4 Moments That Changed The NBA Forever

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    dashe boy2 days ago

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  2. lucas kassahun

    lucas kassahun2 days ago

    Pause at 14:52 and u see a guy in a Raptors jersey waving KD goodbye. That’s the type of disrespectful shit u see when a star player goes down.

  3. Rob G

    Rob G3 days ago

    When Michael Jordan was jnjurded, it devastated his career, coulda had 2500 more points on his resume...

  4. Lenny

    Lenny3 days ago

    Derrick better have a comeback

  5. Nirav Saale

    Nirav Saale4 days ago

    Lmaoo Paul George is the future

  6. Aldrin Lovely Tolentino

    Aldrin Lovely Tolentino4 days ago

    Where's Lakers when Kobe went down with the achilles heel. ????

  7. arizjones

    arizjones6 days ago

    There are several more. 1988-89 Lakers had just repeated, and Lakers didn’t lose a single game during their playoff run to the NBA Finals, and then Byron Scott get injured before game 1 of the finals and Magic would pull his hamstring in Game 2, and the Pistons win the Finals instead of a Lakers 3peat. Or how about 2002-03 season and the Dallas Mavs had a record of 60-22 and earned a No. 2 seed in the playoffs. Nowitzki would sprain his knee in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs, and the Spurs went on to win the finals. Or how about 2009-10 finals with the Boston Celtics up 3-2 lead over the Lakers, and then in game six Kendrick Perkins tore two ligaments in his knee, and the Lakers came back and won the finals. Or there is Boget going down in the finals for the Warriors against the Cavs. And there is defending champions Portland's Bill Walton breaking his foot in game two of against the Seattle Sonics in the Western Conference Semi-Finals in the 77-78 season. Portland went into the playoffs with the best record in the league, 58-24, and were defending champs. In 2002-03 the Sacramento Kings went into the playoffs with a record of 59-23. The Kings were beating the Mavericks 1-0 in the Western Conference Semi-Finals when Webber would sustain an ACL injury in the second game. His season was declared over and the Kings would lose to the Mavericks in seven games. This stuff has happened so many times.

  8. Adrian Abeyesekera

    Adrian Abeyesekera7 days ago

    They could’ve put the kawhi injury when he was with the Spurs when Zaza killed him

  9. Dominic pando

    Dominic pando7 days ago


  10. Anthony Sierra

    Anthony Sierra9 days ago


  11. Huncho K

    Huncho K9 days ago

    The rockets injury... honestly I dont wana hear anything because the next year when he came back we still beat them with chris paul

  12. Kyler is a Qt

    Kyler is a Qt12 days ago

    When you think about it Tom thibitou is the reason d rose was injured

  13. Isaac Mejia

    Isaac Mejia13 days ago

    Si, we’re just going to ignore the Klaw injury against the Warriors? I mean, that Spurs team would’ve been champions had it not been for that Pachulia moment imo

  14. Jamal Hill

    Jamal Hill20 days ago

    As a fan I can relate I tore my left ACL and meniscus back in January 2019 in a bar fight in Tempe Arizona I'm still struggling with recovery I love the game of basketball and love playing but after 2 surgeries my skills and talent are limited I just signed up for a lifetime gym membership and hope to rehabilitate myself I realize my hamstring is weak and that's my main focus hope to be fully healed soon thanks for reading my story

  15. Equilibrium Marquez

    Equilibrium Marquez20 days ago

    Bill Walton Isaiah Thomas Grant Hill D. Rose Please make a vid about the players who would've achieved so much more if they didn't get injured.

  16. s h

    s h21 day ago

    I don't like a lot of Toronto fans because they all started cheering when KD got injured. Not all of them but a lot of them. And trying to looking like your being a good sport by supporting him as your entering the tunnel is not going to cover up that fact. It wasn't cool at all.

