Texas Winter Storm Causes Power Outages & Fuel Shortage - Icy Weather Conditions / Road Trip Day 3

Winter 2021 Cross Country Road Trip Day 3


  1. Stephanie Hetherington

    Stephanie HetheringtonDay ago

    This is intense. Glad I am watching this 2 weeks later so I know you made it to Florida safely. I can't believe you kept going. I live in Canada and winter driving is my least favourite thing.

  2. extrasupermorgen

    extrasupermorgen2 days ago

    NO MORE Global Warming! You Are Safe Now!!!

  3. maiden4meldin

    maiden4meldin4 days ago

    Most vehicles are Front Wheel Drive, putting weight into them, is counter productive, as the weight of the engine itself is what is keeping the tires in full contact with the highways. If you have an all wheel drive vehicle, then weight again can be counter productive, as all wheel drive is done with sensors, and is both Front wheel drive, with rear wheel drive assisting. and then when the sensor feels a slip on any tire, the engine transmission sends more power to the slipping tires, and less power to the full contact tires.

  4. maiden4meldin

    maiden4meldin4 days ago

    Also in Canada there is a saying. Just because the car starts, doesn't make it a good Idea to get in and go somewhere. LOL

  5. maiden4meldin

    maiden4meldin4 days ago

    In Canada we have winter tires, or all season tires at a minimum. In Canada, our cars are equipped at the dealerships with block heaters, so the engine blocks can stay warm in colder Weather. In Canada, we drive out fearlessly in -30 Weather no problem. In Canada, We stay home during the big snowstorms! As much as possible. Our Water lines are buried, and come up to heat tapes around them , then get insulated before being covered up in our houses. In Canada, we are prepared for winter weather. The one thing we can't handle here in Canada, is HOT Hot hot weather. Anything above 80 Degrees F, is too dang HOt for us Canucks. Sorry Americans are dealing with the Northern DeepFreeze, We had it much worse than you got. We went to 40 Below for an Entire two weeks, and then it warmed up to 30 Below C And lemme tell ya, we celebrated the Warmer weather with glee!

  6. maiden4meldin

    maiden4meldin4 days ago

    If I didn't know better that could be a Saskatchewan Highway lol.

  7. Robert Veronelli

    Robert Veronelli4 days ago

    actually just living in Jersey makes you die slowly inside never mind 😒

  8. Robert Veronelli

    Robert Veronelli4 days ago

    That’s snow? Try Jersey snow man it makes you die slowly inside.

  9. Pete Miller

    Pete Miller5 days ago

    Try living like that for 6 months up here in sunny Canada. One week of cool air and the US turns into a third world country. Maybe it's time to blow up another third world country so you can stimulate the economy. Cheers from Canada.

  10. 111danish111

    111danish1118 days ago

    16:50 what does "just off the tent" mean ? Is it an American expression ?

  11. Mark Sommers

    Mark Sommers9 days ago

    So you're really doing it .............We'll miss you but .......... CONGRATULATIONS !

  12. J. H

    J. H9 days ago

    7 degree temperature?? It was minus 45 Celsius couple weeks ago where i live in Saskatchewan

  13. Brandon Fish

    Brandon Fish10 days ago

    This was a tour of my youth. My uncle lives in Ft Stockton, I used to go with my grandparents to Junction to attend cattle auctions. My grandmother was born in Ozona. I spent every summer in West Texas.

  14. vmcmillen1

    vmcmillen110 days ago

    does your mother you're out of the front yard????? call you're mottha.

  15. vmcmillen1

    vmcmillen110 days ago

    just a note ice can be black, and you won't know it or see it. SLOW DOWN.

  16. vmcmillen1

    vmcmillen110 days ago

    get a coat dummy, or i'm calling your mother!

  17. john burks

    john burks10 days ago

    I thought texans were supposed to be so tuff. It was -4 here last week, grow a pair.

