LOL! Ammo Company Has a Special Message For Biden Supporters

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Beth Baumann from Townhall reports, The small ammo manufacturer, Fenix Ammunition, has a word for those who supported President Joe Biden: if you want ammo, you're going to have to go elsewhere.
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  1. The Next News Network

    The Next News Network7 days ago

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  2. Den Wolff

    Den Wolff22 hours ago


  3. Tina Petracek

    Tina Petracek22 hours ago

    So much BS the republicans have been telling us that Dems are going to take our guns for many years, Obama and Hillary are goung to take the guns. LOL More guns were sold during Obamas 8 years than any other 20 year period but you just keep believing them and buying guns LOL

  4. Den Wolff

    Den Wolff23 hours ago


  5. Brian Herron

    Brian HerronDay ago

    Imagine if EVERY company did THIS, which they SHOULD!!!! ebay, amazon, etc. Amazon would lose a LOT of customers cause THEY support Biden!

  6. Den Wolff

    Den Wolff2 days ago

    @Judah Christ

  7. Jim Carlisle

    Jim Carlisle23 minutes ago

    The crook Biden, should be impeached.

  8. michelle Tatum

    michelle Tatum33 minutes ago

    Lol๐Ÿ˜‚ what is good for the gander is good for the goose

  9. Ruben Gonzalez

    Ruben Gonzalez44 minutes ago

    I am a Biden vet ARMED TO THE TEETH!!!!.....who thinks Trump is a draft dodging disgrace.....what of it!!!

  10. Tamie White

    Tamie WhiteHour ago

    Love this Ammo Company!!! God Bless you!!!

  11. Freddy Contreras

    Freddy ContrerasHour ago

    China Joe Biden is a clown and a corrupt politician and a pervert.

  12. Shane Beaudrot

    Shane Beaudrot2 hours ago


  13. Garrett Todd

    Garrett Todd4 hours ago

    I am telling Biden to pound sand

  14. PHOTO7

    PHOTO74 hours ago

    "You tell them, You are not welcome here" Sounds familiar?

  15. Duane Short

    Duane Short5 hours ago


  16. ROGUE 7

    ROGUE 75 hours ago

    Hahahahaha I love this company! ๐Ÿ‘Fuckin BRILLIANT marketing campaign! I'll go out of my way to use Fenix Ammunition from now on! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ 2A + 1A all day every day!

  17. Slaw Dawg

    Slaw Dawg5 hours ago

    They may lose a few customers but they are going to gain much more. I am going to buy from Fenix. Screw Braindead Joe and The 'Ho.

  18. Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 2020

    Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 20206 hours ago

    DEMOCRATS should be shot walking through the door

  19. Luke Wood

    Luke Wood6 hours ago

    America needs gun controls.

  20. jj oo

    jj oo6 hours ago

    Take that Biotches. And now it's time for the rest of you to use your voices and raise a stink like you've never raised in your entire lives.

  21. Vince Gedeon

    Vince Gedeon7 hours ago

    Gun obsessed loony toons๐Ÿ™„

  22. KaJo Register

    KaJo Register7 hours ago

    I love the concept, but the bastards are just gonna come back and lie the next time. It doesn't stop them from ordering in the long-run

  23. prm414

    prm4147 hours ago

    Why do you need guns anyway, Oh, yes, every one else has one. America has never grown up it is still acting as a toddler, you know how toddler act when they don't get there own way. Doesn't your dollar bill say " in God we trust", so why do you need guns.


    ALAN BUTLER8 hours ago


  25. Douglas Smith

    Douglas Smith8 hours ago

    Individual Liberty, Self Governed, We The People. Go Pound Sand.......LOVE IT ! subscribed !

  26. David lopez

    David lopez8 hours ago


  27. eddie vargas

    eddie vargas8 hours ago

    Are you guys the same people to give out saying that the election was good?

  28. CitizenPerkins

    CitizenPerkins9 hours ago


  29. Neil Dutson

    Neil Dutson10 hours ago

    This is awesome. This is what an "American" Company looks like.

  30. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf10 hours ago

    Awesome! I love that company. I will purchase ammo from those guys! Right on! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  31. Mary Lawson

    Mary Lawson10 hours ago

    Good for you. All aboard people. United we Stand.

  32. night Mare

    night Mare10 hours ago

    Now we just need to have the ammo comp. And the arms company's to stop selling to the D.O.D

  33. Mark homer

    Mark homer10 hours ago

    Lol if tRump took a shiet in a cup u all would drink it. And then u would try to tell me how delicious it is. Lol F**king losers. Nobody gives a shiet about u are your guns. Lol tRumptards.

  34. Mikel Hawk

    Mikel Hawk11 hours ago

    If you voted for Joe Biden you're a GD moron.

  35. H Arnell Holliman

    H Arnell Holliman11 hours ago

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘standing ovations!

