Pro Hairdresser Tries The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer (as seen on tiktok)

Hi Beautiful! Today I tried the Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer after seeing it all over tiktok and I have to say... this thing is legit.
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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo18 days ago

    Would you try this brush blowdryer?

  2. Laura Franken

    Laura Franken15 days ago

    I bought that hair dryer couple of weeks ago. I love it

  3. Claire McBride

    Claire McBride16 days ago

    I got this for Christmas, haven't used straighters since. Leaves my hair nice and smooth and it's usually pretty frizzy.

  4. Janie Super

    Janie Super16 days ago

    no, I have it. Its really loud I think its damaging my hearing. It sounds like metal on metal in high pitch.

  5. lechatbotte

    lechatbotte16 days ago

    I have one, bought it a couple years ago. Not the same as they’ve changed the model. No drying strength on mine

  6. baby waanjai

    baby waanjai16 days ago

    Yes.. I already have it

  7. Alex Castillo

    Alex Castillo19 minutes ago

    Was using this for a while....and it absolutely killed my curls. Curly girls beware.

  8. Barbara Rogers

    Barbara Rogers46 minutes ago

    My hair is very long and it pulls out my hair

  9. Kari Kari Sutherland

    Kari Kari Sutherland2 hours ago

    Will you try the Lange one please

  10. GinnyE25Mikah96

    GinnyE25Mikah964 hours ago

    You should try some l'ange hair tools next.

  11. Celeste Garcia

    Celeste Garcia4 hours ago

    Please do my hair 🥺

  12. Celeste Garcia

    Celeste Garcia4 hours ago

    Can you please give me tips on how to control my really frizzy hair

  13. LadyyMeesh

    LadyyMeesh5 hours ago

    I've had this for a few years now and it's the best thing my kinky 4c hair has ever seen! It helps me achieve a really smooth blowout and lots of shine!

  14. PurpleMonkey95

    PurpleMonkey9510 hours ago

    giving me Melania Trump

  15. Trish R.

    Trish R.10 hours ago

    I'm so mad right now cuz I wanted to buy this hair drier brush but everything in my country is so expensive, so this revlon hair brush costs almost one thousand dollars in my country's money 😑

  16. Natasha Bracken

    Natasha Bracken12 hours ago

    I’ve been using this hair dryer for about a year now. I have pretty thick hair and using a hair dryer and brush was just too hard. Quite the arm work out. :-) I agree with you that it will blow the hair outward and will make it frizzy if you don’t use product. I have also found that I can only use it on low. On high it just blows too much. I love they way you did the blow out. I’ve never thought about pinning the curls like you did. Love it!

  17. Liz_travels_theworld

    Liz_travels_theworld12 hours ago

    It's on ebay cheap by the way

  18. No Name

    No Name17 hours ago

    Ok ms.mannequin you looking real hot💕

  19. luv dogs

    luv dogs17 hours ago

    tysmmm for this vid! i was debating whether it was worth it bc it’s not expensive so i’m gonna buy it!! ✨✨🥳

  20. Kathy Heironimus

    Kathy Heironimus19 hours ago

    This blow dryer is amazing. I've turned several friends on to it as well. I can do my whole head in 7 minutes. No products necessary. In fact, my hair style comes out best without any products, go figure. Only use on LOW as HIGH is too hot and COOL is useless. 🙂😘

  21. Miss C

    Miss C20 hours ago

    I have this and LOVE it. It used to take me an hour to blow out my hair, straighten or style. Now I can do it in 15/20 minutes. I’m a busy mom of three kids (newborn, 2 and 4) and have no time for myself. This brush is a lifesaver in giving me a semblance of self care.

  22. Colleen Batten Sabala

    Colleen Batten Sabala20 hours ago

    I have this product. I love it. It gives me volume and coves my thin spots and bald areas.

  23. Julia Weiland

    Julia Weiland21 hour ago

    I gave this to my mom for her birthday almost two years ago and it’s her favorite present ever. She has thick corse wavy hair and it cuts her blow dry time in half.

