NEW Sour FaZeBerry GFUEL Flavor Review!

Today, we unbox and review the brand new Sour FaZeBerry GFUEL Flavor, inspired by FaZe Clan!
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  1. Ethan J

    Ethan J20 hours ago

    you look like you haven’t slept for days

  2. Dukaja

    Dukaja19 hours ago

    I haven’t, Ethan. I haven’t.

  3. SDW Omega

    SDW OmegaDay ago


  4. Fortnite GGs GGs

    Fortnite GGs GGs17 days ago

    yooooooooo he looks like puggy

  5. Pan Winter

    Pan Winter17 days ago

    Does your pudgy owa owa?

  6. RAVE ツ

    RAVE ツ20 days ago


  7. Kenzo and Sky

    Kenzo and Sky26 days ago

    How in the name of Jesus do you open a box with a battery

  8. WobbuffetSilverKing

    WobbuffetSilverKing26 days ago

    Might make this my fourth tub

  9. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin28 days ago

    The thing I love about sour faze berry is that I can put like half a scoop and it’s still gonna be good

  10. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX Josefsen28 days ago

    I dare u to sent my 2 sour faze rug’s flavor

  11. Liam Vaillancourt

    Liam VaillancourtMonth ago

    ITS own own 😂 0:05

  12. GhostKID1

    GhostKID1Month ago

    the guitar thing

  13. Burliestpond

    BurliestpondMonth ago

    why is my faze berry gfuel chulky I need help fixing that

  14. Tuur Demesmaeker

    Tuur Demesmaeker2 months ago


  15. ImHarv

    ImHarv2 months ago

    I want to buy this tub. But even aftee your review i cant make how it will taste seen as its "sour" like. What does sour taste off

  16. Dukaja

    Dukaja2 months ago

    sour cant really be seen as a flavor, but more of a sensation

  17. Neo Yoki

    Neo Yoki2 months ago

    I pick b

  18. Thebeast

    Thebeast3 months ago

    I’ve been ordering g fuel from a uk website so I don’t have to pay 17 pound for shipping and wait like a month for it and the flavours taste really watered down

  19. Grumpy Koala

    Grumpy Koala3 months ago


  20. Joeshmoe 92

    Joeshmoe 923 months ago

    Do you thing sour blue chug rug has good amount of sourness

  21. Martin

    Martin3 months ago

    3:32 ah yes, the f i n i t e detail

  22. Faze Myles

    Faze Myles3 months ago

    iam geting this kind

  23. Stelzo

    Stelzo3 months ago

    dukaja is probably the most underrated USlikes

  24. Mark Besedin

    Mark Besedin3 months ago


  25. qviks

    qviks3 months ago

    how sour is it 1-10 cause its gonna be my first gfuel

  26. Flintrail

    Flintrail4 months ago


  27. Flintrail

    Flintrail4 months ago

    @Dukaja why did u reply to a new comment on a video 5 months ago I'm impressed bett

  28. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago


  29. Kyle Stewart

    Kyle Stewart4 months ago

    Guitar pick Dang it

  30. Britton Games

    Britton Games4 months ago

    Hey I’m 12 and I Want to try gfuel. Do you think I’m old enough?

  31. Leonard Larsen

    Leonard Larsen4 months ago

    you aren't a real G-Fuel enjoyer if you don't grow one of your nails to peel the wrapper of the tub

  32. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    amen, amen

  33. Echo Ace

    Echo Ace4 months ago

    Notice how he always uses the last item

  34. Aceyylol

    Aceyylol5 months ago

    Does a cup come with if you buy one

  35. Aqembo

    Aqembo5 months ago


  36. Retro Games

    Retro Games5 months ago

    You need 100k already

  37. Vincent Arreola

    Vincent Arreola5 months ago


  38. zzzipz

    zzzipz5 months ago

    wow thats funny grape

  39. Son Kakarot

    Son Kakarot6 months ago



    CHARLIE6 months ago


  41. vip3rrr FN

    vip3rrr FN6 months ago

    A. Soda Thingy

  42. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla6 months ago

    i’m afraid that if i try this i won’t like the regular faze berry

  43. LEMONN

    LEMONN6 months ago


  44. Salad

    Salad6 months ago

    Nah I just like watching your videos

  45. Sh4dows

    Sh4dows6 months ago

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! stay healthy during quarantine. my dream is to get to 1000 subs could you guys please help me you don’t have to if you don’t want to