  18. Patti White

    Patti White10 days ago

    I do not understand why again you keep driving on through some very very bad conditions. I know you are not stupid. But this was asinine!!! Truly. I am so pissed. You are traveling in one of my most favorite areas of the country right there and south down in Big Bend. You could have a great vacation for over a week cruising that whole area. So much to and do. In the spring time the wildflowers are something. Migration of Birds. Places to swim and hike and eat for cheap. Last trip I made to Fort Stockton a cold front blew in at 6 pm on a late May evening. It was a force. Our motel room was facing into it. The whole night our exit door was whistling and banging around it was so bad. Thank god the motel had the best beds and linens. It was luxuries. Stepped outside to freezing temp. In May! I only had a sweater. The narrow bridge in Junction is over the Llano River is the place 2 years ago that had that flood that rose so high and came in fast it carried people and homes away. It has a long history of floods like that in that town. But, I keep going back because of the great time that can be had down in the Llano River tubing every summer. Bourne. TX ...I call it like Sanders....Bernie. Bernie, TX that is just how I say it.

  19. Tahira Ayaz

    Tahira Ayaz10 days ago


  20. scott hall

    scott hall10 days ago

    Adam, Bexar, is pronounced "bear"

  21. sjbock

    sjbock9 days ago

    And Boerne, the town he stopped in at the end is pronounced Bernie.

  22. Bridget Paul

    Bridget Paul11 days ago

    Boerne pronounced as (bernie)

  23. Bridget Paul

    Bridget Paul11 days ago

    Bexar is Spanish and pronounced (bear). Stay safe on the roads out there. If you could have waited for 4 days before driving through the temperature was in the 70s and no snow. Glad you visited though.😊

  24. Tanya H.

    Tanya H.11 days ago

    Driving in snow/ice is no joke. I know how stressed you must have been. So glad to see you made it safe to FL.

  25. Henrik Larsson

    Henrik Larsson11 days ago

    Im guessing the woodstoves will get an injection of sales after this ^)^

  26. 426 SUPER BEE

    426 SUPER BEE11 days ago

    Its really a miracle! There any fuel at all ! Look at all the trucks and cars on the roads > IT AMAZES ME HOW MUCH FUEL UNITED STATES USE A YEAR and filling there tanks 2 to 3 times a day! on hard driving ~ Me i keep my engine shut OFF. I fill up once every 2 months! There to many IDOTS ON THE ROADS FOR ME > NOW its really crazy with the new 85 mph speed limits > So i set back and let them kill there selves ! > The 70 mph was a perfect speed limit ! Could set back and enjoy the scenery and save on fuel > Now your driving way to fast to enjoy the drive > ITS LIKE DRIVING THE INDY 500! NOT FUN AT ALL ! Signs and things fly by ya, as your vehicle drinks the fuel

  27. 426 SUPER BEE

    426 SUPER BEE11 days ago

    It took 3 days for the snow to melt. water from the snow looked like a fall falls coming off the houses. WOW i didn't know there was 3' of snow on ours roofs> I lucked out and we had power all threw the storm. only had 2 outside water faucets that busted and they was wrapped heavy> I'am very glade that the jet stream shifted to the North, and we miss the 3rd and 4th wave of this crap. Now where back in the 60's 😁👍🙏

  28. 2016Bmac

    2016Bmac11 days ago

    Let's help the people of Texas! Adam, have you thought to demonetize your Texas videos or make a donation of earnings? Or a donation link in your description at least? @feedthepeopledallas @mutualaidhou

  29. Brandon Hambright

    Brandon Hambright11 days ago

    Someone may have mentioned this, but back in Ft. Stockton that oil rig is a Pump Jack. It operates the pump in the oil well that the oil rig drilled. I might be sounding a smart ass, but its known that so many confuse all this that they even see a real oil rig drilling they call it fracking and that is BS that has caused a lot of issues.

  30. Ulrich Salvamoser

    Ulrich Salvamoser11 days ago

    2,79 per gallon...what a nice price. We pay 7,15 per gallon in europe. -5 °F last week. Power and water supply was working. Godd pipe isolation, power lines under the earth. Take care all of you. Have a nice and save trip

  31. Ulrich Salvamoser

    Ulrich Salvamoser4 days ago

    @111danish111 The price of Diesel is 6,22 per Gallon so it`s much cheaper than petrol. Now it becomes warmer, 6 Celsius

  32. 111danish111

    111danish1118 days ago

    2 Celsius here in Chicago currently reached down to -30 C with windchill a few days ago how much is the price of diesel where you live in ?

