Ranking Every GFUEL Flavor!

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  1. MrBeast Sugiri

    MrBeast Sugiri23 hours ago

    Good job

  2. Andrew H

    Andrew HDay ago

    Who tf mixes gfuel with tap water in the God damn bathroom lol?? ,, it's gotta be fresh and from the fridge! interesting video nevertheless

  3. Colby jack

    Colby jackDay ago

    Grape tastes moar liek purple the flavor

  4. Tentoria

    TentoriaDay ago

    so it has over 10k likes when is he taking a bath in gfuel.XD

  5. Dukaja

    DukajaDay ago

    I did it! On my channel?

  6. Waki

    WakiDay ago

    Ur room is sick

  7. Mario Auclair

    Mario AuclairDay ago

    Where was the Cotten candy one at the end

  8. polarice404

    polarice4042 days ago


  9. Aashrut Ghimire

    Aashrut Ghimire2 days ago

    "Coconutty" lol 20:58

  10. Montana Silva

    Montana Silva4 days ago

    Congrats on 60k but damn I love the chug rug flavor who else does?

  11. Ryan Brandes

    Ryan Brandes6 days ago

    This video was in my suggestions. Glad I clicked on it. This video made me mad because I find out gfuel had a coconut flavor. I LOVE coconut. Why must it be discontinued

  12. Dukaja

    Dukaja5 days ago

    thanks for watching!

  13. Criptin

    Criptin7 days ago

    Where do I find the gfuel bath video? =p

  14. C8_Spamz_

    C8_Spamz_7 days ago

    he didn't take a sip mans took a molecule of gfuel in each "sip"

  15. Trikz Excite

    Trikz Excite8 days ago

    where can i find green apple!

  16. Jakeazor

    Jakeazor9 days ago

    Anyone know the background music to this

  17. Mason Young

    Mason Young9 days ago

    You are the most underated you tuber ever you spend so much money for your 60k sub's I hope you grow to millions of subscribers.👍

  18. locodesert 2

    locodesert 210 days ago

    do you have a gfuel flavor recommendation for a first timer?

  19. locodesert 2

    locodesert 28 days ago

    @Odyssey well can’t wait to try them since I never had gfuel before:

  20. Odyssey

    Odyssey9 days ago

    any of the absolutely incredible flavours in his teir list (in the desc.)

  21. ranchbuyer

    ranchbuyer10 days ago

    For some reason gfuel and energy drinks do not effect me

  22. Driiippy

    Driiippy10 days ago

    Just got my first gfuel today! I picked snowcone and I honestly don’t know how to feel. It doesn’t taste how I expected thats for sure. I just ordered Blue chug rug though, hopefully that ones a bit more powerful in taste.

  23. Luke Hughes

    Luke Hughes10 days ago

    you should do where ur blindfolded and u have to guess the flavour

  24. GamerCub

    GamerCub10 days ago

    CAN SOMEONE donate me some gfuel to try i am trying two company gfuel and gamer supps

  25. Jakub Komad

    Jakub Komad11 days ago

    My mans not gonna sleep for days

  26. Aubrey Smith

    Aubrey Smith11 days ago

    Almost 60k ahhhhhhhh

  27. VIBE soy

    VIBE soy11 days ago


  28. SHMvlogs

    SHMvlogs12 days ago

    Thanks for the review man!!!