  46. Eggs 2577

    Eggs 25777 months ago

    I like how duk doesn't stretch his vids thanks for doing that btw

  47. Angelo Orozco

    Angelo Orozco7 months ago

    We already dropped out of college, gotta make this work. Accurate af haha

  48. The dirt bike donkey

    The dirt bike donkey7 months ago

    U sure that’s not cocane

  49. Fergus Belhamine

    Fergus Belhamine7 months ago

    My favourite part is where you dint act like an autistic retard and don't do these unnecessary bullshit actions

  50. Dukaja

    Dukaja7 months ago

    man, the world really doesn't need more hate. why comment this?

  51. Lorcy •_•

    Lorcy •_•7 months ago


  52. boof

    boof7 months ago


  53. MrLittleRyan

    MrLittleRyan7 months ago


  54. LUKE_IS_BAD_

    LUKE_IS_BAD_7 months ago


  55. Techy Toaster

    Techy Toaster7 months ago


  56. Devy RL

    Devy RL7 months ago


  57. Washed Enzo

    Washed Enzo7 months ago


  58. poot

    poot7 months ago


  59. walter

    walter7 months ago

    i normaly dont like sour but i LOVED this one

  60. Archie Webster

    Archie Webster7 months ago


  61. Anngrow Gaming

    Anngrow Gaming7 months ago

    tbh i think that the sour and regular fazeberry are the exact same xd

  62. Destroyer4560

    Destroyer45607 months ago


  63. Dukaja

    Dukaja7 months ago


  64. zez

    zez7 months ago


  65. purpledurple419

    purpledurple4198 months ago


  66. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  67. ihoop.jordan

    ihoop.jordan8 months ago


  68. ihoop.jordan

    ihoop.jordan8 months ago

    Dukaja great video I used code duk and got my order just a few minutes ago 🤟💪

  69. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  70. Dark 3mptY

    Dark 3mptY8 months ago


  71. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  72. BlankAirplane

    BlankAirplane8 months ago

    Homie that was more than a little extra

  73. BlankAirplane

    BlankAirplane8 months ago

    Dukaja omg thank you for replying I love your videos

  74. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  75. Darian Ward

    Darian Ward8 months ago

    Gfule should make you a flavor

  76. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    i would love one!

  77. B2L_Tech

    B2L_Tech8 months ago

    guitar clip

  78. Mr Tripod

    Mr Tripod8 months ago

    guitar pick

  79. Ryg

    Ryg8 months ago

    I come so you can flex your gfuel

  80. SileeySilver

    SileeySilver8 months ago

    Guitar pic

  81. G9 Waypoint

    G9 Waypoint8 months ago

    1:36 A

  82. Treyson Walkowiak

    Treyson Walkowiak8 months ago

    The question is will I be in the answering every comment vid

  83. keaton

    keaton8 months ago


  84. Emelita Santos

    Emelita Santos8 months ago



    THICK_BOI_DENNY8 months ago

    Your my favorite youtuber

  86. Issa

    Issa8 months ago

    Electric shock watching this video thinking how dare u put more than one scoop

  87. DayFern

    DayFern8 months ago

    Ur hair looks sick rn

  88. Reflex Pearr

    Reflex Pearr8 months ago

    The Battery !

  89. Will F

    Will F8 months ago


  90. Jed Was taken

    Jed Was taken8 months ago

    The side of your chair reminds me of a burst assault rifle

  91. SD Kill

    SD Kill8 months ago

    D. Dildo

  92. ethan gray

    ethan gray8 months ago

    Guitar pick

  93. Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson8 months ago

    Soda can lid

  94. Grant Reyes

    Grant Reyes8 months ago


  95. Yoop Noop

    Yoop Noop8 months ago

    can say that this was the video that convinced me to buy this

  96. Ark Videos and More

    Ark Videos and More8 months ago

    hey duk, does your sour fazeberry powder sort of smell bad? mine smells kind of like cigars

  97. Elliot Bernstone

    Elliot Bernstone8 months ago

    Why are you not famous

  98. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    baha, i appreciate you and your recognition of the content friend

  99. BRUHM

    BRUHM8 months ago


  100. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  101. Ryder Austin

    Ryder Austin8 months ago


  102. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  103. Road to 1k

    Road to 1k8 months ago

    Guys please help this great content creator reach his goal.

