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    SPIRITUAL So7 days ago

    BALDY BALDY 🧑🏾‍🦲 in the Building man SiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMPLE

  2. Jovan Gracia

    Jovan Gracia6 hours ago

    Fuck the government fuck the pope i got 50 kilos in a float silverado full off smoke fuck being broke southside downlow low low trucks bitches big buts

  3. Jovan Gracia

    Jovan Gracia6 hours ago

    Im from texas im mexican american i was in jail since 18 yrs old im 21 right now I tried selling my soul in prison i had a dream the devil asked me what i wanted i said money fame and wisdom i was in the streets i wouldnt listen to rap im mexican so i would here mexican rap music about crossing dope from south texas till i started hearing rap i understood the messege and the culture my whole life perpective has changed i make things happen i make it rain i make it cold i see everything i get anything i want when i want

  4. Jesus Is Pure

    Jesus Is Pure9 hours ago


  5. Daf Srt!

    Daf Srt!10 hours ago

    sometimes when I go to sleep I be getting sleep paralysis and it’s cause when I sleep the purple light in my eyes be makin me lucid dream but sometimes it trigger sleep paralysis then yesterday I heard a loud frequency it was to loud during sleep paralysis woke up then the bed and body vibration happened

  6. moe joe

    moe joe22 hours ago


  7. Nathaniel Mclean

    Nathaniel Mclean20 minutes ago

    I damn near forgot he cut his hair 😂

  8. ItsYaBoiiDre

    ItsYaBoiiDreHour ago


  9. Kyro G

    Kyro GHour ago

    13:13 Damnn I wish I would’ve watched this video last week when I was in Louisiana and Mississippi 😭😭😭😭 it started snowing like ah mf

  10. young DL

    young DLHour ago


  11. sShvdow

    sShvdowHour ago

    Damn. I wasted the whole year watching Anime

  12. max Jerome

    max Jerome2 hours ago

    Least I know I ain’t the only one going thru it nothing but respect 💯

  13. Des H

    Des H4 hours ago

    Yeah start more vids abt the weird clone agenda they deleted my whole USlikes I ain’t forget abt u it’s 4am in Detroit Michigan and I’m up smoking weed and something told me to go check on spiritual so .

  14. fdsfsd fgfdsg

    fdsfsd fgfdsg2 hours ago

    what weed

  15. Jae 3x

    Jae 3x5 hours ago

    There is no sun in UK😤

  16. Des H

    Des H5 hours ago

    When I get in the sun I feel so good .

  17. Des H

    Des H5 hours ago

    Baldy baldy in the building 😂😂😂

  18. Mr 500000001yearz

    Mr 500000001yearz6 hours ago

    Still gettin around that 👀, 95%....😎🚬.... Thats gotta be worth more than $900,000,000,000,000.00....😃

  19. Ayanna King

    Ayanna King6 hours ago

    Glory to Yah Jesus Christ ❤️

  20. 鸦Raven

    鸦Raven6 hours ago

    Keep moving smart and stay safe we know they watchin.

  21. Og Games

    Og Games7 hours ago

    facts in ny in the cold time you feel sad and down but when summer come its all hype everybody up full with energy thats why when im older im moving to arizona or texas

  22. Boogie G

    Boogie G9 hours ago

    honestly I believe you so💯 capital steez said the same thing but he couldn’t it anymore

  23. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez9 hours ago

    I use to follow this guy and I really believed in the end of the world (Dec 21) but it did no good for me. I fell into this depression type state where I figured there would be no point in going forward in life. These people are a load a crap and it seems to be a scam like religion with no actual doctrine.

  24. Tashiana B. Claire

    Tashiana B. Claire9 hours ago

    400 days without sex over here. My awareness has reached new heights, my dreams are so vivid.

  25. 9z Beats

    9z Beats10 hours ago

    When u say demons cant take the sun are u referring to white people

  26. Long. Com

    Long. Com12 hours ago


  27. Ivan Ascencio

    Ivan Ascencio13 hours ago

    Could you make a video on sexual activity? Including abstinence and whatever you have in mind. Thank you!

  28. dreadhead804Rva

    dreadhead804Rva14 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂da intro funny asap good shit tho bro keep speaking facts

  29. Chef Macky

    Chef Macky14 hours ago

    turning inwards cutting off negativity and becoming the best me🙏

  30. Jamariah Luv

    Jamariah Luv14 hours ago

    I sho did notice the snow killed the grass. It took 3 days for it to come back alive. It's crazy cuz we don't get that cold weather in Shreveport. But , hey, It didn't phase me.