  29. Ekayy

    Ekayy12 days ago

    I actually dont like hype sauce it tastes like flat pink lemonade soda

  30. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar13 days ago

    All time stamps for every flavor. (this took too long) FaZe Berry: 3:26 Kiwi Strawberry: 3:52 Sour FaZe Berry: 4:12 BubbleGum: 4:48 Pink GrapeFruit: 5:12 Lemonade: 5:31 Guava: 5:51 Cotton Candy: 6:28 Golden Apple Pear: 6:58 KSI Strawberry Banana: 7:28 Melon Mint: 7:50 Nemesis Ice Tea: 8:16 Pink Cobbler: 8:54 Pink Lemonade: 9:50 Grape: 10:10 Green Apple: 10:36 Raging Gunny Fish: 10:59 PewDiePie Lingonberry: 10:54 Sour Blue Chug Rug: 12:54 Spicy Demonade: 13:34 Twisted Candy: 14:09 Sour Cherry: 14:44 Bahama Mama: 15:14 Watermelon: 15:52 Strawberry Shortcake: 16:27 ?Mystery¿: 17:04 Lemon Lime: 17:37 Type O: 18:21 Sour Pixel Potion: 18:42 Moon Pie: 19:1 FaZe Battle Juice: 20:04 Coconut: 20:47 Blue Ice: 21:16 Peach Ice Tea: 21:37 Strawberry Lemonade (HYDRATION): 22:11 Blood Orange: 22:18 Snow Cone: 22:59 Tropical Rain: 23:36 Rainbow Sherbet: 24:01 Orange: 24:30 Hype Sauce: 24:58 FaZe Berry (HYDRATION): 25:27 Dragon (HYDRATION): 25:47 Fruit Punch: 26:07 Black On BlackBerry: 26:32 Peach Mango: 27:11 Blue Rocket Pop (HYDRATION): 27:41

  31. Mohannad Farghaly

    Mohannad Farghaly11 days ago

    Thanks bro

  32. Punkmasterflex

    Punkmasterflex14 days ago

    Why do you look so cynical at 5:10 lmfao

  33. Daniel Andreev

    Daniel Andreev14 days ago

    can you give me gfuel?PLS

  34. Young Savage

    Young Savage15 days ago

    Has anyone else got chest pains from drinking gfuel? I was getting chest pains wasnt sure from what I gave my brother a bottle of gfuel he ended up with chest pains after that and I realized my chest pains had to be from gfuel

  35. Young Savage

    Young Savage14 days ago

    @Gamer Man that could be it, I used to chug half a water bottle of it right before I gamed lol plus my brother chugged it when It gave him chest pain. Thanks man

  36. Gamer Man

    Gamer Man14 days ago

    It’s probably from drinking it too fast. I’ve had that with other drinks not containing caffeine.

  37. Rxzor

    Rxzor15 days ago

    What flavor would I like if I like refreshing fruity flavors and the only flavor I had was faze and it was bad

  38. Absol Dark

    Absol Dark17 days ago

    The Gfuel pewds lingonberry and snowcone flavor is my favorites. Started drinking Gfuel about 2 weeks ago and i love it. Also waiting on the new Pewdiepie cewtiepie edition shaker to arrive i ordered :)

  39. motto like dem chunky

    motto like dem chunky17 days ago

    I only subbed because you your taste buds are literally the same as mine I love things cherry and don’t like tropical flavors

  40. whiteman snacks

    whiteman snacks17 days ago

    Adding it in milk sounds horrible 😕

  41. Martin

    Martin18 days ago

    bro I had top comment but I deleted it while trying to edit it smh

  42. FalseSpectre

    FalseSpectre18 days ago

    What shaker is that at 3:51

  43. TSC FirstKill Benike

    TSC FirstKill Benike19 days ago

    Nordan Shat the goat don’t disrespect his flavor

  44. Sam Moto Taylor

    Sam Moto Taylor19 days ago

    I drink all of that in one sitting. Lmao

  45. Frosty

    Frosty20 days ago

    Which flavor of gfuel should I first get? I just subscribed!

  46. Gamer Man

    Gamer Man14 days ago

    Blue ice > all other flavors

  47. Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown21 day ago

    RIP to all the unmixed powder at the bottom of the shakers .