  24. Angel Babyy

    Angel Babyy21 hour ago

    I got one and used it in cosmo school lmao my instructors hated me for doing it

  25. Daniela BR.

    Daniela BR.21 hour ago

    Hello Brad! Please try the cold brush "CryoCare" of baby liss! tell us if really works. Thks

  26. Esperanzita Bonita

    Esperanzita Bonita22 hours ago

    “Cool tip- great don’t care.” It’s really hot, do not like touch it. It’s a little concerning how hot it is.” Lol, babe pick a side!

  27. Esperanzita Bonita

    Esperanzita Bonita22 hours ago

    I bought Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush and i think those are identical and I loooove it. I have very long and curly hair.

  28. Kathy That's all you need to know

    Kathy That's all you need to know23 hours ago

    Have had mine for two years. Absolutely love it.

  29. Tina Hill

    Tina HillDay ago

    Thank you for all your videos and advice. You make beauty achievable and affordable! Thank you!

  30. Angie Taboas

    Angie TaboasDay ago

    I bought one yesterday and I haven't tried it yet. I was so scared to be disappointed but this videos are giving me some hope!! I guess I'll go try it NOW! 🤞

  31. caitlin liska

    caitlin liskaDay ago

    I got the hot tools version and I actually super love it for my very long hair. My hair is fine but I have a TON of it. I really didn’t even need to straighten my hair afterwards. I even managed volume, softness, etc. it’s the closest I’ve ever come to a salon blowout and my hair held for 3 days till wash day.

  32. Shantel Hardy

    Shantel HardyDay ago

    I love this tool so much! I have chronic pain in my shoulder and can't do the traditional blow dryer + round brush combo, so I'm thrilled to have found something that allows me to do gorgeous blowouts again! (Side note: using lazy in this context is ableist, and that's not cute. ✌)

  33. Haleigh Blevins

    Haleigh BlevinsDay ago

    Pops head off and throws it lol

  34. Annette Redner

    Annette RednerDay ago

    I have one of these brush roller blow dryer combinations. I was afraid of it at first cuz I was afraid my hair would get tangled in it but now that I've played with it a little bit I absolutely love it? My hair has never been shinier. It's actually fun to use. I hung my hair upside down and blow-dried it like that I have mountains of volume I love love love this tool

  35. Nicole Whitis-Purva

    Nicole Whitis-PurvaDay ago

    I love this thing and it’s the only way I straighten my hair, anymore. I have a natural 3A curl pattern and I’m still able to get my hair straight and silky without any product. (I have severe fragrance sensitivity, so most products aren’t usable for me, sadly... want to make some I can use? 😁)

  36. Jodi Rubin

    Jodi RubinDay ago

    I have naturally curly hair and had been getting Brazilian Blowouts to straighten, until I found this item! Now I can go between curly and straight without chemicals!!!

  37. Brenda Beston

    Brenda BestonDay ago

    Hey 👋🏻 Brad. I am a hairstylist (37years). Had a client buy this thinking it would be good for her(80’s with a roller set type of style 😊) obviously not for her. She said to me she bought this and couldn’t use it would I like it. I said yes with the same perspective as you. Once I tried it on myself I was blown ( no pun intended) away how good it really is. I wished there was a smaller version for shorter styles. Great demo. Stay safe my friend 😊cheers

  38. Susan Carlton

    Susan CarltonDay ago

    I love this styler. I use it all the time. At my age (71) I feel the high heat is too damaging for my hair so I use a hair dryer to gently get most of the wetness out and then go in with the styler on low. My hair looks fabulous and it’s so great to have a tool that can achieve a salon “blow out”. I have bought several stylers and given them away to family and friends.

  39. Michelle Johansen

    Michelle JohansenDay ago

    I LOVE MINE, my hair is mega curly and it keeps my hair frizzy free. It has cut my styling time in half the time it used too. You just have too be careful with possible burning.