  31. Pamja

    Pamja14 hours ago

    FOR EVERYONE THROUGH THEIR ADDICTION OF WEED ! the same way you feel when you high guys , you can feel the same way if you take care of yourself and fully learn how to accept yourself guys. LIVE IN THE MOMENT , stop letting your thoughts effect the way you see and perceive yourself . Hold your seed guys and most importantly love yourself . Tru love comes from within your self and if you guys feel insecure try and fight that . LOVE ( talking from experience , not youtubers ) also I recommend to stop focusing so much on these youtubers and do you.

  32. fdsfsd fgfdsg

    fdsfsd fgfdsg2 hours ago


  33. Jamariah Luv

    Jamariah Luv14 hours ago

    Angel number 33

  34. TidusMuzik

    TidusMuzik14 hours ago


  35. Daniel

    Daniel15 hours ago

    Everytime I look at his head it feels like something is missing lol

  36. Conner Sebring

    Conner Sebring16 hours ago

    I.feel dumb for asking but did you delete tik tok and shit I bet you did but I don’t know sometimes tik tok helps with spiritually but sometimes it’s just brings the government

  37. Makalia Nash

    Makalia Nash16 hours ago

    Listen to calling my spirit by Kodak black and read the lyrics while listening

  38. EgoLifters

    EgoLifters19 hours ago

    New york get sun my guy

  39. Kneya James

    Kneya James20 hours ago

    I live in Minnesota and it’s supposed to be one of the coldest states and we’re in our 30s right now I almost couldn’t believe it when it’s warm and it’s supposed to be like this for a week and I just knew something was up

  40. Jesus Hoya

    Jesus Hoya20 hours ago

    Soo true about religious folks lol.I can relate to that.

  41. Jesus Hoya

    Jesus Hoya20 hours ago

    Are you speaking to me?

  42. Discord Hood

    Discord Hood20 hours ago

    btw the snow turns black because of the sut from the lighter


    YRN_ DARRIAN21 hour ago

    I was sungazing throughout this whole vid🎯 ☀️

  44. Level up And Meditate

    Level up And Meditate22 hours ago

    Love you.


    HIP HOP 2 LITER22 hours ago

    This man be saying some real shit

  46. LilDale Tv

    LilDale Tv22 hours ago

    The song is called spar not weather control 😂😂

  47. Spulty

    Spulty23 hours ago

    Lmao when he said baldy baldy I started laughing so much bro

  48. LilDale Tv

    LilDale Tv23 hours ago

    I don’t like when you call yourself God because that’s blasphemy

  49. DeepDiners_

    DeepDiners_4 minutes ago

    @Diego Martinez and yes I pray to god every morning, listen to gospel , journal , spend time with god away from everything and everyone. I just believe in a further development of consciousness and self.

  50. DeepDiners_

    DeepDiners_5 minutes ago

    @Diego Martinez I’m not gonna go back and forth with you it’s pointless. and if that does happen what am I to do? I know that everything happen did a reason so I’ll pray to god to give me wisdom regarding the situation.

  51. Diego Martinez

    Diego MartinezHour ago

    @DeepDiners_ but just cause you’re able to think positive and have a good day I wouldn’t call you a god. What about when your mother dies or when you have an accident at work disabling you to work, or when receive the news that god forbid your sisters has been raped. What then? Calling yourself a God is in my opinion, solely feeds your ego. And if you believe in God, I must ask? Have you submitted to the will of your god?

  52. DeepDiners_

    DeepDiners_3 hours ago

    @Diego Martinez luxury /wealth starts in the mind first. If you’re not already wealthy in your mind you can never achieve that in your outer world. I had a beautiful day. Helping others with their problems , I got a massage releasing some energy and just relaxing and I went out to the movies. To the normal person you’re probably like that don’t mean nothing lol but it’s all about perspective. I was able to do for others , myself , and have fun. My energy was completely positive so I attracted nothing but positive actions. Not one single time did I slip into negativity. I received calls/messages today with nothing but positive news. Anything I thought about came to me. I didn’t have to do anything but live my life in complete harmony.

  53. ENTJ gal

    ENTJ gal7 hours ago

    I call myself goddess. 🥰👑

  54. Mile Mill

    Mile MillDay ago

    Thanks for another good video so. I really needed a video on these topics especially the winter storms and here you go with it.