  48. Fortnite god EZPlays

    Fortnite god EZPlays21 day ago

    Can you give me some G feel i’m trash at the game edits are slow Aim is trash I don’t know how to crank 90s

  49. Mondo Tide Pods

    Mondo Tide Pods21 day ago

    Great vid man, gained a sub

  50. Jackson playz fortnite

    Jackson playz fortnite21 day ago


  51. Dilah HM

    Dilah HM22 days ago

    Do a second one

  52. Dilah HM

    Dilah HM22 days ago


  53. Frosty_23

    Frosty_2322 days ago

    What about the flavors after Jun 30 2020

  54. David Sandoval

    David Sandoval23 days ago

    you need to shiower in gfuel

  55. Just Dont

    Just Dont23 days ago

    Air I fort got and don’t want to rewatch a a 30 min video, did chug rug get 1st place

  56. CrimsonDawn45

    CrimsonDawn4524 days ago

    Thanks for this video, I bought a gfuel shaker and got the starter pack so I got to sample a bunch of different flavors but a lot of the flavors I got were in the "ok" or "meh" tier on your tierlist. It was kind of disappointing because I don't want to spend more money just trying to find a flavor that I like lol.

  57. MilezFN

    MilezFN25 days ago

    Ur channel is underrated

  58. Franky JC

    Franky JC26 days ago

    Sherbet is 🔥🔥

  59. Joshua Worrall

    Joshua Worrall27 days ago

    send me some free gfuel ;) i'ver never tried it

  60. DarkNeptune

    DarkNeptune28 days ago

    I have a question some of the GFUEL is full what ever happened to them

  61. Steven Strang

    Steven Strang28 days ago

    Why is he only at 58.6k he should be at ten mill

  62. big guy man

    big guy man28 days ago

    The only one I want is ksi flavor

  63. just a guy a normal guy

    just a guy a normal guy29 days ago

    can i get some

  64. Ethan Patterson

    Ethan Patterson29 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen. These are the kinds of people they drink g fuel that don’t game

  65. Ethan Patterson

    Ethan Patterson26 days ago

    @Dukaja I’m not saying you in particular I’m saying just people in general

  66. Dukaja

    Dukaja29 days ago

    I game daily?

  67. keethan uthayakumar

    keethan uthayakumarMonth ago

    I just subbed 😉 I gotcha fam

  68. Xd Savvy uses code brickyt And snorts gfuel

    Xd Savvy uses code brickyt And snorts gfuelMonth ago

    Hey can u gift me some gfuel I can’t afford it

  69. megan woodlock

    megan woodlockMonth ago


  70. Ángel Santiago

    Ángel SantiagoMonth ago

    Why did this look edited

  71. Ow3n Woodrum

    Ow3n WoodrumMonth ago

    He should snort some gfuel

  72. Naismith 691

    Naismith 691Month ago

    You missed starfruit

  73. ROGE_Dynamite

    ROGE_DynamiteMonth ago

    i didnt know you could mix gfuel with milk

  74. Christine Carter

    Christine CarterMonth ago

    I knew you would make it

  75. THE Mobile gamer

    THE Mobile gamerMonth ago

    Dukaja -I’m only taking a sip of each gefuel to stay healthy Also Dukaja- after video ends chugs all gefuels..

  76. M Ξ S H Z

    M Ξ S H ZMonth ago


  77. Hunkacheese

    HunkacheeseMonth ago

    guys i invented a new gfuel flavor. Introducing: PeeFuel

  78. Axel.b

    Axel.bMonth ago

    dude love ur content just wonderd when can u drink gfuel iam 11

  79. THE Mobile gamer

    THE Mobile gamerMonth ago

    It’s ages 12+ because gfuel dosent recommend it to ages lower because it has a lot of caffeine.

  80. Chris Coins

    Chris CoinsMonth ago

    fazeberry is not good

  81. Call me beep me My mother beats me

    Call me beep me My mother beats meMonth ago

    you can mix gfuel with fucking milk???