  17. SoCalH0B0

    SoCalH0B021 day ago

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  18. Malcom X

    Malcom X22 days ago

    D rose

  19. V1C Sendo V1C

    V1C Sendo V1C23 days ago

    They're hating on the warriors

  20. Flight Zego

    Flight Zego25 days ago

    Im a bulls fan and at the time what was the coach thinking not benching him. They could of won a title😡😡😡😡

  21. Taein Kang

    Taein Kang25 days ago

    I was pretty conflicted when KD was injured because I almost cried of joy when Raptors won but I was also happy when KD recovered

  22. D Solis

    D Solis27 days ago

    Me: goes to watch the injury after he said not to me comes back to this video and wish I never watched the injury

  23. Rip Van Winkle

    Rip Van Winkle28 days ago

    Why is every injury at the last minutes

  24. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson28 days ago

    You mean couple of games in 2014

  25. Sensei Joshu

    Sensei Joshu29 days ago

    The rockets could’ve went to the finals if they didn’t miss 27 straight 3s lmao

  26. Siddhant Bhagat

    Siddhant BhagatMonth ago

    17 and ½ minutes of PTSD

  27. F. Ping

    F. PingMonth ago

    Tmac Yao / Grant Hill / Amare / Dwight soo many other significant injuiries but nephews and casuals would tune out so fast

  28. BigMiniiofGG

    BigMiniiofGGMonth ago

    Why didnt you mention the goat scalo

  29. Dude Bro

    Dude BroMonth ago

    Who was Center that was with PG on the Pacers that faded after PGs injury?

  30. Mav

    MavMonth ago

    Injuries are absolutely devastating when it prevents you from doing something you love. I pulled my left hip flexor during an early-season 4x100 event and was out for the season in freshman year. Sophomore year I pulled my OTHER hip flexor before the season even started. Junior year I pulled both mid-season and was out. Senior year I pulled my groin in the summer and then I decided I was done. I never got through a whole season healthy because we had a shortage of people, and we didn’t have the proper care we should’ve been getting. It sucks watching other people take over for your event, knowing you could’ve done so much better than them.

  31. TiltedLlama35

    TiltedLlama35Month ago

    Pj Ford one of the best college players and had a career ending injury

  32. Carlo

    CarloMonth ago

    2019 gsw.

  33. SDWGO

    SDWGOMonth ago

    That CP3 injury always kills me.. especially when you consider Harden’s 27 missed 3’s.. and Rondo’s prediction

  34. Gooshdeihéen

    GooshdeihéenMonth ago

    Not gonna lie, Rose's injury still regularly haunts me to this day...

  35. teaonyourtee

    teaonyourteeMonth ago

    this got too real man whyd u do that

  36. Ryker Holleman

    Ryker HollemanMonth ago

    i cant watch the drose part

  37. holabradfamily

    holabradfamilyMonth ago

    5:30-6:37 I never knew I could hold my breath for that long...

  38. Tylor Lu

    Tylor LuMonth ago

    This should be called 4 injuries that changed the NBA forever

  39. Shawn Green

    Shawn GreenMonth ago

    Can't bring up the Chris Paul injury in that series and not even gloss over Andre Iguodala being out after game 3 (2-1 Warriors lead). He was a key piece on that team and Rockets knew it too when they tried to sign him in that offseason (and came pretty close).

  40. Micah Racine

    Micah RacineMonth ago

    2020 heat with goran Dragic

  41. Deer in Headlights

    Deer in HeadlightsMonth ago

    I feel for these players’ injuries. I can relate to this in my own life/way related to injuries costing me (in regards to impact in life).

  42. Deer in Headlights

    Deer in HeadlightsMonth ago

    6:17 as a sixers fan..he definitely should not have been in the game even though we’ve seen a rare few make up that difference in less then 2 minutes

  43. Some random Hair comb

    Some random Hair combMonth ago


  44. ロッテファン

    ロッテファンMonth ago

    I feel bad for the original warriors squad with Steph Klay and draymond cause people are probably gonna look back and be like “well they only won because Kyrie and love were injured and lost in their 73-9 season so they couldn’t win without KD”

  45. Adam Salazar

    Adam SalazarMonth ago

    3:56 damnn

  46. Night

    NightMonth ago


  47. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuMonth ago

    KD is back and still strong

  48. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuMonth ago


  49. Martin O

    Martin OMonth ago

    any real armbar would blow the WWE's mind lol

  50. Jerboy Must Die!

    Jerboy Must Die!Month ago

    How about Kawhi? Spurs were winning the series when he got Pachulia'd. It's the basketball gods' way of evening things when they gave GSW those injuries.

