Determined Absurdist

    Determined Absurdist4 hours ago

    Its amazing! Manifesting a Rolling Quartz x Dreamcatcher future collab. Hell, make that a MyMusicTaste event - I would pay good money for it 💸 (sorry wallet)

  59. dayx 2

    dayx 26 hours ago

    Pandami birthday today but I got the eyes of panda lmao

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  61. Mildly Anxious

    Mildly Anxious6 hours ago

    Happy Dami Day

  62. Niko Dismal

    Niko Dismal6 hours ago

    Happy Dami day!

  63. BLINK if you’re an InSomnia

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  67. •شَيِرِي•

    •شَيِرِي•7 hours ago

    1:59 الاَوردة جابت اجلي

  68. •شَيِرِي•

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  75. •شَيِرِي•

    •شَيِرِي•7 hours ago

    دريمكاتشر•••انسومنيا ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  76. J M C

    J M C8 hours ago

    como que ya es mas de un mes de ODD EYE O-o?

  77. Roo L

    Roo L8 hours ago

    Happy birthday Dami! 💖🐼 Don't forget to vote for Jiu on Idolchamp for the magazine poll.

  78. NavyaLuvie

    NavyaLuvie8 hours ago


  79. Arobmikaus

    Arobmikaus8 hours ago


  80. -زَهْـرَّآء𖤐៹.

    -زَهْـرَّآء𖤐៹.8 hours ago

    Happy birthday dami 🦋🥺,

  81. Mónica González

    Mónica González8 hours ago

    It's Dami Day! HBD

  82. Blinklink

    Blinklink8 hours ago

    Feel like I'm in a dream until this mv

  83. you can STAY

    you can STAY8 hours ago


  84. JPM-44

    JPM-443 hours ago

    you can stay yeah you can stay yeah....

  85. 111000 111000

    111000 1110005 hours ago


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    SOMSHIRE8 hours ago


  88. Siyeon's Highnote

    Siyeon's Highnote8 hours ago


  89. Gülcan Albayrak

    Gülcan Albayrak9 hours ago

    Even Blackpink's dance practice videos are watched 500 million. This is a great injustice. Dreamcatcher is better than them, but not even half as watched. Since when has the dance practice videos been watched so much? Like a joke. Even children can perform their dance, but they still get 500 million views. They get a lot of attention and value. Blackpink is the most famous of all, although other groups are better. Pity. I feel sorry for the other groups. I used to love Blackpink, but I started to hate them because they got too much attention more than they deserve. (I am saying already, I will not respond to any defense responses. That's my opinion. You may be a fan but you shouldn't ignore the facts.)

  90. Neha

    Neha47 minutes ago

    Hating a group just because they got popular? At this rate you'll hate Dreamcatcher if they get popular, I guess. I do understand your opinion, Blackpink is the reason why I got into kpop and I used to love their music, but now I don't like them as much as before, and its not because they have got too much attention, but its moreover because of their repetitive music styles which their producer produces. Even though I do not follow them as much as before and I like other groups more than bp, I still respect them. And here we need not have to compare Dreamcatcher with other groups because this might easily start fanwars and Dreamcatcher doesn't have to be compared because they shine on their own. I too want Dreamcatcher to reach BP's level of success and I hope it happens soon. And Blackpink will obviously get more attention as they come from the big 3, so its unnecessary to get pissed off by the attention they get. Moreover every idol, even if they come from the big 3, go through a lot of hardwork. We all know how kpop industry is, how hard it is even for the idols that come from big companies. So hating a group if they get too much attention quite shows off how toxic you are. There's a huge difference between disliking a group and hating a group. Its okay to dislike a group, but hating a group and copy pasting the same comment across many videos just gives toxic vibes.

  91. __Mima__

    __Mima__5 hours ago

    Let's not put other groups down-

  92. Gua Vee

    Gua Vee5 hours ago

    I suggest you rewatch the Dystopia trilogy and understand what it's about before spouting nonsense. Do not even claim to be part of the fandom if you have that kind of attittude.

  93. 111000 111000

    111000 1110005 hours ago

    It's unneccesary to hate them for that. We don't do that here :)

  94. Arobmikaus

    Arobmikaus5 hours ago

    Blackpink's wistle was my introduction to kpop in 2016, I don't listen to their new stuff but I still respect them. They worked hard just like everyone else and without them I wouldn't be here now. No need to disrespect BP, leave them alone.

  95. o.o

    o.o9 hours ago


  96. Dahiana

    Dahiana9 hours ago

    Me muero por que Dreamcatcher haga el opening de algún anime

  97. Dahiana

    Dahiana5 hours ago

    @deukae squad Oh no sabía, ahorita corro a buscarlo

  98. deukae squad

    deukae squad7 hours ago

    ya lo tienen! salio en diciembre- eclipse es el op del animé de kings ride, ahora en marzo sale la canción completa porque solo salio el corte de tv

  99. Kim Yoohyeon

    Kim Yoohyeon9 hours ago

    Happy birthday our panDAMI Somnias go vote on CHOEAEDOL for DAMI today And on IDOLCHAMP Fanplus for JIU We dont have time FIGHTING

  100. you can STAY

    you can STAY9 hours ago

    İm baby insomnia (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

  101. 111000 111000

    111000 1110005 hours ago

    Hi baby Insomnia, welcome to our dreamworld :)

  102. jiulicious

    jiulicious7 hours ago

    Welcome to the dreamworld

  103. Roo L

    Roo L8 hours ago

    Aw a Staysomnia ❤️ Welcome! ✨


    SOMSHIRE8 hours ago

    Welcome to the dream world♡

  105. Swaruchi Jadhav

    Swaruchi Jadhav9 hours ago

    Every New Day, Dreamcatcher steps Higher and Higher. Let's Go Insomnias Let's Fly High.

  106. let's get the first win!!!

    let's get the first win!!!9 hours ago

    Happy Birthday my bias and bias- wrecker, pandami!!

  107. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago9 hours ago

    Guys have you listened to rolling quartz covering goodnight ?? Check it out go go

  108. Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty9 hours ago

    Omg they hit a million subs!!!

  109. Odd eye

    Odd eye9 hours ago

    Dami i love you

  110. amy

    amy9 hours ago

    Happy birthday Dami~~~

  111. Tops Tumblr

    Tops Tumblr9 hours ago

    Lindas Talentosas Icônicas Perfeitas Em fim Dreamcatcher

  112. Tops Tumblr

    Tops Tumblr9 hours ago

    Eu amo 7 mulheres

  113. Tops Tumblr

    Tops Tumblr9 hours ago

    Um dos melhores grupos que já ouvi

  114. Odalis portillo

    Odalis portillo9 hours ago

    No les pasa que... D I O S A S

  115. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz9 hours ago

    Şuan fark ettim 26 Mart'ta Handong'un doğum günü ve konser olacak

  116. you can STAY

    you can STAY9 hours ago

    Online konserimi var?????

  117. Sther Mir :v

    Sther Mir :v10 hours ago

    Happy birthday, Dami

  118. bourdon845

    bourdon84510 hours ago

    Joli !!!

  119. ɮʟɨռӄɨքɨռӄʏ

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  120. insomnia Dream love

    insomnia Dream love10 hours ago

    Happy birthday Dami

  121. MXAIRAZ

    MXAIRAZ10 hours ago

    jiu siyeon sua gahyeon yoohyeon dami handong i remembered their names now :o