  82. Jackasaurus Rex

    Jackasaurus RexMonth ago

    I’m sorry you can mix gruel with milk

  83. DwaIN

    DwaINMonth ago

    You missed a flavour Ya mom

  84. Renneé Foster

    Renneé FosterMonth ago


  85. clix2

    clix2Month ago


  86. The lord Christ

    The lord ChristMonth ago

    Mans really just risked his life because if you have more than 3 cups of energy drinks you could cough up blood

  87. Gaming with Mohamed

    Gaming with MohamedMonth ago

    Oh hi Andy Robertson

  88. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX JosefsenMonth ago

    You are missing ksi’s flavor

  89. syntica

    synticaMonth ago

    @IvikRBLX Josefsen huh?

  90. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX JosefsenMonth ago

    @syntica thust

  91. syntica

    synticaMonth ago

    no he didn't it was the strawberry banana one

  92. adhaanizam_ 07

    adhaanizam_ 07Month ago

    30 minute? Imma grab my snack while watching this

  93. Jai on KFC

    Jai on KFCMonth ago

    G fuel hydrogen

  94. Js playz

    Js playzMonth ago

    Chug rug ?

  95. Freddie Lara

    Freddie LaraMonth ago

    Caffeine is the most effective thing in g fuel lol. I swear im way better after a couple cups of coffee

  96. ItsKrispyz

    ItsKrispyzMonth ago


  97. BABz

    BABzMonth ago

    did fazeberry so dirty haha

  98. Luis Ismailji

    Luis IsmailjiMonth ago

    Why would anyone drink this crap it's like stale soda

  99. syntica

    synticaMonth ago

    have you ever tried it

  100. Lennix Dillon

    Lennix DillonMonth ago

    but what about Shiny Splash? I just watched your most recent video on the mortal combat: Ice Shatter, and you said that Shiny splash was your favorite. My favorite right now, is sour blue chug rug, but thats the only tub i've ever had for myself. I dont know weather i should decide on Hype Sauce, or Shiny Splash. If you even see this comment, would you please make a video on your personal preference between the two? If so, thanks. I may comment this on your more recent videos as well for more of a chance of you seeing this, because this was 7 months ago.

  101. syntica

    synticaMonth ago

    you should buy the packet for hype sauce when its in stock. if you don't like it you only wasted 5 dollars instead of 35 dollars

  102. Led

    LedMonth ago

    True epic gamer

  103. Mohamad nour Fidawi

    Mohamad nour FidawiMonth ago

    u are missing 1

  104. Typical Gamer

    Typical GamerMonth ago

    i guess someone is getiing cancer

  105. CLUTCH Clips

    CLUTCH ClipsMonth ago


  106. Sempfia

    SempfiaMonth ago

    When you order gfuel how long does it take to deliver?

  107. JohnB Filmz

    JohnB FilmzMonth ago

    I ordered saturday still hasnt gotten here so like a week :( You can also get it on amazon if you want it to come faster

  108. GooberPea Games

    GooberPea GamesMonth ago

    Bet he couldn’t sleep that night |:)

  109. MadMouzey

    MadMouzeyMonth ago

    If you're a coffee drinker DON'T get the French vanilla. It tasted like sour milk and was absolutely awful.

  110. Acid Rex

    Acid RexMonth ago

    Is it just me or did the g fuel look so magestic that it looked photoshoped

  111. lancelot123a

    lancelot123aMonth ago

    This is so much better and more on point if watched at 1.5 playback speed.

  112. plax

    plaxMonth ago

    Your missing one

  113. Topper YT

    Topper YTMonth ago

    That must of cost like 1K

  114. Saheb Hoque

    Saheb HoqueMonth ago

    So what is the best flavour?

  115. Chonky Boi

    Chonky BoiMonth ago

    Why can’t badlandchugs do this?

  116. Verizityz WRLD

    Verizityz WRLDMonth ago

    bro i cant order any g-fuel and this guy has LITERILY EVERY FLAVOR WTF

  117. Melon Head

    Melon HeadMonth ago

    Ragin gummy fish is my favorite