  51. J C

    J CMonth ago

    glad you didnt show the injury i wasnt ready to see that shit again \

  52. Kaushihan Ahilan

    Kaushihan AhilanMonth ago

    Literally anyone with a brain knows if kyrie didnt get hurt in 2015 the cavs would win that series 4-0 or 4-1

  53. friendly destruction

    friendly destructionMonth ago

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  54. Kleid Jefferson

    Kleid JeffersonMonth ago

    still hate kelly olynyk. man cost bron a ring

  55. gvmmybear

    gvmmybearMonth ago

    nah man, i can't watch this

  56. FastKat 7

    FastKat 7Month ago

    As a bron and cp3 fan I hate to see that they both lost to the warriors because of injury even though they were clearly better :( but then I saw Toronto beat warriors because the warriors were injured and I felt their pain because I have had to go through that twice but yes I know it was the warriors the soul reason and yes I was glad that Toronto won but nobody deserves what the warriors got in 2019 :(

  57. Genuine Kow

    Genuine KowMonth ago

    15:41 thought my wifi went out lol

  58. ChillMoebeatz

    ChillMoebeatz2 months ago

    Bro I love yo channel but you gotta stop this notion that the rockets would've beat the Cavs in that finals 😭 you really trust harden and Cp3 could take down bron? Your crazy lmao GS made that cheating ass team to stop bron cause if they didn't kyrie and bron would've kept dominating

  59. 9some

    9some2 months ago

    you always provide great, great videos, jxmy

  60. Rose Hughes

    Rose Hughes2 months ago

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  61. Payton purcell

    Payton purcell2 months ago

    You had to do us like that in the first clip😭


    SUNSET BOULEVARD2 months ago

    the higher u take off, the harder u hit the ground, no exception no matter what

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    Bipul Jossan2 months ago

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  64. James Bond

    James Bond2 months ago

    They dont want to invest a million $ hiring a personal trainer like MJ only KB & LBJ learned that lesson. That's why legends are there to lead the way.

  65. Nathaniel Martinez

    Nathaniel Martinez2 months ago

    Whats with the weird ass satan face at 5:06?

  66. Hunter Thorpe

    Hunter Thorpe2 months ago

    D rose

  67. Amir Yizar

    Amir Yizar2 months ago

    The secret Truth: Are JxmyHighroller and Mike Korzemba brothers?

  68. Mana Mana

    Mana Mana3 months ago

    To be fair chris paul took okc to the finals in 2020👍🏽

  69. Camren Johnson

    Camren Johnson3 months ago

    Toronto was trying to injure golden state

  70. Αγγουριος

    Αγγουριος3 months ago

    So we have 2 lucky Champs for warriors until now 😂

  71. nofightsnecessary

    nofightsnecessary3 months ago

    A lot of people forget Michael Jordan had a foot injury in his 2nd season that made him miss almost all the games that year. Could you imagine if it was a worse injury and derailed his career? We all would've missed out on something incredible

  72. Wyatt W

    Wyatt W3 months ago

    The sang is from the dark knoght

  73. Harish Raju

    Harish Raju3 months ago

    Literally cried when Toronto fans cheered for KDs injury I mean you should have some common sense

  74. Stavros

    Stavros3 months ago

    I guess it's because I'm freaking old... Ugh... FML! Haha... And maybe because my dad and I had season tickets back then, watching them every game live. So I can't help but think that the Chicago Bulls first of six championships in eight years, might not have been, if both James Worthy and Byron Scott hadn't gotten injured in game 4, then it "might" have been different. I say might because the Bulls did have a 3-1 lead in the series and it was one of the greatest franchises in the history of the NBA, but that's the beauty of speculation, in my little world (hey, it's my dream, so get off my nutZ... Haha, just kidding), anything is possible, and maybe, just maybe things would have turned out differently. I mean, probably not, but what if? Just saying. Who knows how that trajectory was shifted, especially with Magic coming out later in the year and retiring from becoming HIV positive. A little part of me died that day, being that Magic was probably my all time favorite athlete in all of sports. That was the end of Showtime and a great LA Laker run. They were in 8 of the 10 finals in the 80's, winning 5 and losing 3. The teams they lost to Philadelphia 76'rs with Dr. J and Moses Malone. Boston Celtics with Larry Bird and Larry Bird... Haha... And the Detroit Pistons with Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys. Okay, dream time is over. Happy Holidays everyone!