  36. Troy C

    Troy C11 hours ago

    They should make people wear a MAGA hat to enter a gun shop. That would be fun to see.

  37. David Hals

    David Hals11 hours ago

    Awesome company making Ammo!!!!!!!!!

  38. ONSYTE-1

    ONSYTE-111 hours ago

    I'm Not allowed to have a gun.. BUT all United States Legal Citizens that can Except Demon-Craughts.. I agree with the Company.. You can't Have ANYTHING.

  39. TheJoegator

    TheJoegator11 hours ago

    biden, you are a dick

  40. lurking raven

    lurking raven11 hours ago

    Finally! Someone standing up for American rights!

  41. Jeff Carr

    Jeff Carr11 hours ago

    No more guns for you

  42. Bert Morse

    Bert Morse11 hours ago

    Love it that they are not willing to sell ammo to Biden supporters

  43. Bob Fearick

    Bob Fearick12 hours ago


  44. Bob Frye

    Bob Frye12 hours ago

    I hope this makes all who voted for biden roll over in there graves!!!!!

  45. Bob Frye

    Bob Frye12 hours ago

    biden supporters can go "pound" each other!!!!!! Good for this ammo company,its there right to refuse service to anyone they choose....most of all the "stupid"among us!!!!!

  46. Deana McDaniel

    Deana McDaniel12 hours ago

    Good one for us ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  47. Texas Bullet

    Texas Bullet12 hours ago

    2 mil subs WOW ...congrats!

  48. Manuel G Chapa Jr

    Manuel G Chapa Jr12 hours ago


  49. Bill Fitzpatrick

    Bill Fitzpatrick12 hours ago

    I'm a long time gun owner and Viett Nam veteran and Biden voter. The controls Biden wants would get rid of the crazies that give your industry a bad name and that would increase your sales! You are a fool to limit your sales by taking sides, but that seems like the way things are for the right! Do you really believe progressives don't own guns??? We just don't flaunt them, nor do we think they make us macho!

  50. M. J.

    M. J.12 hours ago

    If a Biden-led military campaign requested ammunition from Fenix, you can be assured that they would fill the order.

  51. W C

    W C12 hours ago

    I think I have found a ammo company to buy all my ammo from

  52. Tick Tock

    Tick Tock13 hours ago

    Finally, a company with some balls! Anyone and everyone who owns a firearm should buy ammo from this company to show support.

  53. Shane

    Shane13 hours ago

    this is AWESOME! now we need more companies standing up to these morons!

  54. Brian innis

    Brian innis13 hours ago

    Screw bide what a traitor to this country and he is a dumb ass sad thing is he don't know it !๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  55. Frank Toledo

    Frank Toledo13 hours ago

    This is Great.

  56. Issac Lambert

    Issac Lambert13 hours ago

    Good it seems democratic voters are the ones who like to riot. We don't need to arm these jackasses.

  57. Komodo Dragon

    Komodo Dragon13 hours ago

    boycott democrats! dont serve them anywhere!!

  58. Douglas Kirk

    Douglas Kirk13 hours ago


  59. Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham13 hours ago

    I did not vote for the son of a b**** and I still can't find any ammunition.

  60. Billy Barrow

    Billy Barrow13 hours ago

    You are the man

  61. nwnapper8

    nwnapper814 hours ago

    REAL journalists would have a comment from Biden in that "report" POS

  62. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips14 hours ago

    I Love It!

  63. Roxie McCoy

    Roxie McCoy14 hours ago

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผGood for this company!!!!

  64. Den Wolff

    Den Wolff12 hours ago


  65. the taker of knowledge

    the taker of knowledge14 hours ago


  66. Samuel Wunderlich

    Samuel Wunderlich14 hours ago

    How incredibly ignorant. I thought this was a free country. If someone sells food for a living they would be justified in not selling food to anyone because of their voting record? They can stick their ammo where the sun don't shine. 81 million of us voted for Biden thank God and we got rid of the worst president in our history.

  67. Laney Carter

    Laney Carter14 hours ago

    Thanks for standing up !

  68. Judy Celestine

    Judy Celestine15 hours ago

    Good for them!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  69. Frank Paya

    Frank Paya15 hours ago

    A vote "for" Biden / Harris from most people was a vote against Trump. by voting Biden- Harris because of their venom for Trump, most people voted against they're personal interests, cutting off their nose to spite they're face.

  70. BU2Lander

    BU2Lander15 hours ago

    Hmmm... sounds like I may have to check out how reasonable their ammo is...

  71. Jon Merriman

    Jon Merriman15 hours ago


  72. fred dog

    fred dog15 hours ago

    they have no ammo for sale

  73. Ken Moore

    Ken Moore15 hours ago

    BIDEN needs law abiding citizens to be helpless???? Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jeremy Wilson

    Jeremy Wilson15 hours ago

    Thank god I dont stand alone! We want trump!

