Dax - Love Hurts (Official Music Video)

[Lyrics Below] Love Hurts... Share if you can relate.
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I don’t think you ever fully recover from your first heartbreak
You sort of just learn to deal with it
Love hurts
Especially when the person that you love doesn’t want to put you first
If I could go reverse
I would pay attention to your actions
And would never pay attention to yo words
Bitch you was curse
Tricked me into thinking that you love me then you cut me now I’m bleeding
on this verse
I need to go church
I’m having conversations with the devil and I’m asking what is life really worth
You fucked up my head
And what’s crazy is i’d probably do it all again
At night I sit on my bed
Strart praying
While I’m looking up at God
And I ask him when the hell is this pain gon
He acts deaf
been stressed
I remember the texts
Remember the love, phone calls I remember the sex
I’m still haunted by the day that you left
I wasn’t good enough but fuck I still gave you my best
And I don’t know what to do
7 billion but not one like you
Eint it’s crazy how we built for two years but it took 10 seconds and a bad decision just to break the whole thing loose
I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
My heart skip beats
Social media don’t help
They’ll think I’m weak
I’ve been screaming that I’m cut but you just watch me bleed
I can’t love another woman cause the cycle repeats
So I just Write these song
Ya they help but they don’t write wrongs
My life is a museum everybody shows up and buys tickets but they never wanna stay that long
Man I can’t move on
head spinning like a CD rom
only woman I can trust is mom
And Don’t You fucking try to say you can relate unless you listen to these lyrics and you crying while you singing along
Love hurts
In the worst way
Imagine catching someone cheating on your birthday
Then they cry and say they love you while they’re sitting on his dick
Then bitch why’d you go and do in the first place
Didn’t you know you’d hurt me?
Fuck I was just another option on your survey
I could get revenge but that wouldn’t help my spirit so I gotta make these songs and let these mufuking fucking Words play
Oh now I’m doing to much?
I’m supposed to be a man so I’m supposed to act tough?
I put all my fucking eggs in one basket
You were plan A I didn’t ever even think to have a fucking backup
Now I’m stuck
Need a break but I’m in it again
It’s all nothing we can’t be just friends
First loves are the worst
Love hurts
Now I’m stuck inside this cycle that’s gonna end up with you cheating again

Love hurts
Especially when the person that you love doesn’t want to put you first
If I could go reverse
I would pay attention to your actions
And wud never pay attention to yo words
Bitch you was curse
Tricked me into thinking that you love me then you cut me now I’m bleeding on this verse
I need to go church
I’m having conversations with the devil and I’m asking what is life really worth
It’s Dax

Your first love will fuck you up man
We’ve all been there
Love hurts


  1. Dax

    Dax21 day ago

    Love hurts... Share if you can relate. Happy Valentines Day💔 Available everywhere: ingroov.es/i-ll-say-it-for-you-a

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    Nourdine x funny memes tiktoks and gemesDay ago

    i know

  3. ERIC playz

    ERIC playz4 days ago

    One of the few people who can understand how I feel. Thank you bro!!!

  4. I simp for damien & ashi

    I simp for damien & ashi5 days ago


  5. Truman Wooden

    Truman Wooden6 days ago

    U gunna fight ksi

  6. Thaddyator 56

    Thaddyator 566 days ago

    I’m late to the party but man this hits hard, it’s nice to have people relate 💔

  7. yor dax

    yor dax3 hours ago

    dax u are my best rapper in my planet

  8. Connor Cargill

    Connor Cargill4 hours ago

    Dude you got the love and respect for your lyrics, such emotion you create. The realisation of how the world can treat us is made clear through you. Keep it coming.

  9. America Silva

    America Silva4 hours ago

    Never had a heartbreak or maybe I am that good of a liar to myself or good at keeping to myself LOVE IT

  10. kim harvey manio

    kim harvey manio5 hours ago


  11. Keven Wolf

    Keven Wolf5 hours ago

    Hell yea Dax! bring back REAL!