  40. Agata Inventio

    Agata InventioDay ago

    Omg Brad you just solved my life time problem on how to wear a silk scarf with a button up and still look like I didn’t try

  41. Femke

    FemkeDay ago

    if anyone is looking for a vegan alternative try the remington hydraluxe volumising dryer ❤️

  42. April Marie

    April MarieDay ago

    I am SOOO glad this is Brad Mondo approved because I bought one, I havnt used it yet! Buttttttt I'm glad to know it works and now I WILL DEFINITELY use it! 🤭👏🏻

  43. Liliana Velasquez

    Liliana VelasquezDay ago

    Okay but my mom and I saw it and got excited about it but we didn’t get it lmao😞😂

  44. Alice Rose

    Alice RoseDay ago

    Just used it today. Be sure to use a lot of heat protectant spray because it gets so hot.

  45. Yaileen Ocasio

    Yaileen OcasioDay ago

    I have it and it's the best thing in the world 😍🤗

  46. Michelle Beachlover

    Michelle BeachloverDay ago

    I had this one, and then purchase a better on from Lange and it was a game changer. It works better and they have two sizes for smaller barrel and large barrel.

  47. Kim McG.

    Kim McG.Day ago

    I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT LIVE without mine!!!! Mine must be doesn't have those heat settings, but it doesn't need it. I have been blowdrying AND flat ironing for as long as flat irons have been out. Now in my 50's and I havent used a flat iron in 2 yrs!!!

  48. Lisa Biernacki Cameron

    Lisa Biernacki CameronDay ago

    It’s really amazing but I don’t trust the heat on it. My gaur smoked and I barely had it on. I have to use it on the lowest heat when I do use it. I have platinum hair and I baby it so using this on high heat is not good for my hair. The volume is crazy good though.

  49. Ayisha Noofa Kajamohaideen

    Ayisha Noofa KajamohaideenDay ago

    I love it Brad I am also having the same revlon product, but unable to use it,I love the way of your hairstyling


    CAROLE FREEMAN2 days ago

    I use it on low heat and it works perfectly well.

  51. Kayla Crandall

    Kayla Crandall2 days ago

    Bought one for my daughter for her 13th birthday. It is super amazing! I ended up getting one too :)

  52. Demi

    Demi2 days ago

    I bought it, I tried it, I hated it, I returned it lol

  53. Angelina Marita

    Angelina Marita2 days ago

    I love mine but the handle is too big. I have small lady hands.

  54. Ameny Daif

    Ameny Daif2 days ago

    I have one! I love it!

  55. deamber dixon

    deamber dixon2 days ago

    I’m natural and I’ve been using it for years it’s great at stretching the hair while drying it at the same time

  56. Shannon Wildrice

    Shannon Wildrice2 days ago

    I don’t use products and my hair comes out perfect. I haaate blow drying my hair. However this gets it done so fast that I love it.

  57. fayella9

    fayella92 days ago

    This is so old and terrible for long term!! Worse than just straightener and blow dry. Hot tools and other company have made better tools!! DO NOT BUY THE REVLON ONE

  58. Breanne Boyd

    Breanne Boyd2 days ago

    I have super thick wavy hair that takes forever to dry and this thing has been such a lifesaver. It makes drying and styling my hair so much better, I can get my blowout in half the time and not kill my arms in the process.


    EDM ORCHID2 days ago

    My sister and several other people have told me that this is a game-changing styling product. However I found it very heavy. It was difficult for me to reach the back of my head. I'm going back to my brush after this.

  60. Blen R

    Blen R2 days ago

    At the beggining I was very happy with this tool, as it gives the style you want and dry at the same time... but With the time damaged my hair

  61. Steffi Cousins

    Steffi Cousins2 days ago

    Holy shit I watched this video and immediately bought one. I can never be bothered to blow dry my hair and it's always just gross. This is sooo fast and my hair is so silky smooth I don;t even need to straighten it. Thank you brad mondo!!!