  75. Nickolas Hesson

    Nickolas Hesson3 months ago

    Paul George: Suffers a "career" ruining season Also Paul George: Let me be a top NBA player

  76. Nickolas Hesson

    Nickolas Hesson3 months ago

    i felt that when S.Curry just threw the ball after KT went down :( just sad

  77. Nickolas Hesson

    Nickolas Hesson3 months ago

    Derrick Rose is the modern day Grant Hill. The biggest “what if” over the last fifteen years. Such a sad story.

  78. Bruno Bagsby

    Bruno Bagsby3 months ago

    Dont like the warriors but I respect curry and klay cuz they developed and grew within the warriors team. Also KD for his will and love for the game.

  79. jiluo abarca

    jiluo abarca3 months ago

    1:35 “they may have found a secret ingredient to winning titles” they did lol it’s called adding KD to a 73 win team

  80. Dredpool

    Dredpool3 months ago

    Wait...how did his right end up getting injured but he landed on his left?

  81. Aken Raggie

    Aken Raggie3 months ago

    GALACTUS *LIVE EVENT* GAMEPLAY in FORTNITE! ~ uslikes.info/house/c5p_q7eZyn-qY64/video.html

  82. Mister Mayhem

    Mister Mayhem3 months ago

    Really really really hated that Olynyk armbar.

  83. Matthew Kiptoo

    Matthew Kiptoo3 months ago

    I feel sick seeing the PG13 injury

  84. Astrokidxx

    Astrokidxx3 months ago

    4 moments that change Wizards basketball forever: 1. they draft Kwame Brown 2. Jordan Cameback from his 2nd retirement 3. Otto Porter Massive contract 4. John Wall crusin' on his crib

  85. KrisJM1234

    KrisJM12343 months ago

    Your comment on the Warriors winning all the time getting boring is interesting. Considering that the entire world couldn't get enough of Michael Jordan and the Bulls winning all the time, or the Showtime Lakers winning all the time. Maybe the Warriors don't deserve their wins, or maybe they just aren't as fun to watch as these teams were?

  86. Julian Ramos

    Julian Ramos3 months ago

    4 minute intro

  87. Melvin Empleo

    Melvin Empleo3 months ago

    *in an alternate universe where rose was never injured* "Who's Stephen Curry?"

  88. Jam Man

    Jam Man3 months ago

    If Kevin Love and Kyrie didn’t get injured I believe the Warriors would never had won a championship and KD would have stayed with the Thunder or go to a different team

  89. Angelo Coll

    Angelo Coll3 months ago

    D rose and harden 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  90. Coolman 96

    Coolman 963 months ago

    Pause it 2:14 nba2k16

  91. Tacos X Anime

    Tacos X Anime3 months ago

    The golden state got their championship because of injuries

  92. W for Wavy

    W for Wavy3 months ago

    how u think mfs in the 90s felt seeing Chicago in every final

  93. Luke Desobry

    Luke Desobry3 months ago

    Fuck Kelly Olynk

  94. Vermilion

    Vermilion3 months ago

    Man just watching Derrick rose again makes my heart shrivel.

  95. Rosa Munger

    Rosa Munger3 months ago

    Dont like the warriors but I respect curry and klay cuz they developed and grew within the warriors team. Also KD for his will and love for the game.

  96. Jenny Grapert

    Jenny Grapert3 months ago

    I'm a simple man He puts on Derrick Rose, I cry

  97. Muscle Head

    Muscle Head4 months ago

    Dont like the warriors but I respect curry and klay cuz they developed and grew within the warriors team. Also KD for his will and love for the game.

  98. xTheNameisEthan

    xTheNameisEthan4 months ago

    As a Pacers fan, the PG injury is probably the saddest moment I’ve ever had as a fan

  99. Maric Vicfrey G. ARGONZA

    Maric Vicfrey G. ARGONZA4 months ago

    "Had a great coach" Also coach: we already won the game impossible to lose I'ma keep Drose in the game just because I'm tired to call someone from the bench and tell them to go in the game for Drose. Me: ;-;

  100. LeGiiT_-Gaming

    LeGiiT_-Gaming4 months ago

    I cant watch the rose injury it literally makes me cry 💔

  101. sara ferral

    sara ferral4 months ago

    Paul George didn't deserve that injury, but in retrospect, I think it made him a better player overcoming that adversity.