  12. Brandon Young

    Brandon Young6 hours ago

    Half of your songs are things I’ve cried and pained over for years. Your music helps me release. Words will never describe how much I appreciate you as an artist and your songs. Thank you Dax

  13. E pluribus unum

    E pluribus unum7 hours ago

    ok you need to stop making good music man. You messing with my emotions lol .

  14. jordan leys

    jordan leys10 hours ago

    This still hits :/

  15. Monic Mm2

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  16. Trey Fantin

    Trey Fantin13 hours ago

    Yoo @Dax hmu bro got a few words to say to you... Ya saved my life💯... Snapchat @kingofrandom04

  17. Drumos The Beat Maker

    Drumos The Beat Maker15 hours ago

    The reason I love Dax, he raps from the ❤️. So many USlikes rappers don't have that ability. That's what sets you apart from so many Dax. ❤️

  18. Demonic Child

    Demonic Child16 hours ago

    Imagine catching someone cheating on your birthday.. damn..

  19. SHAH JEE

    SHAH JEE21 hour ago

    Just amazingggggg love you from PAKISTAN ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Christopher Derosia

    Christopher DerosiaDay ago

    Going through the same shit right now.

  21. Ishi Meadows

    Ishi MeadowsDay ago

    See I'm sad because I'm 26 and I haven't had my first love I have never been in a romantic/sexual relationship at all.

  22. Jack Forrester

    Jack ForresterDay ago

    You just get better and better my man 💪💪

  23. Landin Cooke

    Landin CookeDay ago

    I can relate but didn’t cry because I have already cried so much I can cry no more

  24. Aaron Bushell

    Aaron BushellDay ago

    I'm going through a breakup myself unfortunately and just like you I felt like I did everything I could thank you for the music

  25. NoCAP YouLACKN

    NoCAP YouLACKNDay ago

    catch your girl cheating on your birthday.. bro that's some different type of dirty shit.

  26. aClutch

    aClutchDay ago

    I feel like this song feels me instead of me feeling it

  27. Editor Smith Media

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  28. Nikole Lewis

    Nikole LewisDay ago

    Hello my name is jason pisarski. i came across your music and let me start off by saying i am always a jealous man. But when i came across your videos it was so easy for me to be jealous of you but that didnt happen. I could only admire you and learn to take from you what i need to be more like. I have upmost respect for your way of expression. Self expression is your perfection.

  29. Murray

    MurrayDay ago

    Please come to Berlin Germany one day ❤️

  30. colt elam

    colt elam2 days ago

    i write music and sing it to people going through hard times from death in their fam and having them give me the information and write it off that and singing at the funeral to writing disses to exes but I go through things too and I hurt to so I listen to dax. his remix of ed sheeran-shape of u was y I started and the heart he puts in his songs is why I don't quit. i wanted to say thx dax u made me what I am thankyou.

  31. Savant PCs

    Savant PCs2 days ago

    Man... This song speaks to me and so many others. Love you Dax, stay true to this

  32. Fish Or Die TV

    Fish Or Die TV2 days ago

    Shit mane your music saved my life ngl. My fiance left me in November took our daughter and has been using her as a weapon against me. I been depressed asf and I sleep on I been hurt I been cold and heartless. I hate everything. But your music show me I aint aline. Been helping me pull my self out of the self destructive mentality I was in. Thank you for making your music. Not only for your self but for your people your fans. I hope one day I can write music again hopefully it'll touch someone like yours does. Again thank you dax.

  33. Matthew Rose

    Matthew Rose2 days ago

    It's a great song, I feel the lyrics everytime I hear it

  34. Dazzaシ

    Dazzaシ2 days ago

    Keep it up!

  35. Amy Millard

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  36. All things Relle

    All things Relle2 days ago

    I'm sorry you went through that. You didn't deserve it. Much love to you.

  37. All things Relle

    All things Relle2 days ago

    I can definitely relate to this song. It happened to me twice. I stayed single for so long because of it.

