Snow Goose WORLD CHAMPS! - 473 Geese Killed!

Check out this awesome hunt from the Mack's Prairie Wings snow goose world championships! We ended the day with 473 dead snow geese and a ton of memories. If you enjoyed this video I would greatly appreciate if you subscribed to the channel and shared the video! Hunts like this I will never forget! Thanks for watching and good luck hunting!
A lot of people have asked who I was hunting with. These guys reached out to me and asked me to come film them. They guide hunts in Arkansas. If you are interested in hunting with them give Chase or Hunter a call!
Chase phone# - 636-439-8113
Hunter phone# - 870-370-3480
INSTAGRAM - _wildgoosechase

Gooch - Https:// ethangoochethan
Bryce - Https:// b_hazen574
TLain - Https:// t_lain36
Tyler - Https:// tylerathon
Gooch - m. ethan.gooch.16


  1. Jareddacrow

    Jareddacrow33 minutes ago

    I want to go on one snow goose hunting like this

  2. Chris P

    Chris P4 hours ago

    The amount of birds in the sky at all times is unbelievable !!! You guys did some work for sure.

  3. TheOutdoorBound

    TheOutdoorBound18 hours ago

    Great video! Saw you had a GoPro 9. What was your primary camera?

  4. Brian Donnelly

    Brian DonnellyDay ago

    I’m so glad

  5. Bum

    Bum3 days ago

    We hunted a few fields over from yall on this day, Winchester/dumas area

  6. Bum

    Bum3 days ago

    Sounded like ARs going off

  7. Steven Tanner

    Steven Tanner4 days ago

    These kinds of competitions give the rest of us hunters a bad name they need to go away.

  8. Shirley Koskela

    Shirley Koskela4 days ago

    Iam a hunter But why are u guys shooting that many,Ya don’t kill any thing just to see who can kill the most except for Rats

  9. finpainter1

    finpainter15 days ago

    Goose hunt in Michigan ,but that was crazy

  10. Antonio Fasio

    Antonio Fasio5 days ago

    I dug through the comments for everyone . No bands on them . Must have been a lot of young birds. My hair stands on the back of my neck when we have a plot of 5-10k birds here in jersey . Couldn’t imagine this

  11. Matthew Hunting and fishing

    Matthew Hunting and fishing5 days ago

    How many bands that’s the real question

  12. some one

    some one6 days ago

    Thats what dreams are made of!!!

  13. Lukas Elmelund Olsen

    Lukas Elmelund Olsen6 days ago

    the thing i hate most about americans is when they call themself "world champions". like wtf. you are in arkansas and mostly competeting against people from arkansas. though it seemed like a good hunt. how many shoots du each person have? 8? thats alot. in Denmark you are only allowed 2 steel shoot per volley per person so we will never get to 473 geese, not even close.

  14. Jack Tagget

    Jack Tagget5 days ago

    Damn that sucks, wish we cared.

  15. magnus olsen

    magnus olsen6 days ago

    “World Champions” 😂 more like American Champions or Arkansas Champions

  16. Rick Henderson

    Rick Henderson6 days ago

    wicked hunt goochietv rocks

  17. Raised Right TV

    Raised Right TV7 days ago

    That is a serious operation for some killin!

  18. إبراهيم الخليفاوي الخليفاوي

    إبراهيم الخليفاوي الخليفاوي7 days ago

    صيد بديع روعه

  19. إبراهيم الخليفاوي الخليفاوي

    إبراهيم الخليفاوي الخليفاوي7 days ago


  20. ROORpiece

    ROORpiece7 days ago

    At this point it's kind of a waste to even have your dog's LOL that's a lot of damn geese. Are your dogs trained to keep going out to grab more geese or do they just grab one bird for each time they hear you shoot? If they are trained to keep going till they got them all then they got one hell of a workout that day.

  21. Илья Мак

    Илья Мак7 days ago

    Теперь я понимаю почему в США запрещена свинцовая дробь, таким количеством выстрелов они всю округу свинцом засыпят.

  22. Cs Pruitt

    Cs Pruitt8 days ago

    Why do you allow the dog to break?