  104. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    we are almost there! :D

  105. Mango Juice

    Mango Juice8 months ago

    guitar pick frick

  106. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  107. Martin

    Martin8 months ago


  108. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  109. KingSamuga

    KingSamuga9 months ago

    Gfuel vs Xs from Amway

  110. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    haven't heard of this, but good idea!

  111. Appo

    Appo9 months ago

    You really look like a USlikesr called FrenchieFries lol P.S I have never had gfuel in my life but I enjoy watching your reviews lol

  112. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    interesting! ill look him up! thx for watching the vids!

  113. MC

    MC9 months ago

    Amazing Video Im just waiting for mine to come I love SOUR things and this is my first GFuel tub.

  114. Dukaja

    Dukaja2 months ago

    @Dallin Porter Same :(

  115. Dallin Porter

    Dallin Porter2 months ago

    @Dukaja He didn't let you know what he thought I hope he is okay.

  116. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    let me know what you think of it (:

  117. Fabian

    Fabian9 months ago

    guitar pick

  118. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    close! :D

  119. Proud Gamers

    Proud Gamers9 months ago

    There was some channel with 100k I saw and your editing is much better, and energy so props to you

  120. BananaManGaming :D

    BananaManGaming :D18 days ago

    It was probably shock

  121. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    thank you, my friend (: hope to see you in my comments section much more often!

  122. onward

    onward9 months ago

    i have sour blue chug rug rn, should i cop or is it too similar?

  123. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    COP for sure! its so good!

  124. lunabird89

    lunabird899 months ago

    I just ordered a tub of the faze berry . Never tried gfuel and can’t wait .

  125. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    lets go! lmk what you think!

  126. Nash Maddock

    Nash Maddock9 months ago

    Ordered my first 2 tubs yesterday the pewdiepie and the strawberry banana tell me if I picked well

  127. C.N.F Club

    C.N.F Club6 months ago

    Pewdiepie not as good as strawberry banana

  128. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    FOR SURE! Really solid flavors. LMK what you think of them!

  129. Kieran Durkin

    Kieran Durkin9 months ago


  130. Kieran Durkin

    Kieran Durkin9 months ago

    Dukaja yo I didn’t think you would respond I love your videos keep it up!!

  131. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    close! :D

  132. Justin Duane

    Justin Duane9 months ago

    Almost at 8k😮

  133. Justin Duane

    Justin Duane9 months ago

    Dukaja you’re growing pretty fast bro

  134. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    we hit it! :D

  135. David Mowbray

    David Mowbray9 months ago

    I'd rather stick to real food. Looking back at your first g-fuel video, it looks like you have aged 8 years in 2. You have lost weight, your skin looks thin and excessively wrinkled for your age and your voice is becoming weak and thin like an old man. Hope you start eating better.

  136. David Mowbray

    David Mowbray7 months ago

    @Novak R he looks malnourished to me, he has got famine eyes.

  137. Novak R

    Novak R7 months ago

    @David Mowbray he looks perfectly fine to me? Idk what your problem is

  138. David Mowbray

    David Mowbray9 months ago

    @Dukaja I don't find it inappropriate as you are trying to make money pushing this junk. Your jaw also looks atrophied.

  139. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago

    David Mowbray this is a WILDLY inappropriate comment to have been made. This comment has no helpful aim and feels more like a negative attack to point out what YOU find to be wrong with me. You know NOTHING about my physical health or diet. I’m a strong person, and can handle pointless comments like these, but I hope you start being more mindful of commenting on appearances of others, as some may take it harder than I. Your opinion, even when seemingly harmless, can really effect others. Be mindful of your speech, spread love, not hate. The world has enough of it already. God bless.

  140. Axis

    Axis9 months ago

    USE CODE DUK MOTHER HUMPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30% off FUNKERS

  141. Dukaja

    Dukaja9 months ago