  38. SYTHER X

    SYTHER X2 days ago

    Does he reply

  39. shington 77

    shington 772 days ago

    dax is something else... in my language i would say Chakanyanya ichii.. um a big fan yoo

  40. MikeyC Likesit

    MikeyC Likesit2 days ago

    Its ok homie I got you

  41. Ghrantt Igharas

    Ghrantt Igharas2 days ago

    "love hurt's in a worst way , imagine catching someone cheating on your birthday " hits me hard 💔

  42. SANii B

    SANii B3 days ago

    Dax keeps singing my feelings out😪 #Deep 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. bareo josemari b.

    bareo josemari b.3 days ago

    damn ! it vibes with my situation right now!

  44. Brenden Young

    Brenden Young3 days ago

    i feel you bro

  45. mikayla nordan

    mikayla nordan3 days ago

    my first heartbreak was my dad leaving

  46. Jacob Brasher

    Jacob Brasher3 days ago

    This is perfect brother 😔 I feel the hurt bro

  47. Fay Charles

    Fay Charles3 days ago

    That shit just hit I lost my mom when I was 13 and then after five years my kids mother and I split and all ur songs hit me right in my heart

  48. Kabiya Josephmwaze

    Kabiya Josephmwaze3 days ago

    I can relate everything he talks about ,this man is a god

  49. Randy Spires

    Randy Spires3 days ago

    This song helped pull me through the breakup with my ol lady. 20 years of my life gone. Walked out and never looked back. Never hit her. Never cheated. True love doesn't exist anymore. Loyalty is a myth, and forever might only last a week. Love does hurt. Worst pain I've ever felt

  50. MusicMan

    MusicMan3 days ago

    Eminem : F*ck you b*tch!! Dax : B*tch f*cked me!! Same emotion man!

  51. xszamyx

    xszamyx3 days ago

    ♥ ''7 billion but no one like you'' ♥

  52. Patrick Chambz

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  55. Jose Macave

    Jose Macave4 days ago

    This song is so deep😢😢💓

  56. loose0125

    loose01254 days ago

    How is this man not on every radio station??? He is unbelievably talented! He makes me think of Hopsin. Another super unappreciated artist that should get way more attention. Music is medicine. Thank you @dax

  57. thattylerguy

    thattylerguy4 days ago

    Buddie I feel we’re going threw the same bullshit with women

  58. IsraeliteJacob

    IsraeliteJacob4 days ago

    Nothing but truth in this track (all the tracks) DAX NEED TO BE ON THE RADIO!!! Real Recognize REAL!!!

  59. #Raylokoo #RaymondChavez

    #Raylokoo #RaymondChavez4 days ago

    Nice brother

  60. Rashed Ali

    Rashed Ali4 days ago

    Dax bro on God ur music is my new medication 💊 bro ur songs speaks real 💯!! Straight poetry bro keep it up you just got my support 💯 🙏

  61. Janae Singer

    Janae Singer4 days ago

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  62. dom moore

    dom moore4 days ago

    Bro this song describes me thanks for the drop fax 🙏

  63. Zach Malanoski

    Zach Malanoski4 days ago

    You have the same color and consistance for you manifestations of love in a bottle as selena gomez

  64. Kevin beachler

    Kevin beachler4 days ago

    This is awesome good job💗

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    Kurtis Gillen4 days ago

    Dax seriously one of my favorite songs thanks

  66. שלומי לוי

    שלומי לוי4 days ago

    this song tallk to me alot its was just track and im happy you put it as clip .. much respect dax , keep going

  67. Efe francis TV

    Efe francis TV4 days ago

    Pay attention to the lyrics and you'll feed your soul with dax song everyday

  68. Adam Asbury

    Adam Asbury4 days ago

    This song hit home hard! I'm going through a bad marriage breakdown due to my wife cheating. DAX and eminem always hit your soul with there lyrics

  69. Drip world

    Drip world4 days ago

    Dax I fucken love you wish we could make songs together numb 💔

  70. serenity denman

    serenity denman4 days ago

    To the people who disliked this song you have bad music taste I can just tell

  71. Karsum Bagra

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  72. Witty

    Witty4 days ago

    I can't get even get half way threw this song 😞 i got to 206 and had to cut it off bro I could relate up to 206 good song 🎵

  73. Kristen Lashley

    Kristen Lashley4 days ago

    Damn this is really good! It's not very often when I LOVE more than 1 song from an artist but your killing it for me!