  55. Dead Opps

    Dead OppsDay ago

    Bruhh once the durag came off 😂😂🤣💀

  56. Rośe

    RośeDay ago

    I pray he worships the creator as much as he worships the craftsmanship

  57. Gg

    GgDay ago

    I haven't watched in a while so I was blown away when he pulled his doRag off😳😳🤯 lmao I loveeddddd his dreads...... But anyway shoutOut to whatever caused you to cut them off✊✊

  58. DiVine eXchange

    DiVine eXchangeDay ago

    Wait wait wait...this niggas they just taking advantage of what's happening in nature to manipulate? FUCK MAN THATS SO TRUE MY ROOT STARTED TINGLING KEEP GOING I BEEN SAYIN THAT SHIT 🤯

  59. DiVine eXchange

    DiVine eXchangeDay ago

    Still listening...yo he not playin tame Impala said "here comes the sun"....this gone be the hottest year.

  60. DiVine eXchange

    DiVine eXchangeDay ago

    Bro on Gawd this niggas goofy 🤪 I swear I genuinely started laughing he really on good shit I don't really tune in but this was a great download.

  61. m0sqos The Gallant

    m0sqos The GallantDay ago

    For any canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can decline the test and hotel quarantine by simply saying you decline as it violates section 6 of charter of rights and 14.1 emergency act. They just dont tell you cus its all a charade.

  62. Dirk De jong

    Dirk De jongDay ago

    In usa u lack behind man. The virus is a hoax. And the vaccine is pure devilish

  63. Big Huncho

    Big HunchoDay ago

    You right I’ve been the happiest &’ I know what I wanna do 😧

  64. FlashMashUp

    FlashMashUpDay ago

    This guy gets popular off spinning stories

  65. Tiffney Dabney

    Tiffney DabneyDay ago

    Um i have a question im 14 do i have to focus on my self and stuff and should i shave my head 🧑🏾‍🦲

  66. Bryant Hernandez

    Bryant HernandezDay ago

    Respect bro.🙌🏽

  67. not tae

    not taeDay ago

    Yep my stepmom gonna call me stupid if I try to explain this to her again so yep I’m fucked,,,,,,, pray for me y’all fr ‼️

  68. Justin Nance

    Justin NanceDay ago

    FACE IT 👁

  69. I know the truth

    I know the truthDay ago

    We can all 👀 what's going on even without the fake ass news lol

  70. I know the truth

    I know the truthDay ago

    Wtf they mean Texas was colder than Alaska 🙄👀👁

  71. Sy’Monne Houston

    Sy’Monne HoustonDay ago

    No, that weather was not normal for us. They shut the power off and people and animals have died. It’s sad. I had food and a little water stocked up. I had candles and oil lamps. I just bought a portable gas stove..yes I felt this would cause a lot of psychological problems. The sun def helps with mental stability. I love the sun. ☀️

  72. MOE

    MOEDay ago

    Nagerumba Nagerumba

  73. Devral Davon

    Devral DavonDay ago

    lookup red rain in India, France, Australia, Africa, etc.

  74. miister hiide

    miister hiideDay ago


  75. ArmandKingHD

    ArmandKingHDDay ago

    The worst thing is when your in the uk and you NEVER get sun

  76. JeezxMaj

    JeezxMajDay ago

    So low key look like he been bald bro

  77. Tariq Mufleh

    Tariq MuflehDay ago

    Yo so, if you look up at the moon at night... the “stars” are moving like these Aren’t stars they’re the government spaceships out in space cruising around

  78. Lotus Love

    Lotus LoveDay ago


  79. Fight Experiment

    Fight ExperimentDay ago

    I don’t know how to grow food :(

  80. Armon 2Real

    Armon 2RealDay ago

    Von n solluminati rlly had me spend a bag on canned goods thinking shi finna go down😭

  81. Cobra227

    Cobra227Day ago

    I dont think winter is real, it only do one thing it kills nature bruh. 🤔🤔🤔

  82. Des H

    Des H5 hours ago


  83. Keoh

    KeohDay ago

    I love you bro no homo 😂

  84. Keoh

    KeohDay ago

    Bro no caaaap this is MY spiritual journey this is me !!!! I FEEL you !

  85. Eddie Edwards

    Eddie EdwardsDay ago

    Looks lo So been watching Nature Boys Carbonation video congrats on your spiritual journey 👏

  86. christianthom33

    christianthom33Day ago

    I want to know is nle choppa really properly spiritually

  87. EliteShot

    EliteShotDay ago

    Nothing but respect!

