Dustin Johnson vs. Fore Play - One Club Challenge, 9 iron

After Dustin Johnson proved that he could swing it left-handed better than we could right, we ran it back in a one-club challenge. The 2020 Masters champ pulled 9 iron on a long par 5 to try and take us down, but also hit one of the most impressive 3 woods you'll ever see for fun.
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  1. Silverloaf Custom Golf

    Silverloaf Custom Golf3 days ago

    Quick pole: Anyone seeing my videos or channel suggested by USlikes after watching this video?

  2. BronTheGoat6

    BronTheGoat63 days ago


  3. Jim Jimenez

    Jim Jimenez9 days ago

    Why do you all have to scream fore? Gay boyssss

  4. Michael Tudda

    Michael Tudda9 days ago

    DJ is a bad ass.

  5. Sunny G

    Sunny G13 days ago

    How many Dustin Johnsons did Dustin Johnson do before he slapped the whole gang?

  6. Jonathan Biederman

    Jonathan Biederman13 days ago

    Great series

  7. TakeDeadAim

    TakeDeadAim15 days ago

    Dude with the tight Khaki's and glasses isn't good enough to use muscle backs....That's one problem.

  8. Marvin Erikson

    Marvin Erikson15 days ago

    “Listen to Dustin Johnson...”

  9. Koby Carlton

    Koby Carlton15 days ago

    Fat dude with fake deep voice and crazy eyed guy are top notch d bags

  10. Mr Smith’s World

    Mr Smith’s World15 days ago

    Those folks hearing FORE be like “ those clowns shouting FORE” having no idea DJ is back on the tee 😂😂🤙🏻

  11. David Sprick

    David Sprick16 days ago

    DJ is a great sport!

  12. Franklin Raul

    Franklin Raul17 days ago

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  13. Bryan Adams

    Bryan Adams16 days ago

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    STUDZ4LIFE19 days ago

    That was entertaining. Well done guys.

  20. Christopher Clarke

    Christopher Clarke20 days ago

    Has anyone ever just told Trent to sloooowwwww downnnnnnn

  21. Doug Edison

    Doug Edison20 days ago

    Would be fun to watch if not for all the F-Bombs.

  22. Alex Requadt

    Alex Requadt20 days ago

    DJ doesn’t have much practice looking for golf balls

  23. Connor M

    Connor M21 day ago

    Somebody get Trent a longer club...that is outlandish😂 @8:42

  24. Steve McVay

    Steve McVay21 day ago

    There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to the top ranked golfer in the world...

  25. jamsjr44

    jamsjr4422 days ago

    Lurch always sounds like he has jizz in his noise!

  26. Lisa Kelly

    Lisa Kelly22 days ago

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  27. Chris Sable

    Chris Sable22 days ago

    "Congrats on The Masters, that was awesome!" "Remember when you were in the Beatles? That was awesome"

  28. Soar Above

    Soar Above23 days ago

    What’s up w all the cursing? Wanted to share this w family, but they need to learn THEIR OWN golf cursing. 🤦‍♂️

  29. Scott Lucidi

    Scott Lucidi23 days ago

    this guy is better with one club than we are with 14

  30. Anon Imus

    Anon Imus23 days ago

    DJ is probably scratch with only a 9

  31. scrumpymanjack

    scrumpymanjack23 days ago

    I'm not prudish but what's with all the swearing?

  32. Colt Cotten

    Colt Cotten23 days ago

    Lol. Drug test him.

  33. Gincha Dope

    Gincha Dope23 days ago

    Foreplay oughta choose players wisely. Some dudes just shouldnt be playing with pros. Its funny, sure, relevant for the audience, but the pros fucking hate playing w scrubs

  34. Stevie Wee

    Stevie Wee23 days ago

    DJ must be back on Cociana!!! He had a lot of personality in this...wtf??

  35. Sam Dyer

    Sam Dyer23 days ago

    Imagine talking shit to the group hitting into you and seeing D (fkn) J pull up on you 🤣

  36. Keith Tingle

    Keith Tingle23 days ago

    DJ looks like a different species

  37. the.mighty.kyuss

    the.mighty.kyuss23 days ago

    Guy with the green shirt and shorts. What an annoying fucking voice.

  38. Boom Baby

    Boom Baby23 days ago

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  39. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui23 days ago

    Lmaoo imagine DJ looking for your ball, I would feel sooo bad lmao


    PHONG VONG23 days ago

    It was awesome on that 3 wood. I am thinking about coming up with the irons renovation like a letter w or number 3 if you please pay attention of what I try to conveying here. They are for left and right handed golfers.