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    Angela Leifer5 days ago

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    strawberry9chocolate5 days ago

    This one IS really good, keep going...

  77. Stroudy

    Stroudy5 days ago

    Dax touchin so many people in one song, it's an eye opener - always on point with the videos too

  78. Turquoise Morgan-Tom

    Turquoise Morgan-Tom5 days ago

    i love that your you

  79. Eli is my name

    Eli is my name5 days ago

    Man i feel this song.😔 I showed her soooo much love and gave her everything, I treated her like a queen and in return i got treated like a bunch of trash. She talked to other guys and would leave me on delivered for hours and i’d barley talk to her some days. She kept using her words and looks and her “apologies” to get me to stay and like an idiot i listened to her and thought everything was okay but it wasn’t at all. She kept on doing things giving me more and more trust issues till i finally ended things. I really asked her if she wanted to hang out with me on halloween night and she said no she would rather go to a party instead and at that party she kissed another dude and i had to find out the hard way.... nearly 2 months later in december which is when i finally told her i was done with her. It really sucks i can’t get over it because i have trust issues now and like dax said the only woman i can trust is my mom.... 😔😔😔

  80. bailey skinner

    bailey skinner5 days ago

    Just found your music and I love it, your words are deep!

  81. Misty Lynn

    Misty Lynn5 days ago

    I'm here again tonight Dax

  82. Mckenzie Keanu

    Mckenzie Keanu5 days ago

    I feel your pain... no one's ever good enough

  83. queen ash

    queen ash5 days ago

    "I wasn't good enough but fck it, I still gave you my best " Those words hit hard 💔💔

  84. Jessie Brown

    Jessie Brown5 days ago

    Dax ty for this thats why I'm going thru this now is because 12years cheated on my birthday and expect for me 2 get over it quik and they have never got over anything you have done..

  85. Kätlin Sala

    Kätlin Sala5 days ago

    Dax is future for sure, he is already something, someone I never heard before, the power and deep wisdom hidden inside. He himselbf even doesn't know it yet, how good he really is. Touching, heart breathless takeing Genius 🙏🙏🙏 I never ever commeted any artist in youtube before, that's how related really feel. Thank you Dax 🙏💖

  86. Kätlin Sala

    Kätlin Sala3 days ago

    Thank You Dax for your creation 💖

  87. Dax

    Dax3 days ago

    Thank you

  88. Keegan

    Keegan5 days ago

    Its been a long time since I listened to a song 3 times in a row. damn

  89. Single Muisc

    Single Muisc5 days ago

    I feel you man 😞

  90. Julius Burres

    Julius Burres5 days ago

    Am I the only one that screams with dax saying did u know u hurt me!??

  91. Benjamin Rayos

    Benjamin Rayos5 days ago

    Dax I don’t know if you are going to see this and you probably are not but if you do then can you please reply by saying hi, you probably are not going to, but I have been your biggest fan since I was 10. but you do not have to reply by saying hi I just want you to notice me, but like I said you do not have to do anything to tell me that you noticed me, just try to see this comment anywaze ur the best rapper and happy Valentine’s Day. ( and keep up the great work) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  92. Benjamin Rayos

    Benjamin Rayos2 days ago

    @Dax no way

  93. Dax

    Dax3 days ago

    Hi and thx my g

  94. thomas lopez

    thomas lopez5 days ago

    chills and tears... feel this so much

  95. Caedmon Prescott

    Caedmon Prescott5 days ago

    1 mil in two weeks!!