  33. News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn

    News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn11 days ago

    now i understand why you needed to unstress

  34. Sun Ray

    Sun Ray11 days ago

    I'm a Minnesotan. The worst storms are the ones that start out raining then the Arctic wind comes and the rain starts freezing. The other bad snow storms are when it's warmer in the spring and it dumps snow and the thick slush is really slippery. The easiest snow storms are when it's really cold and just snows with no slush or rain. But then that sucks coz it's usually blizzardy and areas of the highways get blown over with thick snow drifts

  35. cristy selfe

    cristy selfe11 days ago

    I lived in TX for 9 years and tried to visit lots of the small towns. They have all kinds of eye catchers like roadrunners, pecans, strawberries. Look up the towns you are driving through and see if they have a town mascot.

  36. Nanny G

    Nanny G11 days ago

    Yikes,. What a weather, icy roads u lived and drove thru. 🧡😷🥶😞🏂⛷️❄️⛄ Road runners, javalinas, coyotes, could b outside nearby

  37. Anne Austin

    Anne Austin11 days ago

    BTW, Bexar is pronounced same as Bear.

  38. David Mellet

    David Mellet11 days ago

    Try it in a semi talk about stress

  39. Jim McLean

    Jim McLean11 days ago

    It's pronounced bay har Not bexxer.

  40. LovinTexas

    LovinTexas11 days ago

    If you think that roadrunner was big, you should see the size of the coyote that is after him. Everything's bigger in Texas. Safe travels.

  41. James Johnson

    James Johnson11 days ago

    Oh come on!!! I have driven in weather much, much worse than what you’re experiencing.. and yes,,,, the more weight you have the better it is.

  42. Michael Martin

    Michael Martin11 days ago

    This is the beginning of a mini ice-age the Carbon Billionaires have fleeced you of all your dollars and won.t save you now. Go woke, get broke.

  43. horsenaround2000

    horsenaround200011 days ago

    This is my 3rd video of yours I’ve watched, I actually enjoyed watching them.... looking forward to more.. and yes, on to the next. Keep them coming.

  44. Sarah Carless

    Sarah Carless11 days ago

    Thank god i’m watching these videos a few days late, having been following it all on the news in the UK you really did pick the wrong day and route to drive back didn’t you. Thank goodness you’re ok though and these videos will be historic because of what’s happening in Texas right now. Stay safe everyone

  45. AKi

    AKi12 days ago

    I know that a lot of people do not take Alex Jones seriously, and although i don't agree with him 100% of the time-this time- I do. He's right. He IS RIGHT. They pulled this weather in, manipulated the jet stream and created the storm, and the Globalists used Biden to do. They are going to do it to the rest of us sooner or later. If you think they aren't you are fooling yourselves. WAKE THE HECK UP! www.infowars.com/posts/smoking-gun-joe-bidens-dept-of-energy-blocked-texas-from-increasing-power-ahead-of-enduring-storm/ The even larger over-arching question is: WHO IS IN CHARGE of our Country now? Have we been over-taken by the Chinese, and or the Globalists cabal, and we just don't know it yet? COME ON PEOPLE, COME ON..PLease share this information out with anyone and everyone. This is the time to have guts, to stand up or you will be stomped on. Stand up for your children. STAND UP NOW AND DON'T SIT DOWN, Have some guts, don't be afraid to speak up and out. PLEASE? CHina did this to their own people in 2009 and they said they did it to show them who's in charge. Do you really think that they wouldn't do it to us?

  46. ThundercatDarklion

    ThundercatDarklion12 days ago

    Texas got dumped on with snow and there is also an lot of snow in Rockford Illinois where I live. :( =^.^=

  47. KekLordGrey

    KekLordGrey12 days ago

    Bexar = Bear or Bare... Boerne = burn e

  48. Sharon Collie Northern

    Sharon Collie Northern12 days ago

    Boerne =Bernie.

  49. Diane Labbe

    Diane Labbe12 days ago

    Adam, I live in Montreal. You were not properly dressed. You needed a hooded parka, a woolen hat, gloves and BOOTS. Imagine being stuck in your car with no heat.