  23. Zachary

    Zachary8 days ago

    I heard a few specks in those flocks

  24. Mack Dixon

    Mack Dixon8 days ago

    Any bands

  25. Jake Drtina

    Jake Drtina8 days ago

    now go there make a 360 and fill the middle with guys laying and have atleast 500 guys shoot every single one lmao feed the entire group and town

  26. Dan Lewis

    Dan Lewis9 days ago

    Hecka hunt! Two questions: How many bands? And how long were you hearing snow geese in your heads at night after the hunt?

  27. Bradley Earls

    Bradley Earls9 days ago

    Just curious, about how many decoys did y’all put out and were they all full bodies? That’s an awesome video and a job well done! 👍🏻

  28. David Kilroy

    David Kilroy9 days ago

    How many bands did you guys get out of all those snows was just wondering

  29. Ben Houle Passion Chasse

    Ben Houle Passion Chasse9 days ago

    Wow 🤩

  30. Bobby Crenshaw

    Bobby Crenshaw9 days ago

    It helps when you have a crop duster kicking up the geese for you.

  31. Brian

    Brian8 days ago

    You know something?

  32. Dean J

    Dean J9 days ago

    What exactly is this massacre in aid of?

  33. Dean J

    Dean J8 days ago

    @Bryce Hazen I'm sure all the maimed birds will be comforted to know lead shot is illegal, as for the animals that starve every year, that's nature it's harsh, animals don't get contraception, as for me well I don't have an ass or a donkey nor mule, and I wouldn't eat too much farmed beef, too many growth hormones, now as for hating.... please don't go all snowflake I just asked a question

  34. Bryce Hazen

    Bryce Hazen8 days ago

    @Dean J really shows what you know, it’s illegal to use lead shot on waterfowl. But yes let’s just ignore the habitat destruction they do of other waterfowl and how hundreds starve to death because there’s too many for the tundra to feed. But yeah I’m sure you sit your fat ass at home and eat all the beef you want from the massacres of the slaughterhouses. All these birds went to feed the hungry that had no food, these hunters did more for people and the environment then you probably ever will so I wouldn’t hate on things you know nothing about.

  35. Dean J

    Dean J9 days ago

    @GoochieTV Who knew that raining lead all over the tundra is saving it

  36. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV9 days ago

    Saving the tundra

  37. Jeffery Hsu

    Jeffery Hsu9 days ago

    You were on the X spot

  38. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV9 days ago

    Yes sir

  39. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet9 days ago

    So this is why there’s no honkers lately y’all killing 500 a day😂

  40. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV9 days ago

    Lol they are snow geese

  41. Tyler Starnes

    Tyler Starnes9 days ago

    How many bands?😂

  42. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV9 days ago


  43. AA Outdoors

    AA Outdoors9 days ago

    How could yall kill so many innocent lives. This is murder. 🖕🏼

  44. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV9 days ago


  45. Bennett Hefta

    Bennett Hefta9 days ago

    What do you do with all those geese?

  46. The 507 kid

    The 507 kid10 days ago

    Just wow that's crazy

  47. Cullen Gerace

    Cullen Gerace10 days ago

    Look at all those chickens

  48. Elijah Moua

    Elijah Moua10 days ago


  49. Bama Country

    Bama Country10 days ago

    We was up in Arkansas when y’all killed this many we struggled to get three birds down. It was my first ever hunt. We all said holy shit when we heard how many y’all killed awesome jobs guys

  50. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago

    Haha thanks for watching!

  51. Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis10 days ago

    SO how many bands where there

  52. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago


  53. Don Douglas

    Don Douglas10 days ago

    That was AMAZING!!!!

  54. Curt Theisen

    Curt Theisen10 days ago

    How many bands on those 473 geese?

  55. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago


  56. Bryce Padilla

    Bryce Padilla10 days ago

    Any bands out of those almost 500 geese?

  57. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago


  58. Outdoor Creations

    Outdoor Creations10 days ago

    Did anyone else see the dog about get smacked at 17:24

  59. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones10 days ago

    The tundras 110% thank y’all!!

  60. Ryan Mathas

    Ryan Mathas10 days ago

    Such a great video Watched it twice today.

  61. Greg Prince

    Greg Prince10 days ago

    Dream hunt

  62. Glade Goodrich

    Glade Goodrich10 days ago

    I understand the reason for the hunt. That many geese can wipe the farmers out. But what do you do with them?