  62. ruthmarie Texido

    ruthmarie Texido2 days ago

    I love my brush

  63. emma barrera

    emma barrera2 days ago

    Your blow out hand motions 🙌 😂 I feel like a damn circus act doing a blow out on myself or anyone else

  64. ahoward

    ahoward2 days ago

    I love that Brad calls his lovely mannequins his "clients"

  65. Mmm Ddd

    Mmm DddDay ago

    And then he is tossing them across the room 😜 💗

  66. Dylane Kilian

    Dylane Kilian2 days ago

    Owned it for 2yrs now wish I had one sooner. I always use low setting and argon oil. Takes me 20minutes to blow dry.

  67. lucrezia peterson

    lucrezia peterson2 days ago

    I have a knock off brand from Amazon. Love it too. Ot does everything it says. And I paid like $25 on Amazon.

  68. Dawn Brenneman

    Dawn BrennemanDay ago

    me wonders!!

  69. SuperGalfriday

    SuperGalfridayDay ago

    🙋🏻‍♀️me too

  70. M.A.l

    M.A.l2 days ago

    Does anyone know a vegan option on it ?

  71. Tiffany Morash

    Tiffany Morash3 days ago

    Brad can you please make a product that weighs the hair down PLEASE!!! All the products on the market claim to not weigh hair down which is cool but those of us with dry, fine and frizzy hair would like some weight!!

  72. Lucia DosSantos

    Lucia DosSantos3 days ago

    I have it for 3 years now and I love it.

  73. Annie Watson

    Annie Watson3 days ago

    I have this and I LOVE it! My hair is long and straight. This quickly dries my hair with lots of shine and volume.

  74. Natalia Margulis

    Natalia Margulis3 days ago

    Ok, but does this work on really curly hair? Like 3C? Because my hair does not need a lift, if anything the roots are difficult to tame when drying with a regular blow dryer and a ceramic brush. How does this compare?

  75. Pamela Koehn

    Pamela Koehn3 days ago

    I have this very product. I loved it at first but I feel like it damaged my hair.

  76. Özge N.

    Özge N.3 days ago

    I have straight hair and kinda want that volume and those waves at the end of my hair would it be worth it to buy that revlon?

  77. Lauren Strand

    Lauren Strand2 days ago


  78. Beth Sellers

    Beth Sellers3 days ago

    i adore my revlon contraption thing brush!

  79. Rah101

    Rah1013 days ago

    I want this! 😻

  80. Susan Lopatin

    Susan Lopatin3 days ago

    I love this product but the one downside I've noticed is that it pulls my hair out. I am no professional but noticed a difference in my thick hair over a few months. I also don't use heat all that often. Still it's super quick and awesome results. Just be more gentle than me I suppose.

  81. Naomix4

    Naomix43 days ago

    “There’s no technology behind a boar” 🤣🤣🤣 love it

  82. Shelby Wilson

    Shelby Wilson3 days ago

    It sucks on my hair and I have naturally curly hair.

  83. H Knowles

    H Knowles3 days ago

    It may not be the same story if said client had hair in the 4 range category.

  84. Christine Elizabeth

    Christine Elizabeth3 days ago

    They have these for $20 on Amazon if anyone cares

  85. Karen Brown

    Karen Brown3 days ago

    I have been using one since October and I love it. I love it so much that I gave it as gifts to my sons' girlfriends. I recommend using a little Argan oil and of course a heat protective spray. I use a heat glove...that sadly is not included. Sectioning makes it easier to get a great look With very little practice, you can achieve a really nice blow out.

  86. Chelsey Austin

    Chelsey Austin3 days ago

    I want to see how the Dyson air dryer works. it has all these attachments to curl and whatever. Dyson is a good brand for like vacuums, hair dryers? Let me know!