  50. spirals 73

    spirals 7312 days ago

    OK, now add deer running in front of you and you have Wisconsin. I got a little lost on a small island in our lake last night. It was dark, I have some night blindness, and the roads aren't plowed good enough because it's a remote neighborhood. Of course two deer thought it prudent to run across the road before my car passed because that's how they do. Hit my brake and skidded a bit, anti-lock brakes kicking in. I thought, "I just want to go home." When you see one deer, assume there will be more and stop the car or slow down a lot. They tend to travel in groups.

  51. Scott Hammond

    Scott Hammond12 days ago

    Wild and Crazy Travels.

  52. D̷o̷d̷g̷e̷r̷ S̷t̷o̷n̷e̷

    D̷o̷d̷g̷e̷r̷ S̷t̷o̷n̷e̷12 days ago

    Hey Texas! You Have Our Ohio Snow-Belt Weather. We Made it UP to 21 Degrees Today. We are Praying for Your Thaw. Now You Know Why You Moved to Texas, We Get This All the Time! #StuckINOhio Stay Warm!

  53. Bruce Hesser

    Bruce Hesser12 days ago

    Thank sniffy Joe 4 gas prices for shutting down XL pipe line

  54. the Rabbit Whisper

    the Rabbit Whisper12 days ago

    missing California aren't you Adam, welcome to our world :)

  55. don juan

    don juan12 days ago

    politico.com: After a major winter storm knocked out power in Texas almost exactly a decade ago, federal regulators called on the state to fortify its grid against deep freezes. But the federal government had no authority to mandate such measures. Wood says this is typical of Texas’ approach to federal oversight. Even though the federal intervention was “relatively benign,” Texas still didn’t want to deal with it. “I just threw my hands up in the air,” he says. Even at the height of the crisis this week, Rick Perry said Texans would rather go without power for days than deal with federal energy regulations. Never mind that Texas readily accepts federal help when disaster strikes: So far this week, Abbott has made at least two official requests to the White House for federal aid.

  56. EpsilonGoods

    EpsilonGoods12 days ago

    "be sure you are right then go ahead" Wise words

  57. TheBirdandEagle

    TheBirdandEagle12 days ago

    The car anti stink thing is a distraction.

  58. Isaac Rivera

    Isaac Rivera12 days ago


  59. Isaac Rivera

    Isaac Rivera12 days ago

    Thanks for those Videos Sincerely Isaac R from Puerto Rico 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇷🐝

  60. Nat Wolins

    Nat Wolins12 days ago

    This a brittle infrastructure.

  61. Sally Brown

    Sally Brown12 days ago

    That Crockett quote seems like it sums up Adam’s philosophy.

  62. reffoelcnu alouncelal

    reffoelcnu alouncelal12 days ago

    The small birds must really be suffering in those low temperatures I know everyone’s having a tough time but putting something out for them to eat in your garden will help

  63. Teresa Francis

    Teresa Francis12 days ago

    I live in fla.welcome to the sunshine state

  64. Teresa Francis

    Teresa Francis12 days ago

    Sasquatch is in the way.

  65. Joe Washington

    Joe Washington12 days ago


  66. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade12 days ago

    Please, is there any other place to hang that deodorant thingy?

  67. Scott Reynolds

    Scott Reynolds12 days ago

    2:16 Love watching Big The Foot trudging through the snow at a rapid rate of knots.. it looks so natural

  68. Katie Did

    Katie Did12 days ago

    Hope you have heavier clothes. If you get stuck you are risking hypothermia.

  69. rascal

    rascal12 days ago


  70. Paul DeWint

    Paul DeWint12 days ago

    The Junction Boys 1957

  71. Taco-Lover

    Taco-Lover12 days ago

    The "x" in Bexar is silent!

  72. MrPedur

    MrPedur12 days ago

    I like your road trips but the yeti in the window is not that exciting. Greetings from Denmark.

  73. BAD battleAXE

    BAD battleAXE12 days ago

    Damn I love when it hits 7 that's good winter weather. it was -20 last week with the wind chill about -40 with roughly 24 in of snow on the ground. That's Northern Minnesota weather for you!

  74. vostro vostro

    vostro vostro12 days ago

    now texas is eligible to have a hockey team.

  75. Johnny Glamour

    Johnny Glamour12 days ago

    That was extremely relaxing video... Please do this again sometime soon..! :-D Cheers! Love your work!