    PHONG VONG23 days ago

    Dustin, Paul here man. How are you? Do you think a little meditation is a millionaire's mind?

  42. Maraaks_lol

    Maraaks_lol24 days ago

    i never see him made à draw 😳

  43. Joshua Ambrosio

    Joshua Ambrosio24 days ago

    What golf course is this

  44. Michele M Jackson

    Michele M Jackson24 days ago


  45. Christian Haley

    Christian Haley24 days ago

    Wow DJ is so fuckin cool and who would've thought it'd take these guys to get it out of him lol

  46. Ivanvlogz

    Ivanvlogz24 days ago

    Music Is completely unnecessary. As for the rest, I loved it.

  47. zachary berry

    zachary berry24 days ago

    Seeing dj as just one of the guys is fuckin crazy. Dudes so down to earth even when he’s one of the greatest golfers alive

  48. Lior Kolton

    Lior Kolton24 days ago

    Glorious content

  49. Bill Westrick

    Bill Westrick24 days ago



    SIMPLE SPIN25 days ago

    Had a guy on our golf league once that could hit a sand wedge 190 yards, but if he missed it, he'd leave one heck of a divot. He could only hit his 3 iron about 125 yds..lol if Dustin closed the face down like he did, I;ll bet he could hit a 9 iron 250 yds..


    SIMPLE SPIN25 days ago

    I wish they'd have tournaments like this on tv every week...It's a challenge and super fun to watch..

  52. Connor O

    Connor O25 days ago

    i’ve never seen fangirling so hard from four dudes

  53. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui23 days ago

    interviews on pga tour. Top content

  54. Christian Angeles

    Christian Angeles25 days ago

    My boy DJ def hit the slopes before this the way hes looking for those balls for them lmao

  55. RedGrant

    RedGrant25 days ago

    1:40 Is it just me or does Dustin Johnson a look alike of Bradley Cooper?

  56. Michael Delgado

    Michael Delgado25 days ago

    I wonder what the price is to play with Dustin Johnson for 1hr.

  57. Mitch Kumstein

    Mitch Kumstein25 days ago

    Wow, I like you guys, but if you hit while I was in the fairway I would come back and take DJ's 9 iron out of his hands and beat the bejesus out of all of you. Especially for continuing after the first one almost hit them. You guys are bags of the douche variety!

  58. Damien Dax

    Damien Dax25 days ago

    why use so many unecicary words, ive been golfing for a little over a year and really looking for ways to get better and i love your golf channel but the bad words realy making me not want to watch

  59. Jimmy Brown

    Jimmy Brown25 days ago

    How does 400k viewers only give 4K likes

  60. kroggs04

    kroggs0425 days ago

    Would be pretty cool if these tools acted a bit more professional...

  61. Zach Richards

    Zach Richards25 days ago

    The boys reaction at 4:59 is awesome haha

  62. Levi Evan

    Levi Evan25 days ago

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    Melinda Bond25 days ago

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  68. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon25 days ago

    I swear hes the cutest thing ever

  69. oh yeah!

    oh yeah!25 days ago

    Who are these guys?

  70. Michael keys

    Michael keys25 days ago

    320 3 wood 😳

  71. james harris

    james harris25 days ago

    One Lion and a few gaggling hyenas. Gentlemen, have some self-respect and stop groveling. That fat Humpty dumpty's got quite the mouth on him. So much for golf. etiquette

  72. Jerry Upchurch

    Jerry Upchurch26 days ago

    More people who can't talk with the f word what a bunch of douchebags.

  73. R Lopez

    R Lopez26 days ago

    “I need to rip a couple Dustin Johnsons”

  74. PineappleDG

    PineappleDG26 days ago

    why are they covering up the trump golf course logo?

  75. LH Prod.

    LH Prod.26 days ago

    Kept hearing Dana White

  76. Derek Cote

    Derek Cote26 days ago

    anyone know who dusty is carting with?

  77. Ad am

    Ad am26 days ago

    Lurch loves the fistbump

  78. Joseph Durkin

    Joseph Durkin26 days ago

    Just drop a ball.....