  75. Josepphe Wales

    Josepphe Wales15 hours ago

    Where'shunter bitchboy

  76. R P

    R P15 hours ago

    This Obiden Administration and media want to censor half of America, Biden supporters deserve this. They shouldn't b allowed to buy ammo if they support trying to take away the Second Amendment right.

  77. James Graham

    James Graham15 hours ago


  78. Zombie Ninja

    Zombie Ninja16 hours ago

    HECK YEAH!!! This Company is Awesome!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  79. Lawrence CATES

    Lawrence CATES16 hours ago

    Biden what a socialist idiot he is I'm proud of the animal company is standing up against this crazy crowd of idiots there nothing less than communist make more bullets and we stay free make America great again

  80. BB Lee

    BB Lee16 hours ago

    Just got a new Ruger lcp2. Found only 100 rounds for sale within 50 miles

  81. Chris defelice

    Chris defelice16 hours ago

    Nice. What a great company

  82. Triumph 71

    Triumph 7116 hours ago

    I have looked for ammo for over 6 months with no not yet responce and thats 6 gun shops what b/s never found out why,, shops were blaming it on covid -19 just stumble across this info thank you i got all important guns i own supplied now this sun of a b is not going to stop us americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. william bush

    william bush17 hours ago

    why would a biden supporter need ammo?

  84. bobby thompson

    bobby thompson17 hours ago

    Amen this is what all companies and businesses need to start doing if your a democrap no f- ing service just like they were told by Maxine Waters if you see any Trump supporters you tell them they are not welcome here the street runs both ways.


    CARLOS A. SANCHEZ17 hours ago

    That bluster from Fenix to Plugs and his minions is all well and good, but useless. I just went on their site and all the popular ammo is sold out, so it's not just Plugs they told to pound sand, it's the rest of us, too.

  86. Boar Zwid

    Boar Zwid17 hours ago

    Democratโ€™s donโ€™t need self Defense, they have antifa CCP and BLM and would shoot their eye out anyway

  87. Barry Lewis

    Barry Lewis17 hours ago

    Thank you

  88. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith17 hours ago

    Bunker boy lost get over it loser

  89. William Hodgden

    William Hodgden18 hours ago

    Screw Anti American Biden. If you voted for that idiot I recommend you move to a shit hole country as that's what the democrats will make America.

  90. Mike Poulin

    Mike Poulin18 hours ago

    I wouldn't vote for Biden if they paid me to vote for him I respect my rights to carry a firearm

  91. Zuzu Petals

    Zuzu Petals18 hours ago

    President Biden won a fair election. And if he did steal it then he truly beat trumpy at his own game, Biden is the Smarter President..!!! keep crying maga scum..!! We will put u all in camps before summer..!!

  92. Factory400

    Factory40018 hours ago

    Biden's plans for gun/ammo control are like Trump promising to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. It is senseless political drivel.

  93. Zuzu Petals

    Zuzu Petals18 hours ago

    Come to Blue Diamond guns and ammo in las vegas..!!! We just received 40 tons of fresh ammo, we will only sell to registered Democrats, at a discount.

  94. Brent Leckner

    Brent Leckner18 hours ago

    My kind of ammo company, Hoorah!!!!!!!

  95. vectorm4

    vectorm419 hours ago

    What many people think is they did not vote "for" President Biden; they think they voted "against" President Trump. WRONG ! The ballot box does not recognize that. When you select a candidate, you are actively supporting ALL of their idea's and their entire Platform. That is how voting works.

  96. Mickey Robinson

    Mickey Robinson19 hours ago


  97. John Witthauer

    John Witthauer19 hours ago

    And yet Republicans cry like little bitches about the cancel culture. GOP = HYPOCRITE.

  98. zildjianzorro

    zildjianzorro19 hours ago

    BRAVO to the Phoenix Ammunition company!!!!!

  99. Chris M

    Chris M19 hours ago

    O'biden with the rest of the dnc needs to be put in nursing homes in NYC.

  100. Jane Harley

    Jane Harley19 hours ago

    Some of you smoked to much trump ass.

  101. Gerry Gilmore

    Gerry Gilmore20 hours ago

    The question was what was Biden doing hiding in his basement all those months now we know. Other than the obvious, he was down there marking ballots.

  102. Damian Garrett

    Damian Garrett20 hours ago

    I bought ammo with my stimulus money! How do you like that you democratic dicks!

  103. dkh4950

    dkh495020 hours ago

    It's time to stand against Biden. I hope more companies join them.

  104. Elijha Garcia

    Elijha Garcia20 hours ago

    Love them.!!!!!

  105. Stephen Novak

    Stephen Novak21 hour ago

    Standing up for are rights. That's very good.

  106. Mr. McCoy

    Mr. McCoy21 hour ago

    Buck Fiden Phuc Harris Long live the republic