    SEE MY SIGNS12 days ago

    Our whole family has been going around quoting "stomp your feet"! lol!! We have to know where that comes from...please??

  77. Randell graham

    Randell graham12 days ago

    Did you see Bigfoot?

  78. Career Use

    Career Use12 days ago

    climate change is making America its bitch lately . . .from the West coast to the East.. . this is a Beast that won't stop till we put it down.

  79. Angel Fish

    Angel Fish12 days ago

    Please be careful Adam!

  80. Edward Miessner

    Edward Miessner12 days ago

    7:30 Back in 1989 I drove through a snowstorm in near whiteout conditions with highway conditions just like that. I actually passed a rest area with several tractor trailer trucks in it. This was on Route 84 in Connecticut and as soon as I crossed the state line into Massachusetts the snowstorm stopped and the road was clear. That was mind-blowingly weird! 16:35 etc. that bas-relief sculpture of Davey Crockett keeps reminding me of Jedediah Springfield for some reason

  81. Jack Gardner

    Jack Gardner12 days ago

    Know where the best spot in texass is? The exact center of the state. Because no matter which direction you go from there, you're LEAVING! 😂

  82. David Moore

    David Moore12 days ago

    Awesome video! You're funny.

  83. disco 07

    disco 0712 days ago

    AOC and help is on the way

  84. Don Duck

    Don Duck13 days ago

    get rid of gorilla

  85. Lauren JP

    Lauren JP13 days ago

    “What could go wrong”. Phew I’m glad I’m watching a few days later and everything’s ok.

  86. lyle swavel

    lyle swavel13 days ago

    Enjoy the snow

  87. v_xtra

    v_xtra13 days ago

    You should not be using your phone in a gas station. That’s crazy! You’re lucky you didn’t blow up!

  88. MELEKH HA OLAM: Back For Blood

    MELEKH HA OLAM: Back For Blood13 days ago

    Is there anything apparent indicating that the Van Horn in RDR2 is based on Van Horn, Texas?

  89. Bella Boo

    Bella Boo13 days ago

    Californian - Floridian driving in these conditions , another reason for me to stay off the roads, new here in Texas. Get yourself a hotel and order room service and watch a good movie !! Safety first.

  90. No more War

    No more War13 days ago

    Amazing cars do start at below zero weather - lol - try minus 30 but put on more than a hoodie. - lol.

  91. Bella Boo

    Bella Boo13 days ago

    You’re funny, accumulation of snow, a dusting.....I’m from Chicago now in TX, I’ll give you it’s cold! And don’t forget to thank your fake President Biden for the 40% increase in gas prices!! Yeah the business man from hell with 50 year experience of taking billions from China, Ukraine etc. life is good!

  92. Another Butt4Chair

    Another Butt4Chair13 days ago

    Everyone else in the nation , Not going out even to grocery store, Adam? Drives Across the Nation! 😂

  93. Bre's Little Yarn Cornor

    Bre's Little Yarn Cornor13 days ago

    I live in south central Texas. Days with no lights and water. Outlook glum

  94. Nizo Dizo

    Nizo Dizo13 days ago

    It is all about how good your tires are.

  95. Walking tour Pro

    Walking tour Pro13 days ago

    Nice place 👍

  96. Rick Baxter

    Rick Baxter13 days ago

    This guy is dummer than dirt, god

  97. Frank Budelman

    Frank Budelman13 days ago

    Paisano Pete !

  98. Scootaloo

    Scootaloo13 days ago

    LOL! Here in Wisconsin this type of weather is nothing for us. But then again, we are set up for this type of weather too. I deal with snow and ice all winter long, year after year. But up here we have plentiful salt, snow plows, our power grid is made for this and our buildings are built better here to handle cold. 🙂

  99. Steve R

    Steve R13 days ago

    weight helps with heavy snow. Basic dry ...weight does not add anything.

  100. Steve R

    Steve R13 days ago

    you don't have winter tires - do you?

  101. Turbomanonskyline

    Turbomanonskyline13 days ago


  102. Steve R

    Steve R13 days ago

    How many of those truck are wearing chains?

  103. Steve R

    Steve R13 days ago

    That's not snow... I can send you pictures of snow! I drive on 4-6" of solid ice. Winter driving is not about snow and ice its all about technique and slowing down. not to 40 mph necessarily.