  87. Manisha Sinhababu

    Manisha Sinhababu3 days ago

    Am I the only one who is worried about putting a lot of products in the hair before using heat tools cause I sopmehow keep on thinking a lot of chemicals and 400 degree celcius .....doesn't sound liek a good combo

  88. Manisha Sinhababu

    Manisha Sinhababu3 days ago

    I heard this doesn't work with non USA volatge ..... Any alternative ? Like I was checking in Amazon for my country and a lot of comments mentioned that it burned out after 5 mins even with an adapter but all reviews were positive that were from USA ...Also apparentsly they don't ship with an adapter either ..

  89. GinaCas525

    GinaCas5253 days ago

    After I watched this, I just knew I had to have it... so I didn’t send it back to Amazon and I’m unboxing it NOW!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I’m definitely using it after my next wash 😉 Love you MUCHO, Mondo! 💜🥰💜

  90. Roma A

    Roma A3 days ago

    U just red my mind i was thinking about it and about the protection spray ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. River Dogs

    River Dogs3 days ago

    Thanks for the video Brad! I have thick hair and a lot of hair... like I have 4x the amount of hair of most of my friends. Like when I got extensions she used 12 bundles and it still looked like I had a mullet. My arms literally get tired doing things like this 🤣. I can’t section my hair, I can’t even put it up in a pony tail because it falls from the weight. I’d love a video for girls with a super super super amount of hair. Happy to be the example of it 🤣❤️

  92. Cian Hanson

    Cian Hanson3 days ago

    I actually like the revlon better than the l’ange. As far as the shape I get.

  93. Rabiia iia

    Rabiia iia3 days ago

    I am obsessed with this .. very easy and quick solution for hair do noting works for me accept this ❤️👍🏻I bought 2 just in case 🤣🤣

  94. christine howell

    christine howell3 days ago

    I have, almost, the same thing that I bought over 20 years ago, still works, I love it.

  95. Daniel Cortes

    Daniel Cortes3 days ago

    Try it on long thick curly hair

  96. Claudia de Sousa

    Claudia de Sousa3 days ago

    Have it for several years and love it

  97. Paula Roman

    Paula Roman3 days ago

    I must be using it wrong. It makes my hair flatter. That being said, it dries it quickly.

  98. Laura J

    Laura J2 days ago

    have you tried pulling it upwards and then twisting it inwards? you could try volumising mousse on your roots too :)

  99. Stef with an F

    Stef with an F4 days ago

    Is it too dramatic to say a blow dryer changed my life?

  100. T Morgan

    T Morgan4 days ago

    It used to take me 1.5-2 hours to flat iron my hair straight. Using this it takes 25 minutes if my hair is dry or almost dry and about 35 if it’s more to the wet end of the spectrum. It’s amazing.

  101. Alex Flores

    Alex Flores4 days ago

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  102. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat4 days ago

    Definitely buying this

  103. Jessica Scriver

    Jessica Scriver4 days ago

    Bought this for myself with Christmas gift cards! My hair is so long and thick it has changed my liiiiiife

  104. Heather Duvall

    Heather Duvall4 days ago

    I use this on my thick frizzy hair and it’s so much easier to blow dry!

  105. Helen Muckle

    Helen Muckle4 days ago

    I have had this blow dryer for a couple years now and my Dyson has been gathering dust. I love it! My hair is dried and styled in 10 minutes tops

  106. Sue Feuay

    Sue Feuay4 days ago

    I just cut all my hair off, it would mean the world if y’all can check it out!🥺💗

  107. Holly Riechers

    Holly Riechers4 days ago

    Please come out with one of these with a longer cord and varying brush heads!! 🙏 😍

  108. Funnee Edit

    Funnee Edit4 days ago


  109. cobb829

    cobb8294 days ago

    I use this hairdryer all the time! So much easier for me to do a blow dry as I'm so bad at juggling a round brush and hairdryer!

  110. Stanneta Prospere

    Stanneta Prospere4 days ago

    I have Sisterlocks, I will never need any advice in these videos. But I watch every single one. 💗