  63. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago

    We donated them to Arkansas Hunters feeding the hungry

  64. Corbin White

    Corbin White10 days ago

    Any bands?

  65. Corbin White

    Corbin White10 days ago

    @GoochieTV really i would’ve thought with that many y’all would’ve got like 10

  66. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV10 days ago

    No bands

  67. Ed Donahue

    Ed Donahue10 days ago

    What a great shoot! I shot Texas years ago. Brought back great memories. You guys should put out something on the the shotguns and shells used. Be great information on others wanting to go down for a hunt. Excellent video work! You did a great job.

  68. Locked Up Outdoors

    Locked Up Outdoors10 days ago

    INSANE !!!

  69. Rylan Stockdale

    Rylan Stockdale10 days ago

    How many bands????

  70. Graydon Carruth

    Graydon Carruth10 days ago

    Are decoys required to be put out day of?

  71. Garrett Basta

    Garrett Basta10 days ago

    From the age of zero to 18 my friend lived off of snow geese his family was poor and they were all donated. He told me those birds feed alot of people

  72. Brian Donnelly

    Brian DonnellyDay ago


  73. Zachary Collins

    Zachary Collins10 days ago

    Any bands

  74. PezMan

    PezMan11 days ago

    Sweet hunt, what is the limit on snowgeese down there, 25 a day?

  75. Dakota McGee

    Dakota McGee8 days ago


  76. austin weisenburger

    austin weisenburger11 days ago

    “Tell’em to tune into GoochieTV”😂

  77. Dennis Spring

    Dennis Spring11 days ago

    Hey Goochie where's your hard hat for all of the incoming geese that are falling around you.

  78. Jay Gilroy

    Jay Gilroy11 days ago

    i do hope you eat all thise geese?, otherwise why where they hunted?

  79. Fam

    Fam11 days ago

    Baited Field !!!!!

  80. Brent Backus

    Brent Backus11 days ago

    Absolutely insane! Well done fellas.

  81. WingBeaterOutdoors

    WingBeaterOutdoors11 days ago

    If that’s not what dreams are made of, I don’t know what is

  82. Graham king

    Graham king11 days ago

    This is what gives us shooters a bad name

  83. Outdoor Grows

    Outdoor Grows11 days ago

    where can i go to hunt like this?!

  84. Chris Wagner

    Chris Wagner11 days ago


  85. Cactus Tex

    Cactus Tex11 days ago

    I’ve had them come in on us like that here in the Texas rice fields and marshes back in my day decoying and there is nothing like it. Awesome. Done it countless times. We called them in with our voices. Miss the “good ole days”. God bless. Memorable times.👍

  86. Luke Bontrager

    Luke Bontrager11 days ago

    At some point it starts feeling a little gross

  87. Jeremy Mchenry

    Jeremy Mchenry11 days ago

    In what aspect? Of how many they killed? This is productive to sustain their habitat. Their numbers have exploded exponentially in the last 50-60 due to farming efficiency providing more food than ever down south but there are too many birds for their natural habitat in the tundra and they are destroying more and more of their breeding grounds each and every year. This habitat is not only for snow geese, but for many other waterfowl and animals that use the tundra as habitat.

  88. Gunner Waldmann

    Gunner Waldmann12 days ago

    What do they win?? Money???

  89. Jason Bonnette

    Jason Bonnette12 days ago


  90. Keith Glover

    Keith Glover12 days ago

    Feet down beat down!

  91. Campus Waterfowl

    Campus Waterfowl12 days ago

    Well deserved fellas, congrats on back to back wins! Campus Waterfowl may need to put together a team of college students for this competition!

  92. Parker DD

    Parker DD12 days ago

    Who gets to clean all those dead geese?🤔😒

  93. Madison Smith

    Madison Smith9 days ago

    The organization that feeds them to the homeless and less fortunate.

  94. Florida State

    Florida State12 days ago

    Geesus , awesome 👌 man. FYI for any beginners watching this, this is NOT normal, this is what you dream about, at least he filmed so we could watch !