  88. YoOuet

    YoOuetDay ago

    This sounds like the show “Colony” on netflix. I recommend people to watch it if you haven’t already.

  89. Vash Cross

    Vash CrossDay ago

    So we're gonna just forget him saying Trump will be the last US president and how he wasn't leaving yet Biden has been active about a month now? 🤔

  90. DBW William

    DBW WilliamDay ago

    I dead ass had a dream about the government shutting the entire united states power off because humans rejected vaccines , they stated a new bullshit rule saying anyone who is outside during the nation wide black out will be taken to a place like jail but worse... Where they do experiments on people

  91. God ANd sELf podcast

    God ANd sELf podcastDay ago

    Can you help me grow my channel? Thanks and to all who see God Bless!!!

  92. Key Low

    Key LowDay ago

    this nigga so bugged out lol dawg said "i barely read books i get my information from the sun" thats why u be on here talking all this nonsense leading all the youngins to hell

  93. Key Low

    Key LowDay ago

    read the bible bro, youre an israelite. stop connecting with gods creations and actually connect with the creator

  94. Gea The Dutch One

    Gea The Dutch OneDay ago

    Love your fun vibes! I’m curious why you have to cover up your crown chakra? Does it protect you in some way? Yes enough distractions. Sometimes I still get caught up in anger because of all the fear-spreading. But it does me no good. So now I’m focusing more on witnessing it. Yeah they’re going for more snow soon in Europe too. They don’t acknowledge their defeat yet.

  95. Greg Otis

    Greg OtisDay ago

    I’ll tell you why it was “them” down in Texas. Because they wanna kill as many people as possible. The ones still left are gonna have to take the shot. And those of us who will refuse til death or chains. We will be in the very small minority. So yes be peaceful loving snd righteous. but better be ready to fight too. That’s my suggestion

  96. beks

    beksDay ago

    3:19 the realization hit me.😔🙏

  97. つTrey༆Bandz

    つTrey༆BandzDay ago

    You making me feel like my 3rd eye is opening you are letting me kno what is goin on fr💯

  98. yo

    yoDay ago

    Look into Islam brother, its the truth


    LORMINGODay ago

    No bs 2020 was my best year too

  100. max

    maxDay ago

    The sun is hot as f**

  101. Uiuiui Ououou

    Uiuiui OuououDay ago

    how murder taste

  102. Uiuiui Ououou

    Uiuiui OuououDay ago

    hate yall enjoy

  103. Uiuiui Ououou

    Uiuiui OuououDay ago

    ugly Assh bois go live

  104. Uiuiui Ououou

    Uiuiui OuououDay ago

    stop cappin knock it

  105. Keno Kezzie

    Keno KezzieDay ago

    In the uk it would snow and be sunny in the same day I’m talking from personal experience bro I’m down here. They must be testing some shit or sum cuz that isn’t usual. This is spring season down here and it’s snowing

  106. koolit_ nick

    koolit_ nickDay ago

    Maybe all the planets are ships

  107. Hidden Gems Tarot

    Hidden Gems TarotDay ago

    Remind me of NEYO 🦋

  108. Christian Cabrera

    Christian CabreraDay ago

    Why do U still wear the du?

  109. Individualist

    IndividualistDay ago

    You gained my respect because you will do you and thats what i love when ppl stop chasing others liking them.

  110. Mena Johnson

    Mena JohnsonDay ago

    I gotta keep it 💯 right now.... I've been watching you since the beginning and I used to think you were the most angriest, obnoxious and arrogant human being on the face of the earth! But I couldn't stop watching. I was connected to you and didn't know why. It was the spiritual connection. I've always been tapped in to my spiritual power and people used to call me weird. They shutting that sh*t up now though. I see it now. You are the TRUTH! I was waiting for you to find your true self. Be careful So. You have too much info. They will want to shut you down. I love your message. Just want you to know I'm still here 👀

  111. Enziuhhh

    EnziuhhhDay ago

    You , nature , and the universal Jah is all you need

  112. Aztruleysartm

    AztruleysartmDay ago

    God Bless YOU So>>>>>>>

  113. Solzen Bey

    Solzen BeyDay ago

    Ayyee I’m in AZ too bro 😎 just moved here last year from the Midwest too

  114. Lil Nicky B

    Lil Nicky BDay ago

    Bro u is right when u said everything going back to all sunny bc rn it’s sunny when it was raining yesterday and it was snowing days ago