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    Brennan Shea6 days ago

    Relate to well to this song😡😔. Good shit man keep it up🤛🏻🌹

  99. argosatori

    argosatori6 days ago

    Real men never "act" tough. A real man (if he's human;)) has the appropriate emotional response to the situation. You Dax, are a real man(and you are human!;))-you are having the appropriate response to being hurt. Acting tough(like most other guys do) only displaces the hurt and hides it away..hello cancer 30 years later. Nah-you are doing what virtually no one in hollyweird does and that is expressing your humanity and your vulnerability, social media-fuck social media. I understand the importance of it these days-it makes or breaks how a person is viewed by the world. Wiser people will see you and commend you for being authentic, shallow people will judge you harshly and cast you aside at the drop of a hat. But do you really want the shallow kinds of followers? Nah I don't think you do or else your music wouldn't be soo meaningful(and personal) as to attract to it people who feel & think like the warm blooded human beings they were born to be and also have the appropriate emotional response to things. I think I get(I dont want to be presumptuous) what you are doing in this phase of your career- going hard to impact youtube and sm with your music and get your name known at the very least-I think I also get that you, unlike 95 % of others trying to "make it" won't do just anything to make that happen-your soul, your intention, your will, your integrity, your values-are clearly not up for sale. That is a strength of yours that you already know how that gets levied against you from envious, lazy assholes, it's partly why you walk in grace-you're being true to yourself and upright in the world without sacrificing integrity. I see in you such refreshing optimism, such child-like(not childish)faith and almost naivete..Aries yeah I'm one too(3/21) our(usual) enthusiasm and positivity PISSES some people off. Dont let their negativity, their dour outlook and their rigidity dampen your light. Yeah you convey a lot of heavy messages-but anyone with half a brain can see that that is not who you are(heavy or negative), you are responding to fucked up situations in the most human way that is not :1. dismissive 2. in denial 3. revenge seeking . You are only 26...wow you really are wise beyond your years. And i'm sure you have people telling you all day long how you will find true love and yeah they are partly right--it'll find you when you least expect it. Don't let one person define how you will respond to another in the future for the rest of your life, that wouldn't be fair to you or anyone to go into a new thing with such bias. Besides when it happens, you will know because you will feel it and it will just click effortlessly, naturally. But because of where you live (still L.A.?) your chances of even meeting anyone who has the same values you do are dramatically decreased. California period is a downright culture shock for anyone coming from a place where you could leave your door unlocked all day and night and be safe. City life is detrimental to ones psyche and encourages a trendy and fickle "herd of the day" mentality. Aaahhh! but I digress..I think what you are doing and how you are doing it is apropos to these times and will no doubt impact positively upon your younger male followers who are watching and learning from you how to respond to emotional things in a healthy, emotionally receptive open and unfiltered way as a real man does, as a real human being who responds to the vicissitudes of life and the manner in which you do to work through the process. You display the kind of courage that is rare-I applaud that. You know about life-it's meaning, what it's all about -it's all so very simple, just ain't always easy. But you've got this, you were obviously born in part to blaze new trails and with that inspire and recalibrate the male emotional response in a much more healthy way than I've ever witnessed in music/lyrics. I'd really like to know what time you were born..

  100. OmetiC LiFe

    OmetiC LiFe6 days ago

    How dax upload album regular?

  101. Nemji Games

    Nemji Games6 days ago

    Dax I’m glad I found your music man each time I listen I get inspired 💯

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  103. Fatal Tragedy

    Fatal Tragedy6 days ago

    Iv listen to this song over 1000 times. This shit hits deep my ex did the same shit on my b day. Keep pushin out songs like this bro

  104. Happy burger

    Happy burger6 days ago

    Feeling every fuckin' word...

  105. TheOfficialDCoDKingV

    TheOfficialDCoDKingV6 days ago

    bro this song is facts i have had this stuff happen to me i only focused on her nobody else not even myself and the she flipped on me and i was expected to be okay with it so i suppressed everything and with the shit that has been happening to me i haven't cried in years . Keep it up man imma always be listening..

  106. Mikita Young

    Mikita Young6 days ago

    I'm sorry that you had to go through horrible shit, but it's made you who you are, and I'm so glad I got to be around for your music, you're making such a great impact and speak real shit. Music means alot to me proud of you dax 😪❤

  107. Majda elmabrouki

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    you are really 🖤awesome🖤

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