  95. Matt Wiederholt

    Matt Wiederholt12 days ago

    Pretty cold it’s 40 degrees😂😂😂

  96. Daddy Duck 365

    Daddy Duck 36512 days ago

    It’s just the reality of fishing and hunting......yes we want to catch em all....but it just doesn’t happen all the time....that’s what I like about your show...just like I do show the good the bad and the ugly......keep it going brother

  97. Virginia Outdoors Unlimited

    Virginia Outdoors Unlimited12 days ago

    Incredible video Gooch!! Really enjoyed watching your hunts this season

  98. Jackson Tuck

    Jackson Tuck12 days ago

    I wonder if they killed any bands

  99. Todd Clifford

    Todd Clifford12 days ago


  100. BrewSkeezTV

    BrewSkeezTV12 days ago

    Holy honkers

  101. Jason Huey

    Jason Huey12 days ago

    You was about 2 hours from me. Awesome video and awesome hunt. woo pig sooie.

  102. Tyler Jenniges

    Tyler Jenniges12 days ago

    Was there any bands in that pile??

  103. Trio Outdoors

    Trio Outdoors12 days ago

    How many bands

  104. El triunfo de un cazador

    El triunfo de un cazador12 days ago

    Super nice i want go there

  105. 517 Outdoors

    517 Outdoors12 days ago


  106. Nathan Neuherz

    Nathan Neuherz12 days ago

    One question, did they get a band? All I want to know.

  107. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV12 days ago


  108. TyerReynoso

    TyerReynoso12 days ago

    Dude it’s so crazy how loud they are and as soon as shooting starts it’s just like hitting the mute button

  109. Tyler Rewitzer

    Tyler Rewitzer12 days ago

    I hope you get some sort of award for his video. What a rare moment to catch. Great job!

  110. Xx_Dizzy_xX 324

    Xx_Dizzy_xX 32412 days ago

    I need to know how many shells y’all shot 😂

  111. LoseTheAltitude

    LoseTheAltitude12 days ago

    One thing I notice about good snow goose hunts and shitty ones are the DECOYS. From what I can tell, all I see is full bodies on these good hunts. Not bashing rags. I just think they work lower & better with full bodies. What do I know though. Could be wrong.

  112. Performance Lawn Care Inc.

    Performance Lawn Care Inc.12 days ago

    Fun to watch!! Way to do your part to save the Tundra! Any bands?

  113. Luke S.

    Luke S.12 days ago

    Best goose hunting video I've ever seen! Was just a bonus to see Gooch doing what I call the "Warbritton"--picking up a southern drawl after spending some time with some good ol' boys! Haha!

  114. Matt Boyden

    Matt Boyden12 days ago

    I'm sure there were a few different brand shot guns in that blind. What guns out performed the others and was there a worst one ?

  115. Your Mom

    Your Mom12 days ago

    Looks fun and all but damn !!that’s a lot of meat and work

  116. 901feeling

    901feeling12 days ago

    What do you do with 473 snow geese 🤣

  117. Jolene Chase

    Jolene Chase7 days ago

    They go to poor families

  118. John K

    John K12 days ago

    Nice filming Gooch

  119. R Wright Wilson

    R Wright Wilson12 days ago

    Looked like a crazy fun hunt!!

  120. jamesrv ven

    jamesrv ven12 days ago

    great hunt guys!!!!!!!! thats a once in a lifetimer...

  121. Collin Culberson

    Collin Culberson12 days ago

    Does anyone know what the number killed by second place was, and then the number killed overall for the competition?

  122. Cooper Boinske

    Cooper Boinske12 days ago

    This was so much fun to watch! When the boys would light em up it sounded like a war had begun. Such a cool experience for you Gooch. I would love to do that some day.

  123. R Simpson

    R Simpson12 days ago

    I wonder what the shot to kill ratio is?

  124. cld123

    cld12312 days ago

    he estimated 10 cases shot which would be 2500 shells. a little over 20% if thats the case.

  125. Maxwell Blank

    Maxwell Blank12 days ago

    What camera setup do you use?

  126. Maxwell Blank

    Maxwell Blank12 days ago

    @GoochieTV thank you, best snow video on YT btw! Love it! Love your hunting public videos too!

  127. GoochieTV

    GoochieTV12 days ago

    I use a canon vixia gx10