  79. Joshua 2832

    Joshua 283226 days ago

    DJ is a freak of nature man

  80. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini26 days ago

    DJ talking smack is hilarious, Riggs playing with himself after DJ stings that 3 wood @ 4:37

  81. Slammers 15

    Slammers 1526 days ago

    really copied that comment huh

  82. Rory Firth

    Rory Firth26 days ago

    Dj, Number 1 golfer in the world, searching for balls. You never lose the love of even the simple things in this game. Legend

  83. Daniel Terry

    Daniel Terry26 days ago

    Should have let DJ use all his clubs, but ask that he play in his Masters coat !!!!

  84. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith26 days ago


  85. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini26 days ago

    14:28 “ i dunno” and DJ Laughing. 🤣👌

  86. Jack HAMMER

    Jack HAMMER26 days ago

    Should have gotten the rules official over for DJ improving his line to the flag brushing off the sand on the green. Penalty stroke. Lol.

  87. DaveHedgehog

    DaveHedgehog26 days ago

    A 16 minute video to play one hole... Good on DJ for playing along, but you've fairly dragged it out.

  88. santasfake 21

    santasfake 2127 days ago

    Them all looking for a ball gives me PTSD from this past weekend when I shot 22 over par for my first game of the year 😂

  89. rbcauz !

    rbcauz !27 days ago

    What a good dude!

  90. Warren Arnold

    Warren Arnold27 days ago

    Maybe this screwed up DJ for the Masters...

  91. alida flus

    alida flus27 days ago

    interviews on pga tour. Top content

  92. Utopia75

    Utopia7527 days ago

    DT is so sureal! Great talent.

  93. Preston Jones

    Preston Jones27 days ago

    Imagine playing with the best Golfer in the world

  94. Bizairsp

    Bizairsp27 days ago

    He’s on some god tier s£&*

  95. Patrick Heuvelman

    Patrick Heuvelman27 days ago

    DJ playing golf with regular players is awesome

  96. alida flus

    alida flus27 days ago

    Duuude that course has not a leaf on it... my course has 10 truckloads of goose turds on it and another 20 of leaves

  97. djs0793

    djs079327 days ago

    Not a true one club challenge. They switched to putters...

  98. Kim Jong

    Kim Jong27 days ago

    They hitting four shots they using F word 400 times Wtflower respect JD

  99. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke28 days ago

    Cracked up when they asked him to hit the 3 wood

  100. M. Myrick

    M. Myrick28 days ago

    is it just me or does that big guy sound exactly like Dana White??

  101. JC

    JC28 days ago

    14:28 “ i dunno” and DJ Laughing. 🤣👌

  102. Julian B Fishing

    Julian B Fishing28 days ago

    DJ was like an old guy on a fixed income looking for his ball and others.

  103. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon25 days ago

    As someone who shanks wedges Trent’s monologue crushed me LOL

  104. Rick Roll

    Rick Roll28 days ago

    Hey Trent, nobody likes playing with people who swear non stop after hitting yet another crap shot. It’s not cool.

  105. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke28 days ago

    All of them have a shallow swing if they would actually extend their arm and a good wrist hinge would get more distance and consistent

  106. wgooetrik

    wgooetrik28 days ago

    Did he win the masters?

  107. wgooetrik

    wgooetrik28 days ago

    And didn't qualify. He gone!

  108. Samuel McCullen

    Samuel McCullen28 days ago

    I shit my pants today and i thought i would talk to you guys about it and express my feelings anyone wanna talk about it ?

  109. Christopher Greinier

    Christopher Greinier28 days ago

    Did he bring his knee pads for DJ?

  110. joey jerroldson

    joey jerroldson28 days ago

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  111. nietz009

    nietz00928 days ago

    Frankie looking for positive affirmation for his terrible technique 😂

  112. Pure Protein

    Pure Protein29 days ago

    Duuude that course has not a leaf on it... my course has 10 truckloads of goose turds on it and another 20 of leaves

  113. GoodLife 15

    GoodLife 1529 days ago

    Cracked up when they asked him to hit the 3 wood

  114. YouOnlyLiveTwice

    YouOnlyLiveTwice29 days ago

    I love how they showed the same drone shot over, instead of showing where the balls went on the green. Wtf was that camera people

  115. chasemyaccord

    chasemyaccord29 days ago

    I just listened to this while driving home and legit thought DJ was playing with Dana White.

  116. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour29 days ago

    ?? But enjoying the video. ????

  117. Clint Parker

    Clint Parker29 days ago

    DJ running point on looking for the dudes ball. What a class act. Also golfers are at a different level as sportsmen over all other sports.

  118. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour29 days ago

    As I’m watching this he misses the cut at the masters ......